Horrible realizations about my young twenties life

Listening to: Mates of State – Sleep the Clock Around

1. There are some (ok, many) nights where I literally go to work, drive home, and spend the entire night in bed. This includes eating dinner in bed

2. HOURS can be spent simply cycling through the same five websites

3. I now really think I’m going to die single and unloved because I’ve gotten to the point where I think coordinating dating is too much stress on myself

4. Some days I eat healthy. Many days, I only eat meat and bread.

5. I’ve decided to call blending foods in my Vitamix “cooking”

6. When I walk into my room after being gone for several days, I realize that it’s resembles more of a storage closet than a homey place of living

7. My body no longer aches from over exercise, but from lack of movement over an extended period of time

8. I like my job. I’m pretty sure a year ago I told myself that I would NEVER EVER like my job. I can’t tell if I was just crazy last year or have settled this year

9. Generally, my greatest acts of charity are when I let someone into my lane in major traffic. There’s no time for me to do actual charitable work

10. My bank account has become stagnant (see post below)

11. I used to exercise three times a day. I still do. Except now that exercise is 1) walking to my car from my room 2) walking from the car to my client 3) repeat in reverse

12. When I lose things I don’t make any effort to find them because I know it will be in the following places: my room, my car, or my work backpack. It’s not like it could be lost in some club or anything.

13. I no longer know where to download music that I find

SEGUE. I love these songs. And I think I’ve finally broken out of my drawn out dance phase
Oh Land – White Nights
Good Old War – Calling Me Names
Lykke Li – Until We Bleed
Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High
Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

omg I just turned to the first page of my book and the quote is

Everything is unique, nothing happens more than once in a life-time. The physical pleasure which a certain woman gave you at a certain moment, the exquisite dish which you ate on a certain day – you will never meet either again. Nothing is repeated, and everything is unparalleled.

– The Goncourt Brothers

Well then.