Day eight: Inside Passage

Last day of the cruise! We arrive in Vancouver tomorrow morning and will have to exit our rooms by 8:00 and my family’s scheduled time to exit the boat will be around 9:35.

Today was a relatively easy going day. My mom’s goals were to do the steam room and the hot tub (success!). My dad’s goals were to eat ramen (success!) I’m not sure what my brother’s goals were. I guess my goal was to do the bouillion station, afternoon tea and gym (success!).

Actually, I guess my day started off with a slight fail, because I wanted to eat at the more formal breakfast as opposed to the breakfast buffet, but I woke up too late. Over night we had to “switch our clocks back” to normal time, which meant that I was no longer granted an extra bonus Alaska hour! So my mom, dad and I had to go to the breakfast buffet. We then went to watch what I thought was going to be a lecture on how they cook our foods, but it ended up being just some sort of singing/comedy show with some of the kitchen staff. The highlight was when one crew member sang a great rendition of Frank Sinatra’s (?) My Way – he had a great deep voice and he ended it with a standing ovation (every other singer had just received polite applause).

I had to bow out early though in order to make my BOUILLON STATION!!! I got two bowls. I am bummed because my favorite crew member on the ship, the bouillon lady, wasn’t there today. I was totally planning to get her name so that I could put her on my special recognition card. I don’t know why I liked her so much, maybe it was because she was such a nice person who was consistently the face of the bouillon station (my favorite food on this ship). I remember thinking “ha! she seems fun” because when I got one bowl of bouillon, she asked me “what toppings?” and I said “green onion only” and she then went “parsley?” and I went “um… ok!” and she then went “cheese?” and I went “umm… ok!” and then she said “so everything then?” and I said “yeah I guess so” and she added the last topping, croutons. Something about her tone (and her accent) just made me laugh.

Anyway, after the bouillon station, I had no plans, so I ended up going to the gym in the afternoon. Then I was exhausted but was in a weird time between lunch and afternoon tea, so I went to get a hot tuna panini from the 24 hour international cafe that my family had been stealing sandwiches from for our port days (finally I got to eat a HOT sandwich!). I eventually ran into the rest of my family, and after a little walking around the ship together, I convinced everyone to go to afternoon tea, and told them that even if they weren’t hungry, they could just watch me eat. Everyone obliged.

It turned out to be great because I don’t think anyone in my family would’ve thought of going to afternoon tea, but it ended up being a nice, fun, semi-formal but not really, event! Everyone loved the little sandwiches and desserts and tea. We even added the cream and sugar to our tea, which we normally do not do as an Asian family. My second favorite dessert on the ship, a vanilla something something (essentially like puff pastry layered between a vanilla custardy cream) was served, along with scones (yum), cream puffs (vanilla and chocolate!) and other desserts. Then we had an hour to get ready / hungry for dinner!

Dinner, I got MEATLOAF!!! It was delicious. I also got an Alaskan Seafood Soup which was good because it was a little sour like a Thai soup. Dessert we got baked alaskas, ice cream, and a chocolate tapioca pudding. For the past two nights, the ice creams advertised are nothing like the ice creams we actually receive. We were supposed to get a rhubarb and none of them tasted like rhubarb!

Then my mom and I did another crazy windy jacuzzi adventure. A man doing his nightly deck walk passed by us and said “you guys are my heroes” for doing the hot tub in such insane weather. Then we had to go back into the boat and we passed two crew members who were talking by the doorway, and one of them gave me the biggest “what the fuck?!” look HAHA

Now I guess I have half an hour to do my second gym session! I’m trying to power through my last two episodes of Raw Data so I can say that I did actually complete a podcast (I did!). Then tomorrow I have to be ready to take my family around Vancouver! Ugh I feel exhausted just thinking about it. I’m so used to just sitting in my room quietly and feeling comforted that my family can figure out what they want to do on their own.


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