Glee Concert!

God damn. No matter how awesome I feel now, it will not compare to what I just heard in my voicemail from Laura:

“Mel we were SO CLOSE, I know you’ll enjoy this – I was like FIVE FEET away from Naya Rivera”


It’s 11pm on a Tuesday and this week is going AWESOMELY!

First of all, I was put on a client by MYSELF for this entire week. I was freaked out at first, but now I realize this is the best thing ever. It feels like I’m a senior, except I don’t have some A1 badgering me with questions. I think they scheduled me for more time than I really need, but it’s so awesome to actually take my sweet time to do things and not feel like I absolutely have to work at 100% efficiency! I don’t feel guilty at all about listening to music all day long AND I can pretty much come and leave whenever I want. It is the greatest feeling ever.

Second, I ended up taking up my senior’s offer to go to the San Jose Day 1 Glee concert with her, three of her friends, and another senior. Since I actually go out with these two seniors pretty often, I’ll just tell you their names are Julia and Amy. I gave Julia a lot of shit like “ugh I can’t believe you got me to go to this concert” and “I told the controller I was going to a concert that is about as embarrassing as going to a Justin Bieber concert.”  The seats were really high up so I didn’t really want to go, and I didn’t feel like Glee was a concert I really wanted to see live, or pay that much money for. BUT Julia said we would go to Sumiya beforehand and she would pay for my dinner so I was like OMG I’M IN.

Sumiya is this Japanese yakitori and it is essentially the only restaurant I’ve been to in the South Bay that I would consider taking visiting friends to. They have this potato mochi which is essentially a deep fried potato ball with mozzarella cheese in the center and it is criminally delicious.

Potato mochi, not at all healthy but I don't care

Sumiya is more known for their skewers but I am not a fan of eating large portions of meat, so I always go for these fish carpaccios. I tried white tuna today but my favorite is the mackerel.

White tuna carpacchio

We had planned to leave for the concert by 6:30 but ended up leaving at 7:10. Pretty sure Julia was going to have a panic attack while driving. I think this is the one time when I thought “hmm … I think it would have been a better idea for me to drive.” We made it in time though! Even had time for a bathroom run, which is a good thing because I drank so much water during dinner that there’s no way I wouldn’t have peed my pants during the concert. We missed a little bit of LXD dance show but that is fine with me.

THEN the concert began.

Things you may care to know:

– Naya Rivera exudes a hotness bubble that can be felt from across the HP Pavillion stadium (see below for visual evidence)
– Kevin McHale is an awesome dancer
– The way Dianna Agron says “BAY ARRRRREEAAAAA” is super cute
– My senior’s awestruck face upon seeing Mark Salling is the most hilarious ever and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take her seriously again
– Heather Morris’ hair looks really shiny and soft from far away
– I never thought Chord Overstreet looked cute at all until he cut his hair and now he looks adorable!
– Lea Michelle’s live singing totally makes up for everyone else’s lip syncing

Where can I buy this dress, how much is it, and could I pull it off?

What I really liked about the concert: It was a lot better than I expected. The set list was very well picked out and they definitely made the most of the stadium space because they had the main stage and a smaller stage on the opposite side. The dancing was surprisingly well-coordinated. I think my favorite dancing number was for Empire State of Mind because everyone’s moves looked really sharp. My favorite songs for vocals were probably Fireworks by Lea Michelle and Amber Riley’s Ain’t No Way, although I don’t remember what episode that one was in. Some of my favorite moments … when they were singing Pink’s Raise Your Glass and this row of 20somethings all raised their tiny alcohol cups and cheered each other, OH NO all my favorite moments are already slipping away from me! I think I covered my favorite moments in some way or another already … I was kind of surprised that they were able to keep up the energy level throughout the performance, and even slow songs like Chris Colfer’s I Want to Hold Your Hand didn’t make me roll my eyes or feel uncomfortably awkward. At the end of it, I wished I could turn back time and attend a Britney Spears concert. And I also wish I could live a day in the life, and see what they do before a concert and how they unwind after a concert and whether any of the people from here were able to visit their families or anything.

We all left the concert feeling a little deafer and a little younger. Going out on a TUESDAY night!!! It’s not even the middle of the week! woot woot.

I have really lame pictures because I was sitting so far away. I tried to resist taking pictures because I know it’ll take away from the experience, but honestly if I don’t take pictures it still ruins the experience because any time something amazing passes, I fret about it for several minutes thinking DAMN I should have taken a picture of that REGREEETTT!!!

Laying down the main stage
One of the main stage backdrops during duets
The back stage where Warblers performed and some "more intimate" numbers ... like Single Ladies.
Naya and Amber! I love Naya's green dress
I'm just really proud to catch Harry Shum Jr in mid-flip with Heather
I saw them all take a small cup and I thought I KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN
And ... goodnight

Weekend 20: My first bridal shower!

Listening to: Bon Iver – Towers (I have absolutely no idea how, but I was somehow able to dl Bon Iver’s new album off Demonoid a full month before its official release date. I like almost all of it, except for Beth/Rest which sounds like a Chinese 80s song in the beginning. OMFG I just rechecked his tour dates and SO many are sold out. Now I know for sure I can’t go to the Boston one. *cries* When will I ever see him in concert?)

Highlights of the weekend:

1) Went to a happy hour for my first coworker friend whose last day at work was Friday. Tears! I first worked with her in October, for my second client. She had just started dating a new guy, so the day I got to work, my other two coworkers were trying to grill her with questions. A good way to become fast friends with someone is to hear them being forced to talk about their personal lives. Two months later she told me that she was going to take a leave of absence to travel to India. I jokingly said “you better not come back married!” Four months later she returned from India and her facebook status said “engaged.” So she is my real-life example of how your life can take a complete 180 in just four months. I feel like I may also be an example of that, but in the wrong direction.

I ended up leaving Santana Row (which is where the happy hour was) around 11pm. While driving out of the parking lot, I was really taken aback by how many people were dressed up for clubbing. As I don’t usually go out late on weekend nights, I am completely removed from the clubbing lifestyle and have forgotten that people do this sort of thing.

2) Saturday morning, I went to the Sunnyvale rock climbing gym. I would have wanted to go hiking but lunch and an afternoon nap got in the way. I still wanted to get out of the house though, and really felt like rock climbing again, so I drove to the SF rock climbing gym and rock climbed for two hours. I usually do just enough rock climbing to say I’ve done at least one new course, but not very much to feel sore. I woke up feeling fantastically sore the next day though – sign of a good workout!

After SF I ended up grabbing dinner with Jon in the East Bay. We end up in some random ass Indian place in Alameda and I have to say it has probably made me NEVER want to eat Indian food again. From a block away, I could smell the Indian food and it was reminiscent of how my SD apartment smelled which grossed me out. When I got home I realized the smell had gone through my jacket and into my thermal and my sports bra. Instead of burning my clothes, I just did laundry this morning. Ugh. I hope this doesn’t ruin palak paneer for me because I really like that stuff.

4) I rarely read anymore. I think my problem is that I’m too judgmental and impatient. I’m too impatient to read past the first chapter of a fiction book, because I can’t tell if I’m going to like it or not. And now I’m becoming very judgmental of non-fiction writers so I stop reading all these memoirs within the first chapter if their voice is just slightly grating. Oddly, I ended up reading Full Frontal Nudity by Harry Hamlin with as much enthusiasm as I read Bossypants by Tina Fey. I feel like I came away knowing a little too much about Harry Hamlin. It turns out that he went to UC Berkeley and Yale. He was planning on becoming an architect at UC Berkeley but ended up taking a little too much LSD one night and didn’t get to registration in time, so he just signed up for acting classes on a whim. It boggles my mind that people used to have to register for classes in person. You can still see evidence of this sometimes in the administration halls but the chaotic idea of it is beyond me. He has had a very colorful life, I’ll say that. Every other chapter, I think I can’t believe he’s still alive

5) I went to my first bridal party on Sunday! It was pretty fun. The bride to be is my coach/manager/co-worker. She is not a very girly person and does not have too many female friends, so her bridal party was attended by very old relatives, three people closer to my age, and three other coworkers. HAHA I was excited to eat all this white-people food. I realized today that I have almost no clothes that would be appropriate for a wedding/cute spring dressy event. I need to start buying dresses, cardigans, heels and flats! Basically fun … grownup clothes that I would wear to like … champagne brunches or weekend shopping excursions or day spas and other yuppie shit. God. So I need to use my paychecks for 1) future Seattle home, 2) rent, 3) nicer wardrobe, 4) travel, and 5) everyday fun/survival items. How do people even have money left over?!?! Somehow I feel poorer when I have a salary.

Now I know why people think things like bridal showers and baby showers are so boring. You’re with a group of people, the majority of which you have no real connection to. The main event is watching the unwrapping of gifts, most of which were picked out from a registry that everyone has seen. It’s not like watching a birthday celebration gift unwrapping session, where anything could be gifted. It’s all, towels, cookware, expensive home stuff that most people would never buy for themselves. I imagine that by the time someone gets engaged, they already own all the essential home stuff, so the only things left for people to buy are the unnecessary, more luxurious items that only rich people who don’t know what to do with their money would buy.

I thought I was going to get a lot of PBCs at work and I would be working until 11ish. But the client was like “can we just go through these tomorrow” around 5  so I was like um … sure … and now I have more time than I know what to do with. Actually, when I was driving home I was like OMG YES I can finish my Harry Hamlin book!!! But now that’s done and I have nothing again.

Weekend 19: Rain, PMS, life

I actually ended up three drafts of blog posts from throughout the week, all completely different. My past week has been happier than most, yet at the certain points I’ve also felt the lowest. I believe people respond best to happy posts, so I will ignore the lowpoints and only mention the highs.

I will go in order of what I am most excited about.

FIRST. I made my first mix cd in a VERY long time that doesn’t have a single dance song on it, and is completely new music rather than a compilation of all my favorites. Thank you xfm for all the great music! I think my song of the moment has changed each day of the week, so it’s very hard for me to choose a favorite. Instead, I will pull a Dianna Agron and just post an awesome mix that I encourage everyone to youtube!

1. Bon Iver - Calgary
2. Kings of Leon - The Face
3. Bombay Bicycle Club - Ivy and Gold
4. Kyle Andrews - Sushi
5. The Magic Numbers - Take a Chance
6. Cage the Elephant - Around My Head
7. Wolf Gang - The King and All His Men
8. The Wombats - Techno Fan
9. Kings of Leon - Pyro
10. Charlie Simpson - Down Down Down
11. Patrick Stump - Spotlight Oh Nostalgia
12. Ed Sheeran - The A Team
13. Peter, Bjorn & John - Up Against the Wall
14. Awolnation - Sail
15. Tribes - We Were Children
Listen to those songs and you'll be as content as this cat

SECOND. I donated to a truly worthy cause, which is to my favorite youtube artist Kiersten Holine. I saw her tweet about it late at night and spent the next three days debating which song I would have her cover if I donated $200. Then on May 13th I had a panic attack about all the shit I need to do in life around 1am and turned on my computer and ended up donating basically a third of her goal and she TWEETED ABOUT IT! Look! That’s about me! PROOF that I CAN make a difference in someone’s life! It feels really great to know that I actually made someone happy! I gave her a list of songs that she can cover so I am looking forward to seeing the video in June.

THIRD. Work is way less stressful. I have determined that my favorite client to be on is my Redwood Shores one. Reasons. 1) the team is crazy chill and the people hate overauditing, which means I can do the bare minimum and still won’t get review notes, 2) the office has a great view of the fake lake in front of Oracle, 3) I like driving to Redwood Shores because I then have a reason to go to the Belmont climbing gym or to Palo Alto, 4) the client seems to actually enjoy our presence rather than just put up with it, 5) we ALWAYS expense lunch so I have had really awesome lunches this entire week, and 6) I leave CRAZY early, like before 5!

FOURTH. My weekend, where I saw a lot of good friends and was out of the house for a good part of it! My weekend was as follows:

Friday: Unlike my usual Fridays, I actually did something and it wasn’t going to the gym. I watched Bridesmaids with Laura and Jessica. For some reason I always think the title was Girlfriends. No, it’s Bridesmaids. And it’s HILARIOUS. I would totally watch it again in theaters. I didn’t know very much about the movie when I sat down in the theater; all I knew was that it was produced and written by females so it was my womanly duty to pay money for this movie and support women in Hollywood. HAHA

We watched a 10:30 showing which meant we left the theater at like 1am. I woke up the next morning with a slight ringing headache and a very sore body. Is that what happens when I am out past midnight? Seems awful.

Saturday: Meet up with Kristen for breakfast at the Montclair Egg Shop. I can legitimately call it breakfast, not brunch, because we met up at 9am. It was delicious and we got seated right away which does not often happen in the Bay Area. We then walked around the neighborhood which was like a woodsier Rockridge. Kristen knows what my heart seeks! And that is, quiet neighborhoods with craftsman homes and elevated views of the Bay Area.

We saw a cat on our walk. I fell in love with it

Then I drove to Berkeley and hung out with Jon for a little but before driving to 4th St. Then drove to Masse’s to get a celebratory cake for Jon (they did not have many options but luckily the mocha cake they had left was delicious), which we ate in the Safeway parking lot. I heart Jon! I wrote him the longest greeting card I have ever written in my life, because it folded out into six sides. He noticed that my handwriting got smaller and smaller and I was like “yeah that’s because for the first five sentences I hadn’t decided yet who I was writing to but once I decided it was for you, I realized I had so much to say!” I don’t remember how we met but he says we met in the dorm bathrooms. Neither of us have any idea how we became such good friends, to the point that we decided to be roommates. If I were rich, I would want to quit my job and just travel the world with Jon.

I'd probably bitch out Jon for not taking pics though

I then drove to Lake Temescal for Ryan’s graduation picnic. So I got to see Angelica and Ryan, yay! HAHA I didn’t know a place like Lake Temescal existed but it really is a nice picnic place. It started to rain though, so we moved the party to his house, which is AMAZING. Luckily I had only brought my sneakers, otherwise I might have been suckered into going clubbing with them. I was quite happy just to see them for a short time.

Cheeseboard Aspargus pizza mmmmmmmm

Sunday: My breakfast was Red Robin’s HAHA Delicious though. I kind of want a hamburger right now, but that is because my dinner today was a watermelon.

FIFTH.  The weather was pretty awesome the beginning of the week. Overcast with a slight drizzle, which reminds me of Seattle. When I drive to work, if I do not use my peripheral vision and block out the ugliness that runs along the 101, I can pretend  that I am back in Seattle, driving on the 5. I mentally picture evergreens lining the freeway instead of concrete buildings. I put in my Seattle dance hits cd, and I really feel happier. Until I realize that I actually live in the South Bay.

ADDITIONALLY. I went to the Belmont climbing gym on Wednesday and knocked out 10 V0s, 9 V1s and 3 V2s!!! Feeling super accomplished.

Now it’s Friday and I’m in the office. I have absolutely no work to do and while I would love to take this time to plan my vacation, I feel a nagging anxiety that makes me feel like I should be taking a training of some sort. It annoys me that I sometimes eat my time when I am crazy busy but when it comes to days when I have not that much to do, I am expected to seek out trainings.

Celebrities! Hot ones!

Listening to: Swedish House Mafia ft.  John Martin of Miike Snow – Save The World

It’s May! Which means it’s time for Maxim’s annual Hot 100. Which means it’s time for my annual “WTF who are these people and why  are they on this list?! Men are such idiots” reaction. Seriously. Who are a third of these people? All the models, I have never heard of. Apparently once a model gets pregnant, they never make the list again. Another third are really, truly stupid women. I will always judge Maxim for having ever put Heidi Montag on their list. The other third, I generally agree with. But the #1 person, I always wonder how much her publicist paid Maxim for that spot. The list is so dumb, I should make my own Hot 100 list.


Just kidding. I don’t know if I could list 100 hot celebrities off the top of my head. Actually, I probably could, but as I am a full-time employee, I don’t have time for that.

I realize I made this similar list in 2009. I wonder who I thought was hot in 2010. As I have no blogpost documenting my thoughts at the time, I’ll never know. Now it’s 2011 and I think my list needs updating. I figure if I can’t even bother to watch Chuck or Fairly Legal, maybe Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Shahi shouldn’t be on my list. Not that they’re less hot, but I think my interpretation of Hot is: how immediately do I click on an ONTD link/watch a youtube video/check for twitter updates when I see it.

So. NEW LIST. Don’t judge me.

1. Dianna Agron

Although she is not the greatest actress, there’s so much pretty I’m willing to overlook it. What I love about her: the color she is dyes her hair, the playlists she posts on her tumblr, the fact that she wrote “S********r instead of Starfucker on one of her playlists, how she’s kind of bohemian hipster but I don’t want to punch her in the face. She has GREAT music. I wish we could be friends and trade music. And skip around holding hands.

2. Naya Rivera

I’m pretty certain if I ever had the good fortune of seeing her in real life, my immediate thought would be “omg she’s wayyyyy too skinny.” I feel like she is second only to Lea Michelle in terms of well-rounded female talent on Glee. She is the main reason Like A Virgin is one of my top favorite Glee songs. And even though she sometimes wears ridiculous outfits, I feel like she somehow makes them work. I’m just glad she and Heather Morris no longer wear that ridiculous Cheerios cheerleading uniform.

WEAVE. Actually, I can't tell.

I feel pervier if I embed this youtube video of her than if I just post the link. So here is the link. Do with it what you will.

3. Candice Accola

On the right. Dobrev on the left is cool too.

I get the impression that she is one of those actors who was supposed to have a very minor role in a tv series but ended up getting along with the cast and being so talented that they wrote her into a main character. I think I would be the most upset if she ever died on the show. Even more so than if the three actual main characters somehow died. I hope she becomes super famous. And I can say “you know, in 2011, I thought she was pretty hot.”

Cuteness! Her and Kat Graham doing some sort of dance workout

4. Kristen Bell

Actually. I just realized that the only movie I’ve ever watched her in was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. BUT I do watch all of her interviews the second I see it posted. So she is one of those actresses who I love, but never actually follow their work. Because she makes TERRIBLE movie choices.

5. Selena Gomez

I suppose it’s a little creepy to put an 18 year old on this list. But she has the makeup of a twenty something, so it should be fine.

She’s so likeable, having to watch Ryan Seacrest is less painful than expected. That’s how good she is.

6. Anna Faris

Only Anna Faris could star in a movie called The House Bunny and end up making me LOVE it. I was really excited to watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs because I saw her names in the credits, and then I was PISSED to find out that it was animated. Needless to say, I did not continue watching the movie.

7. Lauren Conrad

I MET HER! Unfortunately, I failed to wow her and am not her new best friend.

8. Kristen Stewart

I know. I should be ashamed that she is still on my list. I have come to accept that she probably isn’t really the most pleasant person to befriend. And she definitely seems like the kind of girl who just hangs out with her boyfriend all the damn time. But I somehow still find myself very interested in clicking on the stupidest articles about her, even the Twilight related ones.

9.Tina Fey

You say, Tina Fey is funny but not hot. I say, REALLY. You don’t think THIS is hot?

10. RashidaJones BlakeLively MilaKunis EmmaWatson ConnieBritton EmmaStone KellyClarkson YvonneStrahovski

Ok I cheated. But I can’t really say I care that much about these actresses. I don’t search out youtube videos of them and know little about their lives but whenever I see them, I just think to myself THIS PERSON IS AMAZING AND GORGEOUS.

And the guys…

1. Zac Efron

I don’t even care. He is really, really pretty. I wish he hadn’t decided to bulk up because he looks much better lean. Two years ago, if you told me he was straight I would have rolled my eyes and laughed in your face. But somehow the longer he continued to date Vanessa Hudgens the more I was like, huh. I guess he is straight.

I don’t really listen to what he says in the video. I just watch it, sometimes on mute.

2. Matt Bomer

I told Kristen that he is a closeted gay and has two kids with his partner. She doesn’t believe me. I’m actually not sure if I believe it but it somehow seems not that outrageous … that an actor could hide his entire family from the paparazzi. I guess it’s not that hard if your show is on the USA network.

3. Cheyenne Jackson

He looks both odd and cute at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if I should post this because it’s so long but the quote that sealed it was “There weren’t many little kids named Cheyenne. And even to this day, when I meet a Cheyenne, it’s usually a little black girl.”

4. Kyle Chandler

Yes, still.

5. Javier Bardem

Only because of Vicki Christina Barcelona. I was surprised by how foxy I found him in the movie. In a movie with him, Penelope Cruz, Scarlett Johannson and Rebecca Hall, I ended up liking his character the most, which says something. Maybe it says how fucking crazy the other female characters were. I fell asleep through most of Eat Pray Love so I don’t remember his character in that movie at all (I just woke up and thought where did this guy come from? Shit I completely missed India and half of Bali), but I’m sure it was the same general foreign accent sexiness.


Good god I’m just joking about that picture.

Week 18: Palo Alto

Listening to: MGMT – Congratulations

Since when did Palo Alto become my go-to fun place? Oh, life. As Laura said, it’s amazing how quickly someone’s life can completely change in a few months. Unfortunately for me, it went in the other direction.

This was one of my crappier weekends. Although, on Saturday I was prepared to say “this is the worst weekend EVER” but by the end of Sunday I’m thinking it wasn’t that bad … just not particularly eventful. Which is why this entry will be in bullet form!

Here are the highlights of my weekend. There are few and far between.

– Continued my weekly tradition of sitting in Laura’s car and talking about life as she drives someone back to SF
– Thoroughly cleaned my room. Now that I don’t have clutter everywhere, I want to get nice furniture and redecorate … probably won’t happen

Ate breakfast at IKEA and discovered something new and awesome to do. Watching people try to load a bed and mattress into their Nissan Altima is incredibly entertaining.
– Went back to Caffe Del Doge in Palo Alto and had another tenera whatever (aka liquid chocolate)
– Ended up sharing a table with a random guy outside since it was super crowded, and he gave good life advice for work and a pretty awesome tour of University Ave’s cafes and restaurants. AND paid for a delicious yogurt muffin. It’s moments like these when I really appreciate being a young female. I only wish I were hot (or more inclined to show off my cleavage), so I could get more free things in life.
– Ran at Stanford Stadium!
– Walked to Target with Laura and her family and bought THE HOUSE BUNNY and 17 AGAIN for $5 each!!!

That’s all folks.

If I have the time, I’ll have an awesome blog during the week! It’ll have pictures of hot celebrities.

Sidenote: That Asian girl who replaced the other Asian girl on commercials for The Morning After (some tv show recap thing on Hulu) is less funny and less pretty. I wish I knew what Asian girl #1 did to get fired.

Best Day of Work Ever

Listening to: Duck Face

Ok. I know most of you guys don’t listen to what I post. But this is awesome. Click it. CLICK IT. Whenever I recommend a hilarious youtube video, I always think “oh god, was this awesome like 2 years ago and I just never knew about it?” Like, I saw this two weeks ago and thought it was hilarious, then realized that it was not new at all.

Anyway, this post is all about my Thursday. Cinco de Mayo. It was awesome.

Let me count the ways:

1) TV in PJs at 9am on a Thursday
2) Doing audit work in a cafe
3) Having fun with coworkers
4) Honey lavender AND earl grey ice cream
5) SF exploration/hiking

Today Yesterday (pretend this entry was written on Thursday night) was the best weekday I’ve had ever since I started work. I think you will notice that anytime someone who is employed says “today was a GREAT day!” it is because they didn’t do any work at all.

So today is Cinco de Mayo. Which is also my company’s excuse to throw an “end of busy season” party, despite the fact that I can only think of maybe two people who might be Mexican in the sea of white people. The planner made it 12:00-4:00 on a Thursday in SF. Basically, if you choose not to go to the party, you are expected to work. So you can imagine the turnout for that. I hate driving into SF on a weekday so much, that for a brief moment, I did really weigh the pros and cons between needlessly working and having to find parking in SF before common sense kicked in.

My senior told me yesterday that we could work from home before going to the party, which is my dream. I woke up around 7:30, brushed my teeth and immediately jumped back into bed to watch Cougar Town and Modern Family. Cougar Town >>>>>> Modern Family. Finished watching that around 9am. Being in my pjs until 9am on a weekday felt oddly exhilarating. Mainly because it wasn’t because I had just been laid off or anything. So when I found out I could work from home, I decided to just work a little longer on Wednesday night and move my time around so I wouldn’t feel guilty about doing the bare minimum today. BUT I was really undecided – WHAT should I do on the rare occasion of not having work on a weekday?!?!

Things I love to do when most other people are working:

1) Grocery shopping
2) Doctor’s appointments
3) Walking around affluent neighborhoods
4) Sitting in a cafe
5) Going to the gym

Since I was told to work from home just the day before, going to the doctor was out, which is unfortunate because I REALLY would like to get a physical one day. I decided to go to a cafe and do a littttlleee bit of work, and try to recreate the joy I felt in SD and Seattle. I went to Caffe Del Doge in Palo Alto, which is an Italian cafe and yelp reviews say it is generally very crowded, so it’s the perfect choice for a Thursday morning. And it was awesome! The menu is in Italian, which I expected from reading reviews. I figured I’d be able to guess my way through as if it were Spanish, but I really couldn’t. The barista (who was kind of intimidatingly pretty) described the drinks so quickly I was like … “err … I’ll take … that first one …” I ended up getting basically a cup of liquid chocolate and settled in on the second floor for 45 minutes. The cafe was super cute and now I really want to explore more of University Ave in Palo Alto. I can’t say that I accomplished very much work, but it didn’t sound like any of my coworkers had either that morning. AND I could say that I worked in a cafe as opposed to going to into the office, so suck on that.

View from the second floor of Caffe Del Doge

I would have stayed longer but I realized that if I wanted to make it to my work party on time, I had to leave about fifteen minutes earlier than when I actually did. So I continued my drive up to SF and ended up parking in the Moscone parking lot on 3rd St, which is surprisingly VERY cheap for the city. It was only like $3/hr! Not that I really cared because I plan on running my parking through, but just a tip if you ever find yourself in that area!

Work party was fun. For once, I walked into an event and knew everyone there, which was a great feeling. I drank beer and didn’t think I had turned that red but people started treating me as if I was super drunk, so I knew I must have looked pretty red. More people started to come in around 12:30, which was when I realized I probably only know 20% of my company. Anyway, I thought it was fun while it lasted but the party was scheduled for four hours and everyone only got two drink tickets so two hours in we were like “what do they expect us to do?!” So the people I was hanging out with decided to bail out around 2:30.

Then Julia, Amy and I drove to Bi Rite Creamery near Dolores Park for some ice cream. YUMMY. I got honey lavender and earl gray – my favs! But I like Ici’s more. Although sometimes I think Ici’s cones are too decadent and I just want a simple sugar cone. Once again, getting ice cream at 3pm on a weekday – feels like awesome! It was a warm day and there were tons of people just lying out in Dolores Park, to which I say “wtf are you guys all doing with your lives?! Why aren’t you at work?!”

Then I got dropped back at my car and it was 3:30. Basically, I could either drive home and try to beat traffic (but I was pretty sure I would hit at least one of the many traffic hotspots on the 101 and did not want to risk it) or take advantage of the fact that I was already in the city and do something. I kindddd of felt like walking around a neighborhood so I just drove to Pacific Heights. But after walking around for about twenty minutes, I got bored. Plus it was warmer than usual and there was very little shade. I ended up walking north and hit the Palace of Fine Arts, which I have never really been to. I don’t understand what it is for and I think it’s super weird.

Randomness in the city

I’m just glad I’ve finally explored it and will never have to wonder about it again. Then I walked around Presidio – I have also always wanted to know what the hell was in this huge mysterious park but I have never really explored it. Well I did for a little bit and then got bored here too. I just explored a part that had a lot of really nice college-like buildings. What the hell goes on in the Presidio? I have the impression that it is part woods, part campus, part military base, and part private Stepford Wives-like neighborhood. It makes no sense to me.

I ended up walking back to my car and now it was 5, meaning there was absolutely no way I’d leave SF for at least two hours. SF is like a horrible fortress. There’s all these bridges you have to pay to get through. And once you’re in, it’s like “ok well I’m here, I’m going to squeeze out every bit of fun that I can out of this city.”

I then drove over to Land’s End which I’ve always wanted to hike completely. I read a sign that said it’s a 9.1 mi trail so I still didn’t complete it. One day! But I got the good stuff … views of Golden Gate, steps, nice coastal views!

Best date spot ever

I am getting sick of my music. I need to find more music before I can go on a long hike. Otherwise I will be lost in my own thoughts and that is a terrible thing.

I am really hungry. Dinner today was 3/4 of a Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream. I told myself it would be the last pint I ever buy. I’m not so sure now. The second to last pint I ate, I thought “UGH I feel terrible, never eating this again!” Then I ate this last pint while watching the Voice (which I find slightly annoying but will continue to watch) and I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. HAHA

That was just filler for my pictures.

California Coast! I wonder what Oregon coast looks like

Did anything else happen this week? I’m pretty sure Thursday was the best day.

My first real coworker friend put in her two weeks today. I am really sad. She is moving to Houston where her fiance is getting a job and I was like “NO HOUSTON IS TERRIBLE. THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!!” and everyone thought I was really drunk, but it was really because Houston is boring.

Anyway, the rest of my Thursday. I walked Land’s End until a good point and headed back, then drove to Planet Granite for rock climbing. I somehow ended up taking a wrong turn, but it was all good because I ended up at all these Golden Gate viewpoints that would normally be overcrowded on the weekends, but were completely isolated when I got there.

Planet Granite is the roof you see

I did not do very well at rock climbing but I did not care because I had such an awesome day. Then I went home and then it was Friday and I woke up, watched Vampire Diaries (and cried through much of it!) and then went to work. I didn’t bother packing a lunch because I wanted to watch TVD more, and luckily that paid off because we ended up going out for lunch anyway. AND left at 5. And now it’s the weekend. Hmm… what to do…

For a bridge I don't care about at all, I have many pictures of it.

Week 17: LA

Listening to: Tribes – We Were Children (lately when I listen to xfm, I wish more than ever that I could just pack up and fly to London and live there for a bit)

Youtube has this new feature where after a video finishes, a related video will play in a little box without sound in a loop. It is really weird, kind of like watching a Harry Potter picture. I wish youtube would show the likes/dislike stats within the search results. It would certainly cut down on the number of times I think “WTF is this video ARGH BITCHES!!!!”

Last week was actually pretty awesome. My current client is incredibly close to my house, so I could wake up at 8 and still take my time getting ready. Unfortunately, my body decides to wake up every morning at 6am, I have no idea why. But it feels surprisingly awesome to wake up, eat breakfast, watch a full episode of glee, take a 30 minute nap, and THEN go to work and STILL arrive before 9.

Tuesday: Watched Glee at Laura’s house. While finishing off my tub of chocolate pudding. Damn, Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Pudding is insanely good. I would not have thought anything could beat snackpacks, but there you have it.

I can smell Milpitas from my bedroom UGH. And by the smell of Milpitas, I mean the trash disposal site. It is really gross and makes me think of Dowisetrepla from HIMYM. I’m not sure what causes the smell to be more intense on particular days, but I can’t imagine the coming summer months are going to be good. Which is a great segue for …

FUCK. SUMMER. UGH. It’s starting to get warm. And feeling too warm is just one of the many tiny little things that will set me off into a “GOD. Can’t I just move to Seattle?!?! No, I can’t because I’m stuck at this job. AGH THIS JOB! What am I doing with my life?!” freakout.

Wednesday: I rock climbed with my manager/coach and another manager who I have not yet worked with. Yay integrating work with life! Right before I started belaying for my manager, she looked over at me and said “try not to drop me. It would not be good if you dropped your manager.”

Thursday: I got out of work at 2:30 to go to a bocce ball thing, which was a year-end party with one of our clients. Work has introduced me to a lot of lame games meant for weak socializing. Bocce ball is basically shuffleboard that you stand on. It was one of those events that is only scheduled for two hours and during the first hour you think “hey time went by super quickly, this is pretty fun!” and the second hour just drags on forever. The food was good though and most importantly, I got out of work at 2:30 for this and it counted as chargeable time, so AWEOSME!

After this I went to Berkeley with two coworkers, or dare I say, FRIENDS?, to watch the men’s octet perform in VLSB. I had said yes to going despite not caring at all about the performance because 1) free ride to Berkeley 2) Berkeley food 3) hanging out with people! I got a chicken schwarma from D’Yar (YUM) and had this awesome exchange:

Me: People keep telling me that it just takes time to transition from college life to work life, but I can’t tell if I just haven’t reached that transition point yet, or if I legitimately dislike what I do
Coworker: No, I think you will just get used to it
Me: I just keep waiting for something awesome to happen in my life, but it hasn’t happened yet
Coworker: Oh, you have to stop thinking that! It’ll never happen. I waited for it too.

When the audience started cheering for the octet, my immediate reaction was “oh god, being around such enthusiastic people is incredibly exhausting.” I can’t take such excitement. I am used to quiet audit rooms with only sporadic bouts of laughter. I felt like there was too much earnestness in the room. The show went from 8:30-10:30 and around 9:45 I started yawning uncontrollably. I am old! Well after the show we went to Asian Ghetto for more food. We all agreed that we felt like we were in college again, getting food at a ridiculous hour! Being NOT at home at 11pm at night!

Also, Royal Wedding! I did not know this weekend was the Royal Wedding. I felt oddly patriotic while listening to xfm on Friday, despite having never set foot on the European continent. As someone who did not care at all about the royal wedding, I could still sense the excitement through the radio. I read that at the wedding party, She Loves You by the Beatles came on and everyone sang out “she loves you yeah yeah yeah!” and I thought that was the cutest thing ever. Mainly because it happened at a British wedding.

Friday: Drove down to socal. Each time I make the drive down, it gets more and more boring. I need to start doing rideshare or something. I think there are only four possible ways to make a wrong turn while driving from NorCal to SoCal and I have done all four. I have now missed the exit for the 210E TWICE in my life. I feel like the 210E exit just comes out of nowhere, and I’m always wayyyy over to the left and do not have the skills to zoom across four lanes of traffic within a short distance.

Saturday: I felt super excited and happy to meet up with Christina and Angelica! I need to start spending more time with my college friends who are in socal. I woke up and set out for UCLA around 9:30 … only to run into traffic on the 10. ANNOYED. All those minutes I saved by having a below average commute the past few weeks … GONE. It baffles me that they would close so many lanes on the 10. I can’t imagine what traffic would be like on the weekdays, when I was going 10 mph on a weekend at 9:30am! The thing about traffic in LA is … when I see the other side is jammed up, I’m not filled with the same “YES! I rock because my side is going faster!” feeling that I get in the Bay Area. Instead I think “oh god … traffic … I bet I’m going to hit it soon too.” I think it’s because LA freeways are so much wider that when you see SO many cars jammed up, it just looks uber depressing.

My GPS has very strange ideas about where to go in SoCal. It often tells me to take three different highways just to lead me back to the first highway I had started on. I felt incredibly accomplished for disobeying my GPS and still figuring out where to go. You may consider that “normal driving ability,” but I call it Mel, at her best.

HAHA So I got to Christina’s and she had to take an online final so I browsed a few of her books before knocking out on her sofa. Then we went to Jack N Jill’s in LA. Angelica had told us to go to Food but I thought the menu looked too sparse. Angelica later said the magic is in their specials menu, so I will have to go back and try it eventually. SADNESS. Recapping my time in LA makes me want to move back to SoCal and explore restaurants there. I wish I had somehow been able to explore more of LA before I moved up.

LA sure makes a good salad

Jack N Jills was on that street Robertson, which has a lot of designer clothing stores. The food was delicious (specialty: crepes) and they had a lot of different types of crepes I’d never seen before, but I think they rely a lot on their sauces, which they kind of just slather on. Sitting in that restaurant made me very aware of how people were perfectly embodying the LA stereotype. I didn’t think there would be many people eating brunch at 11:30 in LA, and I was correct. When we left at 12:30, that’s when the restaurant began to fill up.

We walked around Robertsons for a little bit. I only had my Ray Bans to keep me from feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, completely out of place and not properly dressed to go shopping. We went into a random store where I realized that they had jeans on sale for $63ish which made me go on a short-lived frenzy of “OMG ‘CHEAP’ JEANS I REALLY need jeans!!!” before I realized that I didn’t like any of the styles, because I was in a very LA hipster store. Note: LA hipster differs from SF hipster. Mainly, I think SF hipsters look dirtier, despite LA hipsters often having uglier (but drier) looking hair. And LA hipsters like COLORS!

Sugar overload

Then we drove to Angelica’s apt in Santa Monica (apparently driving down Santa Monica Blvd is like driving in SF, in that a mile takes for FREAKING EVER) and then we went to Churro Caliente for some Spanish style churros, hot chocolate, and espresso. I may have gotten diabetes from that single stop. Angelica had been there once before and I think the store owner loves her because he kept bringing us free churros and hot chocolate. The thing about the hot chocolate is that it was sooooo rich that if I let it sit for just a little while, it would solidify. The place was pretty empty and kind of a perfect place to catch up on each other’s lives.

I drove back to Arcadia (through more crap LA traffic) and Connie Y, Frances C, Jackie and I went to Coffee Bean to update ourselves on each other’s lives. I wish I could think of another coffee place that would not involve driving to Pasadena and is not a Starbucks. Are there really NO cafes in Arcadia that do not sell boba?! Catching up on each other’s lives is always fun 😀 Then we went to President Thai where Eric met up with us and there was more talk of our lives. Then Eric and I walked around AHS and explored the new buildings and … once again … updated each other. I wish I could give people more interesting and crazy updates but I lead a rather boring life.

Sunday: I was planning on hiking with my mom in the morning, and had wanted to find a good SoCal coastal trail. But I was so pooped Saturday night that I never researched a trail. My mom had said she’d be happy with just going to Monrovia, and although I was first extremely reluctant to go hiking in some mountain only 20 minutes away that would offer no spectacular views, my tiredness won out. We parked in the residential neighborhood nearby and walked up to the entrance, only to find out they were CLOSED! I was like UGH it better not be for some lame reason like “we think a thunderstorm is heading this way …” It turns out that someone was going around the mountains with a gun. Which is not allowed there. So … I find that a pretty good reason to not go hiking. HAHA Even better though, my mom and I decided to just walk around the neighborhood, which was actually really nice. Very pretty houses, some inclines so it was almost like hiking, but without that gross naturey feeling.

Then I went to Souplantation with more of TMV + Erica. I ate verrryyy little because I had cramps RAH! What happened to the days when I would eat salad, two pastas, two soups, a shitload of bakery items, ice cream, and then end with thirty minutes of slowly eating a giant plate of grapes?

I ended up leaving Arcadia earlier than usual, around 5:30. The last time I drove back up, I got home around 2am and there were a lot of dangerous moments where I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at the wheel for a split second. Now I have a freezer STOCKED with my mom’s cooking … exciting! I also brought back my two memory shoeboxes to rummage through when I’m bored (such as now). I had to really dig through my closet to find one of the boxes, because my mom had rearranged my room. I came across this giant box and had no idea what was in it …

All the CDs I own!

It was a super random surprise. One, I had no idea I owned this many cds … I really should go sell them. Two, it was then that I realized my mom had gotten rid of this bookshelf about five months ago, and I never really thought about where she had put everything I’d thrown into the shelves. HAHA So that was my first “I’m returning to my childhood home, OMG I completely forgot I owned this!!!” moment.