Ny days five and six

Listening to armin van bureen: this is what it feels like

Sunday. We went to eat at a nearby southern brunch place called Maggie Browns. Whenever andria says nearby she means a block away. Also got coffee while waiting at a cafe/bike shop that makes its own milk. Milk of the day was sunflower. Can’t be more hipster than that


Brunch was yums and I think now we are all comatose. Naomi needs to leave soon to catch her bus then I will leave w Leneve to catch my plane.  We are all silently sitting in Andrias living room on our phones. Now I can be one of those people!



Brunch at Balthazar. We said ok to a table by the door which meant zero waiting and we then had an extra 1.5 hrs of time we expected to spend on waiting.


Walked around. Had coffee bc we were all super low energy. Kim went back up to study. Andria, Naomi and I went to bryant park, walked to grand central, ate at Magnolia bakery (for the banana pudding!) then central park. Napped by strawberry fields then we found a juice bar bc my body was sick of endless carbs and meats.




Juice generation was the store name.  So good! They even had acai bowls which I think needs to be the next trend in ca. If you are ever on oahu you must go to diamond head health cove for the best acai bowl ever. This place had some crazy expensive stuff like a tiny chia seed tapioca pudding for $7.95 that even I could make for like 0.75. Thanks to connie for the recipe!


Then back to Brooklyn. Napped. Had crazy issues getting our tickets to armin but we made it!  ( sadly as one of those people who come 1.5 hrs late to a concert but I just got crazy excited while trying to get in bc I could hear an awesome set.


Madison sqaure garden!  One of my dream concert venues! People dress way less crazy than in ca. Like some people looked like they just came from the office and it was a Saturday!

Ok so the main reason I ever wanted a smartphone was bc the cameras take way better nighttime photos than my handheld camera. When I bought this phone I was super disappointed in the nighttime quality and kind of regretted not getting an iphone but this phone totally takes good pics w strobe lights!  Redeemed.




And for one of the sets I saw hands down the best fireworks in my life. It was like streamers that shot out and slowly fell onto the crowd. I was tok busy going OMG to take a pic though.

Amazing!  Concert ended surprisingly early at one and we had expected at least two am but the four openers sort of played in pairs and there was zero set switches which was efficient and awesome.

Ok time to leave soon.

Back to the real world mearghhhh

Goodbye andrias crazy cute apartment!


Two story w a balcony!


NY day two to four

I’m exhausted. And realized today I could not for the life of me remember what I had done on Tuesday so I should probably blog about wed through Friday now.



Finally had Ippudo which I have to admit is pretty damn good. The wait was as ridiculous as many had warned. And it was 1215 in a weekday!  I don’t know how anyone musters up the motivation to go out on the weekend.


Then Andria had class so Leneve and I walked around West village which is where I bought my madden boots.  I was trying them on when Christina called to ask where to meet up and I was like “I want these boots but I’m not sure!” and she asks why I want them and I go “because they’re brown.”

We met up at the stumptown roasters by ace hotel (I was like why are we going to a Portland thing in NYC?! but it was a nice mix of Portland hipster and NYC ritzy)


Then we went to midtown to try Book of Mormon lottery. I’m glad we didn’t win bc I was dressed in exercise clothes (MAJOR oversight on my part,  wearing shorts in 45 degrees with a chilly wind) but I thought the announcer guy was hilarious so totally worth it!

Then the meatball shop which was so good and instant seating at the community table which I love


Then Christina had to go so Leneve and I went to wafels and dinges which I will never know how to pronunce.


My lips are crazy chapped.


Was basically eat Kathy recommendations day.  Started with petit abeille in union square which was cute and delicious. I went intending to eat brunch and got a lunch menu and saw hamburger and asked the waitress if they stopped serving brunch and she was like uhh what would you like?  And I said croque madame and she was like yeahhh our egg selections are right here on the menu and I embarrassingly told her,  sorry I saw lunch and hamburger and just stopped reading


Omg my laptop is literally three steps away but I’m too lazy to get up and will instead use my phone which is ten times slower for sure

Then cafe then random window shopping at union square,  including a crazy abc family store (which I later found out has abc kitchen which Kathy rec’d and now i regret not eating at even though it’s $$$ on yelp), Bryant park then flex in Chelsea which was another Kathy rec and so good.



Then back to Kim’s (thanks for letting me stay! ) then down to Andrias in Brooklyn. Arrived, hung out, waited for Christina and Naomi, went to the bar a block away,  Putnams,  then sandwiches which were AmAzing and I’m getting one before going to the airport for sure


Friday. Woke up in Brooklyn. Reaffirmed that I love suburban life. It’s much easier to wake up to. Quieter and less stressful.

I could lie on this couch forever.

Went to union square for Cambodian sandwiches which is another fave. Then coffee,  oysters,  Chelsea market, high line, doughnuts,  and artichoke pizza


So tired.  Can’t believe it’s already Saturday.  Soon we’ll be going to Balthazar for brunch (LOL on a Saturday – this can’t end well) then who knows.


Listening to: armin van buuren – this is what it feels like

I am now writing this post on my new smartphone!  Actually this is taking so long I can’t imagine this will last much longer.

Best reaction to my new smartphone acquisition:

Kathy: welcome to the 2000s!  Omg this is madness

Christina: lolllll march 24 2013. That’s one for the books

Jonathan (since I accidentally got logged onto gchat): hiiiiiiii how come you’re on chat
Are you okay?

I’m in NYC!  The main reason I got a smartphone.  It is wayyyyy easier to go around now!  Now I don’t have to yelp the night before and I’m not restricted!

At first I didn’t understand who would possibly want a blogging app but now I realized I can post pics directly from my phone.  Amaze balls.

This probably took 10x longer than was necessary.


Love Brooklyn bridge even though I think the whole thing gives imperfect camera angles


Big gay ice cream store was not what I expected.  Soft serve ice cream,  wtf?!


Who would think a meatball shop could be so awesome


Ate at Balthazar alone and witnessed a woman get stood up and a date that the woman was clearly not interested and the guy tried oh so hard. Moments like that are when I loveee traveling and eating out alone.

Accidentally bought a kate spade wallet and Steve Madden boots.  Like.  Yeah.  Credit card just jumped out and accidentally got charged.


I think my favorite neighborhoods are Greenwich village and West village.


Went to a Kate nash concert.  I am so blown away that NO ONE smoked pot.

Omg I must have deleted my pic of the Kate spade flagship store on accident.  Boo.

Thus far it’s my best NYC trip yet!  Still would never move here but fourth time’s the charm!

Job flexibility

Listening to: Daddy’s Groove – Stellar

I really don’t feel like working right now. Which is a sentiment I’ve had all week. On Monday, that transpired to me releasing both my associates mid-day because I was getting really tired of having them in the room with me. LOL. Best part of being a senior. “Um … so where are you on this workpaper? Ok. When you’re done, you can just go home and study. Is that ok? See you! Thanks so much for your help!”

While I didn’t get to leave at 3pm like I had envisioned at 10am, it was just me and my manager in the room which was fun. Basically me cursing non-stop because my computer was acting up and her going “oh my god my ears are bleeding!!!” We then had a 1.5 hour status update meeting with the client, which sort of ended with them saying “so we will have this and this ready for you tomorrow” and me responding with “oh …… can you e-mail it to me? I was planning on not coming in tomorrow …” I dropped my manager off at a BART station and pulled up behind a car that refused to move and I said something along the lines of “what the fuck is this fucker doing?! get out of the fucking way!” and she jumped out of the car going “oh my god my ears! be safe driving home! don’t have road rage!”

Tuesday. Woke up at 7am, worked until 10am and I had went to bed at 1am the night before from working, so I felt pretty ok with my work productivity. Went to the gym (LOVE going to the gym on weekday mornings when everyone else is at work), went to Philz (LOVE going to outdoor cafes on a sunny day). Then I decided I was bored and probably wasn’t going to see close friends for a while before the weekend so I ended up buying a cake, waiting until around 7pm and then driving up the Tracy where there is an audit team with my three faves, Lindsay, Kathy and Danny.

I never quite figured out how to get into the client’s building at 8:30pm while maintaining a surprise. So that ended up being me calling Lindsay, going “ummmm can you step outside? I wanted to talk to you on the phone? No. Like, can you come … outside? WAIT. I SEE STEVE — STEVE! STEVE! BYE!” after which she announced to the audit room “I think Melissa is here?!” Surprise ruiner.

I think I may have caused the team to leave 2.5 hours later than usual, although I say that I was really only disrupting them for about 40 minutes. Then we drove back to the hotel they are staying at, and then me, Lindsay and Kathy went to Applebees for jello shots (on a Tuesday night LOL) and attempted to go for a tots run at Sonics, but they had closed by the time we left Applebees.

Wednesday was me working from Kathy’s hotel room with a break to walk to Target to go earbuds shopping  until 1pmish when I got lunch with Jenny (HA I think an embarrassing large amount of my work day is spent figuring out how to get free meals out of my managers) and then driving straight from Tracy to Philz.

I almost always try to go to Philz when it’s sunny out, but usually I realize that I’ll look up from my computer and stare at the blue sky and realize that I haven’t even really noticed how sunny it is, since my face is just stuck in front of the laptop the whole time.

Thursday = going back to the client and depending on my associate’s vouching abilities, leaving ASAP. Maybe going back to Tracy to participate in Thursday Applebee’s Trivia + Jello Shot night, and then MAYBE driving down to socal Friday morning?

My managers always tell me that if I leave auditing I won’t have the same job flexibility and that I will probably end up working with stupider people in industry. Sometimes weeks like this make me wonder how long I will really stay.

the CFO has a bernese mountain dog like this and it came into the office. LOVES.
the CFO has a bernese mountain dog like this and it came into the office. LOVES.

Work quotes – for those who enjoy this sort of thing:

11:48 PM Kathy
since you both are so nonchalant about it. fml I don’t even know how to spell nonchalant anymore
11:50 PM Melissa
LOL you totally got it
11:51 PM Kathy
you know what other word has a weird spelling?
there is a lot of vowels

11:52 PM Daniel
ima go to bed
aka another failed attempt at suffocating myself with a pillow
you should seriously stop working

11:46 PM Daniel
you are getting more cray by the day
please dont apply for a new job
ur all i have left
11:47 PM Melissa
you have many friends!
11:50 PM Daniel
no i dont
i am a worthless piece of shit
11:51 PM Melissa
OMG how has it come back to this
11:51 PM Daniel
and you are amazing
and smart
and im stupid and fugly

4:08 PM Daniel
one king or two queens?
4:10 PM Melissa
one queen’s plenty of room
invalid question
4:11 PM Daniel
im onto you
you may try to hide your personal affairs from me, but i im onto you
4:16 PM Melissa
omg i am going to punch you the next time i see you
4:17 PM Daniel
when you say punch yu mean hug?
4:18 PM Melissa
with my fists, yes
4:18 PM Daniel
i miss you too

Lindsay and me mocking Kathy’s ditziness:
Lindsay: Like, OMG
Me: OMG CARBS. I can’t eat that.
Lindsay: You go in first! I need to fix my hair
Lindsay: TOTES
Danny: oh my god. Kathy is sitting RIGHT HERE.


Listening to: One Republic – If I Lose Myself (Alesso remix)

Why I heart Kathy:

Email from her on Monday 6:37pm:

“New song!



I legit was going to send this to you like a few hours ago

5:20 PM Melissa
it can’t be that bad
what’s the three worst things that happened today
5:21 PM Lindsay
I woke up, had to work, and am still working

This past weekend I ventured into the suburbs of Mountain View area for the first time that I can remember and was astonished to find a neighborhood that looked like it was taken straight from Seattle. I went for a birthday party for my coworker’s boyfriend. I basically have three absolute favorite couples, and this is one of them. Actually, most of my coworkers in relationships are super freaking cute – maybe it’s an auditor thing (HA). Basically the entire day I would continuously go “OMFG THIS IS THE EXACT LIFE I WANT” to everyone. They are renting a house in Mountain View for $2,300. An entire house! It is a beautiful craftsman home, with a detached garage, a little shed for their washer and dryer that looks like something out of a movie and a very nice yard in which she has taken up gardening. They have a grill, a cute outdoor sitting area, lots of natural light, lots of open space, everything is super clean and uncluttered (she says they have a basement downstairs where they throw all their shit), basically exactly the house I want. They are redoing the floors and they had cutely lined up a bunch of floor samples against the wall (I ask “does the landlord know?” she says “no and she wouldn’t care what we do”) (she also goes “what do you guys think? Ben feels very strongly about that one but I can’t tell the difference between any of these, except I know this is darker than that.”)

Zillow says … $850K! Zillow estimate. Everything around it is $1M plus. Fucking Bay Area. I blame the Chinese.

The alternative to homeowning is, they said that this old little lady lives in the commuter apartment above them.

Me: WHAT?! How old is she?!
Lexi: Like, 70
Lexi: Well, I don’t think you’ll have to wait long!
Me: OMG will you let me know if her apartment opens up?!?!
Lexi: omg YEAH! I WANT YOU TO LIVE THERE! We can have family dinner nights!
Lindsay: Just grease that first step and you could move in even sooner

And then, #braggingtime, she invited me and Eugene to go to Antigua with her and Ben for eight days. I had no idea where Antigua was, I thought it was in Italy, but it is basically a small milestone for me to be invited to vacay with a couple I adore. Even though I was invited along with someone I am not dating.

Lexi: OMG BEN! They should come to Antigua with us!
Me: What? Antigua? Are you serious?
Lexi: We have a buy one get one free deal so everything’s covered … you just need to get the flight but you’d have a free hotel stay … all meals are covered … we’re going for eight days …
Eugene: Me too! I have unlimited sick days!
Me: So it depends on me? I’m pretty sure I’m already scheduled on a client …
Lexi: Well just check … Ben and I were trying to think of couples we could invite along with us and we thought of you two!
Lexi: Yeah! Well … do you guys mind sharing a bed?
Me and Eugene (looking at each other): UH —- PSH NO.

Unfortunately —

10:07 AM Kathy
antigua is really pretty (but its all beach and its hot)
you don’t like hot
10:07 AM Melissa
omfg i don’t

I think I have bronchitis but I can’t be sure and I don’t have time to go to the doctor.