Thanks college

May 1, 2010 at 12:57 AM (Memories)

Listening to: A Fine Frenzy – Happier (which sounds like a total rip-off of MGMT’s Kids in the beginning)

Today I hung out with Naomi, a college friend, and some of her coworkers. It feels really great to live somewhere new, and still be able to hang out with college friends. It makes it seem like all those hours of investing in friendship is paying off. All these friends in new places!

We met up at Naomi’s in Del Mar and then drove to a nearby pizza place. The crowd was much older, but I still liked the atmosphere. Great pizza, AND the pitcher of beer we got was one I had had before! California Honey or something, which is a blonde I had once at Yardhouse. Then we went to a comedy club and I thought they were all pretty funny. Finally, went back to Naomi’s, hung around her apt, then I drove myself home.

Naomi’s apt is probably the cleanest, most furnished apt I’ve ever seen from one of my friends. Wait, besides Caroline’s, but maybe that doesn’t count because her dad did all the initial cleaning. Anyway, Naomi’s is pretty amazing. It is like people actually LIVE there and are settling down! I really want to live with someone who is as clean as Naomi. Please be out there on Craigslist! Her room is super cute and cozy and she even put up the RCSA photo collage I made for everyone on excom! AND she said my collage inspired her to make more, so she has some really cute, blown up collages. It makes me want to do something like that too.

Her coworkers were all super easy to get along with. They asked me what Naomi was like in college, which is SO WEIRD because I’ve never been asked what someone was like before their friends had met them! That must be a sign that I’m getting older. AND I got to hear WORK conversation! It’s been a month since I’ve been privy to work conversation! God I love hearing about people’s work lives. Every weekend I’m always kind of sad because I want to somehow be able to go back to the Bay Area and hang out with my norcal friends. Or be able to bring them to SD. I really miss our conversations because it was a different dynamic from the one I have with high school friends. Sigh.

I drove back around 1am – it feels so great to drive home on the freeway from someone’s house. I think today made me realize that I have 1) led a very, very good, carefree life in San Diego for the past few weeks and 2) my time is running out and there is still so much left to do. If all goes as hoped, and that girl from craigslist takes my room for May 15th onward, I only have TWO weekends left in SD! Not even, because next weekend is Mother’s Day so I will be back home! I feel like there are so many things I haven’t done yet! YET I think I’ve seen at least one friend every day since I’ve been here. We hang out a lot and study a lot, which is good because I really need to be productive. But only sometimes do we go out to new places, and there are so many things I want to see and do and eat! BUT NO TIME! My CPA is on May 26th!

So yay to the day! I also went rock climbing with Rex and I was SOOOO close to finishing a V1 course! SO SAD. Next time! I think I am going to buy rock climbing shoes now.

I want to just drive around San Diego and explore other areas. I want to go to parks and rich white neighborhoods and soak it in. I want to eat a lot of Mexican food. I want to visit lots of beaches and get a feel for their differences. I want to sit in cafes. I want to go barhopping. TOO MUCHHH!!!

Comic: You know what I hate? Sitcoms. Where the wife is perfect and the husband is retarded. Men aren’t that stupid, right guys?
*complete silence in audience except for one guy saying “… no?” *

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An excellent weekend in SD

April 28, 2010 at 11:55 AM (Memories, Photoblog)

Listening to: a lot of Wilco songs (particularly I’ll Fight)

Kim and Steven came down to SD and it was the best time ever. It kind of felt like I was on vacation too. I guess I already am, but then it became Vacation Deluxe. A vacation within a vacation! Every day was packed with activity, but I think Monday was the best day. No expectations at all, but it turned out to be just pure, simple fun. We sat in a jacuzzi twice in a day, went rock climbing, ate sushi, then went to Wesley’s where this happened. And this.

I have always really hated sitting in a jacuzzi, because it combines two things I dislike 1) heat and 2) sitting around. Now I kind of enjoy it, but perhaps only in the company of friends. We just sat in it for over an hour at a time, talking, sometimes gossiping, but really just talking. It felt really great to talk to high school friends outside of TMV, just to hear about a different group.

Me: OH MY GOD I can’t move my muscles!
Steven: That’s because they’re relaxed
Me: Oh … is this what ‘relaxed’ feels like?

Could I be doing this if I were working? I think not.

AND on Saturday we ventured into the SD nightlife and Audrey took us around. Audrey knows a lot about where to go in SD. AND! She told me she still reads my blog! Which I found really amazing because I haven’t really spoken to her since high school. HI AUDREY! If you are reading. Thank you for essentially handing us a plan for Sunday 🙂 Sometimes when I’m hungry, I think of Hash House and remember that I should still be full until June.

After this weekend, I decided I’m going to leave SD a little earlier. I had initially planned to leave at the end of April, and I should have stuck with that. I told my aptmates I’d stay until the end of May after two weeks in SD because I was having so much fun, but now I think a month was the perfect amount of time while May is stretching it out. I’d rather leave, wishing I could have spent more time there, rather than feeling like I overstayed. I think I’m going to sell my surfboard and return my unused 2nd wetsuit, because after a week of not surfing, my mind’s cleared and I really don’t think I will ever have the time to do it. Or I’ll just keep my surfboard as a conversational piece in my future apartment.

I like to go through a random photo cd each time I come home, so here are some old pictures I found:

Grads Experience at the beach

Yearbook was one of my favorite times in high school, but I try not to think about it because it reminds me of how little I contributed to the actual yearbook. Every day I would just sit with the grads section and laugh hysterically. I’m certain that the adviser hated me because I didn’t do anything.

One of my favorite non-TMV pictures

I wish I had recorded more of Tara. If anyone deserves a reality show, I think she should have one on E!

Baller Owen

Owen looks like he’s a ten year old driving his mom’s CLK

Henry getting creamed in the face

That’s what she said

We have a lot of cute guys pictures

I think this was after a dinner at Ichima

This was the night before I left for Berkeley, I think. So back in August of 2006!

On the way to Chantry

Looking at these pictures, I’m a little sad that I didn’t have a Me running around taking pictures with me in them. I don’t really care when I take group photos, but when I look through photos, posed group shots don’t mean very much to me if I’m not in them. I also can’t get over how thin I was in high school. I want that jawline back!

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No heels until September

March 12, 2010 at 1:16 AM (Memories)

I am exhausted but I must blog. Today! was my LAST DAY OF WORK! I am half sad and half happy. Probably after I sleep and recharge, I will wake up thinking “OMG WHAT NOW?! LIFE AHHHHH” I am not prepared for the next few months of my life AT ALL. Nothing is planned! I have no idea when I am going back to socal, if/when I am going to SD, where I am going to live when I move back up to NorCal… AHHH UNCERTAINTY! Well I have at least one week and at most two weeks to figure this out!

I love love loved my internship. I remember the first moment when I had to actually put my accounting knowledge to use in the real world. It was very gratifying to realize that I had learned something in Haas after all. The people there are super nice. Normal, young people. And I wouldn’t have thought of this until Li-Ting said over dinner, but it’s a very straightforward company. People don’t get promoted because they suck up to the “right” people. You do the work and you get rewarded for it. I will miss their kitchen, which allowed me to not buy groceries for about a month. I came home super hungry today and realized my only options were: eggs, oatmeal, edamame beans, spaghetti, and toast. All of which have been in my kitchen ever since I came back in January. As in, none of these were repurchased in the past two months. Those eggs are two months old. That beef is three months old.

I am pretty ecstatic. I feel like I actually made real friends, not just work friends. I got to try out several different restaurants in the financial district (Muffin Muffin!) and I felt like I really belonged in the city, which was a great  feeling. I was able to eat lunch with fellow interns, Soo Jin, and someone from GT – it is so great to interject work with friends. I had a lot of rewarding moments like when I created an amortization table by myself, when I figured out how to recreate an excel formula that looks hideous, when I figured out an adjusting journal entry without being told… My hilarious moment of the internship was one Saturday when I just REALLY got into the zone and was figuring out a rental revenue test, listening to my iPod, and in my head I thought I was at home doing something like surfing the web or reading ONTD. Then all of a sudden, I snapped out of it and for seriously five minutes I was like “OMG WHERE THE FUCK AM I?! THIS IS NOT MY ROOM. This ceiling is REALLY HIGH. This is not my desk! WHERE IS MY BED?! WHO IS THAT GUY OVER THERE?!” It took me a super long time to realize – I was not in my apartment and I was not in a windowless warehouse – I was in my cubicle and that guy was the guy I regularly eat lunch with.

Goodbye, commute to work. I have been oddly blessed with the best commutes ever for all of my jobs. I love you Bay Bridge and SF overcastness and all the regular bus riders that I recognize but never speak to. I enjoyed those days where I would just sit on the bus and write out emails to people on Word. Goodbye, Thursday team dinners and Friday company lunches and Saturday morning breakfasts. Goodbye, super amazingly clean bathrooms. There was a point in my life when I had gotten so used to essentially living at work that I used my apartment’s toilet and while I was washing my hands I thought “wait why didn’t it flush — OH because it’s NOT automatic. BECAUSE I’M IN MY APARTMENT DUH…” I’ve also gotten spoiled into thinking that if I just put my dishes in a sink, someone out there will wash them for me.

Goodbye, supply of black tea, Costco turkey and swiss cheese rolls, honey nut cheerios cereal, cinnamon toast bread, community salads. I will miss being able to do work while listening to Pandora or my iPod. I will SUPER miss my work laptop. Since I was at work six of seven days and we were required to bring our laptops home, I would essentially have my laptop everywhere I went which is quite an amazing feeling – such freedom to do what I please. Goodbye twelve hour workdays and later, eight hour workdays. I am a freaking workaholic but I don’t think I will ever look back and regret it – I’m just enjoying life as it is now. God I love work. It’s so fulfilling and such a great escape from life.

I am especially grateful to my principal and supervisor who actually invested the time in mentoring me and explaining things to me rather than just telling me what to do. They are super nice people and not intimidating at all to approach. I feel like I couldn’t have been placed on a better team.

My last day of work was spent four hours on an audit and eight hours on PROCESSING!!! I LOVEEEEEE processing. Except that processing uses about 500 sheets of paper per tax return. Processing is the sort of mindless task that I LOVE to master and become incredibly efficient at. A lot of deadlines were today, so they put five interns, including myself, on processing. Today was the best last day I could ever envision (short of being thrown a party). I got to do processing, I could listen to my newly updated ipod, I worked twelve hours, my coworker drove me home, and I had some really good conversations with a bunch of different people.

So no more businesswear until September. 2010 has been awesome so far. I love my work and I love the weekends. I don’t want to stay in Berkeley for too long because I know I will get restless and I don’t like living in this old apartment. But I feel like I’m going to move back and my life is going to be a complete 180. Instead of being busy every freaking day to the point of exhaustion and having friends to go out with constantly, I will have … nothing. Oh Arcadia, how I hate you. Place where time stops and my life is at a standstill!

What work has taught me:

– Must get better shoes because I think I’ve caused permanent damage to my feet by wearing crappy flats and heels
– I exercised a lot during college in the attempt to lose weight when I should have just been eating way, way less
– HR has all the gossip. Befriend them.
– If I want to have a life, I better set the groundwork in the next few months because there is NO TIME once busy season starts
– Don’t ask so many stupid questions. Try to work things out myself
– Don’t waste so much time pondering about something obvious. Just ask someone
– Shredded paper is not recycled
– When food arrives, drop everything. Immediately.

I didn’t expect today to be my last day, otherwise I would have brought my camera 😦 I never  got into my dense head that I should remember to bring a camera to work. Otherwise, I would have taken a picture of my five inch pile of useless paper I either printed in error or became superseded. And my four inch red colored pencil that I had wanted to reduce to a small stub before my internship ended (fail), or the HUGE bowls of strawberries and blueberries for Saturday breakfast, or my cubicle. Oh well.

I’m about to fall asleep. So exhausted.

Getting ready for another awesome weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! TELL DIANNA AGRON I LOVEEEEE HER (MUSIC)

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A box of memories

December 27, 2009 at 5:18 AM (Memories)

Today was the 5th annual TMV dinner. We went home much earlier than usual, which I think is a sign of our aging. This year was the boys’ turn to cook, but since only 2/6 were present, it ended up being Henry cooking an 8 course meal for 9 people. I’m sure he will also list out the dishes on his blog, and I’m sure that I will get all of these names wrong, but for my own recollection…

(In the order we were supposed to eat them)

1. That duck man toe with leek thing, except without the duck. Regina’s dish because she is small.
Connie L: This is good! I don’t think I’ve ever had this before
Frances C: I don’t think you would have, since there’s usually duck

2. Seared tuna, seaweed salad, and … tamagoyaki? (I googled that under “egg sushi”) Frances C’s dish since she is more Japanese than the rest of us. I saved my tuna for last because I knew I would love it the most and no matter how full I would be (which was pretty damn full) I’d still be able to eat it (and I happily did)

3. Honey walnut shrimp – Jackie’s dish since she loves it. I ended up trading my last shrimp for Danny’s untouched seaweed salad.
Me: I’m sorry! I don’t like shrimp! And I don’t like mayonnaise. And … I don’t like walnuts …

4. Stir fried beef dish. My dish because I am a shit load of beef. Connie Y could not finish hers and distributed it to Henry’s plate when he was not looking.

5. Also with fried tofu and rice. Connie L’s dish because her dad taught Henry how to cook it, I think

6. Some sort of stir fry involving tofu and green onions and other things. Frances L’s dish because she apparently makes it 3x a week at SD

7. That cold noodle with shredded chicken and peanuts … liang mien. Connie Y’s dish because it is Taiwanese.

8. Those tan rien … like starchy balls with black sesame or peanut inside. In a very gingery soup. Everyone coughed after sipping it. HAHA

9. Apple cider with champagne and raspberries. Danny’s dish because he declared it so

I think I may have been the only person to finish every single plate. Because I have no self control. This is why running every day does nothing for me. HAHA It was good though. Thanks to Henry for pulling it off! And making everything look so pretty. I wish I had been able to take pictures, but I left my camera in Berkeley (can you believe it?!) so all pictures are on other people’s cameras. We commenced eating only an hour later than the scheduled time!

I just realized we didn’t do a toasting picture!!! Sadness. So we ate. A lot. Afterwards, Danny immediately hit food coma and napped. A minute after he woke up, we looked over and Connie L and taken his place on the couch. Caught up with one another … I noticed that sometimes the conversation would break off into three separate conversations and then slowly merge back into one rather seamlessly. That is pretty cool. Exchanged gifts with the usual difficulty that comes with it. We always want to guess who gave us the gift, but people (including me) will always forget to write who the gift is for. Then we always analyze people’s handwriting, wrapping paper, and wrapping style. I remember once Frances L had her sister write the To and From to trick us and all of us were like “but that’s not her handwriting! Whose handwriting is this!?” So we exchanged gifts, fun fun! Our curse is that no matter what, people always find out who each other’s secret santa is before the exchange date. Then we exchanged some cards. I was reminded of how two years ago, Owen wrote cards for people and all of us were like “OMG. OWEN?!?! OWEN wrote cards?!?!” I am super sad because I came home and tried looking for it and I can’t find it!

And that leads me to the actual purpose of this blog … my memory box! Or more accurately, my black adidas shoebox that stores cards and memorabilia since high school. I’m going to start using a new box starting January 1, 2010. New decade, new box. So it really is just a packrat assortment of stuff … as long as I can vaguely associate something to a memory, I keep it. I had two stacks of movie ticket stubs that I threw away a few months ago because I realized they meant nothing to me. But anyway … here is a look into some things in my box.

Every year my next door neighbor gives us some datebooks and calendars from his towing company. Whenever I go out with friends, I write it in the datebook, like today would be “5th TMV dinner – Henry, Frances L, Danny, Connie Y, Connie L, Jackie, Regina, Frances C.” It’s a really good reminder that even if I’m having a bad day, I have friends. Also, it forces me to socialize and make plans because I refuse to leave an entire week blank. I have no idea where 2007 went, and half of 2006 is essentially blank. My forgotten year.

From my days working at Souplantation. I have two name tags because I forgot to wear one once, and my manager had to make me another one. But her label maker was on some weird setting, which is why my name came out as a candy. The wood reindeer, a completely random customer gave that to me once. He was eating with his wife, and he talked to me a little and then showed me these little wooden figurines that he makes and gave one to me. I kind of want to be able to do random woodworking like this.

hahaha so the Carnival tag is from a cruise I took with Connie Y’s family … wow I don’t even really remember when. I think winter break of freshman year in college, because I remember stressing about Haas. I enjoy spending time with Connie Y and her family, but a cruise is really not a good place for me to be, since I felt so trapped. Just me on a ship with 24 hr buffets. I remember we went to the gym and I would run on the treadmill … very cool to run on a treadmill while looking out at the vast ocean. The Harry Potter glasses were given to us when we went to a midnight showing at the Krikorian, me, Connie Y, Jackie, and Danny. Back in high school when we would hang out all the time and go shopping for hours. There is a cute picture somewhere with us wearing them

To be honest, I have no idea where the heart is from. I think it came with a bouquet of candy roses – another one of those high school fundraisers. And the receipt is from the $420 full-page yearbook ad we took out for ourselves. I remember Henry walking back from school with me and we spent an entire day creating the ad. I think I had picked out pictures from the couple thousand I had taken over the (at the time) months of TMV friendship, and we just hammered out a layout. I have two yearbooks, each with about 400 pages, but that yearbook ad is the only page I turn to.

TMV dinner menus! HAHA The one on the right is from our very first TMV dinner. I will always remember the pizza, because they said their pizza pan couldn’t fit in Danny’s oven, so they had to bake it an angle, which was why it was cooked so unevenly. The left one is from the second TMV dinner, hosted by the girls. I remember the girls cutting out paper snowflakes and during dinner we were like “LOOK AT THESE DECORATIONS. YOU GUYS DON’T DO THIS” and they were like “GUYS DON’T CARE ABOUT DECORATIONS”

From a high school vegas trip, a sober one. It was me, Alvin, Danny, and Connie Y and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. (Seattle/Vancouver also tops that list). There’s a pink bus ticket since we took an Asian tourbus to get to Vegas, after which we used Alvin’s minivan (the vegas TMV) and stayed at his Vegas home. I will ALWAYS remember how we woke up freaking early to catch the bus and of course didn’t have time to eat. So Alvin and Danny went off the bus to search for food, Connie Y and I were just talking. And then we look out the window and see them running across the parking lot towards the bus, with a giant cardboard box, inside is a Chinese breakfast with things like yo tiao, soy milk, fan tuan. Connie Y and I could not stop laughing at them. And then there’s our Hairspray ticket and program; we also watched Ka. And for some reason I found it necessary to keep a napkin from the Bellagio gelato store we stopped at.

This looks like complete garbage but it’s … the opposite of that. This is from a completely random gift that TMV bought me, my Canon camera. A couple of them, I think Eric, Henry, and Jackie (anyone else? I’m sorry) came up once. My mom had sent up a package of stuff with them and I glanced at it and saw some random ass paper bag and assumed it was some food. Later when we were all in my dorm room, they were like “did you see anything interesting in your package?” and I was like “… no” and they were like “what’s that?” and handed me the package and I think I was like “oh it’s probably some random thing my mom gave me” and they were like “why don’t you open it!” HAHA So I opened it and was completely surprised and like “WHAT WHY?! WHAT IS THIS FOR?!” And for a very long time, I would just slowly open each individual thing, like “OMGGG A CHARGER!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A CAMERA CHARGER!” and then “OMGGG A WRIST STRAP!  THIS IS SO CUTE!” and “WOWWW look a memory stick!” Henry had taken the time to “age” the bag so I wouldn’t be suspicious. ❤

I hope my next box will have just as much, if not more, meaningful stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings. That is a super corny and cliche line. That’s what happens when I write blogs at 4am.

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Cross-Country Research

December 7, 2009 at 2:17 AM (Memories)

Last night it was freaking cold and there was a party upstairs at 3am, so I couldn’t sleep. I decided to finally get cracking on some cross-country research. I ended up looking for blogs about people’s cross-country adventures and by the time I finished, I was too excited about the idea of my June roadtrip to go to sleep. So I spent another 30 minutes in bed, wide-eyed with images of driving across the South and the mid-west while playing music, and stopping for local eats.


I scribbled notes about car rentals but after coming back from Paulo’s birthday party, I have started a new, super organized and super informative sheet. Things I have learned in the past two hours: 1) there are a lot of variables that affect how much you pay for a rental car 2) hybrid cars save very little money in gas 3) the different types of car insurance you can pay for and 4) I’m an optimist.

1) Things like whether you pick up your car at an airport, how old you are, size of car
2) For some reason, I imagined that annual gas savings were a couple thousand. But that’s only if you were to compare a hybrid to a giant ass vehicle, and how often is someone driving an Escalade/Hummer around? If you compare it to a similarly sized vehicle which is what most of us drive anyway, it’s like a couple hundred. But then again, I have a poor sense of money in that I often think “what’s a couple hundred bucks” and in the same day think “OMG it costs 20 cents more here?! I’m not buying that here.”
3) To summarize, a loss damage waiver covers damages to the car, a supplemental liability covers 3rd party claims (like in a lawsuit I’m guessing), personal protection covers loss of personal property in the car and personal accident insurance covers death or injury
4) While calculating the costs, I assumed that I wouldn’t need any insurance. I mean, when has anything terrible ever happened to me?

I’m super excited but I don’t want to list out all the things I’m excited for yet. HAHA Renting the car is the first step – next is the most daunting task of figuring out the states, cities, and sights we want to visit. Then figure out the best route for that. And this involves figuring out what three-four different people want to see. Ex. I hate stopping to stare at large rock formations or walking through museums that teach me about this nation’s history. I want to visit all the top food places in America. But the idea of driving from one food place to another for a month seems a little unfulfilling.


So today I went to Paulo’s house for his birthday celebration. He has one of those super large families that gets together regularly. He is Filipino, does that explain it? His aunts and uncles each have a long table and chairs and whatever family throws a party is responsible for going to each house and collecting them. I have a pretty decent sized family, I don’t think as large, but we definitely are not that close. I think we may have been when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I haven’t really talked to my cousins since I became older. When I was younger, I could sit quietly and just wait to answer questions. Now I have to actually initiate conversation and sit at the grownup table.

The older generation stayed in the living room and sang karaoke (is this an all-Asian thing?) and would do square dancing. AWESOME. Paulo, Brian and I joined in square dancing for a few minutes. The younger generation (in their mid-20s) were in the living room doing shots with Paulo. HAHA Oftentimes, in one hand someone would be holding their 1 year old baby and in the other hand they were holding their jagerbomb. That’s something I’ve never experienced.

The amount of food Paulo’s mom made was ridiculous. When I first entered, I was like “holy crap that’s a lot of food.” I didn’t realize that she actually had about 3x that amount of food, and she would continuously restock the trays. We got there around 3pm, were full by 4pm, and around 8pm she was still taking food out of the oven and showing us this giant ass turkey that was waiting to be served.

We played Mafia and I was the moderator. I’m surprised that they usually don’t know the games that I’m pretty familiar with, like Mafia, King’s Cup and Flip Cup. I have finally found someone who is just as confused as Frances L generally is. HAHA She is the Frances L of their group. She just did not understand the Mafia roles, and whenever she had a role and there was a long silence in between “cop/doctor/mafia heads up … heads down” people would be like “OK IT’S SARAH. SARAH IS CONFUSED AGAIN.”

Sarah’s 18 month old brother was present. I REALLLLYYYY wanted a picture with me and the baby and Jon but I didn’t get one. Sigh. I need a new facebook profile picture, and I really wanted that one to be it. So people would comment “IS THAT YOUR KID?!” Jon is SUPER CUTE when he holds a kid. Paulo is also really dad-like.

I’m so full. Good god.

The people who keep me from killing myself out of loneliness this semester

(SO MANY ENTRIES! Clearly, it’s finals time)

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November 28, 2009 at 2:21 PM (Memories)

Yesterday was one of those “wake up and never have time to just sit around” days that I love. I’m surprisingly not too exhausted – I woke up at 9:30 today after sleeping around 4:30am and am watching Knocked Up because I realized that I had completely forgotten what happens in the movie.

First I went shopping with my mom at Santa Anita. People always say “don’t go to Santa Anita to shop!” but I think I am more likely to buy something there than anywhere else. Although maybe a part of that is because I go shopping with my mom and her credit card at Santa Anita, whereas I pay with my own money at other places … I shopped from 8:30am-1pm. My favorite buy … probably Bandolino boots that turned out to be $30 cheaper than I expected.

Then I ate some Thanksgiving leftovers at home THEN 30 minutes later went to Ichima with Frances C and Danny. I LOVEEE Ichima. I don’t think I could ever like a roll more than the Ichima roll. Tuna, salmon and yellowtail in one roll. Every time I eat one, I think of how Owen described it as “melts in your mouth.” It’s the perfect description.

We drove around a Best Buy parking lot, meaning we went down one aisle before giving up. We spent more time trying to get out of the parking lot than looking for a space. There wasn’t really anything I would have wanted … I think this year there hasn’t been a particularly new and exciting technology released that people would rush out for. Maybe companies are holding back until consumers are more willing to spend. Or maybe we’ve run out of ideas.

I tried to buy a yogurt pie from Ace Yogurt, but I have no idea what flavor is the one I have had before, so we left. A little sad because that yogurt store seems so desolate all the time. I wonder how they pay for rent and utilities. Then went to Danny’s and we watched Role Models and some people joined us but I had to leave around 6pm for a family dinner. I got to eat delicious ice cream at Danny’s though. I ended up falling asleep during the end of Role Models. The only good part of that movie is Jane Lynch (which can be said of many of the projects she takes on).

After dinner, Costco with the family – I almost forgot to buy oatmeal which would have made me so mad. Usually I love seeing aisles of Christmas merchandise in Costco but this year I didn’t care as much. When we went home, Owen’s car was waiting to pick me up and go to downtown Pasadena for barhopping! I was really surprised and delighted to open the minivan door and realize it was completely full with a space for me to squeeze into. It was a familiar feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Very reminiscent of Danny’s minivan, the original traveling minivan. So off we went to Pasadena…

We went to Bar Celona, Hot Wings (because Danny was hungry), Barney’s Beanery and then some Japanese place. FUNNN. We got a pitcher of margarita something at the first place – and spent a long time figuring out whether the songs played actually matched the music videos on the screen. They did not. The drink tasted like juice but I still turned red. Danny said “it’s hard to take you seriously when you look like a tomato. With hair. And glasses.” We got a pitcher of Blue Moon at Hot Wings and some wings which I didn’t eat. There, we started playing “The Game of Life” or questions. THANKS to OWEENNN for the idea! It was the best.

Basically we would just go around and ask each other questions – everyone has to answer the question. We start off with easy questions (Owen: What’s your favorite movie) then get more personal. Thinking back, I enjoyed the not-so-personal ones too. It was interesting to hear people’s favorite drinks and celebrity crushes and stuff. Once we finished our beer, we moved on and searched for the next place.

Here is Danny and Alvin trying on Jackie’s lip balm.

Barney’s Beanery we went into because Jackie saw a foosball table. It was too loud to continue questions, but we got to play pool and foosball. We didn’t share drinks here … it felt very college bar like. Whereas Bar Celona was more of a bar-lounge feel. Hot Wings is the classic sports watching venue which is a good atmosphere too. Our last stop, the Japanese place, is for eating and there’s a dance floor and it was happy hour. We got a very good variety of drinking venues yesterday night. Also, Jackie looked over and realized that in a private room that was fairly seethrough, there was a naked woman lying on the table and people were eating sushi off of her. Which is not something I would expect in Pasadena, which I thought was a fairly wholesome place to go … but it was hilarious that we had to make Jackie shout out “THERE’S A NAKED LADY IN THAT ROOM AND PEOPLE ARE EATING SUSHI OFF OF HER” about six times because it was so hard to hear over the music.

Before we got to our last stop, the Japanese place, we had walked around looking for the next place to go. We stumbled upon a taco truck and it was DELICIOUS. SOOO good. Carne Asada taco, with a cute little lemon slice

Back to Japanese place – we did sake bombs (Danny and I only did one) and got some random appetizers. Owen ordered a bunch and no one wanted any. Right after we took sake bombs though, everyone grabbed their moist chopsticks and went for one. Jackie and I wanted to ask the DJ to play Taylor Swift but I can’t imagine they would have said yes. It was not at all the environment for Taylor Swift.

We decided to go home but as we neared Arcadia I think all of us were thinking “NOOO DON’T LET THIS NIGHT END” so I wanted to eat JITB. Danny drove all the way to one, and it was drive through only so we were like NEH NO. So he drove to another one, and it was closed! And we were about to give up, but then we went to Denny’s and continued questions. Well, Alvin ended up sleeping on Carolyn and drooling on her. HAHA

Back in senior year of high school I remember we were REALLY into asking each other questions. Most of our get-togethers would consist of us just coming up with hypothetical situations/questions and it would entertain us until like 3am or 4am. I think after college started, when we had get-togethers we didn’t ask each other so many questions. I also thought that, kind of like in tv shows, when we got together we would just share stories about college. But I realized that doesn’t really happen because it’s hard to describe a situation when people don’t know the people you’re talking about and can’t relate to some of the experiences. I kind of thought we had asked each other so many questions that we no longer had anymore questions. But I guess four years later, most people have new experiences and (except for ME) the questions aren’t so hypothetical anymore.

Some questions … I can remember mine more easily. I asked stuff like … what’s your favorite drink (Hot Wings), what’s your type (Japanese), what food would you like to eat off someone’s body (Japanese), if you could ask anyone at this table a question and they had to answer it, what would it be (Denny’s), when did you realize you were in love (Denny’s) and … I’m pretty sure we had two or three rounds at Denny’s but I don’t remember what else I asked. Other questions I remember … who is your celebrity crush, who would you like to be reincarnated as (I loved how it started off with “I want to be a people person, someone people really like” and it ended with Carolyn saying “OPRAH” and Danny and I saying “TAYLOR SWIFT!”). What was your first kiss like, what was your best date, turn-off, turn-on (EVERYONE LAUGHED AT MINE), if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be, biggest regret in a relationship, would you do a threesome, where would you most like to have sex, most explicit thing you’ve ever done (Owen’s – hilarious. NO WAIT OMFG OWEN’S FIRST KISS. THAT. WAS HILARIOUS), umm, most illegal thing you’ve ever done (not too scandalous), are you happy with your life (I was the only one who said YES so take that, people who think I am depressed inside!), what is one thing you think about TMV that you have never said, who is someone you disliked at first then later liked better, biggest fear … I think it’s pretty incredible that I remembered all of those questions. HAHA

We also did some personality thing that Owen asked – answer the questions 1) what is your favorite animal 2) what is your favorite color 3) what is your favorite body of water 4) if you had a goblet of anything, what would it be and how much would you fill it up and 5) what is your favorite food. Just as a reminder, Carolyn’s answer for #5 was “pringles – cheap, easy, and homey” and mine was “grapes – green, seedless, and sweet.” I also said for #3, the Pacific Ocean – west, salty, and large. Someone said that we had played this game before and I had also said Pacific Ocean. I can’t believe we had played this game before and I have no recollection of it at all HAHA

Around 3:30 we left Denny’s and had to drag a passed out Alvin to the car. I’m glad that in four years we’ve learned that the easiest way to carry a drunk person is NOT lifting each of his limbs off the ground and carrying him like a dead animal (as in, Connie’s July 4th bbq), but to have him slump against someone and limp out together. HAHA Got dropped off … I went home, found out we had A PRETTY BAD LOSS for the volleyball game omfg, checked blogs, and ended the night talking to Kristen in Australia (she imed “a bit late for you to be up” HAHA) and finally went to bed with my hair smelling like Denny’s. What a good night.

I woke up today and my mom noticed the “yes you’re 21” stamp on my hand and flipped out because she thought I had gotten a tattoo. A crooked, blue tattoo of a thumbs up on the back of my right hand -__- ALSO I signed up for a credit card today. It’s like a student credit card or something and I am a little sad I didn’t sign up for it in Berkeley so that I could have had a pretty Cal credit card. Wow it’s already 1:30, I think we are leaving at 4pm. SADNESS. I wonder what TMV will do tonight. But tomorrow I will be playing with Laura. OMFG I WAS SUPPOSED TO RESEARCH FOR MY PAPER! I’m going to just pack, watch Knocked Up, and think about my paper tomorrow go eat shaved ice with Henry and Frances, and then wait to get picked up and leave for Berkeley. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My last thanksgiving break as a college student! (Although it doesn’t seem like Soo Jin, Janie, or Albert’s Thanksgiving changed much since they started working)

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Kate Moss stole my saying!

November 20, 2009 at 2:13 PM (Memories)

One of People’s top celebrity quotes this week is Kate Moss saying “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” I TOTALLY WROTE THAT ON MY INSPIRATIONAL DIET FLASHCARD!

My saying is not verbatim – it says “nothing tastes better than feeling thin,” but OMG she stole that from me!

I am half amused that I have the same mindset as one of the highest paid models and half saddened that despite having the same life philosophy, I am still my tubular self.


I no longer have anything to say. Um, this weekend was Soo Jin’s birthweek!

Apparently when you google “Love at First Bite cupcakes” my blog comes up. Good god. Well, now Soo Jin’s face will come up.

We went to Red Robin’s and stuffed our faces. Red Robin is to Soo Jin like Souplantation to me – you go more for the tradition and memories than for the actual food. Then we went back to Tiffany’s/Li-Ting’s for ice cream and pinata bashing, but Soo Jin didn’t want to destroy her pinata. Instead, it now watches over her living room. I spent the next morning panicking in their living room because I couldn’t do any work and I hadn’t exercised that morning. Once Soo Jin woke up at the early hours of 2pm, we went to Ikea. Ikea is fun to walk around when you don’t have anything in particular to buy. It feels like you must have everything they sell. But whenever I actually have a list of things to get, I don’t really like any of it. Suddenly the mass produced items seem to go with nothing, kind of like an one size fits all article of clothing. Plus, I’d rather pay more for something I don’t have to construct myself, because the process of constructing it, while self empowering, sort of cheapens the product.

Then back to SF for ramen. THEN clubbing. We were supposed to go to Infusion, but the line was super long so we walked to another one. I think the main reason Vegas is such a party city is because you can wear skimpy clothes at 2am and you still don’t feel cold. Waiting in line in any other city puts a damper on the evening because you’re standing there shivering. Our cab driver to the club seemed very nice. He told us a joke and we politely laughed. I am very anti-clubbing but I had fun. It just made me really want to go to a gay club. I like house music, but it would be more fun to dance to popular music. The DJ last night seemed to really like David Guetta, which is ok. The only popular song he played was Sexy Bitch, and you’d think from everyone’s reaction he would play more popular music, but he just went back to lyricless house music. I was very put off by the guy:girl ratio there, especially when guys just come up behind us and dance. I somehow seem to find myself in a conversation with people I absolutely do not want anything to do with. At least this time, Laura and Soo Jin pulled me away, UNLIKE MY BIRTHDAY.

Judging by my personal judging of people, I feel like the main thing to do for clubbing is to make your hair amazing. It’s too dark to really appreciate anyone’s makeup. And clothing makes a difference but if you dance enthusiastically, you can pretty much wear anything and it looks like you’re pulling it off.

We drove back and I liked how the cab driver went real quick. My legs were so tired. We were there for three hours. Because of the way I dance, that’s essentially saying that I stood for three hours. I’m glad no one knew the club closed at 4am because we left a little before 2. Went home, some people snacked but I didn’t. Went to sleep then woke up and ate all the cookies I bought from Ikea before heading back to Berkeley. I kind of wanted to blow off my 5:00 group meeting but I also felt very unproductive. And I don’t think I could ever purposefully ditch a meeting for personal reasons. I kind of wish I had stayed in SF though – it’s 3pm which means we’d probably be getting ready to go to “brunch” now and later watch New Moon. I think I’ll take the bus to 4th street and shop around, then group meeting, then sit around some more!

Two days of class, I’m going to go to 1/4 of the classes, then THANKSGIVING OH GOD. I need to work on my paper … and other than that, I have NOTHING TO EVER CARE ABOUT FOR SCHOOL! I have finals but once I decided to shoot for B’s in my classes, that pretty much means my maximum effort is showing up for the finals. It’s funny because last week was the only time in my life I have ever felt completely stress-free, but somehow, going to SF ignited all this stress in me because now I feel like I was failing to do something while having fun. That is how my mind works.

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The Last Hurrah

November 15, 2009 at 3:02 AM (Memories)

Today was our NorCal holiday dinner, and unbeknownst to most of us, our farewell dinner to Tiffany. Lucy and I barted over to Daly City to eat another feast prepared solely by Tiffany. I made cards for people, in between my tax project and wasting time. I spent 1 1/2 hours last night purely drawing, and 30 minutes before leaving for the bart station scribbling some stream of consciousness onto each one. They were a good source of laughter. I aim to please.


All images I drew inspiration from by googling “Thanksgiving clip art.” If you google it, you’re bound to find the image that I attempted to imitate, if you go through about 15 pages.

We watched the Cal vs. Arizona State game while Tiffany slaved away in the kitchen 😀 At some point we started eating chips and dip that Angel had left out for us – quite good even though I knew each layer was just a layer of increasing unhealthiness. Once the game ended, the feast began!


I don’t know the names for everything but it’s essentially 1) creamed spinach, 2) buttered squash and yams 3) brussel sprouts 4) something like stuffing 5) croissant rolls, 6) cranberry sauce 7) chicken 8) turkey 9) potatoes 10) something that was like a more solid form of corn chowder and 11) mac & cheese. It was intense. I’m sick so I’d been filling my stomach with tea all day. I got fairly small amounts of everything, but still felt super full after only one round.

Then Tiffany told us what she had been keeping from us for months – she is moving to Hong Kong for work! *CRIES* HOW WILL WE CELEBRATE CHINESE NEW YEARS?! Who will cook delicious food for us? Who will be our source of knowledge for all of life’s mysteries?

🙂 Tiffany is much more than that of course. I have not even spent many hours of my life with her, but I heart Tiffany so much. You only need about an hour with her to realize that she is freaking amazing at everything. Whenever I see her I just ask her the most random questions because I want to see how someone like her thinks. It was funny because before she broke the news, I had been asking her what she wanted to accomplish by the time she is 30. Working abroad is one of them, and she is going to do just that in a little over a month!

She is my first friend to really actually move away. As in indefinitely (even though she says she will return in two years BUT WHO KNOWS!!! She may love Hong Kong and her 450 sq. ft apt). I don’t count people who moved away from Berkeley after college, because most of them are still just beginning their career paths or extra education paths. But Tiffany’s departure is real!

I wish I had a group pic of us all together, but most of my pictures are pretty bad and Tiffany’s camera has the group one. So I’ll just continue with the day…

After dinner we went to the Korean Market to do some grocery shopping. Quite fun. Then back to the apartment for dessert. Tiffany bought five new ice cream cartons and even though I knew it was a bad idea, I tried three of them. Apple pie by Dreyers was surprisingly good, but I expected it to be the worst thing ever so not a high bar to surpass. We also ate, what else, of course FRUIT TART. Li-Ting reminded us that Tiffany bought our first ever fruit tart for Laura’s cheese and grease birthday fest last March. I have eaten countless fruit tarts since, including the one Li-Ting and I bought for dinner just because we were hungry. Goodness, just another one of the great things Tiffany has brought into my life.

Then we watched tv. First An Affair to Remember. The thing about old movies – I think I am much more interested in them when people explain the synopsis to me. But actually watching old movies seems to put me to sleep. Then we watched something on Food Network that showed how our favorite Thanksgiving foods are processed. It was pretty disgusting to me. That episode solidified my desire to never buy premade food again. Then we watched Project Runway and finally a little of The Breakup before we called it a night (it was like 12:30am).

It was a good day! Makes me happy with life.

Also, I ended up striking up a conversation with a girl while we were waiting for the 51 to come. Darn game day traffic. But when we were buying Bart tickets, I didn’t know if I should wait for her or not. I awkwardly stood behind her for a few seconds before deciding to walk away. I probably should have been smoother and been like “hey it was nice talking to you have fun in SF! What was your name again?” But she will just be a mysterious blonde girl to me. Her face is already disappearing from my memory.

I really wanted to watch Precious or New York I Love You but surprisingly, the only theaters showing them were super far away! 😦 Another time…

So tired. I was supposed to run a 10k tomorrow but 1) I’m sick and 2) I really don’t want to miss a single minute of THE LAST HOME VOLLEYBALL GAME OF THE SEASON. Oh well. Tomorrow … maybe I should go to Walgreen’s and buy some medicine and watch Gilmore Girls under my covers all day.

Dude, I only have one more week of school left. I don’t count days after Thanksgiving as school days, and even if I did, there’s only one week of school after Thanksgiving and it’s not even a full week because of student strikes. My seniorness snuck up on me so fast … insane. Next weekend, Soo Jin’s bday. Next next weekend, Thanksgiving. Then … finals studying, although I wish I had gone home because that’s like 9 days of nothing due to dead week. Finals which I plan to perform moderately in. Then … life after college begins.


Picture 097

Back in the beginning of 2008 when she was just starting her job at Yahoo and living with Li-Ting, Soo Jin and Andria (are these facts correct? Fact check!)

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October 18, 2009 at 1:40 AM (Memories)

My mind is so exhausted right now but I’m going to blog anyway. I kind of hate these posts because I come back from being out and I’m so happy that I’m like “gotta blog about it!” A few days later, I look at the entry and think it’s  too annoyingly xanga-like and no one likes to read those entries. But three years later, these are the entires that are more interesting to me, because then I remember little things that I thought I would never forget, but somehow had. So I guess it’s useful to write these anyway, especially when I’m still in the euphoria of the moment.

My hair still smells like meat – so whoever is ellipticalling next to me tomorrow morning is in for a surprise. Today I met up with Lucy to go to DALY CITYYY. Most of our Bart ride was talking about how we are still friendless in terms of having friends we can walk with at graduation. I am PAVING THE ROAD. Setting the stones. I always say “setting the stones” when that’s not even a phrase. Well, I’m making it a phrase. I’m determined to make a good friend before Thanksgiving weekend, because if you don’t make a friend by then, it’s pretty much over for fall semester.

Got to Daly City around 1. Li-Ting surprised me with A FRUIT TART YUM YUM!!! She’s such a spoiler. As in she spoils people, not that she spoils plotlines. She told everyone that I was so excited over my fruit tart that I didn’t bother unlocking the car door to let Lucy in. That may be true. Well, we drove to her place and watched the Cal vs. UCLA game with Tiffany. I ❤ Tiffany. Tiffany is never going to read this because she is too busy working at Yahoo. And learning everything there is to learn about life.

Soo Jin woke up at 3pm and arrived so we drove to Sunnyvale, home of Laura, and ate at Palace BBQ Buffet. God, meat buffet. I really do not enjoy meat buffets foodwise but they are fun to go to for social reasons. Especially because in all my friend groups, I am not the one who has to handle meat preparation. After an excessive amount of meat, two helpings of Korean potato salad, a taste of some truly horrible red bean soup, and two bowls of delicious sweet rice soup, we drove to a bakery to get shaved ice. It was TERRIBLE. SO MANY THINGS IN IT. Ice cream, shaved ice, red bean, fruity pebbles, bananas, honeydew, strawberries, and strawberry syrup which was the worst. I ate a major portion of it … so to recap I had several plates of meat in my stomach, but it was the few drops of syrup that did me in.

Then back to Li-Ting’s/Tiffany’s for more fruit tart. Also, we got to pick at Tiffany’s brain. She knows everything about everything. Like, EVERYTHING. I said “I want to take you back to Arcadia and have you meet all my friends so we can all realize how dumb we are.” Everytime I get together with Tiffany, Ryan, or Angelica, (and every one of Ryan’s friends) I spend the next 48 hours of my life thinking “MY GOD there are some truly brilliant people out there and I am so unknowledgable about things. And not only are they super geniuses, but they are so sociable too.” And then I think about ways I can better my life, such as reading newspapers and books and paying attention to the world. I never follow through. I am just satisfied knowing that … I’ve met so many crazy awesome people in my few years in college. A lot of people who are really inspirational to me and motivate me to do more so I can feel worthy of being their friend.

Example of Tiffany’s brilliance: At meat buffet, someone was like “hey my mussels aren’t orange” and Tiffany said something like “I think the orange ones have a stronger taste. Probably because they consume more plankton” and all of us laughed. And she said polymer and we looked at each other and grinned. And while explaining mosquito bites she said proboscis and we laughed.

So we sat at their place for about two hours, trying to come up with questions. And then bringing up random things. So fun.

I realize now that except for my aptmates, whenever I get together with my friend groups, it feels like a REUNION. It’s no longer just us hanging out, like when we would just see each other in between classes. Now everything is … a reunion! Like after college started, when I go home for break it’s only for a little bit and I know I’m returning to normal life after. It feels a lot more fleeting, like you really have to take advantage of the moment. And then that happened with RCSA too, like when we went to Vancouver. Meeting up in the airport was a reunion, instead of … I guess a get together. And now when I hang out with all these people who have started work, it’s kind of like a reunion too. I think the difference is that at the end of the night, I go home thinking “gosh that was fun … I wonder when the next time will be” whereas if it were a regular hangout, you wouldn’t even think about the next time, you just know it’s going to happen.

I hope I have more reunions. But I also hope I find a new group to do things with that aren’t reunion-feeling. There are so many movies I want to watch … and a couple restaurants I have yet to try. Need to make new friends! Senior year group – where are you! I’m going to find you … by the end of next week. HAHA.

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Surprisingly hilarious day

October 13, 2009 at 6:01 PM (Memories)

Oh my god, most hilarious hour of my life ever. Jon, Paulo and I decided to go to Safeway together. We all knew it would be raining today, but for some reason we still decided to wait until today. It is POURING. First hilarious moment, when we were trying to cross the street to Safeway and we were all debating where the heavy stream of rainwater looked the shallowest. I COMPLETELY misjudged and found my entire right foot submerged in water.

Also hilarious, Jon wearing his “waterproof” pants which just look like freaking parachute pants! He belongs in a MC Hammer video right now

Then we came back, everyone carrying groceries, and I first started sorting things … and suddenly we were realizing that basically half of the food in the fridge is either not ours or inedible. omg… HAHAHAH for the past several months, we’ve just kept shifting things over to the side and rearranging things. None of us wanted to ask each other “is that your ____ because I think you should throw it out.” Basically the entire bottom shelf of our fridge was 1/3 Paulo’s vegetables and 2/3 miscellaneous unidentified spoiled vegetables. We uncovered a DISGUSTING, SOLIDIFIED pool of meat juice/rotted salad juice at the bottom. We had to use dishwashing soap, a scrub brush, and water from our hot water heater to clean that off. Paulo washed the bins and the shelves. We figured out that NO ONE owned the bag of salad, the carrots, or the approximately 15 beef patties that had been sitting there.

We went through each shelf and seriously each time we’d be like “THAT’S ____’S” “NO IT’S NOT” “IT IS!” NO I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT THAT IN MY LIFE” “IT’S FUCKING YOURS!” “NO IT’S NOT”

and then from time to time we would find food that actually WAS ours, but we’d be like “OMG I didn’t know that was still there!”

So we cleaned it out quite well. Then I accidentally dropped Jon’s box of eggs! Thank goodness we had used up about five eggs yesterday night eating french toast and omelettes. Paulo came and picked up an egg and it cracked in his hand and I started yelling “JON JON WE HAVE TO MAKE EGGS RIGHT NOW!” and we got a bowl and cracked it in. Then I pulled out an unopened carton of Safeway Lemonade and was like “JON when are you freaking going to drink this” and he was like “THAT IS NOT MINE” and we were all yelling at each other “THAT IS YOURS. I SAW YOU BUY THAT” “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ‘SIMPLY LEMONADE’ IS.” And to end it all, I was washing my hands when I heard Jon go “AHH I’m sorry!” He had dropped a box of takeout onto the ground. All of us stared at each other, and then Paulo was like “is that even ours?” We all went “that’s not mine.” HAHAHA I swear to god, that box had just appeared yesterday. But it belongs to none of us! Our fridge breaks the law of  conservation of energy. Food just APPEARS from our fridge. Often, rotten food.

OOO Jon just called us over to eat the remainder of his eggs. He makes really good omelettes, and I taught him how to make French Toast. The recipe is … you dip toast in eggs. Amazing. HAAH He put whipped cream on it – it’s whipped cream that we found in the fridge. It also belongs to no one, but we figured it can’t spoil. Then he was like “I’m going to put Nutella on it!” and Paulo was like “fatass” and a second later he sprayed whipped cream into his mouth. I laughed and asked if he did that intentionally. He had not.

There is another power outage in Berkeley. Paulo and I are at the VLSB library. I hope our fridge food doesn’t spoil 😦 It’s really eerie when there’s a blackout but the stovetop fire is still working. I’m currently listening to some random person’s shared itunes. People have a lot more old people music (always full Beatles, Duran Duran, Tom Petty, and R.E.M albums) and a lot less indie music than I would expect at Berkeley. It’s a little disappointing.

P.S I got Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. It is really good. I may like it more than mint chocolate cookie.

😦 I posted this entry too soon, I think. My last post has no comments. I had hoped to get a comment on every post. Oh well. Now I’m just being greedy and self-absorbed.

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