Photoblog #3

May 8, 2010 at 9:25 AM (Photoblog)

Listening to: Glee – Total Eclipse of the Heart (possibly my new favorite Glee song! Although you can never really tell until the next week’s episode)

The photo cd I randomly chose was from sophomore year spring

Room art

The most interesting things on this photo cd were random pictures I took of Chrystal in our dorm room. The backgrounds are interesting because I had forgotten the ridiculous things we had pinned to our wall. There were a bunch of drawings I had given to her on her side, my favorite being the Ren and Stimpy one. “It’s like we’re Rex and Stumpy” “… DO YOU MEAN REN AND STIMPY?!” On my side of the room, you can see that at some point in the year, I only had the open rec swimming schedule. Then I added a Lion King poster, then I had pinned these tiny drawings Chrystal drew for me (above). Then an empty box of cookies to remind myself what I should not be eating.

Chrystal's artistic vision

There was one issue of the Daily Cal that came with this Armani Exchange ad. Chrystal and Sam LOVED it so at night time they ran to pick up all the ads left on Sproul, and came back with a backpack filled up with them. We ended up with a pile of ads that was literally three inches high. I eventually threw them all away, but we used a handful to cover our entire door from ceiling to floor. You can see Chrystal holding my ruler up trying to align them, but they still came out crooked. People would come into our room and be like … wtf

This made me think of Eric’s HILARIOUS facebook profile picture. He and other TMVers had come up one winter break after my finals and he posted this picture, not realizing what was in the background.

Eric's facebook profile pic at some point

Facebook comments on his photo:

“somethin funny bout this picture. cant quite put my finger on it though.”

“LOL…nice poster in the backround hahaha. but this pic is tite. i wonder whats in there…candy??”

“HAHAHA. i love this pic. i also like the tons of men in the background.”


“someone likes teh ghey…”

Floormate outing

Floormates from second year! I wonder where Jon is. We went to eat at Venus and then we looked at a house on Craigslist. This was back when we were like “OMG WE SHOULD GET A HOUSE TOGETHER!” I don’t remember what happened to that idea, but everything worked out for the best I think.

Chinese New Years with my future friends

I can now actually name all the people in this photo! I’m not sure if I could have the day this photo was taken. This was the first Chinese New Years dinner I had with my Norcal friends. It is a really cool tradition that I hope we will continue! (says the person who is least likely to cook)

My IEOR171 group

I don’t talk to any of these people now, but when I think about it, I REALLY liked this group. And this project provided so much material for future interviews. Look, we’re in my apartment! But at the time this picture was taken, it wasn’t my apt! It was Amy’s. This was one of the first Berkeley apts I had ever been in, so I did not realize how freaking huge it was. But I remember when we went in for a group meeting, all the guys were like “this place is really huge” and I was like “seems like a normal apt!” Now I know how truly awesome it is. Funny how things turn out.

Roy's Ahi Tartare

My first time at Roy’s, my favorite expensive restaurant ever! This was on an RCSA SoCal trip, I went with Naomi, Andria and Li-Ting. I think the Ahi Tartare is what sealed the deal. mmm I’m thinking of going to Roy’s if I pass the entire CPA exam. I’m trying to think of other rewards for when I pass each part, but my life seems pretty awesome already.

Li-Ting in college

There seems to be a vitality to her in this picture that is no longer there after a few years of employment… JUST KIDDING. HAHA

I came back for Mother’s Day weekend, and it’s the first time I’ve been at home for Mother’s Day since high school (since I am usually mad studying for finals at this time). I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do for my mom. Well, that’s tomorrow so I don’t have to do anything today.

This weekend I am going to: do problems for section 7 (ONLY TWO MOREEE), plan roadtrip destinations, print pictures at Costco (9 cents each!)

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An excellent weekend in SD

April 28, 2010 at 11:55 AM (Memories, Photoblog)

Listening to: a lot of Wilco songs (particularly I’ll Fight)

Kim and Steven came down to SD and it was the best time ever. It kind of felt like I was on vacation too. I guess I already am, but then it became Vacation Deluxe. A vacation within a vacation! Every day was packed with activity, but I think Monday was the best day. No expectations at all, but it turned out to be just pure, simple fun. We sat in a jacuzzi twice in a day, went rock climbing, ate sushi, then went to Wesley’s where this happened. And this.

I have always really hated sitting in a jacuzzi, because it combines two things I dislike 1) heat and 2) sitting around. Now I kind of enjoy it, but perhaps only in the company of friends. We just sat in it for over an hour at a time, talking, sometimes gossiping, but really just talking. It felt really great to talk to high school friends outside of TMV, just to hear about a different group.

Me: OH MY GOD I can’t move my muscles!
Steven: That’s because they’re relaxed
Me: Oh … is this what ‘relaxed’ feels like?

Could I be doing this if I were working? I think not.

AND on Saturday we ventured into the SD nightlife and Audrey took us around. Audrey knows a lot about where to go in SD. AND! She told me she still reads my blog! Which I found really amazing because I haven’t really spoken to her since high school. HI AUDREY! If you are reading. Thank you for essentially handing us a plan for Sunday 🙂 Sometimes when I’m hungry, I think of Hash House and remember that I should still be full until June.

After this weekend, I decided I’m going to leave SD a little earlier. I had initially planned to leave at the end of April, and I should have stuck with that. I told my aptmates I’d stay until the end of May after two weeks in SD because I was having so much fun, but now I think a month was the perfect amount of time while May is stretching it out. I’d rather leave, wishing I could have spent more time there, rather than feeling like I overstayed. I think I’m going to sell my surfboard and return my unused 2nd wetsuit, because after a week of not surfing, my mind’s cleared and I really don’t think I will ever have the time to do it. Or I’ll just keep my surfboard as a conversational piece in my future apartment.

I like to go through a random photo cd each time I come home, so here are some old pictures I found:

Grads Experience at the beach

Yearbook was one of my favorite times in high school, but I try not to think about it because it reminds me of how little I contributed to the actual yearbook. Every day I would just sit with the grads section and laugh hysterically. I’m certain that the adviser hated me because I didn’t do anything.

One of my favorite non-TMV pictures

I wish I had recorded more of Tara. If anyone deserves a reality show, I think she should have one on E!

Baller Owen

Owen looks like he’s a ten year old driving his mom’s CLK

Henry getting creamed in the face

That’s what she said

We have a lot of cute guys pictures

I think this was after a dinner at Ichima

This was the night before I left for Berkeley, I think. So back in August of 2006!

On the way to Chantry

Looking at these pictures, I’m a little sad that I didn’t have a Me running around taking pictures with me in them. I don’t really care when I take group photos, but when I look through photos, posed group shots don’t mean very much to me if I’m not in them. I also can’t get over how thin I was in high school. I want that jawline back!

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Finding stuff

April 11, 2010 at 6:03 PM (Photoblog)

Several weeks ago, I thought of a picture that made me laugh but I couldn’t find it. Now I’m home and I was like OH! I can look for it. All I could remember was that it was probably taken during winter break of college years. So I have 30 discs filled with pictures from high school through college. Luckily, I was able to find the picture I wanted fairly quickly … and then I had a fun time going through all the rest. Here’s some pictures from a randomly selected disc of 30.

The one that makes me laugh

We were walking around Monrovia old town and I wanted to take a timed group shot, so I set the camera on a newsstand. We were all waiting for the flash to set off when this lady walks past and just stops in front of us, looking at us. We burst out laughing because we all know she is about to block our shot, and when the flash goes off she says “OH! I WAS WONDERING WHY YOU GUYS WERE JUST STANDING THERE! I was trying to figure out where the camera was!”

Before moving out of our dorm room

Oh dear, I can safely say that I’ve at least lost weight since sophomore year. We took this picture the day we moved out and there were many attempts to look like we were truly bursting out of our closet. The first one was the keeper.

Thanksgiving leftovers

This is when we each brought leftovers from our own Thanksgiving dinners and combined them for the TMVers who don’t traditionally have family Thanksgiving dinners. This picture was taken by Connie Y, which I deduced since there is a very similar picture where she is in it and I am missing.

Sasha the Cat

Danny’s cat! The cat that made me like cats.

Danny the Indian god

I should not make such jokes now that I live with three Indian girls

RCSA party at my place!

Judging from my normal skin color, this is the RCSA party that I had at my apartment and was not present for until it was time to cleanup. HAHA And I believe this is the night where Christina wanted to go out to drink more and everyone was like “NO CHRISTINA. It’s closed! Everything’s closed!” and it was like midnight on a Saturday. I like this picture because I think I look thin. Maybe because half my face is covered…

I didn’t have my laptop with me this weekend, so while I was waiting for my mom to finish using the desktop, I was left to look through actual things in my room. I was going through some random papers in my file, and found this sheet of paper I had written, probably in October, where I wrote why I was unhappy with life. I generally just write things and never look at them, but I was curious as to why I was so unhappy a few months ago. The weird thing is that nearly 60% of the things I wanted to change about my life have stayed the same. But I am totally happy with life. I guess I just found more interesting and more fulfilling things to pursue that make me happy. I’m sure one day I will find myself unhappy over the same things I wrote about on that page, but for now, I don’t need to think about them. Which is why I ripped up the paper into teeny tiny pieces. One day I’ll find a reason to write one again, but I don’t think that will be any time soon.

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