Goodbye FB friends

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Facebook used to be much more organized before this timeline format. It took me about three minutes to figure out how to unlike something, and I didn’t even figure it out on my own, I had to google search it. (I also unconsciously wrote “google search it,” perhaps that should be the prime indicator of my interweb knowledge). It used to be very easy to delete friends from FB, which I would often do on random weekend afternoons when I wanted a more electronic version of spring cleaning. Before, the friends list would be alphabetized by first name, so I used to keep a very trim listing of friends … whose names started with A-D. Around D, I would start to get bored of the process and move on to tumblr or ONTD or something else equally useless.

My prior test for whether I kept a friend would be quick. I’d look at the name and the picture and if I didn’t know who it was within a second, I’d delete the person. Exception: Asians with very generic names like Jenny Lee or Christina Chen which would cause me to take pause and question just which Jenny or Christina I was looking at.

Today I decided to have a much more extensive cleanup. People I’m deleting include those I don’t recognize off the bat, as well as:

– people I immediately have a negative connotation of upon seeing the name
– people who were really just a friend of a friend and our relationship never went beyond that
– people who have changed their facebook user name to something that is not their actual name
– people who used to date my friends and no longer do
– people who constantly appear on my newsfeed with activity that I do not care about (these people need to take a look at their privacy settings, jfc)
– people I would not say hi to if I were to randomly bump into them in an empty BART station
– people who I do not really talk to and are super religious (this is not actually something I seek out to find, I just found this to be a trend in the people I have deleted)
– people who have deactivated their accounts – I don’t know why FB doesn’t just delete them off my friend list for me

Exceptions to these rules are 1) people who are so good looking that maybe I want to look at their pictures from time to time or 2) people with interesting lives/jobs/posts. Which seems like kind of a harsh judgment to make when most of my FB friends are only 23 or 24.

I think before, I would tell myself not to delete acquaintances because I thought maybe keeping their names was some form of networking and one day we’d meet again and by being FB friends, I could at the very least remember their names. Now I realize that if I wouldn’t have even put in the effort to raise my hand and say hi to a person (see rule 6), being FB friends would probably not have helped me network.

The one thing I like about the Facebook of today is that I figure there’s so much shit floating around everyone’s FB pages that now when I make new FB friends, I don’t even worry about whether there’s anything I have to clean up on my profile. I kind of assume no one has time to muddle through all this anymore. I remember the days when we would spend hours going through friends’ photo albums … of places and events we did not attend ourselves. I think at this point, if I take the time to even glance at what ever link someone posted, that’s about the highest level of interest I can give. I’m somewhat proud that I no longer waste away my life looking at people’s posted photos. But maybe that’s just a consequence of all of us growing a little older and no longer having as much free time in our lives. Also, I can’t be that proud, because now, instead of looking at my FB friends’ photos, I look at complete strangers’ photos on tumblr with just as much relish.

Based on my #seattle hashtag, it appears Seattle is sunny again

Julie: I might not be able to make dinner on Wednesday because that’s when we’re supposed to go through the photos
Me: WHATTT NO!!! Just have Nghiem go!
Julie: HAA! No way. I already know he wouldn’t even make sure we look all right in the photos. He’d just be like “this is a cool shot” and choose those
Me: I think that’s what all guys would do
Julie: I think he realized that this wedding has very little to do with him after we did our photos. The photographer told us to walk ahead of her and then she said “Julie, turn around!” and we both turned around and she said “no, Nghiem, turn back around” and he said “do you not want to see my face?” and she said “no, not for this one.”


I just wanted to post this gif (and all this rambling occurred subsequently)

Sometimes it frustrates me when I really can’t tell if something is a manip or not.

Listening to: Coachella mashup mix 30 minutes of awesomeness. You should really download it. I like it as my workout/rock climbing mix.

I’m sure no one is wondering but my tv schedule nowadays, in order of priority… (which I used to organize by air day but now I often don’t know what day episodes air or even what channel a show is broadcast on since I watch everything online. OHHH CHANGE)

– Pretty Little Liars (I basically stay up Monday nights until Hulu uploads the episode, so I know what scenes to rewatch the next morning. I am most eagerly awaiting this show to return from hiatus)
– New Girl (easily digestible, easy laughs)
– The Good Wife (flawfree drama. I can’t believe something  this good is on CBS)
– The Vampire Diaries (weirdly, I think this show’s pace is way too fast and they just burn through storylines. But like all CW shows, its real value is in the eye candy, not the script)
– Ringer (will be devastated if this gets cancelled. One of the reasons I continued to watch this was for the hilarious gofugyourself recaps. “Good lord, Ringer, what you lack in good shirts, you more than make up for in killer outerwear”)
– Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 (very surprisingly, James Van Der Beek has aged extremely well. So glad he, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams attached their names to something else after Dawson’s Creek)
– Cougar Town
– Parks & Rec (meh. I highly dislike Rob Lowe being in this show)
– Youtube clips of Grey’s Anatomy
– Up All Night (mainly because in every episode, Maya Rudolph has a handful of solid moments that I replay over and over)
– Glee (I think I am going to start watching via tumblr, ie. relying on fangirls to upload the relevant clips)

I just started watching Downton Abbey today. It took me forever to realize that it’s Downton not Downtown. And I JUST now realized it’s Abbey, not Abby.

New fav - Jessica Brown Findlay aka Lady Sibyl

I went shopping today. I like days when I actually leave the mall with a decently weighted shopping bag in my hands. Since I’ve had “improve wardrobe” on my to do list for many years now, I actually feel like I accomplished something by going to Stanford Shopping Center. Look at that. I’m achieving my goals, one credit card swipe at a time.

A day in the life

Listening to: Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner ft. Luciana – We Own the Night and Dry the River‘s album

I read this article and it was so hilarious to me, the writing style, I wanted to do one too. Well now it’s 2am in the morning and I downed an almond milk tea around 10pm tonight while I was in Santana Row with Julie and Julia, which explains why my body feels exhausted but my mind is !AWAKE!

7:30 … 8:00 … 8:30 … I wake up. I have no idea how many hours I sleep. It’s never more than eight, sometimes I count six which sound like it’s too little, but I think I generally operate on five or six hours. Seven would be luxurious. I try not to set an alarm anymore and just assume I will wake up on time for work. This helps make me feel like my entire life isn’t centered around work, because it gives me this false sense of “yes, I wanted to wake up at this time FOR MYSELF and not for work.”

I will be posting random pics I steal from tumblr to maintain your interest

I always wear my Salt Lick shirt from my roadtrip stop in Austin to sleep, and this pair of ridiculously short shorts I bought at an A&F outlet. I recently discovered a hole forming around the seams but given my 8+ years attachment to this pair of shorts, I’ll probably continue wearing them until the waist hem completely separates from the five inches of fabric that just barely covers my ass.

The first thing I do when I get up, I poo. If I don’t, this is a good indicator that I have woken up earlier than I should have. These days typically correlate with the days I have to drive to SF. I have no idea what I eat for breakfast. Somehow I always eat something … I always have to have breakfast. But breakfast is a very broad term, it can be a piece of cake, it can be a bowl of cereal, it can be a banana, or it can be a giant omelette with home fries and a biscuit and the works. As long as it’s not something I would consider lunch, I consider it “breakfast.”

I want to buy a waffle iron. And a juicer.

I do most of my reading in the morning too. Reading in this case means, checking twitter and ONTD. I check my gmail but I generally just receive emails from list serves I’ve been too lazy to unsubscribe from. On an almost daily basis, my lack of personal emails reminds me to get a freaking life but NO TIME TO THINK or do anything about this because I need to get to work!

I have about four skirts that I like to cycle through. Depending on the day of the week, I’ll either grab it off the hanger (must be a Monday or Tuesday), or off the floor (must be later in the week). Basically I look out the window and evaluate my morning mood: makes the difference between my grey skirt or my light brown skirt.

I want to wear outfits like these but it's already begun to feel like summer in the Bay

Depending on how far my client is, I try to time my departure to coincide with as many of 99.7’s Celebrity Scoops and Sports! With Greg the Gay Sportscaster as I can. If I start my car and I just missed a segment, I know it’s going to be a bad day. Sometimes I love one hour commutes, just because I can listen to THREE segments in a single morning.

I realize at this point that while I wanted to model my blog after Karl Lagerfeld’s article, he doesn’t seem to do any work until 5pm and all of my morning routine is squeezed into about fifteen minutes whereas he spends the first eight hours of his life bathing, cleaning, and looking out at Paris.

9:00 My day and my mood will wildly fluctuate based on the team I am with.

Lately I feel pretty good about my job. I know what to do, I like the people I work with, and about 98% of the time I have the luxury of listening to music. Every now and then I’ll find some accounting issue that creates a big hullabaloo and generally leads to nothing (at worst, it’ll lead to some words on a piece of paper) which makes me reevaluate the meaning of my job/life. But I’d say in general, it’s been good.


The time I leave work depends on the client and the time of the year. If I’m in the office, I’ve probably mentally checked out around 4pm and spend my time trying to distract people in other cubes. If things aren’t that stressful on-site, the team probably leaves around 6pm. If a deadline’s approaching, maybe 8 or 9pm. If it’s busy season, 12am. Sometimes, leaving at 6pm feels worse than leaving at 12am. It kind of depends on the people I’m with and what kind of work I’ve been doing.

I drive home. I really like my housemates and I enjoy living with people. But I think anyone who ever lives with others can agree, sometimes the best feeling in the world is pulling into the driveway and seeing that no one else’s car is there. FREEDOM! Not that I significantly change my routine or anything – I still just go straight to my room and plop down on my bed and start my web routine. But knowing I can go running around the house dancing and singing if I wanted to, is quite a good feeling.

I call my mom. I’ve tried to call her at different times of the night to see what was the best fit, and still haven’t found one yet. When I was still settling into my work life, I would come home and get all my personal shit done, and by the end of that, it’d be well past a polite time to call. This would lead to her calling me Saturday and berating me for leading her to believe I was lying dead in ditch somewhere. So then I tried calling her from my car, before ever going into the house. But it’d get too cold in the car for me to do that. I’d try to call her on my way to the gym, but that’s a fifteen minute drive and our convos are about forty minutes, and I didn’t enjoy sitting in the gym’s parking lot just chatting it up on the phone. Recently I tried calling her after I started making dinner, so I could theoretically eat right after our call. Instead my dinner finished cooking and I just sat in my room waiting for her to finish talking, thinking omg I’m so hungry when at last a sudden burst of annoyance led me to interrupt her mid-sentence and say “sorry I’m very hungry and I don’t feel like talking anymore.” So that didn’t work out too well either.

There is no reason for this picture other than it is cute

Showers  are generally right before I get into bed. I don’t like to expose my pajama wear to too much outside-of-the-room air. For some reason, the times I most want my own house are when I’m in the bathroom. I think it’s where I have the most particular ideas of how my future bathroom will look. (I have a lot of very particular ideas that I will probably blog about one day). The main reason I want my own place is because I LOVE using the bathroom with the door wide open, but societal rules tell me I cannot. Not just for the toilet, but for showering, for brushing my teeth, for just washing my hands, I like the door open. Also, I used to take my laptop into my college apartment and blast music while showering, which I don’t do in this house. I always imagine in my future home that I’ll have a music system in the bathroom.

I also consider what kind of bath mat I’d have, and how often I’d clean the bathroom (floor every week, sink every two weeks, toilet and shower every month) and what kind of soap I’d like to use by the sink (something citrusy, like grapefruit or lemon, or maybe cotton or minty), and how I’d like a bathroom with a ton of counter space like the bathrooms in my childhood home, and all these other little minute details that I replay through my mind every time I’m in a bathroom.

This bathroom's such a fucking hipster

Writing that entire paragraph tired me out and probably bored you to death so I’ll leave it at that.

It is now 3:30am and my head hurts but I can’t sleep and I AM NEVER DRINKING TEA THIS LATE AGAIN.

Dogs and such

Listening to: Wolf Gang – Lions in Cages

Instead of doing … anything … this Friday night, I decided to heat leftovers that I made (incredibly unsatisfying) and reread Prep. And then for some reason I spent a very long time on tumblr looking up dog pictures.

I read Prep in college and didn’t remember any bit of the plot. Rereading it now, she is so annoying and overthinks things way too much that if I don’t finish reading it tonight, I don’t think I’ll ever bother to pick it up again.

I used to think that if I ever got a dog, it would be a chocolate Labrador and I would name it Logan.

After spending several weekends walking around SF, I now think if I were to ever own a dog, it would be a french bulldog.

They are small and their little bat ears are so cute!

And while I generally think people who dress their dogs are kind of crazy, french bulldogs look so cute with hats and headwear!

If I got one I think I would name it Max.

But, I still don’t think I would have a dog. After catsitting, I never really thought I would enjoy cleaning up after another being’s poop.

I wish there were a place where people went to read and when they got bored they could start talking to one another for fun. I don’t see myself meeting new friends in bars or clubs, but if such a place existed, I think that’d be my spot. Would this hypothetical place be … a cafe? I don’t really want to develop a caffeine addiction for the possibility of making connections.

I have a ton of cravings right now. 1) McDonalds chicken mcnuggets, 2) In N Out regular burger, 3) The Counter burger (I always get 1/4lb, gruyere, salsa, red onion, egg, organic mixed greens, garlic aioli, and regular bun, ALWAYS), 4) Palo Alto Creamery milkshake, 5) Costco lasagna, 6) Trader Joe’s mediterranean hummus. I need to stop thinking about this.

Random pic I found in my files

Oh. It’s 2am again on a weekday.

Listening to: Patrick Wolf‘s new album

The song I linked was House. And speaking of houses, I found the Seattle house I want!!!

My fave is the dining area and giant window doors
Also, the backyard, and the house color and trim

Unfortunately, sale is already pending and it’s at about $200K more than I should spend on a house.

Mom on the phone: How much money do you have in your bank account now? ….. that’s pretty good! I think you could buy a whole bathroom with that

I have a new favorite cast and it’s Pretty Little Liars!!!

I need to revamp my entire lifestyle because I’m wayyyyyy less fit than I was ten months ago. I don’t think I could even run a mile straight if I wanted to. I’ve lost all the finger strength I once had from rock climbing, and I’m starting to be able to grab handfuls of fat on my thigh. HAHA pleasant imagery there. Today I ate out for lunch and dinner and right after I arrived home from eating Orenchi ramen, I immediately threw myself under the covers of my bed where I remained all night except for the time I took to shower. I need to start waking up super early to gym if I can’t bring myself to do it at night 😦

I stayed with Kathy one night and ended up doing Physique 57 with her. I can’t tell if it was that or the hiking or both, but I’ve been sore for two days, and I pretty much half assed Physique 57 so I don’t even feel good about my soreness.

My coworker sent this to a bunch of us and it’s kind of awesome!

I read this book recently, The Conundrum, and it was quite good. It’s basically about how improving energy efficiencies will not help the environment and has typically only worsened the environment because our demand for energy usage just increases beyond any benefits created. I started reading this book last week when I was barting to SF. The main reason I actually barted to SF was just so I could spend an hour reading rather than an hour driving. Funny enough, most of my Bart ride was spent texting to Kathy “OMFG I AM NEVER TAKING THE BART AGAIN” “I can’t believe I took the bart, this was the worst decision ever, if I ever tell you I’m planning on taking the bart remind me of this experience so I drive instead” and “it smells horrible, someone is talking really loudly, and someone else is sneezing really loudly. I hate public transportation.” Around that same time, I hit the chapter where the author points out that driving is really a luxury and pointed out all its impacts on the environment and I was like oh. Sigh.

What else happened. Sunday I went hiking with Kathy in Marin which is always just my excuse to eat at Sol. We also ended up stopping by Berkeley for Philz Coffee and I got Gregoire’s as my pre-hike meal. Too much yum in one day. Well I want to sleep so I’ll end it there. It feels like it should be Friday but it’s only WEDNESDAY!?!?!?!

HAS EVERYONE SEEN ZAC EFRON’S NEKKED PICS? They might just be the best thing to happen this week.

I officially have more posts than I have had comments. I think before I graduated college I had a 2:1 comment to posts ratio. I must have become more boring since school ended.

I got my tax refund! I know it was already technically my money, but somehow I feel the need to spend it all on things I’ve held off on buying.


– plan US vacay
– plan this year’s longer vacay
– write emails to people
– game plan for getting fit

Things I think I am going to buy with my tax refund…

– record player ($150?)
– blender. Is it time for me to invest in a vitamix?!?! ($500)
– new wardrobe, starting with this, which I may or may not only want because it was worn on PLL ($remainder)

A month here and there and a week of SF

Listening to: Sultan & Ned Shephard – Walls (ft. Quilla) (this is my song for all times of the day – wake up song, walking around SF song, etc)

I did not want to do the same “this is what I did this weekend” structure of 2011 but when I look back at my old posts, I feel like I didn’t touch upon any of the fun things that I did! Which then makes me feel like this blog is incomplete.

Bone dry summary of March. First weekend – went to SD. Fun times. Love the brunches and dogs everywhere and the beach and the casualness of it all. I regret not doing more when I lived there in 2010, but I know I wouldn’t want to live there long-term again because I’m not a fan of being in 70+ degree weather. Second weekend – went to a William Fitzsimmons concert with Robin. I almost fell asleep standing up. My next concerts are The Wombats and The Shins. As of now, the only other bands on my concert watching bucket list: Birdy, Andrew Bird and maybe Taylor Swift.

Third weekend – began my “stay at home and get shit done once a weekend” routine. Although “get shit done” generally just means cook, gym, wash clothes, watch a lot of tv, read, go to a cafe. Which is still more than my previous “sit around … watch tv … sit around someone else’s house … feel horrible about self, sleep” routine. I also had brunch at my manager’s house with most of my busy season team. I realized just now that it was that day that rekindled my desire to buy a house. Went to Berkeley the Friday before that and VERY RANDOMLY Erica called me and said she was also in Berkeley and we met up at Ici’s. It was kismet! I also went to Rasputin’s and bought three more vinyls. And still no record player to listen to them HAHA Fourth week: started a 1.5 week period at a client about five minutes from my house. Soooo laid back and we’d go on coffee breaks almost every day. I now realize that I hate drinking anything from Starbucks and I find the food just barely passable. Peet’s is still decent. But my fav cafe ever is still Philz. I don’t even remember a Seattle cafe that I liked more than Philz.

Same fourth week: Watched Hunger Games at the midnight showing and also ate at Jang Su Jang with Amy, Julia and Laura. I felt like I was among the oldest people there (theater). Surprisingly most people in the theater seemed to scoff at the Twilight preview whereas usually in Harry Potter people go “OOOOO” non-sarcastically. Saturday, drove up to Walnut Creek for sangria night with an old team/the client. ❤ them. I also really need to go shopping. I have plans to buy one new outfit a month but … have not done so ever.

Now listen to: Tennis – My Better Self

Fifth week: This feels so long ago! I’m using my Google Calendar to help me remember what I have done. Tuesday, went to a Kelly Clarkson concert. Cross THAT off my bucket list! She sang Bruno Mars’ It Will Rain (awesome) and sang happy birthday to her guitarist (best rendition of happy birthday I have ever and probably will ever hear in my life). She sings different covers at each concert and they’re all so good! Thursday night was taco night at my house because one of my housemates is moving out. I made a mango salsa that was DELISH and now I feel like I must have mango salsa for EVERYTHING EVER. All the ingredients were completely fresh, even the green onion that I snipped off the plant growing by the kitchen sink. I also made a sangria but I don’t feel like it tasted like anything because I just used moscato and that already tastes like fruit juice. I heart taco nights at my house because we start a fire on the charcoal grill to cook carnitas and tillapia (obviously I live with Filipinos) and it feels like a party when it’s only a weekday!

Mango salsa! Not really cooking, just time + chopping
People say, don't use good wine for sangria. I think I may have gone too far on the "cheap" axis
Al pastor tacos!

Then began my SF block which is still ongoing. I am now really sick of being in SF but I am just staying two more nights and then back to South Bay (mainly because I didn’t bring enough underwear). Friday I barted up to SF after work because I had planned a goodbye happy hour for the FIRST person to leave from my class. Everyone is leaving around me!!! The bill somehow came out to be $350 for six people. I hate Osha Thai. No, Osha Thai is fine for lunch. I just hate eating in downtown SF for dinner. HAHA When I leave, I want to throw a BBQ at my house or something and invite all the people I’ve worked with. Saturday I ended up helping my housemate move to Millbrae and afterward I decided I was close enough to SF that I might as well drive the extra twenty minutes. So I hung out with Kristen – read in Duboce Park and watched dogs run around (despite it being sunny it was still freaking cold because of the wind though, Kristen: “I just wish it would be a little warmer” Me: “I think this is the best SF can do”). Then went to eat Indian food in the Tenderloin with Soo Jin and Albert and one of my coworkers, Eugene, who lives nearby. Went home. Then drove back up to SF about nine hours later for brunch with Christina, Kristen and Naomi!!! Partial RCSA reunion!

Concrete slide in SF!

After I arrived super late to brunch (stupid parking and my lack of directional skills), we did quick summaries of our lives for the past two years (mine is depressingly centered around work), and ended up going to the Seward Concrete Slides in Eureka Valley of SF which is a place I have never even been near. Thennnn I went to Fillmore area and met up with Soo Jin to pick up her apt key. Ate frozen yogurt at Fraiche, which homemakes all of their ingredients. Pretty yummy! Especially their homemade mochi (surprising the best I’ve had, since it is in such a white area) It cost $6 for a regular size. But regular size is equivalent to a Pinkberry large.

Monday, I started my engagement at this super easy, super chill non-profit a block away from the SF office. I basically unintentionally finished 1/2 of the audit between 9am-2pm and then I was like oh fuck. I’m scheduled on this for two weeks and I don’t want my time taken off this client just to go to some more stressful engagement. But I only work at one pace and it’s my “just get this shit done” pace. I’m going to be really spoiled and then be sad when I start Q1 at my public client and go home at 11pm – 12am again. The client here leaves around 4:15pm and they set the security alarm so we end up leaving around that time too. HAHA Monday I went to the gym then decided I wanted a burger and went to eat at Umami Burger by myself. Which I kind of love doing from time to time – just going into a new restaurant and sitting at the bar and talking to my server and watching him make my food in front of me. It’s kind of the best. It was really fun to do in Seattle, it’s been fun to do in SF, but it is horrible to do in Chicago. I don’t know if it was total luck of the draw, but it’s weird to eat alone in Chicago because I felt like the restaurants were all wayyyyy smaller so it’s much more noticeable that you are eating alone when you can hear snippets of conversation all around you.

Anyway, Tuesday I ate at Umami Burger AGAIN but this time with Kathy. Their burgers are really salty and fatty but I guess that’s what people like. Wednesday I left the client in the middle of the day (LOL) and just went to the office. Ostensibly, it was because I needed another charger since my senior forgot hers, but it was mainly so I could go chat it up with Lindsay and Kathy. Lindsay and I went to the Ferry Building for lunch (Prather Ranch Meat Company – the pulled pork sandwich was crazzzyy vinegary). Then went back and spent several hours looking for this one sentence in accounting guidance to prove that the client did something correctly. Sometimes this job is so dumb. Then we all left at 4pm. I worked like a … six hour day? (Lindsay: Where are you charging your time?! Me: Uh, to the client.) HAHA Seriously LOVE this client. I have no idea what the people do all day but given their salaries and their stress levels, it makes me want to go into internal accounting. Then dinner I went to Tacolicious which was indeed Tacolicious but not that great for desserts. Of which Kathy and I got three.

So now it’s Wednesday night. I am now kind of sick of eating out all the time. Being in SF makes me fat and poor. I’ve spent $80 in the past three days on food in SF. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent $215+ in the past six days on food. I have also spent (a chargeable) $94 in parking for the past three days. If I really do end up staying on this client for two weeks, I will have spent $320 on parking for ten days. DAMN YOU SF!!!

I spent a good while today debating why I continue to stay in SF during the week when I get off at 4pm and could probably beat rush hour home. I figured I would save myself the commute time that would be essentially 3 hours roundtrip between SF and Santa Clara (including traffic time). But somehow … driving two miles back and forth from Janie’s apt to the office also takes about twenty minutes, of which ten minutes is spent going through five blocks in the financial district. Then I also end up thinking I HAVE to eat out in SF, otherwise I am squandering eating opportunities. Parking is annoying although relatively easy in this area. I had to wake up at 6:30 today just to move my car before street cleaning. But that DID give me the chance to try Contraband coffee in Nob Hill, which makes a pretty good mocha and allowed me to catch up on some emails. So I don’t know.

Caryn: Casey got tickets for us to see some band in concert. Of Montreal?
Me: Of Montreal … I’ve heard of them!  Their music is kind of … boring. Or, not boring, all the songs just sound the same
Caryn: You think they’re boring? And you like that … Bon Iver music? Oh god, this band must be really boring then

Kristen: Why don’t you come
Me: I don’t have the proper clothing to go clubbing
Kristen: You need, like … a San Francisco—
Me: Outfit?
Kristen: — lover. So you have a place to store all your weekend stuff
Me: If I had a lover, I wouldn’t be going out. We’d just sit in bed together and read all weekend.

Kristen: Five minute summary of the past two years, go
Christina: Well … the first year of grad school was great. I went out all the time, was friends with a lot of people in my class, I was social chair… Second year of grad school was horrible. I hated everyone. It was just, the worst year of my life ever. July 2010 I met Michael and we started dating… yeah that’s about it!
Me: What the fuck, your summary was ridiculous

Christina: Then I didn’t like him because he has no flaws! He’s too perfect. I mean … if I really think about it … I guess he has some. He’s too tall. He’s too blonde. And he’s the older sibling. I prefer when guys are the younger sibling.

Me: You have the taste of a ten year old and a sixty year old … somehow simultaneously
Jessica: Yeah, well … I just have good taste
Me: You think ten year olds and sixty year olds have good taste?
Jessica: Yeah. Because they’re not fake or trying too hard. Old people just don’t give a fuck anymore. They’re going to do whatever the hell they want. And ten year olds aren’t at the stage when they care about what other people think of them.

Me: Oh that’s weird hahaha
Lindsay: Why was that weird?
Me: What?
Lindsay: What was weird?
Me: Oh. Honestly, I heard like half of your story and just said what I thought would be an appropriate response. Sorry. I guess nothing was weird.

I’M EXHAUSTED The good thing about staying in SF, even if it does take 20 minutes to go two miles, is that I can wake up at 8:15 and not freak out about being late to SF. What shall I eat tomorrow?

Taco night = Omelette morning