NYC: Day Three

Sidney Asiadog: perfect blend of carbs, veggies, (fake) meat on a hot summer day

Today’s great accomplishment was randomly stumbling upon the Madison Square Park food trucks at lunch time. Per my research, it’s called Madison Square Eats and it ends June 3rd so high five to me for catching it in just in time. I ate Asiadog (veggie dog Sidney style) and it was basically the best thing I have eaten ever in NYC, which is actually not saying that much but still admirable. I also had People’s Pop (raspberry basil flavor, which caused a girl to look over at me and say “omg what is that? that looks good!” causing me to think “who says new yorkers aren’t friendly”) and some sort of meatball thing I can’t remember anymore and I didn’t love it anyway.

I’ve learned it’s easier to steal from tumblr than to take a picture myself

I also spent time in Bryant Park, by far my favorite park of NYC, I think because it has the highest NYers in work fashion to tourists ratio, which makes for great fashion/people watching. Also because it’s a relatively small park and basically enclosed on all sides by towering buildings of differing heights which makes for good visuals.

After I finally determined that I really couldn’t put anymore food in my stomach and having spent way too much money buying little items here and there at the food trucks, I walked to High Line Park. Not sure why it was so hard to find two years ago but there it was in all its glory. I remember when we looked for it in 2010, almost no one knew what we were talking about when we asked for directions. Oddly, I think this park completely skipped the “cool insider NY thing to do” phase and just went straight to tourist destination. I also found Chelsea Market which I enjoyed. It’s like a big indoor gourmet food complex with surprisingly poor restroom facilities. I imagine Chelsea Market is what Metreon could be … if the Metreon weren’t so fugly and weird.

High Line Park – I think best for picnics

Then I hopped on the subway to 28th St, immediately got lost even though the Washington Square Park was literally a block from the station, and then somehow wandered west into Greenwich Village. But this, similar to Madison Square Eats, was a happy surprise because I probably would have never explored here but I AM IN LOVEEE. It’s so green here and the buildings are cutely sized and not towering apt buildings. So this is where I’ll be going tomorrow.

I have learned while trying to decide what to order from the food trucks that I am very, very picky in NYC which is probably why I can’t find anything good to eat. If I’m in some no name city, give me a half decent burger and I’ll probably fawn over it. But in NYC, I never know what to get. Chinese? Is it better than food in Arcadia? Ramen? Is it better than Daikokuya in LA or Orenchi in Santa Clara? Sushi? Is it bigger, better and cheaper than in Vancouver or Seattle? Hamburger? Well I’ve had a lot of crazy good and moderately priced gourmet burgers in LA and SF and so far none in NYC. Mexican? Not outside of SD or LA, thank you. Basically the only thing I am willing to try in NYC is Cuban and American.

I’ve also realized that I don’t LOVE to eat a lot of foods. I hate eating a ton of meat or JUST meat. I actually don’t like desserts that much – cakes, cupcakes, pastries, I have no interest. Now that I’ve helped make homemade ice cream, I don’t have a real interest in ice cream either. I still like frozen yogurt, because I’ll never buy a giant machine just to make frozen yogurt unless a miniature, portable one is one day sold at Costco, but I don’t see any frozen yogurt stores here and in any case, can any place be better than Fraiche in SF?

I think  I just have bad food luck here and I also have way too high expectations.

It is somehow 2am AGAIN and I need to sleep. I would like to one day begin my day prior to 10am in NYC so I can eat more.

EDIT: Failed attempt, as it is now 10:30 and I have not gotten out of bed yet. Every morning when I stand up I think “OMG DID I BREAK MY LEGS” and wonder if I will crash to the ground.


NYC: Day Two

Listening to: Passion Pit – Take  A Walk (god I’m so behind in music)

The one thing that worked out for me today was walking Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

OMG HOW is it only day  two?! I feel like I’ve lived here for a week or something.

My feet hurt so much.  I basically walked the entire day from 12pm until 11pm, with small, glorious breaks for subway sitting and restaurant eating.

First, I woke up at 6:15am and gave myself a pat on the back because one of the things I had wanted to do was sit at Grand Central Terminal or Bryant Park and just people watch all the good office workers of NYC. I slept in until 7:15, figuring that this would give me time to find a cafe around 8am for an hour of people watching. So then I got up, carried on with my morning routine, turned on my computer …

AND THEN REALIZED that I had ACTUALLY woken up at 11:15 and it was now 11:45am and I had never changed my cell phone time to NYC time and that I had completely slept through the morning. I was devastated. But I guess … it is also kind of amazing that I would have woken up at 6:15am CA time on my own.

I would give today an overall grade of a D. The two real highlights of the day were: 1) eating at Clinton St Baking Co which is thus far the only restaurant that lives up to my foodie expectations of NYC in all my three trips to this city, and 2) walking the Brooklyn Bridge. But even these are somewhat marred by: 1) the insane number of times I got lost trying to find Clinton St (three) and 2) the fact that I have already walked Brooklyn Bridge before so I can’t say this is a new experience.

NYC Best Pancakes! (of 2008). I sat at the bar next to a tiny asian girl who ordered to meals. I didn’t wait to see if she would eat all of it.

Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day. Except it is already looking like it will be a repeat of today, seeing as how I am once again still awake at 2:45am NY time, and I still have no idea where to eat breakfast tomorrow, and I still have no real plans for the day. In fact, I have even fewer plans tomorrow because at least yesterday I had “GO TO BROOKLYN.”

To top off my whining, I listened to my ipod for so long today I think I will be sick of these songs tomorrow, but I have no new songs to replace them with.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade is nice
Manhattan Bridge. Love the line of traffic
More of this bridge. I always wonder if someone could actually close down Brooklyn Bridge and throw a party on it, Dirty Sexy Money style. Am I the only person who has watched that show?

NYC: Day One

Listening to: The Submarines – Brightest Hour

It’s 1am in NYC and I’m tired but I know I have to plan out tomorrow or else I’ll end up wasting a lot of time and kick myself for failing to preplan yet again. It’s disgustingly hot and humid here and I realized today that I’ve only ever been in NYC in the summertime which seems idiotic of me considering any temperature above 70 is uncomfortable for me. I’m staying for three nights in a place on the Upper East Side via airbnb, and then Friday through Sunday at Kim’s in the delightful Bronx. HAHA

I feel like I’ve done all the touristy things before so that was a relief to know I wasn’t obligated to go up the Empire State Building or 30 Rock and Times Square or the Staten Island Ferry. However, that leaves me not really knowing how to spend my day. I don’t like bars, I don’t like museums, I would only watch a musical if someone invited me and while my previous plans involved walking all day long to build up an appetite, the weather makes me not want to move at all.

I was able to get a red eye yesterday night and arrived in JFK at 7am. The shuttle took freaking 2 hrs to get into Manhattan, which is usually a 30 minute drive. An entire hour was spent driving from terminal to terminal and just to get off the airport freeway. Fine by me though – it was a good way for me to nap and power up for the day. And given the time I arrived, it probably would have been a different level of displeasure to try to ride the subway with a giant duffel bag at prime rush hour. I thought I’d be alone through Thursday but amazingly Angelica is in NYC as well, until tomorrow morning. Even more awesome, she is staying only three blocks away from me. Look how tiny this city is. So after settling into the apt, I met up with her at Alice’s Tea Cup and then we walked around Central Park Zoo.

I typically hate zoos but I really liked Central Park Zoo. I was also amazed because I don’t think we even came close to the zoo that time we biked around the park during the roadtrip. I feel like some of the exhibits are nice and elaborate, some other ones seemed oddly squished, and the polar bear one was amazinggg but I didn’t see a polar bear and no matter how nice the exhibit is, it still seems sad to keep a polar bear in there. (I, on the other hand, would be perfectly happy to live in the polar bear exhibit as long as I had wifi. I could take a dip in the giant pool whenever I wanted and then hide out in the shade of the rocks).

After saying bye to Angelica I went back to the apt to take a nap – I was practically falling asleep standing up because of my lack of sleep. Plane ride + 3 hr difference = manageable. But + humidity + heat = unhappy and lethargic. I woke up and it seemed much darker outside and I was really disoriented and felt kind of lonely for once. So I decided to go shopping along 5th Ave with all the rest of the crowds of tourists which did pick my spirits back up.

I finally got that damn chicken and rice that has eluded me for so long. I spent a very long time judging which of the carts looked authentic and which one was the imposter cart. I bought dinner around 8:30 I think and there weren’t that many people at any of the carts, so the tell tale sign of “whichever cart has the longest line is the real one” did not work for me. I got in line for one and right after, about twenty people lined up behind me. So either I chose correctly and beat the rush, or I unintentially led a ton of people to the imposter cart.

The weather report had said it would rain so I brought an umbrella. The only other person I saw carrying an umbrella when I was shopping was a crazy homeless woman on the subway. This did not bode well for me, I thought. But lo and behold, around 9pm as I was sitting in front of 30 Rock eating my halal chicken, a few drops fell and then without much more intro, buckets of rain began to fall. I had just walked a shit load of blocks and had finally accomplished my long awaited dream of eating chicken and rice, so rather than moving under cover, I just opened up my umbrella and ate my dinner with my right hand, holding the umbrella in my left. Seeing as how everyone quickly cleared out of the coverless plaza, I am pretty sure I looked insane.

My plans to find a cafe to do research and write e-mails at midnight were thwarted by 1) my exhaustion and 2) the fact that NYC is not a cafe scene. I loved being in Seattle alone but being in NYC alone is not as fulfilling and I’m constantly wondering if there’s something more interesting that I could be doing. Damn you FOMO.

I didn’t take any pictures today, which was sad because I haven’t had any pictures with Angelica in a while. Instead I will just steal photos from Tumblr.

view from rockefeller
sea lions at central park zoo

Things I find easier than planning a vacation

– checking celebrity gossip
– work
– reading
– rewatching another episode of New Girl
– checking facebook
– checking tumblr
– checking thoughtcatalog for new posts
– clicking random page numbers of thoughtcatalog for old entries
– napping
– sitting in my chair debating whether to gym
– going to the gym
– walking to the kitchen to peer into the fridge
– asking friends where I should go on vacation
– going to the library and walking up and down the travel section
– constantly rechecking Expedia for ticket prices, noticing that they continue to increase, doing nothing about it
– writing yet another pointless blog entry in a list format

I want to be that dog. Just carry me around

Thoughts on auditing as an A2

Listening to: Wolfgang Gartner – Redline

Things I heard I would dislike about my job and do dislike:

– I don’t really remember hearing anything negative about auditing when I was recruiting. People lie well when recruiting. I do it all the time. Even if the hour before I go to an event, I was ranting to a coworker about how ridiculous the job is, once I get to the event, I’m all “THIS IS THE BEST JOB! I LOVEEE the people I work with and the work is stimulating and constantly changes, in a good way!” And I don’t even feel like I’m being dishonest when I do it. I think the excitement of not being in a small office room staring at an Excel, and instead, eating free food and talking to people who have to be nice to you and are feigning interest in everything you say, overpowers any previous resentment.

Things I heard I would dislike about my job but do not mind:

– long hours. Sometimes I feel like my team is just another close group of friends and work doesn’t even feel like work at all. Work is just a few hours of silence where we are all concentrating, interrupted by random moments of laughter and ridiculousness.

– having to study for the CPA. I tell EVERYONE who ever goes to a recruiting event, “you should REALLY take the test early. AND if you can, you should travel while doing so!” The braggart in me always wants to respond to someone, “the worst year of your career was when you simultaneously worked and studied for the CPA? That’s funny because the best months of MY life was when I studied for the CPA! I traveled AND passed all my exams! It was the best thing EVER. Why didn’t you do that?” but my desire to make friends generally keeps me from making such statements.

Things I heard I would like about my job and do enjoy:

– travel. It may not be the typical connotation of travelling like living in hotels and flying to different cities every week, but it is nice to drive to different areas in the Bay and being able to see different friends or eat in different restaurants and basically remold my schedule every few weeks. I don’t think I could handle going to the same office day in and day out.

– working on teams. Generally. I think overall, my memories of being on awesome teams more than overpowers the other teams that I love less. And those teams aren’t even that bad – it’s just that we don’t talk that much for whatever reason. When I think about all the people in my office, I realize that a very high percentage of them are people I am/would like to be friends with and I can’t think of any that are douches. I’ve also noticed that very few people shit talk others which is nice. But yeah. I think the reason why I am ok with solitary weekends is because I sometimes spend 50-60 hours in a room with people all around me. I often feel like that’s just enough human interaction to satisfy me.

Things I ended up disliking without someone telling me:

– having to track my chargeable time. At this point it’s not really a huge inconvenience because after a while you just realize that you don’t have to keep track of every half hour and everything basically smooths out over a while. But the days when I honestly don’t have that much work to do and I’m sitting at a client site, it seems wrong to charge  the client, and at the same time, it seems wrong to charge the unassigned code. There should be another code: the “I just work quickly and finished early and therefore deserve this time to browse the internet on the client’s money” code.

– doing accounting research. It makes me think about how horrible it might be to do something like law and have to flip through all these case studies to prove a point. Accounting guidance more often than not seems so vague to me, and I could spend hours looking for one sentence just to copy and paste it into a workpaper. It’s the worst when everyone knows intuitively why something is accounted in that way, but we still have to look for the guidance anyway. Though, other times I look at a memo someone higher than me has created, and they seem to pull so much out of a few sentences, it makes me wonder if I’m just too dumb to appropriately interpret the guidance

– diminishing English skills. God forbid I ever find a reason to go to grad school and have to write paragraphs  that don’t start with “GT notes that” and end with “appears reasonable.”

– how no one ever really knows what I do. I hate when my mom asks me anything about my job because it only proves how little she knows about how ~40% of my week is spent. NO. I do not do ANYTHING with taxes. In fact, out of all the financial statement line items, taxes are probably the thing I know LEAST about. I have no idea why this deferred tax asset went up. I am just going to reference this tax memo and hope someone else figures it out for me.

Things I heard I would like about my job that were untrue:

– how accounting can prepare you for so many jobs. I feel like accounting is just further narrowing down my breadth of knowledge until all I can really master is accounting, and I will one day be unprepared to launch myself into a completely different career, whenever that time comes. People give me differing responses to this argument all the time, generally depending on how long they have worked: people around my level agree “YES I have NO skills in ANYTHING I need to get out ASAP” whereas people who have worked longer often say “really? Hmmm… no … I feel like other companies will appreciate your ability to manage and accounting can be used in a lot of jobs … oh you don’t think you want to do accounting at all in the future? hmm… yeah … I guess …”

Things I ended up liking without someone telling me:

how hilarious I would find accounting jokes. I imagine everyone in a specific industry enjoy such jokes that only other people in their profession can understand.

– how I can expense things like parking and mileage. I don’t know how I would feel about having to pay my own gas money or parking. It’s kind of similar to the reaction I’d have when I had to buy blue books and scantrons for college. “I have to PAY MONEY to do this HORRIBLE requirement?!”

– team meals. I often wonder to myself, “WHAT did I eat all that time, because I KNOW I didn’t cook.” I think if I charted it out though, it’d be like, 20% team meals that I don’t have to pay for, 20% team meal leftovers, 20% going out with friends meals, 20% leftovers from that, 20% days where I cook aka cut a piece of fruit and buy a bottle of naked juice.

– being able to listen to music while working. If I couldn’t listen to music, I think I would have gone insane. This is why I keep a spare of backup headphones in my car, in case I one day forget my regular ones. Thank goodness for the recent creation of Spotify too.

– constant promotion. I also find it odd to think that if I leave this for another job, I might be stuck at that new position forever. Here, I think I can safely assume that I will be promoted year after year and there is a natural progression up the auditing career ladder and it feels nice to think “well whatever my spending habits are now, I will only have more money as I continue to get promoted.” At first I hated the idea of being shuffled out of the associate position and having to take on more burdens, but on the flip side, it is nice to have new responsibilities and have your job change because being an associate is bound to get boring at some point

– familiarity with Bay Area freeways at commute time. Since we are constantly driving to different offices, I now know more than I would have ever thought about Bay Area freeways. Like, be on the second to the right lane on the 880N as you near the 92 bridge, it is for some reason faster. Never be in the right two lanes of 101S near the 84 bridge. It is slower to be in the lane to the right of the carpool lane on the 101N around the Palo Alto area, instead, be on the second lane from the right (but definitely not the far right lane because cars will be merging into you for several exits). Avoid The Maze at all costs. Driving up to SF from SJ is not that bad if you leave at 7am. Driving on the 880N after 5pm will cause tremendous rage. And so on.

Well it’s time for me to leave because the cafe is closing.




and This.

And I want to live this but I do not know how.

I think I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t have anything even remotely interesting to blog about, so instead I just link things and post pictures. I might as well redirect you to my tumblr.

Listening to: Kaskade – Angel on my Stronger (not a typo – it is an amazing mashup of Angel on my shoulder and Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger)

Currently (re)reading: Geography of Bliss (this is my new favorite book)

It was great weather this weekend and I squandered it by keeping myself in my room, either napping or watching movies. I didn’t even get a fraction of what I wanted to do.

One of my fav pics I found this weekend

It’s a Tuesday and I want to rewatch New Girl on Hulu

And in the meantime, I shall blog!

Damn. I need to get back into this show. I basically don’t watch anything that’s not on Hulu.

Too many things going on! But wonderfully, tomorrow’s work schedule is going to look something like…

8:45 Leave house, drive to cafe to have coaching meeting

10:30 Either Julie or Amy will pick me up to carpool to…

11:30 Busy season party with a tailgate party then baseball game at the Coliseum! I hate baseball though and luckily am friends with several other coworkers who also have no interest in baseball, so after an acceptable amount of socializing with coworkers…

x:00 Berkeley for some delicious food and of COURSE ICI’S

Pretty fab.

Listening to: Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling (my drive to work song)

In a short sweet summary, the past two weeks of my life have included: driving to SoCal, eating within Club 33 in Disneyland, eating Sweet Rose Creamery mint ice cream in LA which I may possibly like more than Ici’s, new housemate, midnight Avengers showing, Los Gatos exploring with Laura, Las Trampas hiking with Kathy, Wombats concert with Kristen on a Monday night, found a good youtube video of The Shins performing New Slang in Santa Cruz which is one of my fav concerts yet…

Basically, I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MONEY and EAT IN because I need to lose weight before I go on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I have yet to plan at all.

I think my last post made it sound like I hate everyone I work with but last Friday I went to the office to do a recruiting event and then me and someone from my start class went through the office phone list and commented on each person and at the end of it, I thought to myself, “hm I actually really like almost everyone in this office!” I just don’t often feel compelled to write blog entries like “THIS PERSON IS SOOOO GREAT! Fantastic auditing! What a thrill”

I can’t find like … THAT ONE SONG that I LOVE LOVE LOVE which means I just keep going back and forth and listening to different songs but never feeling satisfied.

Ok. I have a few options right now:

A) Sleep
B) Write Mother’s Day card
C) Write emails to friends
D) Plan vacation
E) Plan next two weekends
F) Read (a substantial, fulfilling book)
G) Read (meaningless, never-ending celebrity gossip blogs)
H) Watch random episodes of things until the season finale of New Girl is uploaded to Hulu

I’ll take G and H please.


I think of all my workdays, I’ve never been more exhausted than today. I had an hour coaching meeting where I stuffed my face with omelette, hash browns, eggs, and a bread pudding french toast. That made me too full to eat from the Fuddruckers truck our office rented for our tailgating party. Sat out in the sun until the eighth inning of a baseball game, and now my face is slightly burnt (I don’t think I’ll ever learn that I do in fact burn). Went to Berkeley and had PHILZ (mint mojito coffee), Love at First Bite, then Cheeseboard. It felt like it should have been 9 or 10pm when we left but it was only 6:30. My brain is FRIED.

Too much good in one day
Zucchini, Cilantro, Corn, Feta

And it’s only WEDNESDAY. How are we expected to work tomorrow?! Not in the mood.

Random conversations & more dogs in things

Mom: I need you to do me a favor. Where are you?
Me: I’m at home…
Mom: Ok good. I need you to look up how to cook beets for me
Me: Ok… it says you can roast them
Mom: Where are you looking? I tried to look for it yesterday but it told me I had to download something and I didn’t want to. How did you search how to cook beets?
Me: Go to google. Type in, how to cook beets
Mom: Ok hold on ………………. ok. I see it. Now what?
Me: Click whatever you want. “How to cook beets at home” sounds like a good one
Mom: Ok

What my dog would wear as I take it walking in the Seattle rain
Will this ever get old?
I do not think so.

Things I think but do not say to associates on my team

I’ve only been working at my job for a year and a half, but it’s true, within a year you really do learn a lot about auditing. Then a few months after I start to feel comfortable at my job, a new class of associates come in and either piss me off or surprise me with their decent know-how. Generally, it’s the former. At first, I could pretend like the new associates were in a different world from me, and when I talked to them, it was just to make them feel like they had a friend at their new job, or show them where something simple was. But more and more, I find myself in the position of reviewing someone’s work (and I keep thinking to myself, “but I’m just a second-year associate! I’m not a senior! It’s only April! You can’t make me do this until August! Sigh. Ok. God damn. What is this shit.”) and I realize I honestly don’t know how to deal with people who are not that great at their jobs and/or aren’t workaholics.

And now for the title of this post:

1. I’m not sure why you thought this was acceptable for review. It’s clearly not.

2. Put your phone on vibrate and stop checking every text message you receive. Don’t your friends know you have a job?

3. I can’t see your computer but I know you are on gchat or communicator, chatting it up with your friends. You couldn’t possibly have enough knowledge about auditing to be typing so quickly for so long

4.That awkward silence as we walk towards the parking lot? Is supposed to be you saying, “I’ll drive!” Preferably in a tone as if it were the only thing you could ever possibly want to do.

5. I wouldn’t even know what to write on your performance review because I don’t know how to professionally and kindly phrase “just try harder”