2015 Financial Recap

Riveting title huh?

The year ended and I just took the time to look at my expenditures for the year. Instead of being like any normal person who would use Mint, I keep these google spreadsheets of my expenditures. I tried Mint for a while a year ago but got very annoyed with all the notifications. But if you don’t get notifications, what’s the point of having the app?! So I deleted the app.

This is definitely a self reflection post that will not interest ANYONE as I can’t imagine who would be interested in seeing what I spend money on.

The first thing is, when I say “I keep these google spreadsheets,” I mean to say, I have documents dated back to 2008 but for 2010 – 2013 only a few months in each year were tracked and I guess I must have been lazy, so there’s several months of missing data. Looking at my expenses pre-college graduation is meaningless as living in Berkeley meant $6 meals stretched out over two days … not the case anymore.

Overall I spent less money in 2015 vs. 2014, though this is less commendable since in 2014 I was purchasing furniture for my place. I consciously decided not to travel in 2014 as all my money went to furnishing three rooms in my house. That came out to nearly $8K of furniture, home necessities, or whatever. The hope was that after those purchases, my spending would go way down in 2015, but it turns out … traveling is EXPENSIVE. I went to Europe which cost $7,900 in total (of which I’m guessing I paid for half) and the rest is essentially money in Southwest’s bank account. So I spent only $1,000 less in travel vs. what I spent to furnish my house. I think I budgeted $2,500 for travel, so that’s a bit eye opening …

I spent the same % in eating out in both years, though I THOUGHT I had made an effort to cook more. It turns out I actually spent less in groceries, so what the hell was I eating?! I spent over $1,000 less in gas – YAY to taking the caltrain! I’ve figured out it basically costs $5 in gas a day if I drive from my house to work (obviously more if I’m coming from SF) whereas I used to just fill up my tank without really thinking about how far $40 had taken me. NOW I KNOW.

Apparantly I spent $1,000 in shopping in 2015 and I have absolutely no idea what this could have been as my wardrobe is not really that improved. Upon further investigation, it was primarily gifts to other people, with exactly four shopping trips for myself. My bills are essentially 50% Comcast (I am forever counting down the days until someone comes in and breaks apart that quasi-monopoly on internet services), 25% condo insurance, and 25% Spotify/PG&E.

The Other category is 20% a trip to Disneyland, 20% Kaskade concert, 20% medical bills (contacts and my fun trip to the ER over Palm Springs weekend), and then other concerts/movies.

I guess that’s a summary of my year in the most boring way possible. I’ll maybe post a more interesting post if I can remember anything.