2016 Recap

Well I still need to post some days on Japan and also repost all my Japan pictures to my posts because I deleted them in annoyance. But it’s January 1st so I might as well do this 2016 best ofs post!!!

I think the biggest change in my life for 2016 was that I’ve become REALLY obsessed with podcasts. I was listening to a handful before but this is the year that it has gotten a little out of control. As of right now, I’m subscribed to 29 podcasts (although I haven’t listened to any of the episodes for 9 of them). I just get into a podcast craze every few months and fear that I will run out of podcasts and will go on a subscription rampage to stock up. It’s at the point where I’m realizing that my constant podcast listening is harming me because I can never concentrate on anything, I have very little quiet time to myself and I’m probably destroying my hearing because I turn the volume way up when I’m on public transit  (naturally, my greatest pet peeve of 2016 was mumbling podcasters). Most people use podcasts as a way to pass their free time but I feel like I’m starting to prioritize sitting and listening to podcasts over doing things that require mental concentration.

Regardless, here are my top five favorite podcasts:

  1. NPR Politics: Just as there are certain shows that people once HAD to watch live, or HAVE to watch the day it is available online, this is the podcast I will immediately stop everything for when a new episode is available. I will actually use my data plan to stream this podcast on my phone, if I’m not yet at work. The downside of this podcast is that I’ve become informed about our nation’s politics, and I now wish I could return to my pre-2015 levels of obliviousness.
    Suggestion: It pains me to listen to this episode now (or really, any episode pre-election) but one of my favorite episodes was this one, Trump On Tape, primarily for the long pause and quote “can we just have a moment of silence for our democracy” after they played the Access Hollywood tapes.
  2. StarTalk: I do not really know how to sell a podcast about space and science. All I can say is this podcast is far more interesting than the general public would presume. Neil DeGrasse Tyson hosts, and on every episode he has a comedian (or two) on hand to either comment on an interview Neil has conducted, participate in a “cosmic queries” session where Neil answers submitted questions on a particular topic, or take part in a live talk.
    Suggestion: This episode had nothing to do with space, but was one of my favorite discussions. Also, since I listened to this episode when it came out, I felt super cool actually knowing who Alexis Ohanian is when I read Serena Williams’ engagement news – Unraveling Reddit with Alexis Ohanian
  3. What’s The Point: Towards the end of the year, they changed the format of this podcast to be more of a book review, since the host Jody Avirgan, is moving onto something else. I don’t really enjoy the book reviews, but the other episodes are interesting perspectives with a data lens. So much of the world is influenced by algorithms.
    Suggestion: An episode on the history of data collection in politics
  4. Show Your Work: This podcast is ostensibly about celebrity gossip but it is truly about SO MUCH MORE. The host, Elaine Lui of Lainey Gossip, writes the only celebrity gossip site I check regularly. As she says, celebrity gossip is not meaningless. It’s insight into our culture, perspective, biases, assumptions and more.
    Well I meant to link to her episode on the Brangelina breakup but the podcast link has broken, I think a little suspiciously. That episode was JUICY. But the others are still great!
  5. Code Switch: Discussion of pop culture with a focus on race/identity. I feel like there’s always a few extremely insightful quotes in each episode. The range of topics is so diverse yet each one is relatable.
    Suggestion: the episodes right before and right after the election results provide great perspective.

Naturally the next entertainment list has to be my top movies of 2016. This is also the year that I discovered the pure joy of going to watch a movie alone. Here are all the benefits if you have never done this before: you can watch a movie completely on your own schedule, it’s much easier to find seating, it honestly feels like a more immersive experience, and you can watch ANYTHING YOU WANT! No more “I actually heard the reviews for that movie are terrible” or “I think you’d like it, really!” I do what I want! The real impetus for watching movies solo is that there is a small theater less than a mile from where I work, and they only show two movies at any time, and they are always small independent films. And at some point of the year, there is always going to be a handful of indie films I want to watch but can’t really find anyone else to watch with, so why wouldn’t I spend my Friday afternoon, after a week of work, having some silent rejuvenating fun?! I also LOVE going to theaters alone and getting the early bird showing. It seems like it would be such a drag to find someone willing to watch a movie at 9am, no matter how much I proclaim, BUT YOU CAN WATCH A MOVIE FOR LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS!!!

  1. Carol: This movie actually came out so early in the year that I nearly forgot about it (and it might have actually come out in December 2015 – oh well). But this was the first movie I saw by myself in a theater, so I have this movie to thank for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of solo movie watching.
  2. Arrival: I watched this recently (also alone) and there was a brief moment where I thought, OMG I NEED TO ASK SOMEONE QUESTIONS AND I HAVE NO ONE NEXT TO ME! I love Amy Adams. My only gripe is the terrible soundtrack. It’s to the point that you’re taken out of a suspenseful moment because of the jarring instrumental music loudly announcing “THIS IS A DRAMATIC MOMENT”
  3. Moonlight: I also watched this alone along with a handful of other people in the Palo Alto indie movie theater. I totally saw another girl race out the theater alone when the movie ended too. I wanted to say to her, ME TOO!!! I felt like everyone was holding their breath during certain scenes because of the restrained emotion behind the actors. I would recommend listening to this Code Switch interview with the director Barry Jenkins.
  4. Avengers Civil War: I do not know where I fall on the Captain America vs Iron Man spectrum, but I do appreciate a movie with amazing visuals, fight scenes and sound effects, and I will happily wait in line for — oh just kidding I will ONLY EVER go to the Mountain View Cinemark with leather reclining chairs and reserved seating for these types of movies. I will NEVER WAIT in a line ever again for a major blockbuster.
  5. Queen of Katwe: Disney did not do a very good an awful job of marketing this movie, but it was extremely engrossing for a movie about competitive chess, had amazing on location shots, and showed realistic and thoughtful character development. One day soon you’ll probably be able to watch this movie on Netflix and I highly recommend that you do.

And then books … I was really disappointed to find out that I have not read very much this year after going through my GoodReads list. I consider podcasts as my new alternative to reading. I mean, I’m still learning!!!

  1. Soul of an Octopus by Sy Montgomery: I did not know very much about octopuses and through this book, I found out they are fascinating creatures.
  2. Lab Girl by Hope Jahren: this book has an even split of 50% learn crazy botany facts and 50% memoir and I couldn’t decide which parts I liked more, they were both written so well! Whenever someone in academia publishes a well-written memoir, I feel like they have reaped a little too much in life. How can you be so smart AND write in such a compelling way?
  3. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi: a rare fiction read for me. I read it based on a recommendation from LaineyGossip. This is the kind of read where the plot just effortlessly pulls you along. I read this in just over a day, it was so engrossing. And it’s a pretty heavy read too – sometimes I’d finish a chapter and just think geez this is a bit much but it’s such an addicting read you keep going. You do come away from it thinking, humanity is awful.

I’ve really slipped in terms of TV watching. As a combination of the “Golden Age of Television” and my increased expectations/pickiness, I now have a very narrow band of shows that I’m willing to watch. I have no interests in the acclaimed dramas that leave little room for levity (ex. Game of Thrones, Westworld).  There aren’t any reality shows (competition or otherwise) that I get sucked into watching. The shows must be accessible on either Netflix, Hulu, HBO, SHO, Amazon or any otherwise a free platform (which basically left out Horace and Pete). I pretty much require a diverse cast to hold my interest, a strong female lead and preferably a character who is gay or at least SOME gay subtext. THIS IS THE NEW WORLD, PEOPLE!

  1. OJ Simpson the Sarah Paulson one: does anyone really know the OJ Simpson show by its real name The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story? I hate that name. The American Crime Story part is completely unnecessary and seems like it was just thrown on to associate with American Horror Story. I mean, why not just make the title The People vs OJ Simpson: Popular American Glee/Horror Nip/Tuck Story if you’re that far up Ryan Murphy’s ass. Wait I guess I was supposed to say why I loved this show so much. In short, THE HAIR/MAKEUP! SARAH PAULSON! Ryan Murphy can come off my shit list now.
  2. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Sometimes it’s nice to watch a show where someone is expressing the appropriate reaction to current events which is not always going to be measured, calm analysis, but RAGE.

Don’t cry.

3. Insecure: I feel like I’ve fallen into a black culture whirlpool. I started listening to The Read then following Roxane Gay then watching Black-ish, then watching this show. I would be insulted if you called either of those shows “black shows” though. Insecure is at its core, a show about 30 somethings living in LA, with occasional black references that I sometimes get and sometimes do not.

4. Black-ish: Sitcoms keep the world turning. I adore Tracee Ellis Ross and Yara Shahidi. They have great Instagram accounts because they both have amazing fashion style.

5. Broad City: I have no idea why I find this show so humorous, but I find this show way more hilarious than I think most people do.

Don’t cry.

5. Jane the Virgin(?): I don’t actually know, since CW doesn’t put their shows on Hulu anymore. How am I supposed to watch your shows, CW?!?! I’m just waiting for the third season to pop up on Netflix, but I’m putting this here preemptively, because I’ve heard the quality has stayed on par with the first two seasons, which means it is EXCELLENT, THE BEST, NEEDS RECOGNITION viewing. This entire cast seems genuinely adorable.

NOT: The Night Of or Atlanta. When having the privilege of telling a story over the visual medium that is television, I really DO NOT need to have a storyline on foot eczema, THANKS The Night Of. At the end of the first episode, which Robyn forced me to watch, I went “WTF HOW DID THAT TAKE AN ENTIRE HOUR?!” I had this same comment for three subsequent episodes, until I told her to watch the show alone. As for Atlanta, I guess I’m not smart enough to get the show because I only found two episodes funny enough where I was not left thinking “ugh when does this 10 episode show get good?” I have found that I generally hate aimless shows like this and Girls. I need to know this show is going somewhere! Just like my life!

If I were a better person: Veep, The Americans. Veep, I also want to laugh out loud at, but I can’t because I DON’T GET IT!!! The Americans, I recognize is an amazing show but I only got through 1.5 seasons and I don’t remember where I left off in the second season and apparently that’s been enough of a barrier for my lazy ass.

Gay Honorable Mentions: Black Mirror‘s San Junipero episode (which might be my favorite hour of television this entire year), select Youtube clips of The 100 (I love when I can watch all the youtube videos some considerate lesbian has strung together of all the scenes between some couple and I don’t have to know ANYTHING about the show’s general plotline), Orange is the New Black

I don’t know why television, the medium I probably interacted with the least this year, has so much wordspace on this post. I guess I didn’t watch as little TV as I thought I did?

Top songs of 2016… ok well I’m going to just narrow down my favorite Hamilton songs to a select few, otherwise I’d just be making a list of my top 10 favorite Hamilton songs. I think anyone who has enjoyed the Hamilton soundtrack will find that they have different favorite songs fluctuate over time, back and forth.

  1. Hamilton: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: I used to seriously tear up if this song came up while I was at work. I’d just be sitting at my desk, crying, doing nothing but listening to music. This is a song that I have put on my “RESTRICTED LISTENING” list, meaning that it cannot just come up on shuffle. This song is not meant to be listened to when you’re rushing out the door or as background noise. This song is meant to be FELT!
  2. Hamilton: Burn: I also prefer to hear this song ONLY AFTER I play The Reynolds Pamphlet, which is not a favorite song, but serves as a perfect primer. On the Hamilton podcast, The Room Where It’s Happening, people call in and state their favorite song and why. My favorite has been “Burn, because I like to sit in the dark and bawl my eyes out.”
  3. Hamilton: Satisfied: OK THIS IS THE LAST HAMILTON SONG. I think it’s not a coincidence that my top songs are all female-led. This was my very first favorite song of Hamilton, and was probably the only reason I continued listening to the album (I didn’t immediately take to it). This song was the hook that led me to hours and hours and hours of endless Hamilton playing. I truly have listened to VERY LITTLE music outside of Hamilton in 2016.
  4. Know My Love by Matt Nash: EDM. I mean, there were times at work when I couldn’t listen to Hamilton for the 5th hour.
  5. Hometown Girl by Zhu: If this is the direction EDM is going in, I like it.

And I guess this will be my last thing … my top five pictures of the year!!! Man, when looking through the thousands of photos I took over the year for the TOP FIVE, I really realized how much time has been wasted taking pictures of things I don’t truly care about.

Japan. My favorite picture of myself this year because I look thin.
Chicago. Found on solo walk around Wicker Park
Seattle. The wedding budget was clearly in put into the venue.
Oregon Coast. Dinosaur Park!
New York. Manhattan at sunset from Brooklyn.

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