St Louis

This kicked off my 2016 wedding season: St Louis in FEBRUARY 2016! I didn’t realize what this meant when I RSVP’d for the wedding, but this meant SNOW!

View from our stay at the Ritz Carlton: St Louis!

It turned out to be an amazing weekend weather-wise. Robyn and I arrived in St Louis on Saturday afternoon when the sun was already preparing to go down, along with the temperature. Robyn and I did BBQ (at a very famous place Pappy’s BBQ, though we did notice that the only people in the restaurant were white, so I suspect that authentic, even more delicious BBQ is somewhere less yelped about). With a stomach FULL of meat, corn, and beans, we then did two breweries (St Louis is also big on breweries!) then a jazz bar where I heard some of the best live music I’ve experienced. We capped off the night with some White Castle, which is not worth writing about. So the first night was pretty action packed, and by the way, FREEZING. A notable observation was that our ubers were SUPER luxurious. Our UberX’s included several luxury SUVs and one of our drivers even opened our door limo-style. It made me think how interesting it would be to see the Uber culture across the nation. I will say of all the cities we’ve used Uber in, I think Seattle had the worst quality so far.


Anyway, Saturday was the actual wedding day, and it was our snow day! This is truly the first time I’ve experienced falling snow (ok I vaguely remember snow falling when I hiked Machu Picchu but I remember the wind more than I remember the snow). The wedding was at night, so day festivities included an arranged outing at the St Louis Art Museum, and then Robyn and I explored downtown St Louis on our own. The houses there are beautifully brick and spread out and giant, at least in the areas we drove by.

View of “Art Hill” from outside the SLAM

Wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was mercifully short. My favorite thing about the wedding was that it was in our hotel and I didn’t have to leave to go outdoors at any time.

Minus the bride and groom: the GT contingent of the wedding


The following day, we had a wedding brunch then did the St Louis zoo which was an amazing, FREE zoo. It was surprisingly warm, like in the 70s, which blew my mind because just yesterday it was SNOWING! My absolute favorite thing about the trip was seeing all these zoo exhibits with snow in them. Like, tigers … in SNOW! Camels … IN SNOW!!!


Coffee and downtown exploration



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