Seattle 2016

Is Seattle even worth writing about at this point?! I think I come pretty close to coming here every year, and I am pretty proud of this fact! I think my biggest life’s regret will be not buying a house in Seattle in 2010. Well, profit-wise, it would be not buying a house in the Bay Area in 2010, as my mom heavily suggested. But as my coworkers said, if I’m going to dwell about not buying a house, then I might as dwell about not having bought Google stock back in the day. What can you do.

Anyway, if I remember correctly, this was my second wedding of 2016, and the following weekend was Chicago! This was a glorious two week span in late April/early May because I flew to Seattle Thursday night and took Friday and Monday off. Then I had work for four days before getting a red eye to Chicago and having a weekend trip there.

SEATTLE! Love love love. We stayed at the Edgewater which was Expensive Expensive Expensive. But a very nice location with a beautiful room that had a cool fireplace and amazing shower. Thursday night (as in … at 1am) we walked to a really amazing pizza bar called Rocco’s. We ended up having leftover pizza for two days after that and it was AMAZING. So wonderful to wake up and have some cold pizza to nosh on before starting the day.


Friday morning, I did a run along the water which is my favorite thing ever. Though I’m sure if I lived in Seattle I would never do it. Then we walked around Pike Place Market, before heading to Paseo and walking around Fremont. Got some chocolates from Theo Chocolates for my coworkers which was probably my best bring-to-work souvenir to date. Theo Chocolates is awesome and has TONS of free samples – an excellent stop if you’re in the area. Then we had the rehearsal dinner on Friday night which extended to going out to bars with other wedding guests. I had been heavily warned beforehand that the other wedding guests were ROWDY PARTIERS. Luckily for me, I feel like several of them have been numbed with child rearing.


Saturday was the wedding at the insanely gorgeous Chihuly glass museum which I had never been to before. We got the entire museum to ourselves – the ceremony took place in the glass atrium, and afterwards, we were ushered out to wander around the gardens and the museum while they put up all the dinner tables in the glass atrium. I will say this was my favorite venue, especially as a +1 because it was very easy to just keep to myself and wander around without having to strike up an awkward conversation of a stranger. And of course, it was a beautiful venue to begin with. After the wedding, I was like “OMG WHATTTTT” to find out that we were going to hang out at the house of one of Robyn’s friends. I think we ended up grabbing an uber around 2:30am that night. I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about it!

Saturday and Sunday day activities involved traipsing around the town with Robyn and her friend Sari (who I now call MY friend too!). Lotttssss of good food. The things I repeated were: Toulouse Petit for brunch, Capitol Hill/Molly Moon’s/Cal Anderson Park to kill time. Ballard’s Farmer’s Market for my traditional Sunday morning activity.

The new things I saw in Seattle included the KEXP offices, which is open to the public. I explored more of Capitol Hill, including the relatively new Starbucks Roastery which is a picture of luxury and a MAJOR tourist destination. While waiting for two girls to leave their chairs, Robyn saw that one of the girls had left hir wallet on the chair and went to hand it back to her. The girl was so surprised that she had forgotten her wallet that after saying thank you profusely, she then ran back and handed Robyn a gift card, which was so classy and cool.

On Monday, we did the Experience the Music Project museum which is less about music and more about EVERYTHING remotely dude-like. My personal favorite was seeing a stake from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but that museum seriously had something for everyone. It was insane! I would definitely recommend this museum to people, even though there are so many things to do in Seattle.

To make myself sound really old: this city’s skyline is completely different from when I first visited