How to be a productive worker

Listening to: Demi Lovato – Something That We’re Not

The past week has probably been my least productive week that I can recall. The factors in place were 1) an overwhelming number of things to do for work, 2) working from home, 3) apathy about work, 4) overly secure in regards to my work evaluations and 5) miserable about personal life.

Each time I did one little thing, like write a sentence, I’d then sit and think about my life for the next two minutes (minimum). Or I’d just take a break from it all, promising to fully concentrate on work after the mid-day hiatus. I’d take the break (or several) but I’d never do what I promised myself I’d do afterwards.

I know there’s some sort of program for this somewhere out there, but electronically, I need to

– block any attempts to access gmail, facebook, twitter or celebrity gossip sites

– have a really good playlist that is at all moments, exciting enough to keep me entertained, mellow enough to not distract me and make me want to jump around, lyrically¬† indistinguishable enough so that choice phrases don’t cause me to sit and reflect on my life, and still … good, relatively refreshing, yet not so new that I’d want to start searching out new artists.

– block any attempts to access Instagram, Snapchat, ThoughtCatalog and even BBC News on my smartphone (reading the news is when I get desperately listless)

Emotionally I wish there were a way for me to

– block any thoughts of a certain someone, all the hypothetical scenarios that run through my brain, the good ones and the bad ones, all the excuses and rationalizations I create for myself, all the questions and self-doubt

– block the feeling that comes after a small sense of accomplishment, the feeling where I think whatever I accomplished is meaningless compared to the pressures of everything else I have not yet tackled. Somehow instead of fueling my work productivity, each time I do something I feel like my need to work comes to a grinding halt

– focus on the task at hand and not constantly question whether I’m using all of my free time for something I am going to regret one day

I guess I’ll take a shower and when I come back I’ll REALLY do this thing I was supposed to do.

No idea where I got this but I just found this on my work computer

Thoughts from working at home

Listening to: Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (as I have snapchatted to everyone, I am currently obsessed with this song)

1. I love working from home in jeans and a t-shirt! So much better than going to the office

2. I will watch one episode of something, JUST SO I have something to do while I eat, and THEN I will start working.

3. I forgot eating only takes me about ten minutes and this episode is forty minutes long … I guess I’ll just play tetris for a little bit

4. Oops. Ok. Now that I’ve watched two episodes, I’ll start work

5. Ok an hour has passed and I’m clearly not being productive. Time to go to Philz. I guess my day will begin at 11am.

6. That was a good four hours of work, but drinking coffee made me too jittery and stressed out to remain sitting at the cafe, plus I got hungry, so now I’m back at home. I’ll just eat dinner and start work again.

7. Ok. That was a good two hours of work. But now my elbows hurt … ugh this is why I hate working from home on the floor.

8. I need to stop checking Instagram and gmail

9. Ugh I really hate working from home. And it’s already 9pm and I’ve done only six hours of work.

10. I need a new job

11. *standing before mirror out of boredom* UGH I’m SO FAT. If I weren’t working so much I could be exercising!

12. I wish I had time to do my resume

13. I wish I had a different set of skills completely unrelated to accounting

14. Is there anything I can blog about?

15. Let’s see who else is online at 10pm. Ok … so I’m not the only one …

16. I realllllllllyyyyyyyyy hate working from home ………………

17. OK I’M HITTING THE RESTART BUTTON. I’m going to shower and then WORK WORK WORK!


19. Ok work.

20. Ok I”m not in the mood to work.

21. Fine. It’s 2am and I’m going to call it quits. TOMORROW. TOMORROW I WILL GET THIS DONE!

……………. ANDDDDD THAT’S how my life goes.