Weekend 42: Hobbling around

Listening to: Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out (Benny Benassi remix)

I was thinking about what I did this weekend and realized, maybe back in January I would have been ecstatic and started the post with “I did SO MUCH this weekend and saw so many people! Life is great!” but now I’m like “hmm pretty good weekend, kind of normal, nothing crazy.” Which is a good sign.

Let’s back up to Thursday night, when I freaking sprained my ankle! I’ve never had a serious injury before, and this seems like a pretty minor one at that. I basically fell poorly while climbing an overhang. While I was doing the climb, I thought to myself “ugh I feel like I’m about to injure myself” and a few seconds later I fell and suddenly heard this loud POP! and then quickly realized that if I didn’t shift all my weight to my right foot, I was about to fall on my face. I hobbled off to the side and sat there, thinking maybe I just had to shake out my leg or something, like the equivalent of cracking my knuckles. The longer I sat there, the more immobilized I started to feel so I finally just bit the bullet and dragged myself to the front desk.

I called Laura to pick me up and take me to the hospital (thank you!) and miraculously it only took an hour and a half to get in, get xrays, and then get a makeshift cast and crutches. After wearing that cast for several days, I think I’m going to stop wearing it though, because my foot has only grown more bruised and swollen looking. I spent most of tonight icing it with a bag of soy bean peas, so it’s shrunk from its previous “Wall-E-esque obese-American” size to “still-obese-but-not-bedridden” size.

Friday afternoon, my audit team had lunch together with another team, mainly because I wanted to see Julia and Lindsay. HAHA Upon seeing my bare, unpainted foot exposed to the world, Lindsay announced “OH MY GOD Can you please paint your toes?! That looks disgusting” but she wouldn’t get a pedicure with me because she intended to sleep all weekend long. So when I got back to my laptop, I sent out an email to Marina, Kathy and Sarah and asked if they’d join me for a pedi/mani. Friday night, I went to Laura’s for some tv, a slideshow of her Disney cruise vacation, and some steak. Half of which I still have to eat…

Saturday … I woke up at 9am, watched tv, got up to brush my teeth and pee, then continued to watch tv straight until 2pm. Then I set out to Danville for my mani/pedi appt. Marina had said yes immediately to my invite, and after I said we could do it in Danville, Kathy said she’d come out too. Then I sent an email with a picture of a cat in a cast and said “how can you say no to someone in a cast?” thereby forcing Sarah to come. LOVE IT.

So fun to get nails done with lady friends. HAHA Today I kept getting distracted by how pretty my toenails are. I had my foot propped up on a chair, so I’d be leaning back on my chair, just staring at my foot. I’m glad our client doesn’t walk into our audit room too often. Anyway, after our mani/pedi we went to get dinner at a Thai restaurant in the same plaza. Best moment was when I was trying to get out of my seat at the end of the meal, and then found myself off balance so I ended up throwing myself against the wall of the restaurant, unable to stand upright. So I was just back against the wall with my arms spread out, trying not to fall down, pinned there by gravity, and I was like “OH MY GOD! HELP ME!” No wait. The best moment of the night might have been when Marina said she was going to watch Lion King in 3-D and Sarah goes “oh my god, do you know texts from last night? Did you see the one where it’s like ‘and then he drew a line on my forehead with his semen and said ‘Simba.'” I just like how it’s become ok for my client contact to say “semen” in a normal conversation with us and not bat an eyelash.

Well after that I drove back to South Bay to Laura’s and then we went to Palo Alto Creamery to meet up with ANDRRRIAAAA and Ray and their friend Dave. Laura and I realized that Dave has probably been to several dinners with us, but each time we act like it’s the first time we’ve ever met him. HAHA I had initially just wanted a milkshake and told the waitress “just the milkshake” but I think she heard differently and thought I had said “I’m still deciding” so after everyone had ordered she looked at me and was like “have you decided yet?” and I went “um …….. chili dog.” HAHAHA mmm I would like a milkshake right now …

SUNDAY. What happened Sunday? Shit. OH. I drove to SF, had lunch with my old co-worker Anna at a German restaurant called Suppenkuche. It was pretty good, VERY hardy. Like … if the menu is representative of authentic German food, Germans would HAVE to be the most obese people in the world. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find parking very close to the restaurant so I ended up hobbling down four very downhill blocks to get to the restaurant. To the point that now I have crutches burn on my arms. I better get awesomely toned arms at the end of this ordeal.

After that I drove over to David’s place. Sad that it took me an hour to get from point A to point B, which was a distance of 0.7mi. I almost gave up walking from my parking spot to David’s place, which was only two blocks away. I was seriously contemplating calling Kristen and saying “can you meet me at this intersection? I think I’m going to go home.” Glad I didn’t though! Had a nice relaxing time at David’s going away party, watched them carve pumpkins, ate a shit ton of baguette, drank some delicious sangria … now I want to have a cute backyard and string up lights : )

So that was my weekend! Time to sleep. I was so exhausted today at work even though I slept a good eight hours.

Best conversation yet:

Wieman, Amy
how do you shower?

9:22 AMTang, Melissa
well when i shower
i crawl up the stairs
and then i hop into the bathroom
and then i get on my hands nad knees and crawl into the bathtub

9:23 AMWieman, Amy
that is… so sad
i would shower you if you wear a swim suit. LOL
does that sound weird? i don’t mean it in a weird way
just so you don’t have to crawl

I’m glad I’ve made friends in the past few months. Friends who would bathe me.


Weekend 40 and 41: The Good Wife

Listening to: Schwayze ft. LMFAO – Get U Home

I’m fairly confident that last weekend and this weekend will have very similar characteristics, that is, I will spend almost the entire weekend lying on Amy’s couch marathoning The Good Wife.

The Good Wife is SO GOOD I have been staying up this past week every day until 2 or so and waking up at 7am. The first and last thing I do every day is watch an episode of The Good Wife. It’s been a very long time since I have had the chance to just sit and marathon a show. It’s nice to have an achievable and enjoyable goal: finish a season in a week or less.

Unfortunately, I guess since it’s a legal procedural on CBS and the cast is older, no one is diligently uploading youtube video clips so there’s nothing I can really post here to catch your attention (assuming anyone clicks the things I put here anyway). It is just SUCH a good show, and I usually hate legal dramas so to me, that’s something. Positives: incredible cast, continuity, reappearing guest characters, ARCHIE PANJABI, fast-paced writing, and really well-written female characters. Love it.

Saturday I think I can safely say I watched about 9 to 10 hours of The Good Wife. There was a small break in between where I drove to Stanford and went running, but otherwise, it felt incredibly awesome to just turn off my brain and soak in the amazingness of the show. ❤

Sunday it was more of the Good Wife but in the afternoon I drove up to SF and hung out with Kristen for the day. This involved driving to her new living space, eating at Woodhouse Fish Company, making a Target run for window blinds, falling asleep all over Kristen’s room as she and her housemate successfully installed the blinds, then going for dinner at E&O! E&O was DELICIOUS. Kristen had bought some sort of groupon-like deal thing so our dinner was essentially $60 not including tip or tax. Dinner included amazing corn fritters, our choice of two appetizers (we took crab dip with green fry bread and lamb lettuce cups), two entrees (I took duck breast, Kristen took filet mignon) and dessert (apple cake thing with ginger ice cream). Sooo delicious and writing about it now makes me want to go out to eat

Then my workweek started and it was one of the best. I basically got put on a client alone for a week so I decided I’d frontload my week with work and then take it easy towards the end. I ended up TRYING really hard to work late but never actually doing so. On Monday and Tuesday I’d end up leaving the office around 6 or 7, and instead of going home and working until 11 as planned, I’d just sink into the couch and watch more episodes of The Good Wife. But this ended up turning out perfectly because about 1/3 of the work I was assigned to do ended up not needing to be done … so it was a good thing I hadn’t worked too fast!

The client I was on is already easy enough, but somehow I found myself pretty much done with everything around Tuesday night. Wednesday I worked until 2pm and then went home. Technically I worked until 3am to get everything into a good state, but I also didn’t start working until 11pm or so. Wednesday was taco night at my house; we had three different kinds of meats and it was freaking amazing HAHA It was like, legit taco truck status tacos.

Thursday I also left work at 2 again and then went to the gym. Any day when I am at the gym at an off hour is a pretty fantastic day. So many open rock climbing courses!

Friday (today) I woke up, watched The Good Wife until 10am, finally finished my training, which included three naps in between because the material is SO BORING, and then left to Berkeley around 2pm. The idea was to leave early enough to beat traffic, which I’m sure I beat to some extent but there was STILL traffic. Sigh, bay area. Well I drove to Masse’s and bought four cakes and then drove to my Moraga client, which is the team I LOVEEEE but haven’t seen in like two weeks!!! We have been emailing each other back and forth though … I have a pretty freaking awesome email chain with the client. It involves multiple cat pictures HAHA

My personal favorites

To Sarah, the client (we are trading cat pictures):

From Sarah:

Awwww your cat is so cute? What are their names? (two right?)

Here is Punkin- and yes, it’s supposed to sound like Pumpkin- J

My response:

LOLLLL thanks for not answering my work-related question. That’s cool HAHA

From Kathy:

Stop talking to the client. I need the open items list. These cat pictures of yours is cutting into our MPF precious audit time. You are the reason why we have to work this weekend.

LOL… misss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂

Anyway, I had only told Marina that I was thinking of dropping by and she said I shouldn’t because she thought Eunice would take the opportunity to drag me into working on the weekend. Well, not only do I love seeing Kathy, Marina and Sarah the client, but I had also been essentially been by myself for the entire workweek so I think a part of me was just craving human interaction. So I thought, NO I AM GOING. I got to the client site and called Kathy to let me in, since the doors lock after 4…

Me: Hi!
Kathy: Hi! What’s up?
Me: Can you come … open the front door?
Kathy: What?
Me: So …. I’M HERE!

Hugs all around. I basically ran into the room that Kathy and Marina sit in, aka the fun room and hid out of view of the rest of the team HAHA and then told Kathy to please sign onto her communicator and im Marina, who was talking to Sarah, and have them both come to the room. So Kathy had no idea I was coming at all and was very surprised. Apparently she kept asking “What?! Why are you here?!” and I would answer in a long stream of words, probably because I was so excited to finally be speaking to someone, and she would just continue saying “what are you doing here?!” because it hadn’t processed for her yet. HAHA

So back when I was still on the client, I would always love to buy desserts and then attempt to trick Sarah the client into thinking we had some huge audit issue and she HAD to come into the room IMMEDIATELY. It worked about zero times. The first time she looked so stressed that I felt terrible and said “I’M JUST KIDDING! We just wanted to give you cake” and by my third attempt she was like “really. Really now.” But neither she or Marina had expected me, so when Kathy imed Marina apparently they were like “huh. What’s this about?” and Sarah said “is it food?” and Marina was like “well … Melissa’s not here so I don’t think so …”

Well Marina came in first HAHA and … cue several minutes of me being super excited to be reunited with THE OGs (the originals, as in the original people on this team HAHA) and then Sarah walked by and seeing her expression of complete shock that I was there and her “OMG what are you doing here?!?!” was totally worth my freaking two hour drive to Berkeley then Moraga.

So then I proceeded to take away an hour of their work time and we all sat around eating the cakes I had brought and then around 5:20 I left and they continued to work. Part of me really wants to go visit again over the weekend and work on a fund just so I can be in the same room … but another part of me which is probably the saner part figures I would be happier just watching The Good Wife all weekend long.

Well, then drove to Berkeley and watched the UW vs Cal volleyball game with Jon, Paulo, Josh and their friend Jackson. As if I never left college. Actually, this time I went back and I felt like a LOT of people looked MUCH younger than I remembered college kids looked. There are also more and more new restaurants popping up and the ones I used to frequent have changed their look a little, so Berkeley’s starting to become more and more foreign to me.

After the game, I was adamant that I eat Cafe Intermezzo because I have had a TERRIBLE diet this past week. No lie, for three days, my only breakfast was a piece of cake (Tres Leches that I made myself, courtesy of Henry’s/Gladys’ recipe!) and my dinner would be a bowl of ice cream. So I really needed a salad. I scarfed it down and then back to South Bay for me.

Well. It’s 1:30am. Time for bed. I need to be well rested so I can watch more of The Good Wife tomorrow.

Song for the rest of the weekend: Emilia de Poret – Pick Me Up (Richard Vission remix)

Weekend 39: Socal birthday celebration

Listening to: Kaskade – Turn It Down

Oh my god I haven’t updated in so long! It’s already the new weekend! I should be writing emails to people tonight but I will just try to start and finish this post, I guess.

My past week has revolved around cats so you will see many pictures of them

I have to start ALL the way back to Monday, September 26th! Man. The past two weeks have been very fun and makes me doubt that there was ever a time when I hated living here. But I think I have the posts to prove it. Ok. Well, I had my birthday bbq on Sunday and was left with a TON of leftovers. So that night I sent out an email to Marina, Kathy and the client Sarah and told everyone that I would be bringing lunch, so no one should bring food. I think I brought a big bowl of salad, Mark’s no bake cookies (aka peanut butter and chocolate crack cookies), Amy’s leftover carrot cake cupcakes, and various fruits and veggies. It was like, birthday party part 2.

Well, it turned out that we didn’t even finish all of that on Monday so we still had stuff on Tuesday, PLUS I had tons more stuff at home. So Tuesday was more of the same veggies and fruits extravaganza, plus I brought along my mozzarella and prosciutto log that I had bought at Costco. Hint: it’s not that tasty.  So Tuesday felt like birthday party part 3.

Then Wednesday was my actual birthday!!! Kathy bought yogurt, granola and fruit from Whole Foods and we had a breakfast yogurt party, and Marina got me a delicious tuxedo cake. As Kathy would say, AMAZE BALLS!!!!!!!! The yogurt was soooo good. I feel like Amy and Kathy are slowly converting me into a Whole Foods shopper. Eunice, the manager at my Moraga client, very aptly said “I feel like we’ve been celebrating your birthday this entire week.”

After I left work on my birthday, I went to Pinkberry with Amy and Julia, because it was the only thing I could think of wanting to do. Yummers. Then we decided we were still hungry and we went to a random Korean restaurant on El Camino and ate dinner together at like, 9:40pm. YAYYYY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, more birthday leftovers at the client, now including the yogurt and cake HAHA I’m having a lot of fun reliving all these food memories. After work, I went to the Walnut Creek Pyramids to have dinner with Tara, a senior manager I had invited to my party but she hadn’t been able to make it so she said she’d take me out to dinner. ❤

Friday was my LAST DAY at the Moraga client, possibly FOREVER. I was SOOOOO sad and still am. Since then, I think I email/IM Kathy and Marina at least once a day. I am seriously very, very attached to that team and our client. Which is pretty amazing because it’s one of the least fun engagements to be on in the usual aspects, but the people totally make the experience. I actually ended up leaving around 8pm that night because I wanted to wrap up everything well. Sigh. So sad to think I won’t be having “fun time” with Kathy and Marina anymore or just laughing my fucking ass off randomly. I did end the Friday off in a very satisfying way, which involves my senior and a particular green folder. That’s all I can say, but basically, I laughed uncontrollably for about four minutes straight, at the expense of my senior.

After work I met up with Kim in Palo Alto. Yay!

Saturday I woke up at 5am to pack for my Socal trip and Laura picked me up at 6:10am to take me to the airport. Basically I went to Socal on three hours of sleep.

My brother picked me up and took me to brunch near the Burbank airport. The portions were small but tasty and a lot of people brought their dogs to breakfast. mmm now I want brunch… anyway, then we went to visit my mom in the hospital, because she had gotten an ulcer on Wednesday night 😦 She looked frighteningly pale when I first walked in, but she seemed all right otherwise. Everyone (my dad, our aunt and uncle, and my brother) who came into the hospital would ALWAYS comment “WOW the view in your room is great!” My brother was like “this hospital room is better than the hotel rooms we usually get. How much are you paying?” and my mom was like “the co pay is $50” and we were like “$50?! That’s cheaper than most hotels! And you get breakfast, lunch AND dinner!” The Methodist Hospital in Arcadia is right across from the golf course

My mom's hospital room view

My mom was watching people golf from where she was lying and was like “how do you play golf? Are they aiming for the sand?” and I was like “um … no.”

Well. That’s how much I was able to write before I just completely passed out. Now it’s Saturday morning and I watched an episode of The Good Wife and I should probably go to the gym soon…

But anyway, most of Saturday was me sitting in the hospital with my mom and doing work on my laptop. Which is not the way I would have expected my birthday trip to SoCal to play out, but it turned out that I did everything I needed to do in both my personal and work life in one weekend so I guess that’s even better. The thing I had failed to do prior to Saturday was … actually plan my birthday. After many false starts and uncertainties, which I hope won’t happen again in the future, my gathering started, pretty much all thanks to Henry who had pulled an all nighter to cook for me.

Henry slaving away while I sat around and ate grapes

The menu: tacos with carne asada meat that he marinated for me and grilled at my house, quesadillas, salsa, guac, TRES LECHE CAKE (I think this might be my new favorite cake), mimosas (thanks Frances and Rex!), corn and chili. Soooo yum. Thanks again Henry!  Everything was delicious and wonderful. Thanks to everyone who showed up despite the last minuteness of it all, which boiled down to me texting everyone, it is at my house now, not the park. you can come now or whenever.

Really wish I had some of that right now

Sunday was more hospital time and my mom was able to go home so we waited until her packet of iron ran out and then she got to leave around 1ish. I think I sat around the house afterwards for a while until nighttime when I went out for shaved ice with Erica, Frances L, Rex and Frances C. I really need to find a new go-to place to eat in Arcadia besides that shaved ice place.

I think I got home around midnight, which gave me 4.5 hours of sleep before I woke up to go to the airport for my 6am flight. I’m just happy I’m still young enough to do this to my body. The security line at LAX was surprisingly very short. There were a lot of white men in suits in it so at first I thought I was in the business select line and had to ask the lady in front of me if I was in the right line.

mmm Amy’s cat is sitting on my chest now as I’m writing this while lying on her couch and I’m just staring at it. Today is a very lazy Saturday…

This is the cat sleeping on me. We had a spat on Thursday but I've since forgiven her

So Monday morning! I feel like between my 4.5 hrs of sleep and the 40 minutes of sleep on the drive to LAX and then 1 hrs sleep on the plane, I got my normal amount of sleep. Laura picked me up at the airport at 7:15 and took me to my house so I could dress for work. I got into my car and my immediate thought was “wtf when and why did I make such a freaking mess.” All of my stuff was thrown everywhere in the front seat. Then I realized that I must have left one of my doors unlocked and someone had broken into my car over the weekend. I don’t know if it’s called “broken into” when I left the door unlocked for rummaging. Well, it turned out that whoever got into the car had only stolen my GPS, and not even the charger or the $25 I leave in one of the compartments as emergency gas money. So that was actually a net loss of $0 to me because I had gotten a second GPS once when my charger broke and Garmin sent me another GPS instead of a charger by mistake. It just felt really weird to drive my car after knowing that someone I did not know had been inside it.

My client for the week was in Oakland… again, super sad all week because I wasn’t with my favvvvvv team. It’s been so long since I’ve been on a completely new client that I forgot about that whole cycle of arriving at a new client, ready to do work, then doing nothing for several hours because the senior is so wrapped up in his own thing that he doesn’t take the time to explain or assign me anything, then suddenly getting a shitload of work at the end of the day so that instead of leaving at a decent hour and having a fully productive day, I have a very unproductive morning and then leave work at 8pm. Yup, great stuff.

My client is a college and when I was walking around I thought to myself “hmm there are a lot of women here but not too many of them wear makeup.” Then at lunch I asked the senior what the college was known for and he said “I don’t know. Women things?” and I was like “what?” and he said “… it’s a women’s college” and I looked around and was like “wait what? OHHHHH THAT makes SO MUCH SENSE!” I wonder how long it would have taken me to realize that there was a very disproportionate number of women to men. It’s likely I would have never noticed at all.

Chubber looks like an owl here

So this past week starting Monday through … I’m not sure when actually … I’ve been catsitting for Amy. She lives about a 4 minutes drive away from my house so it’s very convenient for me. I have slowly been moving all my possessions into her apartment. She told me she’d prefer me to sleep in her apt and I jumped at the chance. FREE APARTMENT ALL TO MYSELF! I’m not sure if I will be willing to leave when her husband returns from Taiwan. I love her apartment because it is clean and uncluttered and pretty much exactly the way I would want to decorate my hypothetical apartment. I am not really into the poo idea of taking care of her cats. I have never really taken care of animals before (I don’t think my hamster really counted) and it grosses me out to think of cleaning up something’s feces, even when cats leave it in a relatively clean package.

I heart pictures of cats looking up

But this is the first time I’ve ever truly lived on my own with no roommates at all. It is pretty freaking fantastic. I come home and immediately turn on my laptop and start blasting music and then take off all my work clothes. Usually I switch into a tshirt and shorts but since I get home relatively late, I figure I will shower soon enough that a change of clothes is not necessary. So I just walk around the apartment in my bra and underwear and eat dinner and check email and my usual celebrity gossip sites before I shower with the door wide open and the laptop still blasting in the bathroom. Then I just remake my couch-bed, settle in with my laptop, and then watch tv until I fall asleep. HAHA Amy’s husband asked if I wanted him to dl anything so I asked for Blue Valentine and The Good Wife. I finished Blue Valentine over three days (so depressing – I haven’t had a depressing indie movie phase in a while) and started watching The Good Wife today. Life is pretty awesome. HAHA

Tuesday I was in the office and had not been given many things to do. So I got in at 9:15, did all the work I had left to do from Monday which took me twenty minutes, then went to eat Specialtys with Lindsay for an hour. I heart Lindsay, she’s the best. Then we decided maybe we should go back to work. I don’t even know what I did for the next few hours. I was pretty awake until I attempted to do an independence training and that put me straight to sleep. Then we left around 3:30 to go to a Bocce Ball recruiting event. I really hate Bocce Ball. Nancy, our recruiter, was like “Melissa, do you want to play bocce ball?” and I said “I HATE bocce ball. But ok” and she couldn’t stop laughing. Now every time I see her she imitates me in a very squeaky and whiny voice “I HATE BOCCE BALL!”

Thursday we had our annual Goals meeting which I was SUPER excited for because then I got to see everyone in the office! Well, everyone my level that is, which is pretty good majority of the people I know. I think I was talking to Lindsay and Gabi in the kitchen when I thought I heard Kathy’s voice and I went “sorry excuse me!” and straight up just ran out of the room with my heels clinking on the ground and shouted “KATTTHHYYYYY! MARINAAA!” with my arms open wide. Heartttt. After the meeting, most people left to go back to their clients but I stayed in the office with Lindsay and Mark. I ate a ton of Mark’s no bake cookies once again. Those things are deadly.

And then it was FRIDAYYYY wow. Friday was a blast. First, I got to work from home. I tried to do all my work Thursday night so I could just sit around and watch The Good Wife while eating ice cream Friday morning, but instead I ended up just working late Thursday and working early Friday because there was so much to do. *cries* Actually it was still good because I just took my sweet time. Around 10:30 I drove home to grab a jacket, then Lillian texted to say she was coming to pick me up and I jumped into the shower for the FASTEST shower ever. Then we drove to Sausalito … for our awesome team bonding BOATING trip in the Bay to watch the Blue Angels practice for Fleet Week!

David's son and Laura's daugher - pretty much the two cutest kids ever

Got to Sausalito around 1pm and boarded this really cool looking boat, which we later found out had been built by the guy driving it. Elise had ordered a bunch of really delicious food which is making me hungry just thinking about. So we just made plates of it and then spent then next four hours (ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON mind you) sitting on the boat as people dealt with the sails and all. It was possibly the best weather the Bay could offer on a sailing trip. Really windyyyy but it felt ok. I’m glad Elise had purposely planned to do it on a day when the Blue Angels were going to practice, because it was nice to just sit and stare at planes flying around and let our minds just shut down.

I had been so entranced by the SF coastline that when I turned and saw the Golden Gate, I was pretty WTF

So now I’ve seen the Blue Angels fly from the vantage point of a sailboat. I don’t think any experience could top that. We had all of SF, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate in a view around us. Pretttttyyyy amazing! My favorite moment was when Lillian was looking up at the sky and screaming at the top of her lungs “OOHHHH MYYYYY GODDDD IT’S GOING TO FALL ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as one of the planes nosedived towards the water. And sometimes a plane would sneak up quietly and then suddenly BLAST right above our heads and everyone who hadn’t been aware would all scream “OHHH MMYYY GODD!!!!!!!!!” in a surprised yet very amazed tone.

Nancy's favorite - the biplane that corkscrews
This is how close the Blue Angels came. No zoom.
Loving my job right now

When we got back to Sausalito, we decided the day shouldn’t end yet / no one wanted to sit in 5pm traffic going through SF, so we went to a place called Bar Bocce for more food and bocce. I don’t know what it is with our company’s fascination with bocce ball. It was funnish. A large group was throwing a birthday party for some high school girl and since we were in Sausalito, we were all saying how they looked like the richest group of high schoolers we’d ever seen. Everyone looked dressed for a catalog and had good makeup and good name brand stuff. HAHA sighh

"Susan, if you had a boat what would you name it?" "Winning"

Well this morning involved me waking up at 7am and just watching The Good Wife before I finally got up and went rock climbing. I had planned on going through some walkthroughs for my client next week but … sitting on this couch and reading or watching The Good Wife is just so nice. I have had a very good past few weeks 🙂