My job was fun this week

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This is one of those posts where not much happens that would be interesting to others but I think I have to blog now so that one day I will look back and think “I forgot how awesome my life was at one point but this post seems to claim that I had a lot of fun.”

As any employee of the world would agree, the best work weeks are when there’s barely any work to be done. God, I don’t even really remember what I did at this point.

Monday: I already went in detail over this but I just have to reiterate – I spent the night at Kathy’s, we barted together, spent the day in SF office which I have come to associate with “the office in which minimal work is done” because usually that’s where I go when I’m feeling bored with life and want to socialize with anyone who might be in the office that day. Random delicious lunch, Blue Bottle Coffee Co for the first, glorious time, left work almost right at 5pm, went swimming after work. I think I hit upon all the things I wish I could do every day if I could – but probably would only be able to if I worked in operations or human resources.

Tuesday: Worked from home. Mainly completed some trainings and surprisingly got some charge hours in. Went to Philz and the gym but this was after I decided to take a few swigs of lemoncello and promptly passed out at 2:30pm, my head on my work laptop. HAHA I only don’t feel guilty because I ended up just making up the hours later in the day. When they say auditing is flexible, it’s totally true, but only after a year of being the associate butt monkey, and only if you work up a good enough reputation that you know people aren’t going to question where you are and what you’re doing.

Wednesday: All hands meeting and Dave & Busters. I am not a fan of arcade games at all, but even I have to admit, getting handed a free play card with 100 points loaded up is pretty awesome. I couldn’t even use all of the points; I ended up giving it to another coworker. Who knew playing basketball was SO. EXHAUSTING. And several of my coworkers agreed with me too – I guess we are all similarly out of shape. We left at 3pm and I just love my company for purposely scheduling office-wide meetings on weekdays during work hours, knowing and accepting that most of the company will go home at like 2pm. I think I went to the cafe today too. Basically I consumed A LOT of sugar this week.

Thursday: I dragged my ass to the office, but I’ll admit 90% of the reason I went to the office and didn’t just work from home was because I didn’t have food in the fridge and knew I could eat a delicious, oily, unhealthy meal if I went to the office. So I went to the office, promptly dropped off my stuff and did as much as turn on my laptop so at least I was online, then dragged a coworker to Specialtys with me for my breakfast. Then we had lunch at Backayard. Then we left promptly at 5pm and I headed straight to Philz. Bay Area Traffic Love #1: is when I’m driving to Philz on the 101N, and exit off of Middlefield RIGHT before I hit the shitty Palo Alto traffic. Love love love that feeling of zooming past lanes of stopped cars.

While at Philz I FINALLY put together my list of expenditures for the past three months. It’s hard because I don’t always remember what I spent cash on. But between my credit card statements, my google calendar, and my outlook calendar for work events, I can generally piece together a decent amount of information. I am horrified to realize, as a I look back on my 2011  and 2010 expenditures documents, that there were months where I spent about $1,000 and now it looks like I keep hovering around $1,800 or up to $2,200. So I probably need to … limit … myself. (Obvi, this plan is to take effect after this weekend, which includes a Napa trip to various restaurants and wineries that Kathy tells me are “a bit pricey,” and this is someone who just went to Michael Mina HAHA). On the other hand, I also miscalculated how much tax would be taken out of my bonus and I had initially figured I’d use my bonus on my Seattle trip but now I think I have $650 to throw at Restoration Hardware and see what lands up in my room. I really want to completely redo my room before my birthday party. Speaking of which,

After returning from Philz I went to Pinkberry with my housemate Caryn. She dragged me there to try the new Nutella flavor. We both ended up getting original though HA. I was telling her how I want to redo my room and she was like “yeah do it!” and I was like “but ……. if I do it …… it’s like …… how much longer am I staying here?! It’s like I’m settling!” and she gave me this indescribable look (I think it’s best described as “you’re a fucking idiot”) and said “I’m pretty sure you can move a table out of a room. And if you want to build a shelf, go ahead. There’s this thing called spackel.” HA Love my living situation.

Friday: I went to the client but one of the best things about auditing is probably when I’m on working alone on a private client and the client fails to give me what I want even when they tell me they are going to get it to me. Because the deadline isn’t that strict, it’s not my fault I don’t have work and I feel no guilt about sitting around taking my time to look at the flux of a single account. I left at like 4:50 today and headed straight to Berkeley. Bay Area Traffic Love #2: Driving on the 24W and exiting on Claremont RIGHT before hitting Tunnel Rd traffic. Another thing I love about auditing is the fact that this was my Friday schedule: I went to work, took it very, very easy, decided I’d just go to Berkeley since I left early enough to miss 880 traffic, walked to Willard Park, read under a tree while watching dogs run around and play with one another. Then my coworker Eugene called and this was our convo:

Eugene: So … Chicago … what do you want to do? (we are coordinating our overlapping weekends in Chicago along with three other coworkers HAHA Today I realized that I’ll be in Chicago for a very long time but who knows if I’ll be working with these people come October 2013 so I’m just really happy we’ll be able to do this little vacay together)
Me: I don’t know – wait where are you coming from right now?
Eugene: My client is in Pleasanton and I’m driving back to SF. Why where are you?
Me: I’m just sitting in a park in Berkeley, reading
Eugene: Are you alone?
Me: Yeah, I’m just staying here and will eat dinner until I leave Berkeley and go to Kathy’s. Why did you want to come to Berkeley?
Eugene: Yeah sure
Me: Where are you now?
Eugene: I’m driving on the 580. How do I get to Berkeley?
Me: I think you just switch to the 24, take the Claremont exit, and I’ll meet you at College and Ashby
Eugene: Ok … I think it’ll be like 20 minutes

And just like that … one auditor who lives in Santa Clara and one auditor who lives in SF met up in the East Bay and had dinner and ice cream and walked around the streets of Berkeley together! HAHA Eugene is always a delight to talk to and I think he is my work husband. I told Kathy “I love seeing Eugene, but I think we may touch each other inappropriately in the office” and she went “uh. YEAH. You do.” I’ve told him this before, but at first I didn’t think we would be friends because he was too happy all the time. And it wasn’t until training last year, when he was super emo about something, that I thought to myself hm, I think we could be friends. HA The funny thing is that while this is one of my favorite workweeks of the year, Eugene was like “this is probably the worst workweek I’ve had at GT”

And now I’m at Kathy’s house. I missed being able to swim in her pool by about twenty minutes but I’m ok with it because I may have thrown up all the Indian curry I ate. Tomorrow is Napa with her, Amy and Julia. Sunday is SF day.

So yeah, remind me of this post when I’m having a “FUCK THIS I HATE MY JOB” week. Time to sleep. Maybe job tomorrow morning.


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