Weekend 47: Thanksgiving

Listening to: Flight Facilities ft. Giselle – Crave You

It’s 9:23am on a Wednesday morning and I am … lying in my bed under the covers in my work clothes. Why am I not at work? Because my car is locked up in the library parking lot!!! So sad. Yesterday I went out to eat dinner. I was the first one there so I just put my name down and then drove to the library to drop off my books (yes, I actually have time to go to the library and get books! No, I don’t time to actually read them. I just renew them three times before I give up and just return them). While there, Amy calls and goes “where are you? I’ll just come pick you up, it’s on my way.” I’m not one to turn down a free ride so I just got in her car and off we went. She drives me back after dinner, which is when we pull up to a gated parking lot. Ooops. So I’m just going to go into work late and she will take me to the library around 10am (when the library opens).

Sometimes people would say “the good thing about this job is how flexible the hours are” and as an A1 I would think “wtf are they talking about, my entire life revolves around this fucking job. I can’t even make dinner plans because I don’t know for sure when I’m leaving.” Now I see what they mean though, but only after I’ve been there a year and have grown comfortable enough to know that if I’m late for work a few times, it really doesn’t matter in the big picture (because I will inevitably make up that time anyway, some time late into the night).

I don’t know why but I don’t care so much about blogging anymore. I wonder if part of it is because I don’t take pictures of things anymore. Maybe another part is because my weekends have become more and more average and I don’t feel like constantly writing “this weekend I did nothing, then sat around, then went to SF, then oh shit my weekend is over.”

Thanksgiving: my memorable parts included

1) Eating a crazy delicious banana peanut butter donut that Henry bought me from a place in LA THAT I MUST HAVE AGAIN

I don't have many pictures but I made sure to take one of this

2) Falling in love with the black sesame milk tea at HoneyBoba

3) Realizing that HoneyBoba is not all that great two days later when I went back for the same drink

4) Bar Louie with some TMVers; I got a Woodchuck Amber Cider and it was pretty much my favorite sweet alcoholic drink I’ve ever had

5) Lying around doing nothing

6) Buying $61 worth of DVDs (Good Wife, Bridesmaids, 2 seasons of Mad Men and 3 seasons of FNL!!!)

7) Buying $420 worth of plane tickets on Southwest’s Cyber Monday sale. I regret not buying a ticket to Seattle for this weekend though. It went from $59 to $248 😦

Things I failed to do:

1) I really wanted to just go out and do very SoCal-like things but never had the time to. It is hard to do things on a holiday weekend when almost everything closes. Also, I should yelp things prior to going to SoCal because it’s too overwhelming to try to think of all the things I want to do/eat when I’m already there

2) Write down my thoughts about life. I think before I left, I had all of these “THINGS I WANT TO DO IN 2012!!!” ideas and “MOTIVATING THOUGHTS!” and by the time my weekend ended I had forgotten about all of them. Blegh.

Tired now. Hrm. I left work at 5pm, was in my PJs and in bed by 8pm, thought I would fall asleep around 9pm. My main concern tonight is that I’ve been under my covers for so long, that now it is a bit too warm. What a hard, hard life.


Weekend 45 and 46: My weekends are getting more and more boring

While I have actually been doing things with my life (and by that, I mean “going out and eating things”), I don’t think they are blog worthy. Plus, I am trying to cut down on talking too much about my life. In my blog. That seems counterintuitive. I think what I’m really trying to say is, I’m too lazy to bore you with the details of my previous weekend or this weekend. Here are the highlights:

1) I somehow ended up eating at The Counter three times in a single week. I have wanted to go back to The Counter, basically since October 2010. But I never did. Well, as of today I think I’ve eaten my combo of: 1/3 beef, honey wheat bun, red onion, hard boiled egg, mixed greens, and corn & tomato salsa, so often that I no longer want to go to the Counter again. Next, Father’s Office!!!

2) Chez Panisse and Wood Tavern: I could really get used to the idea of eating at expensive restaurants with friends on a weekday night. I left work around 4pm to make it to SF/Chez Panisse one day, then I was able to leave work at 3pm so I could make a 6pm reservation at Wood Tavern. What salary level do I have to hit so that sitting around, drinking glasses of wine and eating giant plates of meat becomes my norm?

3) Blind Pilot Concert!!! At the GAMH in SF. I went with Robin who is now my concert buddy. Blind Pilot was aweeeesssomeee. They played all the songs I love off their first album. I am a bad fan and have not gotten their second album yet, but I then fell in love with all the new songs! And usually in a concert I’m like “UGH STOP no more new songs!” The ending was cute: they played Three Rounds and a Sound acoustic and they all got down from the stage and everyone sat down on the ground, kum bah yah style. Well, it was cute in theory. In practice, I ended up sitting down on a huge puddle of spilled beer, and then in an attempt to not get my ass wet, I tried squatting and throughout the entire song, I thought I was going to snap my ligament or something because my feet were so weak from sprainedness/standing for three hours. Otherwise, AMAZING.


Omg. Best thing ever. I pretty much start and end my day with this. And sometimes play it at work. And pretty much force all of my audit teams to watch the performance with me as I beam at my laptop and say “ISN’T THIS GREAT?! DON’T YOU LOVE IT?! You don’t seem as into it as I am. FINE GO BACK TO WORK THEN”

Weekend 44: A normal weekend

Listening to: Etta James – I Worship The Ground You Walk On (I’ve realized today that my general music tastes are: dance, top 40, folk, indie and soul)

Reading: Mindy Kaling – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

(HAHA Henry ordered this for me as a surprise gift. The day it arrived, I had JUST watched her on Daily Show and thought “I kind of want to read her book!” and when I got home I thought “OMG A PACKAGE! But I didn’t order anything! It’s book-sized too! Did I go online shopping in my sleep?!” Henry just knows me too well. It is a hilarious read and made me want to reread her blog which was one of my favorite blogs to follow back in high school. I only wish Amy Poehler would one day come out with a book as well, because that would just be perfection. In the meantime, I need to get this book to bolster my collection of hilarious books)

The introduction had me laughing out loud. One of my favorite quotes, just in the first three pages:

I don’t know. I have a lot of books already. I wanted to finish those Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books before the movies come out. This book will take you two days to read. Did you even see the cover? It’s mostly pink. If you’re reading this book every night for months, something is not right.

Today my dinner was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. My dessert was blood orange sorbet. I think I should take this as a sign that I need to start dieting. Between my uninhibited consumption of desserts and my lack of rock climbing exercise, I’m just waiting for the day when I look in the mirror and go “OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MYSELF?!?!”

Agh I stupidly walked around way too long today without my crutches and my ankle area is throbbing. Sigh. I now look forward to another five days of doing nothing but sitting around in an office chair. I just want to go running again. And rock climbing. And now that I’m incapacitated, I want to go surfing more than ever. Great idea, now that it is about 50 degrees in the Bay Area.

Last year I started writing Christmas cards after Thanksgiving and probably only got halfway through. This year, I think I am going to start now if I intend to finish all the cards. I am going to abstain from buying any cards this year because I have like … three unopened boxes from previous years. This includes the ridiculously glittery ones that explode all over you when you take out the card. Anyway, don’t be confused if you get a card from me dated 11/8 or something.

I’m very tired and it is already 1am which means it would be 2am yesterday, but I am trying desperately to finish this blog tonight (hard since I haven’t even talked about my weekend yet). I think I may be funnier if I write on the weekend, rather than in the middle of the week when work has sucked the life out of me.

Ok. FRIDAY. Um … oh. I went to eat one of those Korean Fried Chicken places in SF with Laura, Soo Jin, Albert, Kaitlyn and their friend whose name I don’t remember. The service was not that good, I don’t know why. The food was like generally good Korean food. I think I am totally over going to SF, even for the food at this point. Actually, I think it’s more accurate to say that I don’t really want to go to Asian restaurants in SF anymore. Going to an Asian restaurant and getting bad service is acceptable if it’s in a suburb where I found easy parking RIGHT next to the restaurant and didn’t have to wait an ungodly amount of time to get seated/place an order/get drinks/get food. But having to deal with all the usual SF crap and THEN have bad service just makes me pissy.

Saturday I drove up to Walnut Creek for my eye appt. Marina had recommended me the optometrist, which is why I was driving an hour to get my eyes checked. The main reason is because I honestly had no clue where to go in the South Bay, so I figured I might as well go somewhere that someone had recommended. A minor reason is because … the guy’s in Walnut Creek. I would assume that any doctor in that rich, white neighborhood would have to be pretty good. I liked him a lot – but I also detested my optometrist in Arcadia in comparison. He was an ass. I have only been to two optometrists in my life, both in very Asian neighborhoods. I don’t know if I can assume that my new optometrist is representative of other eye doctors in rich, white neighborhoods, but I appreciated that his helpers weren’t high school/college aged Asian girls trying to get a good line on their resume, and were instead some 50ish year old looking white women who made me feel rather well-cared for and mothered. Also, I was at the optometrist from 10:30-1:00 AND it was a  Saturday, so I liked how they took their time with me. The asshole doctor in Arcadia is not nearly as attentive.

I had scheduled a hair appt in Berkeley at 2, so I started driving. I thought I might be able to eat lunch first, but somehow it really did take an hour for me to get from Walnut Creek to the hair salon. When I called, I wanted to ask for my previous hairdresser, who had cut my hair REALLY well. I couldn’t remember his name though, only that he was Mexican. I wanted to say “can I have … Javier? Or maybe his name was Jose.” I am glad I said nothing, because his name was actually Pedro.

This time, I think he cut my hair way too short so I’m not in love with it. It’s also not as layered as I would like. Whatever. I think it would look cute clipped up but I do not own medium sized clips. Also, I don’t really know how to clip my hair. I would hope by Thanksgiving it grows out to the length I desire.

I had wanted Bakesale Betty’s but they had closed by the time I finished my haircut. I walked to Cheeseboard but they had ALSO closed. I went to Masse’s to buy cakes as a substitute (again, with the desserts). Luckily I remembered that Gregoire’s had a fried chicken sandwich so I met up with Laura and her sister (who had decided to also go to Berkeley) and we ate Gregoire’s in my car. AMAZINGGG! I want more… I also want Bakesale Betty’s. I don’t know where my sudden craving for fried chicken and cole slaw in a sandwich came from, but it’s not going away.

Despite JUST eating that sandwich, I then drove off to meet up with Kathy for Johnny Garlic’s which is Guy Fieri’s new restaurant. This was how we chose it

Kathy: Do you know who Guy Fieri is?
Me: Is it that fattish guy with blonde highlights
Kathy: Yes, he just opened a new restaurant. Want to go there?
Me: Sure

So I met up with her in an Ulta in Dublin. She was trying on different shades of red nail polish and asked me which one looked best. I told her they all looked exactly the same to me. HAHA I love shopping with Kathy. Then she proceeded to be an AWESOME friend by driving her car back and forth to accommodate my bum leg. The short story is, the wait was an hour so we went back to her car and ate the two cakes from Masse’s that I had bought (YUMMERS!) then after we finished the cakes we went back to the restaurant and I ate a salad and she ate a crazy delicious ahi tuna sandwich. I feel somewhat bad because she is in study cram mode for the CPA and the dinner ended up going from 6:30-10:00. I love hanging out with Kathy though, so that guilt does not last very long.

Driving home, it started pouring on the 680. I thought it was great fun to drive around at night time in the rain with my radio blasting … until I hit a huge fucking puddle while going 65 and thought I was going to die.

TODAY. Went to SF with Laura and her sister and ate at some … restaurant … our server was Australian. I kept thinking Yvonne Strahovski was near me. I split a baked mac & cheese, escargot, and smoked salmon sandwiches with Jessica. Then we went to Bi-Rite and I got honey lavender. Bi-Rite is not as good as Ici’s, I’ve decided. Then we went to Nordstrom’s and Crate & Barrel in Palo Alto. You know, I drove an hour to find an optometrist in a rich white neighborhood when I could have probably found one in Palo Alto, which 20 minutes away from me. Oh well.

So I had browsed online for boots I wanted from Nordstrom’s and I thought I had seen like five pairs I loved. When I was looking in the store though, either they looked cheaper in person, or I never found them. The one I really want is this Luxury Rebel boot. It’s more expensive than I’d pay for shoes, but I was hoping I’d be able to see them and realize they weren’t that great after all, and then forget about them. Unfortunately, I didn’t see them so now here I am thinking about them.

Then we went back to Laura’s and did our semi-annual Glee marathon of performances

I think I will have spent a lot of money for this weekend and the next few days. I’m not even sure what I bought but I am 95% sure I bought something that cost me $200…

Oh. It was my new pair of glasses. HAHA That’s what it was.

Things I want and how much I’d be willing to spend:

– hot black athletic pants: $80. As long as it’s still trendy to wear yoga pants around SF, I am down to put down some cash for some pants I will never actually use while exercising.

– a Kristen Stewart leather jacket: $150. I have never found a suitable leather jacket but I’m always on the lookout. Something soft, thin, preferably with a hood, and good for layering with long t-shirts or something

– light brown leather boots: $120. This is to start off my “simple but chic” look that I hope one day becomes associated with me, to replace the current “simple and lazy” look that I’ve been mastering

– grey leather boots: $100. I just love boots.

– shorter black boots no heel: $100. See above picture.

– brown and black blazer: $75 each. I’m channeling Lauren Conrad as I think of this blazer.

Like so but without the weird leggings or shoes

You know what. This is not the end of the list. But it’s 1:56. Which means my body thinks it’s 3am. I don’t want to continue this list anymore. To be honest, every time I step into a store, I feel like the clothing is too cheap (material-wise) or too expensive (dollar-wise). So good night 🙂

Weekend 43: Halloween

Goodness. My last post was a little terrifying. I just stuck a video there and never checked my blog again. Then I come back and this big scary made up eye is looking at me. HA sorry.

I have been obsessed with A LOT of songs the past two weeks

1) Manic Street Preachers – This is the Day
2) Kelly Clarkson – Don’t Be a Girl About It
3) Florence & the Machine – Shake it Out
4) Florence & the Machine – Breaking Down
5) The Temper Trap – Fader
6) Selena Gomez – Love You Like A Love Song
7) Kelly Clarkson – You Can’t Win
8 ) Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me
9) Glee – Run The World

That last one pretty much ruins any scrap of concentration I have at work because when I hear it, I can’t think of anything besides the dance sequence in Glee

When will Naya Rivera and Heather Morris be allowed to wear normal clothes and a normal hairstyle again?

OK. This post probably wouldn’t have been made if it weren’t for the fact that I am on weekend 43 of 52 and have yet to skip out on a weekend post. Not that last weekend was terrible; I just couldn’t think of anything to say beyond simply summarizing my weekend. What I did:

Saturday: I VOLUNTEERED to work. No one understood why I did this. I’m not sure if I could logically explain it. I just really missed working with my old team in Moraga and knew they would be working the weekend and I had no real plans otherwise so … I told the manager that if she needed help I would be happy to drive up. She of course, took me up on my offer very quickly.

Well, I wasn’t expecting to have to arrive there at 9pm. We stayed until 7pm. Still, it really didn’t feel like work because I was sitting around in short shorts and a sweatshirt. And I think of those nine hours, I probably sat around and just laughed my ass off for four of those hours. I say, I had to be in the East Bay at night anyway; I might as well work a little with people who I enjoy, collect some mileage, and get a free breakfast and lunch out of it. Seriously, that client is so far I basically collect $55 each time I go out there.

After work I went to Whole Foods with Kathy to buy some pumpkin ale. Yummmm. As I spend more time with Amy and Kathy, I find myself more inclined to buy things from Whole Foods. THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS. I need to scrounge up every penny I earn for that future downpayment … not buy organic whatsits and thisthats.

Then I went to Ryan’s 30th birthday/Halloween party. I incorporated my cast and crutches by dressing up as an injured athlete. Kind of lame as costumes go. But as someone who cares not about Halloween, it was the most effort I’ve put into a costume ever. When I was a child, my mom dressed me, so I don’t count those years. The costume was good because then I had an excuse to sit around and not dance. Plus it makes for a very good conversation starter. I was able to carry a LOT of conversations just talking about rock climbing.

As always … hanging out with Ryan and Angelica reminds me of my scarce talents. They made their costumes from scratch in a few hours and it involved glue guns, plushy material, ping pong balls for eyes, sewing, and the like. The people I talked to at the party were like … med school students, nuclear reaction researchers, post-doctorates, filmmakers … if I just went to grad school, would I also be in such good company?

We ended up staying until 2:30ish which is by far the latest I’ve been to a party in a while. The cold while waiting for a cab kept me awake. We used my injury to get the cab driver to squeeze five people into the cab. This cast/crutches thing is really convenient. People are nicer to me and strike up conversation for no reason. I’m starting to think I should just wear the cast and crutches every time I have a new client, because it’s very hard for someone to be mean to a quiet looking girl in crutches.

Got home around 3:30 and went to bed at 4 … and then woke up around 8:30 to go to a breakfast gathering with one of my other teams. HAHA We made waffles and scrambled eggs and sausage … YUMMERS. I want to get a waffle iron now. But I want to know how to make my waffles crispier. My housemate Jessica mentioned something about egg whites instead of the whole egg but I only half pay attention to recipes because I never expect to put them to use.

So we had breakfast … I thought we’d leave at 11am so I had told my Moraga team I’d get there at 12. HAHA we ended up leaving at 12:30. Oops. Well, you can’t really get mad at an volunteer employee for being late to work. I got there just in time to eat some cupcakes and pizza that Eunice had brought. I wish I could remember all the ridiculous things that we had said to each other. I think at one point Eunice jokingly said “you know, I thought you’d be helpful this weekend but I think you’re just making all of us more unproductive.” HAHA Glad to be of service…

Hmmmmm besides that … I don’t think I did anything else. Now it’s already the next weekend.