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I don’t know WHY but at 12:10am I suddenly remembered that once upon a time, I had a xanga. In fact, I think I had two xangas AND LOL I JUST FIGURED OUT the user name for my very first blog! Wow wtf were eProps. HAHAHA omggg

Oh wow I forgot I used to be such good friends with Chris. *sad face* I know he lives in SF now but I have never talked to him since college…

omg I completely forgot about this AWESOME game that Connie W showed me a longggg time ago. By a long time ago, I mean January 26, 2003.

Ok I was only able to click “next 5” seven times before I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t even read about 80% of the entries I passed through. I need to delete that xanga. My first ever blog. I don’t want anyone to ever stumble upon my middle school and early high school thoughts.

My second xanga is a little more readable because I was in college at the time. HAAA at one point in my life I thought Barney’s was the best hamburger I had ever tasted. *rolls eyes at self*

omg. I have to copy and paste the following from a post I made right after I started college:

hello … i am in … college! well it doesn’t feel like college. it feels like i’m living in a motel or something. ANYWAY

i’m too tired and lazy for a full out DAY BY DAY update – the kind that i usually have. all i can say is… college seems cool. it should be COOLege. -__- to myself.

soo .. tips for you guys i guess:

– DON’T bring purses to parties. as i did yesterday, it’s just something you have to keep track of, and NOBODY (or very few people) brings purses. and it gets in the way of your holding drinks.
– BUY your textbooks NOW if possible. i mean like .. the english reading material. i wasted about $60 of my own money (and when i mean my own, i mean the money my mom put into my bank account) purchasing a bunch of reading books i’m pretty sure book rack sells. and since you guys have the time, you might as well try finding some used books online.
– SAY hello to people as you pass by their doors. i didn’t use to do this until alvin told me. i guess it kind of works.

and i really shouldn’t be giving out anymore HOW TO GET FRIENDS tips, seeing as how i’m sitting in my room alone, updating my xanga at 4:30 pm. :(:( ultra sadness

oh yeah – a tip JUST FOR HENRY. just because the cafeteria meals are BUFFETS doesn’t mean you should eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. the food will be there the next day, for sure.

The best thing about finding old posts is either rereading quotes that I posted and forgot about, or rereading about an awesome day and thinking “wow did I do that?!” Like two days ago I was rereading my US roadtrip posts from June ’10 and there were still some things I had forgotten about that I probably never thought I’d forget. The worst thing about finding old posts is realizing how trivial, brainless or dickish so many of my thoughts and concerns were.

connie: will you not speak to me in college?
danny: no, i will forget all about you
danny’s mom: HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT DANNY! OMG DANNY! you can’t say that to girls! you’re so mean! say i’m sorry
danny: sorry.

I miss sitting around Danny’s house.

I found posts that can put this mystery to rest – the last time I was in Taiwan was around August 2006. I could never remember when I went. Now I need to find posts around the time that I went on a cruise with Connie Y because I have always wondered which year of high school that happened…

owen joined us and took food from us >:O but we spent the entire meal trying to think of animals for the tmv

danny = llama
jackie = peacock
owen = seagull
henry = grizzly
eric = chimp
frances lo = ostrich
regina = hamster

and that’s all i can remmber for now. danny is HORRIBLY mean though

frances: i want to be a panda
danny: pandas are stupid. ok you can be a panda

Apparently I wrote a post about my thoughts about the TMV prom dresses… it appears I enjoyed using the word “hotness” a lot. I imagine I had just recently watched Mean Girls or some teen movie like that.

jackie – HEART your dress! you are freaking elegant and i loved how your blue dress blew in the wind. i was like OH NO when i saw that your thread had unraveled a little, but your hot date helped you out. ๐Ÿ˜€ although he later tells me that he was the one who ripped it in the first place.

frances lo – lavender! i love. i also love your story “they put FAKE EYELASHES ON ME! i ripped them off. i was so mad” HAHA i love your purple eye shadow. and of course, hotness points for you because you didn’t have to buy your dress ^_^

frances chen – YOUR HAIRRR who ever knew so many bobby pins could be used at once. i think your hair may have had the most work put into it, and it was well worth it. you made black become very hot. i loved how your dress wrapped around your shoulders. it made you look very elegant too. and you were even PALER than usual! i guess those four hours of makeup and hair time paid off very well ^_^

regina – AHAH omg i dont know what i would have done without a hair or makeup appt. i think i would have ended up not doing makeup at all, and just tying my hair up ponytail style. kudos for ending up looking so good under such pressure. and of course, who else could pull of the aquamarine? also points for making philip have such a hard time finding a matching tie ๐Ÿ˜€

connie lo – PINK HAAAAA i want to go back to 6th grade and tell you HAHA YOU ARE GOING TO WEAR PINK FOR PROM. and then go to 8th grade and tell you HAHA YOU ARE GOING TO PROM WITH ALEX PAO. AHHAHA i loved you in pink :-* and i hearted your necklace~ย tell your mom she got you to look even hotter than ever~ sorry for wearing your shoes without realizing it “WHO’S WEARING MY SHOES. MELTANG ARE THOSE MY SHOES!” “WHAT NO I AM NOT” “YES YOU ARE”

connie yu – AHHA BIG BLONDE strikes in gold. you were the first girl i saw in formal wear and you got me all excited for seeing everyone else. it was like EEEEKKKK!! *jumps up and down* i loved your hair smell. please do it again.

Hmm. I found my photo cd with prom pictures but I can’t find any of all of TMV together. Which seems very odd since I know for a fact we pissed off all of our non-TMV prom dates when we showed up for the school’s prom portraits about two hours later than scheduled.

Found one! Who is that girl on the far right?

My favorite youtube video I’ve ever taken! ๐Ÿ™‚

wtf. i ask my mom whether i should apply to cal state long beach as a safety school and she goes “it’s too far” let’s see what happens when i ask to go to some school in the east coast

Ok. This could go on forever. I need to go to sleep so I can go to work. Once again I have about five things left uncrossed on my to do list.

I didn’t even look at my old blogspot. HAHAHA I’m sure all there is in that blog is “diet … fat … hungry … salad … gym … diet … school … work … job … need to lose weight …”


Sitting on my butt

Listening to: One Direction – Stand Up (I wanted to do a post on One Direction vs. The Wanted but that would require me to find out more about the two bands than I care to learn. I sent this song to Kathy on Spotify and her reply was “no. way. LOL. I am totes LOL” This video helpfully shows a picture of the boy singing his part. Which would have been helpful back in the days of NSYNC vs BSB “who is that singing? Is that Lance? Is that Chris? Joey? I only know how to distinguish JC and Justin!”)

It feels like it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been able to sit around my house like a hermit for an entire day. According to my Google Calendar, the last time I didn’t go out for one of the weekend days was November 13th. I don’t know if that’s true or just shoddy recordkeeping. I don’t think I’ve ever stayed home on both Saturday and Sunday, at least since high school. That sounds kind of ridiculous, but I remember flipping through my old date books where I’d write down places I went to and the people I went with, and I realized that you can meet up with at least one friend a week without even trying, assuming you don’t live in a city where you know no one.

I did talk to my housemates both days this weekend, so I can’t claim to have had an entire day where I didn’t talk to a single person, but it was close enough and I’m not striving to be a complete recluse. I just wanted one day to be … stationary.

Saturday: basically I just watched the entire first season of New Girl all day but it was interspersed with two rounds of laundry, grocery shopping, banana bread making, and gymming. New Girl is HILARIOUS. The first three episodes aren’t great, but when are they ever for a new show? I think the trick was to create characters even quirkier than Zooey Deschanel.

Sunday: had brunch at my manager’s house with some other coworkers. I think I only wanted Saturday alone because I already knew I’d be doing something Sunday. Otherwise I don’t think I could have handled the uncertainty of being alone TWO days in a row. I cooked salmon for dinner and it was visually disappointing but decent flavorwise. The fish smell remaining on my fingers is enough to make me want to become vegetarian. Or, if there is a term for someone who only ever eats ground meat (which I can cook without ever having to touch), that would be me.

Somehow, sitting on my ass the entire day while marathoning a show was incredibly comforting and rejuvenating to me. But only if in moderation. I love random weekend trips, which I was lucky enough to have in the past month (one back to Arcadia and one to SD), and I love going up to the East Bay and SF, but after a while, I start to feel like all these outings are just distractions that I create for myself as an excuse to ignore other things in my life. I wasn’t really doing nothing though. I did laundry and I washed my blankets and bedsheets and I cooked and I did all these little room errands that I can’t do when I’m lying around in someone else’s house.

I used to never get cramps even if I ate ice cream on my period but now I get intense cramps almost immediately after drinking cold water. Also, I don’t know if this is because I’m just far less active than before or what, but my entire body aches. I wish I could feel young and fit again. Although back when I was far more fit, I still felt fat, so the takeaway here is that I’m never satisfied. Or that I’ve just been fat and unhealthy my entire life but now I’ve just kicked it up a notch. I’m debating cancelling my rock climbing membership and finding a gym with a good pool because I really miss swimming. It may be the #1 thing I miss about being a student at Berkeley (prob because I still constantly revisit to eat the food): swimming at 7pm-9pm, especially on the days when it would be raining.

*while at my manager’s house*

Manager’s husband: Would you like me to make you a mocha?
Manager’s husband: Do you want a peppermint mocha?
Me: OMG I LOVEEEEEEEE peppermint anything!!! Yes please!
Manager’s husband (handing me a bottle of Torini): Here, you can add it to your liking
Me: …… oh … hmm ok

*a little later*

Me: ………so, every time I’ve ever bought a mint mocha from a cafe, the mint flavoring is just this bottle of syrup?
Everyone: Yeah
Me: ……oh *sad face* I always thought they were like, melting a piece of mint or crushing mint leaves or something
Everyone: WHAT?! NO! They are NOT doing that
Manager’s husband: No let’s not ruin the magic. Yes, every time you order something with mint, they are crushing mint leaves into your mocha

*while making salmon, I call my mom*

Me: So … I can cook this with the skin on?
Mom: Yes of course
Me: Do I have to wash the fish? (which sounds like a ridiculous question BUT I told this to my teammates today and they admitted that they wouldn’t have known whether to wash the fish either)
Mom: Yes you can
Me: What else do I have to do?
Mom: Nothing, just put salt and pepper
Me: ARE YOU SURE? NOTHING else?!?! I just WASH it and put it on the pan?
Mom: Yes

*me not believing her, calls Henry*

Me: So … I can just put this piece of salmon on the pan?
Henry: Yes, you don’t have to wash it though
Me: ARE YOU SURE? I can just put it on, skin and all?
Henry: Yeah

*a little later my housemates come home*

Housemate’s boyfriend: Did you not remove the scales? It smells like you didn’t

*later I call back my mom*

Me: You did NOT tell me to remove the scales
Mom: what do you mean? Of course you remove the scales
Me: Well I asked if you I had to do anything else and you said no
Mom: Oh well I didn’t think there’d be scales still on it. You are right, I did not tell you that. I don’t know what to say.

My housemates have started juicing. I’ve done about three or four juice meals with them and I think I kind of want to buy my own juicer and do it regularly as well. BUT it’s like … a $5-10 meal! Juicing is NOT cheap. For all the fruits and veggies and all that comes out is a pitcher of awkwardly super dark green liquid … but now I can really taste all the sugar in the Naked juice and I think it would be better to homemake it. I need to go on a cleanse. Damn Marina and Kathy for influencing me with their Whole Foods mentality of chia seed diets and juice diets.

Random pic of the day

TIME for shower then PLL!!! Mondays are the best. I watch Good Wife, PLL, and there’s New Music Monday. Fav day of the week.


JUST finished PLL. Lately, every Monday around 1:30am when I finish watching the episode on Hulu, I’ll email a coworker (the only other person I’ve met who not only regularly watched PLL but has actually WATCHED an episode of PLL) with all my running thoughts. Which are typically the same “LOL WHY is she wearing that” “WHY do they HAVE to investigate when it’s night time!” “I thought that person died?” “Who is that person? I don’t think I watched that episode” “Wait what? I don’t remember what happened?” I want the DVDS NOWWWW to rewatch!

I saw this on tumblr and now want to do the joke for everything. If only life could be expressed via GIF format in reality. Hmm … how can I recreate the tumblr layout…

With that, Hunger Games! Then sleep! Then work

Today I chose to cook

Listening to:

If you fancy some dance: Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind)

If you fancy some indie: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

I feel like the most meaningless, stupid, not even funny comments on the internet are collected on youtube.

Today I cooked a REAL meal. Possibly the first real meal I have ever made in my life.ย  I’m sure I can count the number of things I’ve ever singlehandedly cooked on two hands, and those consist of: 1) steamed spinach, 2) horribly shitty breakfast potatoes, 3) spaghetti, 4) quesadillas and 5) steamed broccoli, 6) steamed mung bean sprouts, 7) tres leches cake, 8) miso pork and … I honestly can’t think of anything else.

Of those, I would say that only the spaghetti, miso pork, and steamed spinach turned out well. The other four, I know I threw out at least half of what I made.

My dinner took two hours, plus another hour to make dessert (just yellow cake from a box), eat and clean. I went back to my room afterwards and marveled over how it was only 9:15 … before I realized that I hadn’t changed the time for Daylight Savings yet and it was actually 10:15. The cake was just an excuse to eat my chocolate frosting really. After cooking everything, I didn’t even feel like eating, which my housemate Jessica told me always happens because by the end of it you just get too tired to bother eating. I also burned a hole through a towel by accidentally leaving it on the stovetop. HAHA Cooking extraordinaire, I am not. I find more value in discovering new restaurants.

Love this video. It has Selena Gomez (the reason I watched it in the first place), Justin Bieber (the reason I ended up continuing to watch), and Ashley Tisdale (who is surprisingly VERY endearing in this video)

I made the associates on my team watch it today at work, because one of them LOVES Justin Bieber not even ironically.

I intended to go home and reread The Hunger Games in a day. But I had been planning to cook my housemates dinner today. Turns out there’s only ever enough time to really do one thing after work. Usually I choose: tv + catching up on celebrity gossip, and put aside other options such as talking to my parents, cleaning, reading, hanging out with friends, making new friends, going to the gym, pursuing a productive hobby.

Is it only March?

Listening to: Kina Grannis – Blood Bank (Bon Iver cover)

I spent about an hour writing an unfinished post but now I feel like I’m too tired to continue. All that work with nothing to show for it. But I want to post something anyway because I am tired of seeing Dance Mom sassily shake her head at me when I check my blog.

Instead, I will just steal a quote from Jessica’s facebook:

Laura and Jessica’s Mom after watching In Bruges: Was that a four star movie? Did we just waste two hours watching a four star movie? I knew it! Rent me Transformers next time!

(about a year ago)

Me: That’s Aaron Eckhart
Laura’s Mom: Who is Aaron Eckhart?
Me: He’s in … Batman Begins … Thank You For Smoking …
Laura: She won’t know any of those movies. My mom only likes one or two star movies
Laura’s Mom: Yeah! I don’t know any of those movies
Me: Um … two star movies? Um … He was in Erin Brockovich
Laura’s Mom: Oh yes! I know who he is now

Also, my new hobby is to click on all the Jetsetter ads and save the nice pictures they have.

Alesund, Norway
Brooklyn, NY
Monaco, Principality of France (clearly I have no idea where Monaco is and Wiki'd it)

My Sunday to-do list included:

– Go to library
– Research vacation ideas
– Grocery shop
– Target
– Taxes
– Read (preferably in a cafe)

I guess that’s pretty bad.

Hunger Games movie coming out soon! I already have my midnight showing tickets. Awesomeballs