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January 31, 2010 at 2:21 AM (Television)

I’m going to do a thing where I just write about a TV show I used to watch. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of recurring themed entry, and the only thing I can think of having so much to talk about would be television. The shows I’ll write about aren’t necessarily favorite shows or shows I’d recommend to others … they’re  just shows I used to watch for whatever reason. Some of them may be embarrassing to admit. But in some way, I’m sure every show has shaped my perception of the world and the way I act.

Initially I wanted to do one show per month but that means I can only write 12 entries per year, and I think I had already watched 12 shows by the time I was six. So maybe biweekly entries. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of shows to talk about.

I think this picture is from a TV Guide article. I actually have this article, because I used to take my uncle’s TV guides after the week was over (this was back when they came in a thick book format since the Internet was not widely used then) and I would rip out all the articles and pages I liked. Then every few months I would spend two or three days in my room, just reorganizing them. I would spread out all the articles like a crazy person, then paperclip my more popular shows together, and then organize the articles by how much I enjoyed reading them, and then smaller cutout pictures by size. One day I finally threw all of that away EXCEPT for this ONE article about the first three seasons of Buffy and they ranked every episode on a scale of 1 to 5 stakes.

So the inaugural post – Buffy! The show that influenced my viewing habits from fifth grade on. Of course it has to be first. This may seem arrogant, but I feel like I got my humor from these characters. Sadly, I think I may most closely resemble Xander in style of humor.

I own every season (except the seventh which I don’t have any real desire to rewatch), but I have barely ever rewatched them. There was one winter break in high school when I discovered a site that had every single episode script. This was before the time of surfthechannel and other streaming video sites. So for that winter break, I would sit and just stare at my old desktop monitor, (so old that it had a convex screen and would flicker between yellow, blue, and normal hues), reading these scripts. Sometimes I felt like I was actually watching tv, because I could visualize the scenes so clearly. I think that speaks more to Joss Whedon’s ability to flesh out great characters who have their own quirks, faults, and lovable traits.

There was a very long promo when Angel was just about to spin-off. They showed it after the season 3 finale of Buffy and it was a montage of all these great Buffy and Angel scenes, set to some composed song that’s titled “Angel Love Theme” in my itunes. I desperately wish I could somehow find a youtube video of this but I never have. Did you know this was the first show to ever show a lesbian sex scene on network television? Supposedly after it moved from the WB to UPN, UPN didn’t really care what they did on the show so they had less restrictions. Rewatching this show, I realize that David Boreanaz hasn’t aged very much in ten years. Also, this show led me to watch HIMYM since I was like “hey! Alyson Hannigan! I wonder what she’s up to”

I think this show set my tendency for watching shows with strong female leads, witty dialogue, and low ratings. Usually when asked what my favorite show ever is, I’ll just say Buffy because it captures the main elements of the typical shows I watch. Whereas if I were to truthfully say Friday Night Lights, people may assume I am a huge football fan, which I would like to be but lack the knowledge or enthusiasm. Joss Whedon is awesome – I wish there were more people like him in Hollywood.

Favorite character: Anya just because when I reread the scripts, I could remember her most vividly. She got a lot of awesome lines, probably because she was a unique, non-human character, so she could say more ridiculous shit. I wonder whatever happened to this actress

Random quote:

[Xander and Anya are playing Life with Dawn.]
Anya: Crap! Look at this. I’m burdened with a husband, and several tiny pink children, and more cash than I can reasonably manage…
Xander: That means you’re winning.
Anya: Really?
Xander: Yes. Cash equals good.
Anya: Oh! [claps] I’m so pleased! Can I trade in the children for more cash?

A Buffy-related memory:

I don’t remember how it came up and whether my teacher had been speaking directly to me or to the entire class, but my 5th grade teacher told us not to watch shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer since they had demons and witchcraft. Even then, I remember thinking, why is this Christian lady pushing her beliefs on me? I’m going to watch Buffy because the fighting is cool and it makes me happy. My mom also thought this show was too dark for me to watch, but I ignored her scoldings.

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