I am a homeowner!

I think this blog is on its dying breath. I’m not motivated to blog very often and I’m even less inclined to read any of my old posts. The only time I ever look back at my posts is for the travel related ones, so I can remember what I did. I’m sure there is some value in throwing out all my thoughts and never looking back, but I think that is probably better served in a private medium than a public blog.

Whether or not I look at this post again years from now, I figured the last entry shouldn’t be one about almost becoming a homeowner. Because a little over a month ago, I became a first time homeowner!

I love my home. I love that I can do exactly as I please in my own home (I’ve never lived alone before so it is a completely novel experience). I love that my purchases seem much more permanent, I have to admit that I am proud that I was able to buy a home IN THE BAY AREA at my age, and I’m excited that I’ve started cooking more often. Maybe this will wear out one day, but I really enjoy cleaning my house, because I know that the mess is only caused by me. I live in a condo, and my building is structured as a cluster of four residences. I’ve met my neighbors and they all seem really great. I live near the water and on some days, it’s so reminiscent of Green Lake that I can’t believe my luck.

The negatives of being a homeowner? I never know how much a home repair is going to cost me. My new, never ending hobby seems to be cleaning. And I’ve become much more paranoid about a lot more things (ex. integrity of servicepeople I use, whether my online payments are scheduled properly, etc). Oh and the big one – that I’m too poor to travel!

Well other than that life is grand. Not sure what the next step in life is, but now I just daydream about retiring.