Most terrifying driving experiences

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3. Driving on the 1 at night

I was on my roadtrip down from Seattle back to SoCal and my mom was my passenger. I had generally planned out our days to include driving down the beautiful PCH, stopping for hikes, eating at delicious restaurants, exploring the sites. It turns out the latter three activities take up a LOT of time and “driving down the beautiful PCH” would turn into “driving down the dark, windy, unknown freeway.” There was one particular part where it probably would have been one of the more scenic drives, but since it was like 9pm at night, it was one of the most stressful drives. I had my mom in the car, so I definitely didn’t want to mess up (if I careen off a mountain, fine, but not if I have passengers), it was dark, I had no idea how much longer the windy portion would be, and there was almost NO one on the freeway.

Thank god there was ONE person … some lunatic in a BMW who would drive around at like 1.5 – 2x the posted speed limit. I decided that it would probably be easier to follow him than make it on my own … so I followed him. I have a very distinct memory of me going around some ridiculous curve at 30 mph and seeing a 15 mph speed limit sign and thinking “jesus why am I doing this.” But I just kept thinking … if this guy can do it … then it’s physically possible to take turns at this speed so … here we go!

2. Driving on the 10 in a flash storm

I don’t remember where exactly this was but I know Andria and Christina were in the car … actually now it’s foggy was it Christina or Leneve? In any case, it was somewhere on the southeastern side of US during that June 2010 roadtrip. We were driving along and unfortunately I was the driver at the time. We see these extremely dark rainclouds ahead, darker than I ever thought clouds could look during the daytime. Someone goes “oh look over there” and stupid Californian me thinks “I’m sure that’s nothing …” All of a sudden I’m driving in the most heavy rain I have ever experienced. Like, windshield wipers at the fastest speed did nothing. You couldn’t see anything at all in front of you, unless maybe you were like a foot or two away. All you could see were foggy clouds of headlights … I had no idea where the freeway was going to turn, the rain was so loud that I just turned off the radio because it was pointless to try to drown out the sounds, I kept thinking a deer would jump out at me at any moment, and we kept passing cars that had either given up and pulled off … or had been driven off to the side of the road.

It eventually just suddenly stopped but that was probably my first “omfg so this is what a real weather event feels like” moment

1. Driving on the 101 from SF during a rainstorm

So this was today. This is what spurred this entry at 2am at night. It’s been an awful past few weeks at work but today was the audit committee meeting and almost everything substantial is in review with the partner so it was like a sudden load off my shoulders. I told the two associates below me “hey we’re going home at 4:45 today” which was awesome. I drove up to SF to hang out with Kristen. At first I thought it was one of the stupidest things I’d ever done because traffic on the 101 at 5:30 is the fucking worst. But I got to SF around 6:30 and I thought “well if I had just gone home, it’d be 6:30 and I’d be depressed because I’d have nothing to do” so it all worked out!

Well I left her place around 1am and got onto the 101 and OMFG. This freeway. Is the WORST. They spend god knows how much money on redoing the Bay Bridge. Maybe they should invest some money in keeping the 101 from becoming a GIANT FUCKING WATER TUBE when it rains. I guess it was a relief that I was driving so late at night so there were way fewer cars. I cannot even begin to imagine what would have happened if this kind of rain fell during commuting times or like 9pm when it’s not as trafficy but there’s still cars speeding about.

I think experience #3 ended up being ok because I could follow someone and it wasn’t raining. #2 was ok because we actually drove super slowly and there weren’t THAT many cars on the freeway (how would I know I actually wouldn’t have seen any because the rain was so heavy). But today was terrible because it was super heavy rain, the freeway is a fucking mess but I never had any idea when I would hit a giant pool of water, and there were a bunch of pickup trucks driving around splashing water everywhere. I just kept thinking “ok just drive a little more and I’ll be back to the less rainy South Bay …” and I would then think “WTF how am I STILL only at SFO” or “GOD why is it only 3rd st WTF”

Ok sleep time.

After just one day of a normal workday I can feel the hate for my job slipping away. This is how the cycle continues…



Listening to: Xylos – Not Enough (I almost tripped and fell on my face today as I danced around my room listening to this and putting on work clothes)

Lately people will tell me “I saw your twitter – it’s really depressing” or “I read your blog – it seems like things aren’t going so well, are you ok?” Usually I just write things and think they are hilarious, maybe in some dark way. When I hit publish/tweet/post I’m thinking “there is a hilarious truth to this sadness” and once it’s broadcasted, I feel like it’s somehow become something funny, and not something to dwell over. (The same goes for when I complain too – I usually don’t care after I’ve said what’s bothering me out loud). So that’s why I’m always a little surprised when people are like “you seemed really unhappy” because to me I’m like “no I just thought it would be funny to post!”

Well, even I can recognize how depressing the IM convo I’m posting below will be:

3:08 PMTang, Melissa
i just almost cried in the client’s office LOLOLOL
she is the nicest person ever
3:08 PMChadwell, Lindsay
3:08 PMTang, Melissa
kristina is asking me to do things and i’m kind of like
omfg this will never end
3:08 PMChadwell, Lindsay
3:08 PMTang, Melissa
i always think “ok today ill work until 4am and then it’ll be over”
but the next day something else always comes up
so i was sitting in the client’s office asking her something
and i was like
*stick a piece of candy in my mouth*
she has a huge bowl of candy
3:09 PMChadwell, Lindsay
oh no!!!
3:09 PMTang, Melissa
it’s ok
3:09 PMChadwell, Lindsay
just because you’re exhausted and frustrated?
that has definitely happened to me before
3:09 PMTang, Melissa
we’re sitting in cubicles so i am quietly having tears roll down with a dumb grin on my face
3:09 PMChadwell, Lindsay
I am glad you are letting it out
I always go to the ladies room and cry in the stall
if you don’t let it out, it will come out when it’s inopportune again!!
3:11 PMTang, Melissa
LOL that is true
i guess it’s almost 3
3:11 PMChadwell, Lindsay
it’s past 3
3:12 PMTang, Melissa
even better HAHA

I left Redwood City at 8 today and drove home … was a block away from my house and then turned around and drove to my other client to get envelopes. As I approached the 2nd client I realized that I was really hoping that team was still there, so maybe I could hang out with them or eat dinner with them or something. I was really sad to realize they had left, and then even sadder to realize that when I finally give myself a few hours of personal time in a night, I don’t know where to go besides to my other coworkers.

Then I texted my manager and he was like “we left at 8:15!” I was so sad. I seriously got there at 8:20.

I honestly don’t know what to do right now. I’m not in the mood to gym. My eyes are really wonky so I don’t feel like watching things on a computer screen. Hm.

Thanksgiving Quotes

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Mom: I finally cleaned off that table, come look, come look over here
Me: Oh wow, yeah that’s very clean
Mom: Your dad leaves so much stuff on that table, it took me two days to clean it off
Dad: And now I can’t find anything
Mom: It took me two days and look, it’s already starting to get a little messy
Dad: That’s all the stuff I was able to find

Mom: Melissa, what is this? Come look at this
Me: It’s dad’s electronic dictionary!
Mom: No it’s not dad’s! It’s mine! I took it from the office
Me: Then why did you ask me what it was?
Mom: Because I don’t know what it does!

*mom telling me a story at work*
Mom: Wow! This creamed corn is delicious! I’m surprised you know how to cook!
Adrian: Of course I can cook! I went to college and had to learn. Doesn’t your daughter know how to cook?
Mom: My daughter? Maybe she can cook some very basic things, but she does not cook
Adrian: What does she make?
Mom: I don’t know – I’ve never lived with her. But apparently she survived

Mom (about some Pillsbury croissants she layered with red bean): Did you even eat one of these?
Dad: Yes
Mom: Aren’t they delicious?
Dad: *silence*
Mom: Aren’t they good?
Dad: They’re ok. Nothing great
Mom: What?!
Dad: Usually people put garlic in them
Me: You can put a hot dog in them next time
Mom: What a great idea! For someone who does not cook, you have good ideas

Mom: The radio says that to raise a child until high school, it takes $228,000
Me: $28,000? That’s impossible, that’s like a little over $1,000 per year
Mom: Not $28,000. $228,000! I’m not feeding you water
Me: That makes more sense
Mom: I raised two houses

Mom: Did you see how your brother just throws everything away? It’s so wasteful. Look at this empty bread bag. Now that it’s empty I can use it to put other stuff in it
Me: I know. I do the same thing
Mom: See, we are so similar. You are definitely my child. I have often wondered if I accidentally took home the wrong baby with Raymond. Maybe there was a mix-up at the hospital.

Mom: A lot of your friends’ families are divorced aren’t they?
Me: I guess so … I guess your marriage with dad is quite strong huh?

*after going to breakfast, the arboretum, and Costco together*
Mom: Do you want to go to the bank now?
Me: NO. We have spent too much time together. My patience has run out. We’re going home.

Mom: I remember the first year we moved into this house … it was around the same time of the year, November. There were all these leaves on the ground so I told your brother, “Raymond, if you go rake the leaves outside I’ll give you a dollar” and he said “ok!” And then a little later, I realized he was just playing in the house, and I looked outside and saw you raking the leaves. So I went to you and asked “Melissa, what are you doing?” and you said to me very excitedly, “MOM! Raymond said he’d give me a quarter if I raked up these leaves!”

Mom: I sometimes wonder if I had kept Raymond in Christian school, if he would have turned out to be a nicer person. But I always disliked how before every meal, he would put his head down and say “thanks god for this food.” And I would always say to your father, “you and I worked to put this food on the table! He should be thanking us!” So we took him out of Christian school.

Things I want to accomplish over Thanksgiving

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1. Review everything possible in my public client #2 audit file employee comp and operating expenses fail.

2. Finish everything my associates did not do for public client #2 complete fail

3. Buy some more business dressy tops

4. Buy some more skirts

5. Buy some flats, combat boots, sneakers who needs shoes

6. Independence mandatory training fuck this

7. Get passport pictures for CPA license application (most people have the most difficulty passing tests or getting their hours. I passed the tests years ago and got my hours signed off on months ago. My most difficult thing to accomplish is dragging my ass to Costco to get passport pictures printed.)

8. Buy flights home to LA on Black Friday for Christmas. (Or decide whether or not I will drive down to LA)

9. Eat at Hong Kong Cafe for breakfast

10. Take laundry basket of clothes home. Have mom wash them

11. Eat spaghetti squash that has been rolling around my backseat for the past week

12. Get new contacts from Costco

13. Get Hawaii pictures from mom’s camera

14. Bring back two pillows

15. Read a book for fun (i’m going to count reading twenty pages of calvin & hobbes)

16. Run (technically accomplished but I think I should classify this as a fail because I couldn’t even do half a mile straight)

I’m 24 and I hate

Things I hate as a 24 year old living in the Bay Area:

– Hayward
– Milpitas
– SF’s healthy surcharge tax
– Overly eager college students
– Palo Alto commuting traffic
– The potholes in the second lane of the 880 North
– Employees who think they deserve the world
– Driving back to SoCal for Thanksgiving
– People who shit themselves over Blue Bottle Coffee
– Driving towards the SF Planet Granite and then finding myself on the Golden Gate Bridge
– People who fuck around when they rock climb. Especially couples going there on a date
– People who eat out at really expensive restaurants and constantly do expensive things when they do NOT make the salary for it. Not everyone is entitled to a high class life!

Unrelated IM from my coworker:

3:54 PM
she didn’t know
she is not a fountain of information
it is NOT bubbling over

3:55 PMTang, Melissa

3:56 PM
it’s barely a leak

Today was a “I hate my job” day

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I am on what is supposed to be my easiest client but how is it the most stressful two days yet? Ok not really stressful, because I am way more stressed on the first client, but somehow I feel like that client is more manageable. I think I am just burnt out for this second client because my body is incapable of working after I return home. It is probably the commute. This second client is in Redwood City and every morning starts off with me cursing everyone in the South Bay and all the fuckers who are trying to go in and out of Palo Alto. FUCK YOU PALO ALTO! Except when I use your city to feel the ambiance of wealth.

The strange thing is this second year associate is the strongest one I’ve worked with yet, so I’m glad I have her on my team. The first-year is performing at what I would expect a first-year to perform. But constantly getting questions from my manager and then random questions for my other team during the day makes me snap at him sometimes. Ok, not snap – more like I just use a VERY bitchy tone and at the time I know I’m being bitchy but I can’t help myself. It’s like:

“um … so did you look in the PBC folder for this lease agreement?”
“I don’t think they gave it it us.”
“It’s right here.”
“Oh …”
“So … next time if you don’t know if they gave you something can you at least scan through the folder before you come ask me?”
“Well I did — I think I just … maybe looked in the wrong folder?”
“……. Ok. Well then. Another tip I can give you is to … organize your folders.”

The problem is, someone once gave me the advice of giving people very specific tasks, and to tell them to do maybe three things and then come back to me when they are done and ready to move on. This way people don’t get confused. But when they come back to me my initial internal response is always “can you at least try to move on and if you can’t, THEN come to me? Can you at least TRY to do more than the BARE MINIMUM of what I have asked?!” But I know they do this because I told them to. I just wish I could be pleasantly surprised every now and then.

I am super annoyed on this job because – and I heart and adore the past senior on this job – but I definitely did the majority of the workpapers as a second year associate. I thought that the senior had a ton to do in revenues but I just finished that in a day and when I look through the old file, I signed off on almost everything. So what the fuck was she doing? Well I didn’t mind back then, having to do all this work, because at least no one bothered me or asked me questions while I was working. But now I am a senior and I’m not able to delegate the same level of work that had been delegated to me, BUT NOW I ALSO have to deal with CONSTANT manager questions. And associate questions. And then my other team’s manager and associate questions. And then I have to DO that work that I can’t delegate. WTF.

This is clearly a I hate my job day.

Wtf. All this for what? At most a 5 rating? Which I have already had so it’s not even like I’d be achieving anything – I’d just be maintaining my rating. And for the next two years we would not receive raises at the same % increase as last year.


I KNOW my coworker, one of my top favorites too, quit and he did NOT TELL ME YET. He texted me and even called me today at like 11:30pm to talk and as you may know I HATE talking on the phone but I talked for like 15 minutes on the phone with him! The last time we were on the phone together, it was because one of our other coworkers was trying to set us up so he called me. I didn’t realize that was what had happened at the time but one day we were talking and this came out:

Him: Oh my god all this time I thought I had rejected you but in reality you would have rejected me!
Me: what are you talking about?
Him: Do you remember that time I called you? When you were at the gym?
Me: No
Him: Well —– was like “I think you should ask her out” and I called you and you picked up and I asked where you were and you said you were at the gym”
Me: Oh yeah! I remember. I was on the elliptical
Him: Yeah. I was like “ohhhh you’re at the gym? Do you want to go running with me?” and you replied “no. Why would I go running with you? I’m already at the gym.”

I guess he told me that he was considering quitting and that is in reality probably a lot more meaningful than telling someone you have actually quit. Telling someone you are considering quitting means you have faith that they will keep your plans a secret until they finally muster up the energy to revisit their resume, submit a resume, land an interview, do WELL on an interview, and then get a new job.

But still, I want to know IMMEDIATELY.

I heard he is traveling to S. America and part of me wants to go “TAKE ME WITH YOU.” I partially feel like I would be able to convince him to take me over his girlfriend.

Today I ran into Kathryn at the Belmont PG and it was awesome! I heart her. We then went to dinner and now the burger is sitting in my stomach uncomfortably. So I guess I’ll go to bed now. Either I will get 8 hours of sleep or I’ll get five and wake up to go to Philz and get coffee and work. Hm. Have not decided just yet.

It’s November

Listening to: Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sound Remedy remix) (AH I love this song!!!)

This is probably one of those posts where I just wanted to link a song and will spend the next few paragraphs rambling about something inconsequential.

I am super tired but have done pretty much nothing but work today so mentally I am unprepared to call it a day and go to bed.

I told my associate today “I don’t hate my job!” and he gave me a funny look and I said “I don’t! I just say negative sounding things” and he responded with “that’s true … you always say it in such a positive tone” and I was like “well that’s because I usually find it hilarious”

And I think that’s totally true. Most of the time people think I am complaining but to me I am just telling it like it is and once I say it out loud my mind is like “ok whatever.” Or I say something that’s true but I find hilarious in its truth but people think I just hate my life.

As of right now, I don’t think I actually hate my job and I don’t think I really ever hate my job. But I don’t know if that’s just because maybe right now I crossed off a ton of shit off my to do list and I’m now just lying to myself.

I’m starting my public client #2 tomorrow. Joy. My manager called and said “Guess what?” “What” “You’re not going to go out there anymore?” “…………………… Wait what? Are you serious?” “No. Sadly. I was just joking.”

I honestly didn’t even know how I felt at that moment. There was like, no emotion. Probably just confusion. For every engagement there’s always a reason to dislike it. But there’s always a reason to like it. I always wonder what it is about audit that makes me evaluate my life so much. Probably because things are always changing so you always have to reassess. New team, new client, new audit procedure. Something different always happens.

I went up to Davis last weekend to visit Julie, my old coworker, and Connie L. Connie inspired me to cook again. Which, for me, doesn’t entail very much since my cooking options are quite limited. Upon arriving at Connie’s place she gave me a cup of mulled wine, ice cream and garlic twists. The next day she made me chia seed pudding which is going to be my new favorite thing ever, and omelette and toast and pumpkin pie and spaghetti squash. I am eager to try and make the spaghetti squash on my own, but I also haven’t had time to get mushrooms and bell peppers unfortunately. 😦

I heart Connie. Hello! I feel like I can talk to her about work, she can talk to me about school. We could gossip or not gossip. We can do outdoorsy activities if we wanted to, but I think we end up just eating burgers and fries most of the time. Nowadays every time I meet up with an old friend it seems like it’s either going to be slightly awkward when we realize we don’t have that much in common anymore, or it’s a huge relief when we can have long conversations. I guess Connie is one of those people where it comes very easily.

Hanging out with Julie, who just left the company for a job in industry, was probably not a fantastic idea since I am in the middle of interim / year-end work. I asked how her new job is and she said “it is SO DIFFERENT from public accounting” and I said “… in a good way or a bad way?” and she said “the pace is SO MUCH SLOWER.”

I think the question for auditing is not whether I hate the job or not. Like, some jobs you leave because you just plain hate it. Or some jobs you leave because you know you’re not going anywhere. But auditing … for me … it’s just a constant question of “is this worth it?” Because you can go pretty far in audit since there is constant promotions. Sometimes I think, in the context of a relationship, it’s probably a bad sign if you are constantly wondering if you can do better.

Well now it’s 11pm and I have to wake up at least by 7am to prepare for a call that I HAVE TO LEAD AHHHHHHHH. I probably should have practiced but I … did not. Meh.

God is it only Wednesday? Monday through Wednesdays I’m always like omggg time is going so slowly. Thursday is “what should I do for the weekend?” and Friday – Sunday is “OMG MY LIFE IS PASSING BEFORE MY EYES NOOOOOO”

I made review schedules for my two clients and realized as stressed as I am now, I’m pretty sure by November 29th things will take a sudden turn towards easy. In which case … I kind of want to go somewhere …



Night time rant

Listening to: Calvin Harris ft. Nicky Romero – Iron (this is my current, let’s get up and go morning wake up song. It involves me dancing around my room in my underwear before I pick out a pencil skirt and a drab dressy top and head out the door at 8:55am)

Today was a weird day where nothing horrible happened, but I am just really fed up with stuff right now. I went to the gym after work because I knew I couldn’t just sit in my room and do work. I did the elliptical and then ran on a treadmill for the first time in years. I was really sad that I couldn’t even make it to a mile. So pathetic.

Yesterday I left work early to eat dinner with Chris at Google. I don’t think I’ve spoken to Chris since maybe senior year of high school, and it was probably only on graduation day. I probably hadn’t really spoken to him since junior year. Chris was at some point one of my very best friends and we somehow just stopped being best friends. We ran into each other VERY RANDOMLY at Beyond Wonderland a month ago. There I was, standing outside of one of the main tents, and I look over and see a half naked Asian dude who looks just like my best friend from ten years ago.

Chris: …….. OH MY GOD. MEL TANG?!?!?!??!?!?!?! What are you doing here?!
Me: I’ll facebook msg you!!!!!!!

*cue me being sad for the next hour because seeing him brought up all these feelings of being a bad friend. I think Alesso starting his set got me over it though*

Oh facebook. Because of facebook I already knew that he went to UCLA and works at Google and lives in SF and that he had lost weight and is now fairly buff and had giant plug earholes at some point. I knew all this even though we hadn’t spoken in forever.

I think Chris is the first friend that I haven’t spoken to in a very long time but had the opportunity to catch up with. It’s really weird because sometimes I’d catch myself saying things like “you are so good at talking to people, it totally makes sense that you are doing this job!” even though I haven’t really known him for the past few years. It was like trying to tell a stranger that you know something about them. I told him stuff about my life and he was like “I am surprised but … not really that surprised” and he was like “oh my god in high school you always said you wanted to be an accountant.”

So we caught up yesterday which was fun.

I was talking to my housemate about things I hate about work while we drove to get Wendy’s for dinner. (Nights like these when I really need to rant make me really appreciate having roommates. I also really appreciate how I can ask her accounting questions and how she e-mailed me a fair value memo she had made so I could leverage it). She also has to manage people so I like to go to her for advice. Some of her good advice:

– if someone is not working as fast as I know they can be, ask: “when do you think you have have this done by? what can I do to help you get this done faster?”

– if someone is a fucking moron: ask them how they are doing every hour. tell them, I expect this to be done within x hours. tell them they have to start taking time to figure things out on their own before they ask me questions when the answer is RIGHT. THERE.

– if someone is sending the client stupid shit: have them draft e-mails to me and I will send everything out myself

Well. Fuck. I don’t understand why I have to hold people’s hands when it’s not like it’s their first year of auditing.

Associate 1 grievances: “what is the meaning of my job?! This job is so worthless!” I have gotten over this completely. I no longer care if what I’m doing seems trivial. I can’t tell if I’m more apathetic or if I just happen to have a more meaningful position now. Obviously I’m not doing stupid shit like tying things out for half a day. But I am still doing the useless job of finding client mistakes that won’t mean very much for anything. Somehow I just don’t care so much about how I spend so much of my time doing insignificant things.

Associate 2 grievances: “why does everyone keep giving me shit to do just because the people below me are so terrible at their job?” I didn’t really mind getting two people’s worth of work at the time, because as an associate, doing the smallest thing right is like, fucking magical, in seniors and managers and higher ups’ eyes. And I was kind of like, I just want to get this audit done and I enjoy learning this and refining my knowledge so it benefits me in the end. Now I miss being the golden child of my audits. Now everyone just expects it to get done, and if I delegate and someone fucks it up, it’ll be my fault for not managing them correctly.

Senior 1 grievances: “why do people below me do things so much slower and shittier than I do? Why does so much of their work require rework?” I don’t know what the fuck is up with the class below me. I constantly question whether my expectations are too high but judging from the rant sessions my class has everytime we get together, it isn’t just me.

I don’t think I would typically mind working so much for this current client, but in addition to this client I have to handle all the planning stuff for my next client which I start on Wednesday. Basically I get to work at nine am with the high hopes of getting this and this and this done. Nine am I get in and I spend the next two hours trying to respond to the client and telling people what to do and how to do it and dealing with my manager’s questions or new tasks. Around 11am I’m just like “jesus when the fuck is lunch going to come around so I can finally have a mental pause.” Lunch rolls around and after we finish eating all I can do is count down the hours until it’s 5 or 6pm, and I can tell everyone else to just please go home so I can work in peace and GET STUFF DONE.

Yesterday I literally created NOTHING that could go into review. I asked my associate, “did I seem productive to you today?” and she said “honestly … I feel like every time I looked up at you, you were either talking to the client, talking to Danny about how to we should do something, or telling us what to do.” I hadn’t expected her to get it so on the nose. I said “that wasn’t what I expected you to say. I thought you were going to say ‘no you seemed pretty busy!’ and I was going to tell you, every day around 4pm I reflect on the day and think about how I’ve contributed to the world. And today, it seems pretty grim.”

This past week, I’ll leave the client at 7pm, drive to Philz in frustratingly slow traffic and take thirty minutes to get somewhere that should really take only fifteen because the 237 highway INEXPLICABLY HAS ONLY ONE LANE TO MERGE ONTO THE 101 AND THE ONLY OTHER LANE IS A CARPOOL LANE WHY THE FUCK WHO FUCKING DESIGNED THIS HIGHWAY – sit in the dark outside of Philz nursing a mocha and trying to finish work for the one client. Finally my body will really desperately need to pee because of the mocha so I’ll drive home (since the cafe has closed an hour ago, and I really was just sitting outside alone in the dark, because it’s the most peace I’ll have all day) and then I get home around 10pm and then work on my second client until 3am.

Then the next morning it’ll repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

I noticed I’m starting to drive a lot faster now because driving is the only time when I think to myself “I want this to go faster” and I have the power to do so.

My housemate was like, you should really try to go into industry just to see what it’s like and I was like, but there is no opportunity for personal growth, plus I’d be afraid of working in some company with a bunch of crazy loons. And she was like “that’s true, there are a lot of weirdos out in … basically every company.” And we agreed that at least in auditing, you have to be somewhat normal and socially competent to be able to go up to people and ask them questions and occasionally tell them they are doing something wrong. Honestly, I look around the company and while some people annoy me because I hate having to rely on them to get work done, and some people’s work styles clash with mine, I think everyone is normal and generally likeable and it’s very hard to imagine not being in this environment.

LOLOLOL I sent a calendar invite to the people in my class to have a happy hour bitch about work session. I included the picture


One of them responded with ImageI heart my coworkers. Well. Those my level.

HAHA He just made an original one for me

Plans for the night

Listening to: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (ft. Mary Lambert) – Same Love

It’s Monday at 9:15pm. I just got a mocha from Philz and I’m ready to do the following

Public Company #2: take care of cash confirms (done at 10pm. I’m not sure why it took 30 minutes for me to do this. Ugh.)

Public Company #2: attach documents to the file (done at 1am. This is not a good sign. How did it take so long for me to attach shit?)

Public Company #2: check for any other planning things to do (done at 2am)

Public Company #2: do audit approach meeting summary (done at 2am. I hate this document. So useless)

Public Company #2: update audit team in the file (done at 2am)

Public Company #1: review walkthroughs and tests of controls (fuck)

Public Company #1: review interim PBC list and prior year workpapers to see what we have to do this year (I assumed I should be able to talk to my manager first thing in the morning about this but historically, I will end up talking to him around 3pm, so maybe it’s not that bad that I didn’t do this)

Public Company #1: review process narratives request list (ugh)


I figure I’ll work really hard tonight so that tomorrow I can … work really hard again. HAAAA. The goal is to stop waking up every morning thinking “OMFG I HAVE TO DO THIS AND THIS AND THIS.”

Well this past weekend I went to Knotts and Six Flags. Knotts was not at all what I remembered it to be. It used to be my favorite theme park as a kid because Disneyland had too many people and Six Flags seemed too ghetto. I feel like Six Flags must have cleaned itself up a little bit because now I kind of like walking around it. It seems like great training grounds for marathons because of all the uphill slopes. The worst ride we went on was Green Lantern, which was basically where they treat humans as little plinko balls. My favorite ride at Six Flags is Goliath just because I appreciate the views. I’m not sure what my favorite ride is at Knotts.

In two weeks I’ll have to drive back down to SoCal for Thanksgiving. HAAAAA. I have flights for 11/28. I did not realize that Thanksgiving was not on 11/28. Whoops. omg I need to schedule an eye appointment too. It’s almost the end of the year. At least this year, with my sprained ankle, my health coverage was well worth it.

What else have I been up to? I still haven’t posted a Hawaii blog and it’s soon going to be like a month past.

Work is fun. I made Danny tell us how he met his girlfriend and at the end of it Renee and I both looked incredibly sad and we were both like “OMFG. His story is cute. How can even DANNY have a cute story?! This makes me feel even worse about being single.”

omg I need to work now.


Ok I finished work. The good thing is I’m pretty much done with all the stuff I had to do for one company … at least until it gets reviewed. And then the audit starts next Wednesday.

The bad thing is that the stuff I need ready tomorrow I haven’t touched at all. HA! Priorities.