Coaching Styles

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Today at 8:20am I got an e-mail from a partner basically saying she caught a fuck-up on my part and needed something by 9:00am latest. Cue panicked working followed by two oopsies e-mails and then me feeling like shit. The nice thing is after staring at my ceiling at 9:03am, wondering how I had managed to neglect something, I had a handful of people I could immediately IM or text and be like “OMFG THIS AND THIS HAPPENED” to decompress.

Out of this handful, I talked to three of my favorite managers, and each of their three responses pretty much encapsulates why I like them so much:

Jenny’s response: It’s ok … this will not be your last heart attack moment … and she is very good at client meetings I’m sure she can smooth over anything.

Danny’s response to my texting him “I just sent it but I feel like a dumbass”: U are the smartest person I know so that scares me

Amy’s reponse: So THAT’S why she was already in kind of a bad mood when she called me at three! She was probably thinking “god I have had to deal with so much incompetence today.”Me: THANKS. You know, your response is very different from Jenny’s. She told me “it won’t be the last time you have a heart attack moment”
Amy: That’s probably what the partner’s been telling herself all these years and she’s probably thinking “god I still have to deal with so many incompetent people”
Me: Again, thank you.