Faves of 2015

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this though that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it … every day …


This list is a bit harder to make now that I have relatively little pop culture exposure. I mean, I still know general celebrity gossip (though thankfully I’ve never been clear on which Kardashian is which), but the number of TV shows I regularly watch can now be counted on one hand, and I watch about ten movies a year, if that.

Because of this, my list is mainly stale, because no one new comes on, and as far as I can remember, none of the people I once liked did anything heinous since my last published list. Actually, that’s not true. I’m pretty sure I once listed Reese Witherspoon but I’m no longer for AMERICAN CITIZEN Reese Witherspoon. I also feel like I listed Blake Lively once but now I can only see her as Blake Staged Paparazzi Shot Lively.

I used to be so into this list making process that I’d have to craft very unofficial point systems to narrow down my list of fifty to a list of ten. +1 for looks, +1 for having the power to make me watch a shitty movie/show, +2 for exceptional interview skills, -3 for terrible dating history, blah blah blah. Now it’s literally just “which celebrities am I excited to see pop up in my gossip site?”

This comes in no real order except my #1 is firmly #1. The fallen include Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence, who have god awful dating history (I mean, I heart Nicholas Hoult, but CHRIS MARTIN?!?!?!). I think three of these were heavily influenced by Frances L, so I will give credit to her here. I also don’t have the time to peruse the internet to save all the photos of all my favorite celebrities, the way I once did in high school and college. I do, however, usually take the time to decompress with some youtube videos, so this list will probably be more video heavy than image heavy (unless I one day find the time to comb through tumblr and find pics)

Here it is … by the time I ever get around posting this post it might be 2016…

10. Carey Mulligan
To be completely honest, I couldn’t name three things she’s been in (1. An Education and 2. ….. Pride and Prejudice) but I ALWAYS click any article having to do with her and she always looks so perfect in candid photos of her strolling about with her husband, Marcus Mumford.


9. Emma Watson
Well she definitely was the sole reason I watched (and finished) the Bling Ring, so that’s definitely a point to her for being able to make me watch something shitty. How could you NOT like Emma Watson?! She’s pretty, inoffensive and respectable. Two of those things are already rarities in Hollywood.

(It is kind of hard to figure out whether photos of her are from this year or eight years ago, but I figure everyone knows what she looks like).

8. Kelly Clarkson
I feel like once every year, I get the urge to watch the video of her winning American Idol. I love that she doesn’t seem to have changed at all from when she first became popular, other than gaining more confidence in herself. Besides my #1, she is probably the celebrity I’d most want to be friends with.

The number of videos of her singing (and slaying at it) are infinite but here is just one

7. Emily Blunt (+ John Krasinski)
She could stand her fully on her own, but how can you beat this duo? They are so cute together.

Love this short snippet gossip piece on her from LaineyGossip

If you haven’t watched Edge of Tomorrow, you really should. Even the parts without Emily Blunt are really good.

6. Cara Delevingne
I mean, it says something when I can now spell her name correctly on the first try. I would be too chicken shit to ever say anything to her, or even look in her direction, if I were ever in the same room as her, but she just seems SO COOL. I was first made aware of her as “Michelle Rodriguez’s model girlfriend” though back then I didn’t even know who she was. It wasn’t until much later that I realized the Cara Delevingne I had suddenly become obsessed with was the same one I had seen in those pap photos, so blurry they weren’t even scintillating.

Cara Delevingne

Frances introduced me to these screen test videos though we watched Cara’s first and afterwards all the other videos felt like they were moving in slooowwww motiooooonnnn

5. Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is at the top of my list of “celebrities I didn’t care about until I found out how badass they are and now I like their stuff.” This list is followed by people like Rihanna, Nicole Ritchie… I definitely was not initially a fan of her music, but something about her made me constantly say to Kathy “you remind me SO MUCH of Nicki Minaj!” and I’d try to look for youtube videos that captured Nicki Minaj’s essence. And in the process, I realized, Nicki Minaj stands for a lot of important things and is not just a tart, though that is how she is usually portrayed in media. The moment I REALLY started to like her was when I saw this video of her on tumblr (not sure why it embeds weirdly). Since that moment, I’ve listened to Monster about 1,000 or so times.

Also, pickle juice is a great video

4. Taylor Swift
I LOVVEEEEE Taylor Swift. Though not enough to watch her at Levi’s Stadium. (I think the only artist who would have the power to make me trudge down to that traffic blackhole would be Adele if she ever went back on tour, even though that’d be a horrible venue for her sound). I love her music, I love her Instagram, I love her NYC pap shots even if they’re staged, but most of all, I love her business style. Sure, she is immature (I think she is kind of ridiculous about feuding with Katy Perry) and I can understand why some people might find her insufferable, but how can you deny that she is a bad ass businesswoman?!?! She seems like one of the very few celebrities who truly has complete control over her career and image.

HAHA I think this is supposed to be a paparazzi shot.
HAHA I think this is supposed to be a paparazzi shot.
one of my favorite TS instagram photos
one of my favorite TS instagram photos

I think it’s hilarious that there were all these articles about how letting Joe Jonas (an ex of hers) hang out was an example of the strength of her friendships and forgiveness. UH, OF COURSE you’re going to invite the guy who once dumped you over a 30 second phone call onto a boat when you’re the #1 selling artist and your new boyfriend is the #1 DJ moneymaker. OF COURSE you are going to lord over your success when he has NO career and has even lost his place as the “hot” Jonas brother to NICK JONAS. I’d be eating that same shit eating smirk that Taylor has if I were in her position.

3. Chrissy Tiegan
I first heard about her from Frances L yearrrrsss ago, I think all the way back in college, when she first told me that John Legend’s wife was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and pretty hilarious on Twitter. I then started following her on Instagram and was like “YES.” Recently I feel like her career is really skyrocketing and I think she’s on the brink of becoming SUPER DUPER famous. I cannot wait to buy her cookbook (and have it as a bookshelf decoration)


2. Kristen Stewart
There was a brief period of time where I finally told myself “ok it is pretty clear that she is kind of asshole-y and really doesn’t seem to have particularly good acting skills” and I was all for taking her off the list, but then I watched Still Alice and the whole time I was like “NOPE STILL ON MY LIST!” And I’ve since returned to my original biased stance of “she’s not an asshole, YOU’RE THE ASSHOLE!” I self doubt myself as a critic of her acting capabilities … on the one hand I feel like she never really transforms herself into a role and I always see her first and foremost as KRISTEN STEWART. But then I think, maybe that’s just me, what do I know, and everyone else says she has such amazing acting skills! It doesn’t matter anyway – I don’t like her for her acting skills. I like her for her cute face, and fuck off demeanor!


1. Anna Kendrick
I ADORE HER! She has yet to do anything offensive/disappointing to me, other than turning out to have a boyfriend. She is probably the only reason I ever occasionally check Twitter and she is one of the few celebrities I’d watch any movie for. I love everything she does.

I truly just love ladies in sweats
I truly just love ladies in sweats