Day 10: Banff, the last day

LAST DAY! Our flight out was at like 6pm or something, so we had a few hours of Banff exploration which was nice. We checked out after another self-made breakfast of leftovers in our hotel room. Then we drove to Bow River, walked around the park near it, explored the nearby Cascade Gardens then walked down Bow River and reached Bow River Falls. The main thing of the day that I had not planned on going to (but had read about!) was Cascade Gardens. It didn’t sound impressive in my research but when I saw it I was like OMG BEAUTIFUL!


It’s a big garden for the Banff Park Administration (or maybe it’s the Canada Park Administration?) and was realllyyyy beautifully landscaped. And importantly, free. We spent a LOT of time here and took A TON of pictures. Everyone was very happy.


We finally set off and left Banff though, all with the intention of eating Costco lunch, filling up on Costco gas, and then going to the airport. I found the Costco, turned in and … CLOSED. LABOR DAY. AHHH!! Pandemonium since my mom was at this point bursting to use the restroom and had entered panic mode. We drove to a gas station, she jumped out to pee … GAS STATION CLOSED!!!!! MORE PANDEMONIUM!!!!! We drove to a KFC/Taco Bell and she went to pee. So did my dad. While waiting, I looked out the window and saw a Nando’s and decided though we had peed here, we would eat there.

We drove the car over to Nando’s and … GIANT LINE! We decided to get take out as at this point, our flights seemed to be getting closer and closer to being missed. Unfortunately it took FOREVER to get our take out food. We got our food, ate it in the car, and set off for the airport. At first I was bummed I hadn’t ordered more so that we could eat in the airport. However, I didn’t realize they’d put us through immigration before security, so I’m glad I wasn’t carrying a giant bag of chicken while we were waiting in the long line.

Then … flight home. VACATION OVER! $30 Uber ride home, ridiculous.



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