Week 12: Glee and McNee Ranch, Pacifica

I’m actually over it by now but I was really WTF about an hour ago. I checked my email at 9pm and found out that I’m going to this one client tomorrow. The situation on Friday was: I was scheduled to Client 1 who has not been giving us PBCs  to audit so my senior has been asking me to do work for another one of her clients, Client 2. There was some mixup with my scheduling so I’m also on Client 3 next week, and they were discussing where I should  go Monday. So it was down to three clients … and all of a sudden this Client 4, which is a client I’ve been on before and really hate because 1) it’s far and 2) I don’t like investment funds, comes out of the woodwork and wins the whole thing. So … already dreading Monday. Something always happens late Sunday night to erase the weekend refresh.

A preview of my Sunday

Listening to: actually I’ve just been listening to a bunch of random old music lately that I throw onto my shuffle. I feel like most of the songs I find now are songs I’ll like briefly but have no staying power. Whereas the music I used to find in high school and early college is still music I really love and will enjoy hearing every now and then. I think it’s because I had more time to explore music whereas lately I just dl whatever I hear on the radio stations I stream or just dl new albums from artists I already knew of.

Voxtrot – Long Haul

Flo-Rida – Turn Around (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Friday: I got off of work insanely early at like 5:30. I had made plans to meet up with Jon after work but when I called he was just about to go out to buy a car. I was on my way to his house with the intention of browsing Target to pass the time, when I passed the Oakland Rasputin and realized I have not browsed a music store in a very long time. I miss the days when I would just sift through used CDs for an hour on Saturdays when I was a student 😦 Music search was pretty successful … Oakland Rasputin doesn’t seem to have as many indie cds as Berkeley. I ended up finding cds for The Lovemakers (which I have actually been searching for for a while), and the new albums of Rhett Miller, Matt Costa and Patrick Park. Yay! Once I get sick of listening to my latest CD mix of Glee/London XFM/Chicago Dance hits, I can start listening to these.

I have never used those red dot listening stations but I did on Friday and was AMAZED. Basically you can scan a cd or type in a search and preview songs. I have always noticed them but thought the headphones were probably kind of gross. For some reason I decided to preview some albums on Friday and realized how awesome it is to be able to sample what you might buy! Now I feel like the next time I go to a music store I’ll end up spending two or three hours just previewing music.

Jon drove over to Rasputin and we were browsing the DVD section when I discovered SUPER cheap BSG dvds. So I ended up buying $50 worth of cds and dvds. I feel pretty proud of myself. HAHA Then we just sat in each other’s cars and talked since Jon had already eaten (that bastard) and didn’t want to do anything else. Lazy ass. I can say whatever I want about him because I can tell he doesn’t read my blog. Which actually works out for me because then I can just repeat stories I’ve written in this blog almost verbatim and he seems to think I have great stories. Anyway, after we parted ways I rock climbed until closing then drove home and watched tv with a pint of Ben & Jerrys. Yeah. 22 year old’s Friday night. Pretty awesome.

My shoes are really muddy now

Saturday: Glee. That’s it. I went to Laura’s place at 11:30. No wait. I drove over to the Caltrain station at 10:30 to pick up Laura’s sister because Laura was too hung over to pick her up. Laura was also too drunk to relay the message that Jessica was coming in at 11:30, not 10:30. Instead of driving four minutes to Laura’s and kicking it for an hour, I decided to sit in my car in the parking lot and do misc. errands via my work laptop. I ended up writing a stream of consciousness “blog” in a notepad document, which I do from time to time with no intention of publishing or rereading it. That day I wrote about why I dislike my current life status. I just remember that in the beginning I tried to sound calm and logical and it somehow devolved into a long string of F-bombs.

I just packed up my lunch for tomorrow and despite having already brushed my teeth, decided “fuck it” and am now eating my Haagen Dazs chocolate hazelnut gelato I bought yesterday.

Anyway, Saturday! GLEE. Yesterday I watched the ENTIRE first season. Laura watched all but three episodes with me. She was too tired to continue past the twelfth hour so I just took her dvd set and finished it at home at 2am. HAHA I watched all the episodes but fastforwarded all the parts I didn’t care about (ie. any scene with adults).

Favorite Season 1 episode/musical scene: Power of Madonna, particularly Like A Virgin. Like a Virgin is the song that made me realize that Naya Rivera can actually sing. I love the cuts for the Like a Virgin scene. And, Naya Rivera looks amazing in it.

So yup, that was what I did Saturday. My eyes actually got really tired and I started getting a headache around 7pm because I had to concentrate when fast forwarding. I had that moment that I used to get when marathoning Alias episodes when episodes started to blur and I would be really surprised when title credits came on because I didn’t realize a new episode had started. After watching the entire first season in a day, I now realize how superior Season 2 is. Also, it’s very odd to jump from new episodes to Season 1 because sometimes it seems like a completely different show. I can barely remember a time when Quinn was pregnant and Finn and Rachel dated.

Sunday: Was actually super productive. Maybe not towards the end but I’m happy with a 60% productivity level on a Sunday. I woke up and felt determined to go hiking. Spent an hour choosing walking music to put on my iPod shuffle, then another half hour searching for a trail. I decided on McNee Ranch State Park in Pacifica, CA which was only like 40 minutes away. Funny, Pacifica is “only” forty minutes away but the idea of driving to Berkeley is freaking far, which is 50 minutes away. Makes no sense.

I thought that being a somewhat sunny Sunday, I would have a difficult time finding parking but not at all. The parking lot was like half empty! CA may not be as overpopulated as I made it out to be. I think I was just in shock because after living in Seattle I came back to CA on Labor Day weekend and I have since been scarred into thinking that there are way too many people around me.

McNee Ranch State Park on the 1

I walked up the Graywhale Cove Trail then took N Peak Access Road. I randomly started talking to this one guy towards the top of the mountain and I think if I had kept talking to him a little longer he might have helped me figure out my quarter life crisis but we parted ways because I wanted to take Montara trail and he continued his way. I went about .5 mi on Montara trail before I realized that this trail was bordered by shrubs and rock and would have zero coastal views. I decided to cut my losses and go back to the trail I had come on. I think, right decision!

Pacifica is really gorgeous, I was really surprised. I am always taken aback when I realize that the CA coastline near SF can be so beautiful. I always think that I have to drive really far away from the city in order to see anything worthwhile but I was just 20 minutes away from Daly City and the views were amazing.

City of Pacifica ... or is this Montara?
Let's say that's Pacifica. Then this is Montero

The downside is, there were no restrooms. I needed to pee within an hour into my hike, and I was out there for four hours. There was one point at the end of the hike when I squatted down to take a picture of a flower and immediately regretted it because I had to concentrate REALLY hard to make sure my body didn’t just take that as a cue to urinate all over my clothes right then and there.

The hike was pretty exhausting. Part of that may be because I had only eaten a pear that day. Later a banana. I drove to the Belmont rock climbing gym and did a few terrible crappy climbs. Basically if I ever go farther than Redwood City on the 101N, I feel obligated to go rock climbing in Belmont. I think I’ve started to lose what little rock climbing skills I had *cries* I need to go to the gym way more often. I then drove to Laura’s and after sitting around a little bit and dropping her sister off in Millbrae (which is my new favorite weekly tradition) we watched all of Season 2 of Glee! Ok, not all, just all the music scenes we like. Even though I now own the Brittany/Britney episode, we rewatched that too. HAHA I have been in a Glee craze lately. It’s actually really fascinating to watch the actors in the background during a performance. I find that Naya Rivera always looks SUPER HAPPY when she’s in the classroom. If you can’t tell, Naya Rivera is my new favorite character.

Good god it’s already 12:34 which means I will at most get six hours of sleep tonight. Because I have to drive to fucking Moraga tomorrow! I don’t think I’ve ever said “Moraga” without saying “fucking Moraga.”

Banana slug says "Fuck you Moraga!"

I don’t know why but I always have to compare gross things I find while hiking to the size of my iPod. Remember this?

So long

Week 11: Ca Adv

Written at midnight today

AGH It’s already the next weekend! I need to get this done ASAP!

Listening to: Glee – Me Against the Music (I am intent on learning all the lyrics to this song by the time I finish my current client. I blast it at extremely loud volumes during my commute to convince myself that life is pretty good)

So last weekend I went down to socal! I suppose I have become part of Laura’s family so we drove down Friday night after work. We played Laura’s Glee cds the entire way, and at one point, Adele’s new cd. Laura was most amazed by the fact that despite being on the road for about six hours, we never even touched two of her Glee cds – there are just SO many songs! We stayed the night at Laura’s relatives who are about a street away from UCI. I finished some work in the car and then sent my file over Saturday at 8am before we left for CA Adv.

CA Adv! I don’t know when I was there last. Ok. It’s like 12:24am on a Thursday night right now and I am really exhausted from work. I went to Emeryville today and I’m spending the night at Kristen’s. Thank god I have my “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN” toothbrush in my car, because I forgot to pack my usual travel toothbrush. We had really delicious Thai food and Kristen once again berated me for not doing very much with my life.

Anyway, I wrote some random thoughts last weekend and was planning on integrating them into a more readable format but now that I’m so tired, you get the unedited version.

Written last Sunday night

So here is some background:

My first favorite character of Glee was Dianna Agron. I say “Dianna Agron” because 90% of the time if you say to me “Quinn did this” it takes me ten seconds to figure out who this “Quinn” is. I get the names Quinn, Finn, and Puck confused all the time. To me, Cory Monteith looks more like a Puck, and Quinn and Finn are such dumb sounding names that I never believe that someone would actually be named that, even on a tv show. Anyway – as anyone who watches the show knows, Dianna Agron’s character really is not worth being anyone’s favorite character because she doesn’t do much at all and doesn’t even have snarky lines. The only reason she was my favorite character was because I like Dianna Agron herself. Especially after Laura told me a story about her, I was like OMG I LOVE HER. Basically, Laura said that all the girls of Glee went out and bought LV bags to splurge on their show’s success, and Harry Shum Jr. took a picture of the bags in the cast’s cubbies and posted it on twitter.

Said Picture

So you can see the four LV bags (Lea Michelle’s, Jenna Ushkowitz’s, Naya Rivera’s and I’m not sure who the fourth belongs to). People who saw the picture were like “haha, who’s Yoda bag is that?” And then ONE DAY Dianna Agron took a picture with a fan … and it turns out it’s HER yoda bag!

So after that story, I was like, omg she sounds super fun. And being in 1) an office all the time and 2) in the Bay Area where no one wears things like that, I assumed this was some sort of rare bag that you’d have to buy off some geek website.

Then at Ca Adv, I KEPT seeing it EVERYWHERE. After the 20th bag I was like “why the hell are there so many of these yoda bags?!” and Laura said they sell them at some store in Disney. I was like DAMN IT, every time I see one, I get my hopes raised that it will be Dianna Agron. But nope, it’s just the nth person to buy that damn bag today.

Other Disney trends:

We got there when the park opened and everyone around us seemed veryyyy touristy. Very American touristy, meaning, they know they’ll be walking around for a full day so the selected outfit is: a large baggy white t-shirt, loose jeans, and comfy walking shoes. Yes, I love wearing trainers everywhere, but it’s much more apparent how horribly Americans dress when there are thousands of them squished into one park.

After spending about an hour in the animation building, it was 2pm and when we came out of the building, I realized that there were suddenly a LOT of young, hotter, better dressed people in the park. My guess is, which I confirmed with my brother, that all the Socal residents who have annual passes come out later in the day and Disneyland is just kind of a random hangout for them. So – after 3pm guys, is when people watching becomes REALLY awesome.

Ca Adv is really small – I think we walked back and forth along the main street seven times that entire day. But somehow the day seemed very packed. It has a much more relaxed vibe than Disneyland, where I feel like we are just constantly rushing from ride to ride, trying to squish everything in. Ca Adv just feels like a big beach boardwalk – I almost forget that I spent $80 to walk around a fake boardwalk. I also didn’t realize that the main thing in these theme parks are the shows. I realize now that Ca Adv is really just walking around to stand in line to sit down and watch something. Anyway, around 5-7 was our down time before our dinner reservations. Laura’s sister and mom separated from Laura and me, so we walked around and decided to just people watch, which I am going to say is probably the best thing to do in Disneyland. The best place to people watch is near the roller coaster / water area because way more younger people are over there.

Story #1: I didn’t bring my water bottle that day, so for lunch I got a water cup and started carrying it around EVERYWHERE. It’s one of those one-time use cups, so Laura and her sister were like “why are you still carrying that.” When we had to go in for the Aladdin musical, I just poured out the water and put it in her mom’s backpack, then refilled it on my way out. Environmental! Well, we were going into Tower of Terror and they were like “Mel, throw that cup away” and I was like “NO! There’s still water in it, why would I throw it away!?” so I defied them. Since the employee didn’t stop me on the way in, I was like “see, I can bring water.” Laura was like “ok just don’t spill it on me” and I was like “OK LAURA, when have I EVER spilled water on you?! It’s not like I go around spilling things everywhere!”

Then we got into the room right before you board the ride and I said to Jessica “I know what happens. The walls get longer, huh?” and she was like “wait … are you serious?” and I was like “yeah! I remember this ride” and she starts laughing and goes “wow mel ok.” So then we get into the ride and I’m sitting down with my half full water cup on my lap. And the ride starts and I’m thinking to myself, hmm I thought this ride was supposed to run along some kind of track, but I don’t see the track on the ground at all … maybe this room will go backwards … and then SUDDENLY the elevator drops and my pants are completely soaked.

So in the midst of the first fall my mind goes “OH MY FUCKING GOD MY FUCKING WATER” and it stops and then drops again and I’m like “WTF how is there still water in here?! My pants are SOAKED” and I cover up the straw hole with my finger and then the elevator drops a third time and STILL water comes out and I’m thinking “HOW IS WATER STILL COMING OUT” and by the third drop there is now no more water in my cup as it is all over my pants. So the rest of my ride was me thinking “when will the god damn ride stop.”

So that was fun. What else? We had dinner at the CA Winery place, because if you eat there you can get preferred seating for the World of Color show, which I think is actually totally worth it. The stupid thing is, you have to wait in a certain area for the preferred seating and we could SEE that was right across from where we had sat in the restaurant. There was a rope roping it off though, and the employees were like, nope you have to walk around the restaurant. So we embark on this like, ten minute walk, having to go past these giant crowds of people who are leaving the first world of color showing … and then we finally end up about thirty feet away from we had been before. It was the stupidest thing. HAHA

World of Color was really awesome. Laura emailed me “hope you had a great time tonight! my sister said she had no idea how you felt about world of color, because you weren’t moving your head to look at anything and your face was expressionless. she assumed you moved your eyeballs though.” HAHA When we were watching the Aladdin musical, I kept taking naps in between but would wake up to hear the Genie make some pretty funny jokes. Later her sister was like “yeah I didn’t know if you were sleeping or not because he told some pretty funny jokes and you just sat there without any reaction at all” and I was like “no! I thought it was hilarious! That’s how I react to things.” People who know me know this to be true.

Back to Friday at midnight

Ok! After Ca Adv I got dropped off at my brother’s place in Irvine. His apartment is super awesome except he pays nearly twice as much as I do AND he lives in Irvine. Not that Santa Clara is amazing. OH MY JESUS it’s raining REALLY hard outside. Anyway. Sunday I spent the morning gloriously doing nothing. But at some point I realized that was just doing what I normally do in Santa Clara on a weekend morning so I got restless and called up the TMV girls for a coffee chat. YUMMERS. Well we didn’t get to sit in Bean Town which was the only white drink place I could think of (the alternative is picking from a large number of boba places) but we did go to the nearby Starbucks, which I would normally hate but it was ok because FRIENDS!!! So we sat around and talked for about two hours then drove to Soupie where I had half assed a plan to have dinner there. Half of the group arrived on time at Soupie only to decide that none of us were that hungry so we went to BJs. All worked out in the end!

So I asked Jackie if, when I say “hey guys I’m coming home this weekend!” I give off the impression that I already know exactly what I want to do. She said “yeah!” with much certainty to which I said “WHAT.” Lately, I can barely figure out what I want to do with an hour of free time, much less think about what I’d want to do in socal when I have to consider other people’s schedules and likes and dislikes. Here is all I want when I go home:

1. My mom to comment on how thin I look
2. To fling all my crap and then my body onto my wonderful rug
3. Have cut fruit prepared for me by my parents
4. Plans to hang out spring up out of nowhere

Here is my default plan for whenever I go home from now on. If someone says:

– Where should we go for dinner? Souplantation or Liang’s Kitchen
– What do you want to do? Sit around Bean Town or Half & Half and drink something and talk about our lives
– Should we rent a movie? Yes. Let’s get Charlie’s St Cloud
– Do you want to go somewhere? (and it’s sunny) Yes. Let’s go hiking near some beach and then go to the beach
– Do you want to go somewhere? (and it’s nighttime) Yes. Let’s go sit around someone’s house
– Do you want to go somewhere? (and it’s raining) Yes. Let’s go shopping.

What else happened. Oh, well I had to get back to San Jose somehow! Laura’s sister and mom wanted to drive back up on Monday but since Laura and I are both in busy season, this is not an option. So we got flights at freaking 6:10am from LAX on Monday morning. I thought there would be no one there – FALSE. There are a LOT of people at LAX at 5am. The security line went out the door. Luckily the line actually went by very quickly. I woke up a few times during the flight to catch glimpses of a really gorgeous sunrise but failed to take pictures since I didn’t have my camera this weekend. We took a taxi to my house (it is somehow $28 to take a taxi 5 miles) and then drove to work.

The flight we were on was destined for Seattle. If I were to just sit on the plane and not get off, would they know? I don’t have my boarding pass so they can’t check me. If it wasn’t a full flight, I could have totally just gone to Seattle. Not sure what I would do there once I got there … I think knowing that I was on a Seattle-bound plane + the fact that it has been super overcast lately has made me really question where my life is going this past week.

Anyway it’s almost 1am! Shits. I need to go to work tomorrow. And figure out what I’m doing for the weekend…

This is late for me

Oh shit, it’s already 11pm.

I got off of work “early” today, meaning 8pm. I said to my senior “umm… my brain is shutting down” and she said “let’s go home then!” So she’s cool.

This entire week I have been REALLY stressed. I know I have to finish a lot of work before Friday so I can potentially leave early tomorrow. The A2 who was supposed to be on this team took a leave of absence, and since I’ve been working longer than the other A1, I got the joy of doing A2 work. Walkthroughs were really difficult for me and I know that it’s the kind of thing most people just breeze through.

What was I even saying? Oh damn it, I knew there was some sort of funny thing I wanted to write about. Oh I remember. It wasn’t funny, just a rant.

I got tired of having to wait through a minute of Hulu commericals in order to watch Heather Morris dance to I’m A Slave 4 U so I just bought the Glee episode from itunes. I feel like $3 is worth those 3 minutes. Anyway, in order to dl it, I had to upgrade my itunes. Now my itunes is hideously grey and the font is fugly as hell. AND when I right click on a song, the very item is no longer “Get Info.” Now it’s “Play/Pause Song.” Um. If I had wanted to pause the song, I would have hit the space bar or the BIG FUCKING CIRCLE at the top. I would NOT have right clicked and clicked this. How dumb and inefficient.

I don't have any pics but I have pics I've recently saved

Conversations I forgot to document in the prior post

Me: Can we fastforward this scene? I mean … as much as I love Dianna Agron … she is a really terrible actress
Laura: You know what’s sad is that she’ll probably have the most successful film career out of all of them. She can’t sing, she can’t act, she can’t dance. But she’ll probably end up doing the most movies.

*playing this song*
Jessica: What is this song?
Me (out loud): It’s Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Heads will Roll!
Me (in my head): and some other song that I don’t remember
*a few seconds later*
Me (out loud): oh my god guys. You know how I said this song was Heads Will Roll? I actually mean to say “it’s Heads Will Roll and some other song I don’t know.” I just realized that the “other song” is Thriller.

Crap. I can’t decide – should I have better outfits this weekend as I’m pretty sure I will be taking pictures … or should I save my duffel bag space for boxes of homecooked food? I guess if it comes down to it, I will just wear everything I own onto the plane. I’m taking a 6:15am flight with Laura on Monday so we can still go to work. I have these free drink coupons for Southwest. I wonder if they will serve me alcohol in the morning. It would be great to get drunk at 6:15 am on a Monday morning.

MAKING LOTS OF MIX CDS! I kind of wish my client were farther away so I could spend more time listening to music in the car. Seriously my favorite part of the workday is my commute. It’s like working but I don’t have to do anything or talk to anyone.

aznwalmartgurl8 (10:21:45 PM): i need your advice
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:21:47 PM): i’m making a mix cd
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:21:57 PM): should i put britney versions of me against hte music and i’m a slave 4 u
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:21:59 PM): or glee
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:22:03 PM): which one has more staying power?

Week 10: Birthday food marathon and Roku box

Listening to: The Helio Sequence – Hallelujah (I was at the gym and heard the last half of the song and pretty much stopped everything to figure out what song it was. Since I know no one will click that, I’ll just tell you, the second half of that song is purely instrumental. So I felt really accomplished when I figured it out a minute after the song ended)

To be honest, I’ve already moved onto my next songs: Britney Spears – Till The World Ends!!! and Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo – Give Me Everything

My weekends are beginning to be a little less adventurous and a little more “oh my god sitting around doing nothing is the dream.”

Happy Birthday Laura!

Friday: I got off of work incredibly early. Before 5 even! It is really crazy to drive home in daylight. And a lot less terrifying, which is a huge plus despite having more traffic. I go back home on the 680, and they do construction on it at night, and when I drive in the far left lane it is REALLY close to the divider. I wish they wouldn’t do construction then – people are going home from work at 9pm you know!

Friday was a great work day – I came close to buying $86 lululemon athletica pants. I spent a very long time in the changing room and the employee was like “so how are you doing in there?” and I opened the door and was like “uh … I think I need to go a size up.” I felt great when she said in shock “a size UP?! No. Definitely not.” But then I was like “well … it seems like I’m getting cameltoe…” and she was like “oh, a lot of people say that about our pants actually.” I’m not sure if I want to spend $86 on pants that are going to give me cameltoe. They looked really great from the side but not so much face frontal. Also, Caroline says she doesn’t just machine wash and I don’t think I have the patience to handwash pants. Also, as I was standing in the dressing room, I felt really warm, so I wondered to myself why I would buy pants after winter. Now I can wear my shorts and not look like a weirdo. So all signs point to “do not buy these expensive and troublesome pants” but the stupid part of my brain is thinking “but they’re so coooooollllll everyone in SF wears themmmmmmm so I must have them too”

Then drove back for happy hour with my old (favorite) team! I got a blood orange martini and of course got super red. Also went to Target and found Lipstick Jungle Season 2 for only $5!!!!!!!!! Which is so awesome. I love unexpected awesome tv dvd prices. That show had an early death. It was so terrible in the beginning and no one gave it a second chance, but it was actually surprisingly good towards the end. Watch it on Hulu!

I went to Laura’s then we went to pick up Andria from the SJ airport. In the meantime we sat in my car in an empty parking lot. HAHA We had been planning to pick up Andria, go somewhere, then come back to the airport and get Laura’s sister. By the time we got Andria and made it past the long car line, her sister’s flight was about to land so we just drove back to the parking lot and sat there and talked until her sister called. HEHE I enjoyed it lots.

As there are no Fri/Sat pics, here's a preview of Sunday

Saturday: Laura’s birthday food marathon! We drove to Berkeley and started off around noon after a pit stop at Sonic’s. This food marathon had no rules, more of a “get whatever you want as we mosey along in this direction” sort of day. Stops made included Top Dog, boba in Asian Ghetto, Jamba Juice, kettle corn cart, IB Hoagies, Cheeseboard, Gregoire’s, Love At First Bite, Brazil Cafe, and Ici’s. All of Berkeley’s top hits! Cheeseboard was reallllyyy good with potato pizza. If we hadn’t been in Tilden by the time we ate the pizza, I might have run back in and bought three more slices. Anyway, fun times! Got to see the SF resident friends, got some vitamin D … I miss the days when we could just spend a random weekday eating food for twelve hours. Oh, college.

It was only about 6pm when we returned to South Bay so I just sat around Laura’s house, per usual. We installed her sister’s Roku box, which basically hooks the tv up to the wireless device and allows you to use netflix or amazon or hulu plus. There was a free 1-year subscription to hulu plus included, so immediately we were both like GLEE. GLEE GLEE GLEE. I have REALLY wanted to rewatch the Britney/Brittany episode but I can’t find any links for it since it’s so old. So we went through the episodes and watched our favorite parts – Britney/Brittany’s I’m A Slave 4 U (my favvvvvorite), Britney/Brittany’s Me Against the Music, a lot of Duets, Blame It on the Alcohol’s Tik Tok… and then I made Laura rewatch I’m A Slave 4 U three times. If I were in the privacy of my own home, I don’t know how many more times I would have rewatched it. I could sit and rewatch a clip of something until an hour passes and still wake up the next morning wanting to rewatch it. I don’t know how many times I watched Taylor Swift being pranked by Ellen.


Well. I think the highlight of this weekend is going to have to be Laura and me sitting on the couch just rewatching the Brittany/Britney episode. My mind just kind of goes blank when I watch Heather Morris dance. Me Against the Music is actually on youtube – I REALLLLYYYY wish I’m A Slave 4 U were as well (god it pains me to have to write 4 U) but it’s probably better that it isn’t, because I would waste so much time watching it on repeat. We officially watched I’m A Slave 4 U and Me Against the Music seven times each this weekend, which is really like saying we spent forty minutes of our lives rewatching two dance routines.

Laura was telling us (her sister and me) that the rest of the cast is sitting in the background in this music video. We were like “what?! where are they” and in the middle of watching, Laura just PERFECTLY pauses it and goes THERE. I have always been so entranced by the dancing I never noticed, but here it is (Laura’s screenshot was so much more hilarious but this is the best I can get)

LOLS. Finn, Rachel and Jenna

So essentially our lives are now controlled by this little Roku box, which unfortunately, is dependent upon working internet.

Well today wasn’t a TOTAL waste. What did we do … Laura, her sister and I went to Los Gatos Cafe which was quite delicious. Shared a HUGE cinnamon roll mmmmmmm.

Papas Santa Cruz. Made me want to go to Santa Cruz

Stopped back at Laura’s (where we watched two of the seven viewings of Glee dancing), then Laura and I went to hike in Arastradero Preserve which is in Palo Alto. Not much of a hike, more of a leisurely walk. It was perfect hiking weather – overcast! And actually, a little drizzly but I liked it. The mountains here are super green, which is always very shocking to me because I’m very used to the brown mountains of SoCal.

I'm just glad there weren't succulents

OMG I would have totally forgotten this had I not seen the pictures in my camera. After hiking, we were driving towards Stanford Mall and Laura says “and that’s the EY Palo Alto office on the right” and I was like “can we go in?” and she goes “… sure” and so we do! There was one person working in the office HAHA

What Laura Wants to Do At Work
What Laura is Actually Doing at Work

Well then we went to Stanford Mall. And then that was when I discovered … PINKBERRY BLOOD ORANGE SEASONAL FLAVOR HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. I was so distraught. I didn’t know the last time I ate that would be … my last time. Good thing I ate a medium size. Had I known it was being pulled soon, I probably would have bought a bunch of take home ones. Sadness. Lychee is the next seasonal flavor, but I don’t want that. Blood orange come back to meeeeeee

Walked around Stanford Mall. I actually REALLY want to buy the following:

1) Really tight dark wash skinny jeans
2) New athletic pants
3) Ray Bans (my desire for them has resurfaced now that it’s sunnier and my fake Ray Bans have snapped in half)
4) A good blanket
5) A mountain/road bike hybrid

But after the Pinkberry discovery, I was kind of down. I went into A&F to try and find jeans … no luck. I finally found one that was the color I wanted but I turned it over and realized there were holes in it. I think I’m now too old to be going around wearing holey jeans. So we left A&F and I think for the rest of the shopping excursion Laura and I both kept smelling the A&F smell even though we were nowhere near it.

Then we went into Solstice and I came VERY close to buying the wayfarers. But it seems incredibly stupid to buy it when it’s not on sale or at an outlet. Laura said I could just buy it online but when I went online I’m not actually entirely sure if the one I’m looking at is the one I want. Also, I want the pleasure of carrying out a shopping bag, which is not a feeling I get from receiving a package in the mail. Sigh. I kind of wish I had bought it because I want to be wearing them next weekend, but I also know I would be a little bitter anytime I saw that there was a sale. Laura did remind me that while I am hesitating to buy these $120 glasses, I spent far more to get a poster framed. A poster I have not hung up yet.

Went back to Laura’s and fell asleep (again) watching her sister’s Disney documentary. Then more tv. We restrained ourselves from watching more Brittany/Britney only because her mom has seen us watch it three times and we feel like she will find it very weird if we continue to rewatch the same scene again. Took Laura’s sister to the Millbrae station – I really wanted to continue driving/being a passenger, only to avoid work the next day. I don’t know why, because I haven’t heard anything negative about my team or my next client, but I just don’t really want to work there. It has just recently dawned on me how cyclical my job is and how it’s the same thing one after another. Also, I had this client for an IO (inventory observation), and I am kind of conditioned to treat IOs as essentially a one-night stand. It’s very hit it and quit it – just do the IO and never have to go back to the client again. So it just feels weird and awkward to be going there tomorrow.

I have very little gas in my tank but chose to just sit on Laura’s couch watching VH1’s top 40 breakups of 2010, instead of getting gas. So I hope I don’t find myself stuck somewhere on the 880 tomorrow morning.

Going to bed now! Maybe … after … another viewing of Me Against the Music. I am seriously considering purchasing the Brittany/Britney episode on iTunes just so I can rewatch the dance scenes. Or, if someone can direct me to a GIF of HeMo dancing, that would be perfect.

Laura: God, she’s a much better dancer than Britney
Me: I thought Britney was famous for her dancing? Is she better at singing or dancing?
Laura: hmmm……..

And I just watched the Madonna/Britney Spears official music video for Me Against the Music today. I didn’t watch many music videos growing up. I am kind of shocked by how sexual it is.

Week 9: Exercise

Listening to: My Chemical Romance – Planetary Go! (greatest running song)

Ok. I’m going to try and write this and actually publish this before the middle of the week. First off, lots of emotions

1) MY POSTER IS DONE! It is AMAZING. I take back all my snarkiness about how expensive framing is. Framing is TOTALLY worth it guys. My poster used to look a little dinky but now it’s grown SEVERAL inches in size and has a beautiful black wood frame around it. Matting a poster does wonders. I keep looking over at it. Unfortunately I have no nails to hang it with, nor do I have a hammer to nail a hypothetical nail with. So it’s just propped up against my bookshelf of crap. To be honest, as much as I love it, I’ll probably just store it under my bed until I move into my REAL home however many years from now. I am totally going to be the kind of person who just puts all her valuables in storage, then dies without ever enjoying them.


I just stared at the poster for several minutes thinking about what I did in all the neighborhoods I visited.

2) This article Caroline just facebooked me. AWESOME. I agree/have done like, 8/10 of these things! I feel so validated.

I had all this Seattle-related crap and even I didn’t want to read it, so I deleted it.

3) This quote from today. Rocks.

Laura: My mom could have a cooking show! Cooking with Cha Lien Kuo! Just rolls off your tongue does it?
Me: Cha Lien? She could be Charlene
Laura: Yeah! To Americanize it, she should use a more familiar Asian last name, like her maiden name. It would be … Cooking with Charlene Wang
Laura’s Mom: I like it when people call me Ginger
Laura and Me: What?! Where is Ginger from
Laura’s Mom: Ginger sounds like a name for a woman with big boobs

*a little later*

Laura: Wait … is that the only reason you want to be called Ginger?
Laura’s Mom: Yup! Having big boobs is my dream
Laura: This is the environment I grew up in.

From time to time, I also think about the following quote and smile to myself

Laura: My mom used to get so mad because when we were kids, my sister and I wanted to go to the library to read on Thursday nights and that was when Seinfeld would be on. And my mom would always say “why do I have to go to the library,” but my dad said it was a family outing and she had to go.

4) I finally got Laura to watch Cruel Intentions. Somehow, the 22 year old me didn’t think it was as amazing as the ten year old me did. I watched it five years ago and finally understood all the dirty things in the movie. I realize now that I watched a LOT of things when I was younger, loved them, then rewatched it and realized that all the dirty things had gone completely over my head. For instance, I’m not really sure what I got out of Dawson’s Creek or Popular or Felicity, but I seemed to like those shows a lot despite not having a real grasp of what was going on.

5) So my weekend. A little lonely but fairly fulfilling.

Friday: I went to Berkeley after work. And found out that Tunnel Road has THREE tunnels. They open the third to whatever side commute is going, but I have always driven reverse commute (why the fuck would I ever go to Walnut Creek at night) so I have always thought that the poles blocking off the lanes were for construction purposes. I remember thinking to myself, god how can there still be construction here. What are they even doing with those two lanes, they don’t head ANYWHERE. My manager had such a laugh over it

Me (on the phone): I’ll be in Berkeley in twenty minutes
Manager: No you won’t, the third tunnel is closed coming from here
Me: What third tunnel?
Manager: The third tunnel! On Tunnel Road?
Me: There’s no third tunnel! There’s just the one tunnel. The one you drive through!
Manager: Yes there IS! There’s a third tunnel! They close it off if you’re going reverse commute
Me: WHAT?! I always thought that was just construction…

Anyway, Berkeley! I went out to get dinner with Jon, but we couldn’t decide where we wanted to go. Which is kind of the story of our lives. So I said, Jon I have to get gas first. Then we can go down College and pick a restaurant. But once we got gas, Jon was like “I kind of want Jack in the Box” and I was like, ok. It is really sad when I go to Berkeley and the thing I am most in the mood for is JITB. It is even sadder that this is not the first, or second time this has happened. Anyway, Jon ordered something and I just kept staring at the menu because I wanted to try something new that wasn’t a Sourdough Jack or an Oreo Milkshake and finally decided not to get anything. Then, right before Jon got his food, I decided to get something. So I went up to look at the breakfast menu and the cashier came, which made me feel pressured so I was like “what’s in the Breakfast Jack? … No I don’t know that. Ok I will have a ………………………………………………… Sourdough Jack” and Jon just burst out laughing. Whatevs. It was delicious.

Saturday: I somehow woke up at like 5:30. I just laid in bed for twenty minutes, thinking it was 10am, then decided I should probably get up soon when it suddenly dawned on me that it was COMPLETELY dark in my room. HAHA I really can’t figure out how my Saturday passed. I know I got up and went to the gym. And exercised for the first time in a week. It was TERRIBLE. I can’t remember the last time I let a week pass where I didn’t have at least some form of exercise, even if it was just walking around a neighborhood. But for Mon-Fri my most strenuous exercise was walking from my car to my cushy office chair.

So I went to the gym and could barely do any rock climbing. I couldn’t even do several V0s that I used to knock out without even trying. Then I tried to elliptical and only did 20 minutes before I had to stop because I thought my chest was going to implode. I went home pretty sad around 1 …

Then … watched tv? Read a little? Then it was 5 and I was like HELL NO body, you lazy shit so I drove back to the gym and forced myself to rock climb, elliptical a full 30 minutes, row for 10 minutes, rock climb again, then run on the treadmill. I wanted to do 1 mile at least, but I only made it to .5 mi which is just so incredibly depressing but at least I did everything else. My body was sore but my mindset that day was “well you wouldn’t be sore there if you had kept exercising, so too fucking bad.” I realize now I am a little masochistic.

Sunday: Stupid rain. I was intending to go to Berkeley but I can’t explore a neighborhood if it’s raining and I wanted to get a haircut but the salon I stubbornly refuse to leave behind is closed on Sundays. Instead I drove to Palo Alto with the intent of working at Cafe Borrone. I got a Mexican Mocha, delicious, but there were a LOT of people there and I felt really uncomfortable just sitting around after only buying a drink. So I worked for an hour then packed up and sat in my car and debated whether to 1) drive to Stanford and find a place to study despite not knowing any of the buildings or having a student ID for libraries, 2) go to Starbucks, which I hate, or 3) drive to a park, roll down the windows and work from my car with the illusion of being outside. I decided Starbucks – I just really wanted to work in a cafe environment even if Starbucks is shit. BUT! On my walk to Starbucks I just happened to pass a crepes cafe so I was like … sure why not

I was too full from my mocha to get a crepe so I just ordered … another mocha. It was the worst mocha I’ve ever had in my life. But! I was able to work outdoors and it was a nice environment and I got a ton of work done so I got what I came for. I guess my favorite study environment is, surrounded by people talking (like when I used to study at RSF, I miss that SO much!) but listening to my iPod.

Then I drove to pick up my framed poster, LOVE IT. When I was driving there, I intended to head to the Belmont climbing gym after, do a little climbing and do a little running. But when I drove past Stanford’s campus, I saw a guy running in that parkish area and I thought, omfg why would I drive 10 miles farther to run on a treadmill when I can run OUTSIDE?! So got my frame, put it in the car, grabbed my gym bag from the trunk, changed in a grocery store bathroom, then drove to Stanford’s stadium.

I love being able to park for however long I want on the weekends. !!! And I LOVE tracks. I hate running on asphalt or sidewalks or for unmeasurable distances, and I used to enjoy treadmills but now my knees can’t seem to handle them. But TRACKS. omggg love. The oddest thing is, I swear Berkeley’s Edwards stadium is larger than AHS’ stadium, which seems larger than Stanford’s track. But I can’t imagine that any of them are shorter or longer than 1/4 mile, because then how would track meets work? Although if I think about it, there is no way running one lap in Edwards is equal to running one lap at Stanford. It just boggles my mind. How much am I running?! Which is the correct track?!

Anyway, I told myself I’d run 2 miles at the very least, and wouldn’t it be GREAT if I ran three? Considering I could barely run .5 mi yesterday, I thought this was kind of optimistic. But I ran two, then decided I felt pretty good, so I ran a third mile. And then after my third mile, I thought I was still ok so I ran a fourth mile. And then after the fourth … just kidding. After the fourth mile I thought my legs would give out if I ran another lap. But YAY! Four miles! Crazy exercise endorphins. Haven’t gone running in FOREVER! I’ve been rock climbing so much I have neglected my cardio.

Stanford Stadium! I want to come back every weekend...

Ok WORK tomorrow! I am totally going to regret not preparing a lunch tomorrow. Fuck it. I’m going to get like a sandwich. Or wait until 9pm and just chow down on a calzone or something.

Week 8: Point Pinole and Oscars!

Listening to: 104.9 XFM London and Adele – Someone Like You (live)

omg I forgot, quote of the weekend:

Laura: where  do you want to eat?
Me: I don’t know! I don’t know anything in San Jose! If we were in Seattle I’d know where to eat
Laura: god, if I have to hear about Seattle one more time…

Written on Tuesday:

I’m sitting in the parking lot of my client right now as I type this. It turns out, the fastest way to get from Santa Clara to Walnut Creek is NOT 880 then 24. Which, maybe anyone who’s ever looked at a map of the bay area freeways would know. I’ve cut my commute in half! So I have 15 minutes before 9am, which means a few minutes of blogging, a few minutes of closing my eyes, and some more dance music in the car.

It must not be a good sign if, when I drive to work, I keep harboring fantasies of just blowing past the exit and continuing to drive until who knows where. My client is a first year client, which, for me, is really hard because I have a difficult enough time “leveraging” off of other people’s workpapers, so having to create my own seems beyond my capabilities.

Anyway, my weekend!

Point Pinole in Richmond. Don't be deterred by the nearby oil refinery and prison

Saturday: hiking with friends! Join HYPO. Hiking Young Professionals Organization. Name still pending. Currently: 4 active members. The goal: walk outside, breathe unrecirculated air, eat a delicious meal afterwards as a reward for choosing to spend precious free time outside of the house and off the couch.

I went to eat lunch with Laura and her sister at Mitsuwa which apparently sells ramen. Pretty delicious … although I feel like it’s the same price for a normal bowl of ramen except this has the nice atmosphere of a grocery store. I had told Kristen that we would hike around 11:30, but that got pushed back until 1:30. Oops. I think it worked out well for everyone though. So I drove to — oops CD over. Replaying Tiesto!!!

— Drove to Oakland. Went up to Kristen’s apartment where she made us JUICE. It was crazy. She had worked at a juice store in Australia so she knew these crazy efficient ways to cut oranges and pineapples. It takes me about two minutes to peel an orange, and it gets all over my hands. Kristen just went CHOP CHOP CHOP and done. I can’t even imagine what an ordeal it would be for me to cut a pineapple, but Kristen just yanked off the head, then BAM. Done. Anu was making her breakfast at the same time, so the apartment had a strange, yet delicious mix of Jamba Juice + taqueria smell. I used to think that Jamba Juice smell was due to something artificial they put in it. Nope! That’s the smell of fruit!

Naomi walked over to join us for hiking. She and Kristen both had their black yoga pants on for exercise. I need to get one of those! Then we set off for hiking. I had gotten some hiking books earlier that morning so I looked for coastal trails and bam! Point Pinole, Richmond, done.

So Laura had earlier told me that she was not going to hike because it was supposed to snow that day. This is the harsh weather we had to trek through.

Chance of snow: 0%

I loved giving her shit for her false snow report. We were all bewildered as to how a forecast could be SO wrong. If they say it’s going to snow, I would expect at least heavy cloud cover and some rainfall. What we got was blue skies and sunshine! Only in CA would we be disappointed by a lack of snow.

Upon entering the park, we were treated to the sight of a prison bus and realized that the park is adjacent to a prison. HAHA Richmond is also close to a Chevron refinery. Surprisingly, the view was still beautiful! Hike was awesome. I recommend it!

Ok it’s 8:56. Sigh.

Laura: THAT'S the actual size?! Me: No. The actual size is on the left.

I have found a new super awesome radio station to stream. I used to stream C89.5 but the main reason I loved it (ie. I never heard the same song play) soon became untrue. I guess that’s what happens when you stream a radio station for 9 hours straight 5 days a week. I then started streaming Triple J, an Australian station Kristen told me about, but I don’t like it as much after 2pm for whatever reason. Now I have 104.9 XFM London! It is awesome. And appears to have great songs playing no matter what time of the day it is. Weird quirks about listening to non-local radio stations:

– I know more about traffic in Seattle than I do in CA. I feel like my day is not complete until I hear “traffic is backed up from Redmond and Bellevue”
– Triple J never says what the exact time of the day it is. I realized it’s because they’re played in various parts of Australia, where the time zones are different. I have the feeling that I am listening to the station when it’s Australia’s early dawn, but I can never tell
– Triple J is a day ahead, so every Thursday morning they say “the weekend is here!” and it makes me super excited then sad when I realize I live in America
– XFM London has eurobus commercials so I am always a little confused when I hear that I could travel to Paris for only 69 euros.
– I feel more excited when bands that started in Europe are played on XFM London than if I were to hear it on my ipod or on the radio here. Somehow, The Strokes, The Killers, and Oasis all sound so much better

Ok it’s 8:56. Sigh. PM now. Leaving work.

Written on Wednesday:

YAY! At Kristen’s apartment right now. The freeways out of Walnut Creek are pretty fun (and terrifying) at night. The roads are generally going downhill and windy, it’s dark, there aren’t that many cars around so I don’t have to brake, and there are views of the Bay Area all the way out to SF. Beautiful but I feel like I could crash at any moment.

I got here around 9:30 and watched The Office with Anu and ate some of her turtle pie. Turtle pie is delicious. Kristen came back and I got a good fill of Kristen, Tell Me What To Do conversation, which is basically what I wanted to get out of this visit. Dear Kristen, I know you are reading this. Please work on your powerpoint presentation, Life: The Kristen Dohnt Way (aka the Right Way) on your free time. Don’t forget the timeline. I wish I could share all the gems I got from our conversation.

Kristen says: You need to start small and give it room to grow into something bigger! Shoot for the dirt!

Well now I’m siting on her couch in my sleeping bag. I turned off the light so I wouldn’t have to leave this warmness when I want to sleep, but now my eyes hurt from staring at a laptop screen in the dark. I’ll have to continue this later.

Written on Thursday:

Back to Saturday…

Here is photographic evidence of my bird hoodie. And that I have friends and am sociable

I’ve noticed that any time I meet up with friends, there is one particular conversation topic that is inevitable. I kind of love talking about it, and am probably the culprit for bringing up the topic in the first place anyway. Although the topic never goes anywhere, I feel like most people get comfort in the knowledge that everyone else feels the same way. It goes almost exactly like this, and not just for one person, but for everyone involved:

“so how’s work?”
general comment of dissatisfaction
“do you think you’re going to stay there long-term?”
“what would you want to do instead then?”
“i have no idea”

I’ve decided these are my dream jobs
1. Professional blogger
2. Fedex delivery person. Exercise as a job. Plenty of fresh air. See the same people every day. It’s got everything!
3. Dog walker. Pretty much same as the above
4. Proofreader for financial statements. Note, not an editor. Just a proofreader where all I have to care about is spacing and font size and stupid shit like that that gets people in a tizzy when it’s off.
5. Wedding planner or interior designer, but only if my clients have the same taste as I do and have lots of money to throw around

After hiking, we drove to Berkeley for some Brazil Cafe! The houses near Point Pinole are large, new, and super cheap, like $300K. For Bay Area houses! AND the commute would be pretty great into SF. I suppose you’d just have to be ok with living next to a prison.

This should be an ad for sunglasses

Brazil Cafe, delicious. It was freezing despite the shining sun. We saw Kat Fong which was an awesome surprise! She made me realize that the last time I had seen her was May 2009. God I’m terrible at keeping in touch.

We ended up driving back to Oakland – Naomi went out to SF and Laura, Kristen and I watched tv. Then we got bored and drove back to Berkeley for dessert. We each got something different – Yogurt Park for Kristen, Yogurt Land for me, and Cream for Laura. Kind of ridiculous but that is how you do in Berkeley. Instead of compromising on one place, just get it all!

Yum yum, suddenly it was pretty late and I had completely forgotten that it would take an hour to get home. So we bid adieuuuu

Listening to: Beady Eye – The Roller

Sunday: woke up, rock climbed, went grocery shopping, watched the oscars red carpet and the oscars from 3 – 9. It was exhausting. Worst awards cermony in my memory. I’m pretty sure I only thought one thing was funny in the entire awards show and I can’t even remember what it was. I DO remember this though:

Ryan Seacreast: Wow, tell me more about this dress! I can totally see myself in it—
Me (not in view of the tv): yeah, I bet he can
Ryan Seacreast: — it’s so reflective!
Me: Oh. That’s what he meant. ok.

Filled my body with guac and chips. We never broke out the Moet 😦 It’s not a true Oscar party until we are sitting in formal wear on couches, drinking Moet! I’ll make it happen one day…

Fried twinkies, snickers and oreos with whipped cream and ice cream

Monday: Wow this feels really long ago. Well, I got off work and then stayed in Berkeley for the night. Jon and Josh wanted to go to some place called Sumo Grub. It’s … kind of gross in concept. First of all, it’s right across from Berkeley High School. Second, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING they sell is fried. They sell fried burgers, fried mac & cheese, fried desserts like fried snickers, fried twinkies, fried oreos, fried kit kats and fried reese’s. They have “food challenges” that are like … a bun, six patties, four of those fried desserts, whipped cream … or 12 of those fried mac and cheese squares. Really truly disgusting.

Can you eat 12 of these?

The sad part is, I actually kind of liked the fried oreo. It was good!

I disappoint myself. Damn you fried oreo

Then we drove up to Lawrence Hall for the view and watched King’s Speech in the backseat of my car. Super cute! But I was a little cold. And of course I ended up falling asleep in some part of the movie. I was just starting to drift off and suddenly Jon pauses it so I wake up and he’s like “are you guys asleep?!” and I was like … maybe … how’d you know? and I guess something super sad had just happened and Jon just heard me and Josh heavily breathing with no reaction. HAHA I guess I missed one of the big turning moments of the movie. Oh well! It was all right.

My ranking of Oscar films…
1. Social Network
2. Inception
3. Black Swan
4. Kids Are All Right
5. King’s Speech

View from Lawrence Hall

Tuesday: I went home and slept there. Felt great.

Wednesday: I wrote about that earlier. This blog post is terrible in terms of continuity (and possibly in other ways) because I was writing all over the place. I was trying to make this blog have a more logical flow but I’ve given up.

Thursday: I guess we’ll see what happens today!

It’s 8:55 am now. I guess I should go to work.

Written on Friday:

I left work yesterday at 10:20. Despite being my longest day, it was my best day of the week. I actually understood most of what I was doing! So Thursday’s summary is: worked. Got to Kristen’s around 10:40. Watched tv with her then fell asleep

The plan was to come to work early, post my blog with pictures … but I grabbed my memory card and went to look for the slot to stick it in, and it turns out this fucking thinkpad doesn’t even have an sd card reader. So. No pictures. I guess I’ll insert them later. Don’t forget to look at them! They are pretty.

It’s 8:46am now! On a FRIDAY! So I guess here is my weekend blog, on the day the weekend begins. Traffic on the 24 was very good today. But I don’t like it when there is no traffic on the morning. It means that people out there aren’t working and I am. Unacceptable.

This morning was great because I ended up waking up at 6am and couldn’t fall back asleep because my leg really hurts from not exercising for days. So I ended up watching Parenthood on the couch under the blankets in my pjs which I LOVE. I don’t have a tv in my room, so the idea that I can just hit the power button and suddenly have access to tv is astounding to me. Anyway, watched that. Then it was only 7am and I still didn’t want to sleep or get up, so I watched Survivor. I used to love Survivor but the format is too predictable and they fawn over Boston Rob so much it’s really annoying.

Well it’s 8:53am now and my senior just walked in so I guess I’ll start work now. Friday! Not sure what I will do tonight or this weekend, but I want it to involve some form of strenuous exercise.

It’s only 8:55 and my senior is talking to me about work. So this is why I hide out in the parking lot and type in the dark until the very last minute.

Crap this weekend's already begun

There’s SO MUCH great music!!!

My Chemical Romance – Planetary Go!

Crystal Castles ft Robert Smith – Not in Love

Wolf Gang – Dancing With The Devil

Cage the Elephant – Shake Me Down

Donkeyboy – Ambitions

and again because it’s sooooooo good Birdy – Skinny Love

Another non-post

Listening to: Birdy – Skinny Love

I REALLY need to go to sleep but I need to do one thing and I keep finding ways to put it off. This blog entry is an example of that.

I have to wake up in less than 7 hours to go to work. My mood towards work changes in such a snap. Hate! No, it’s ok. Hate! No, it’s ok. Hate! Meh.

I just looked through some photos on my camera. I look terrible in my bird hoodie. Stupid hoodie. You are now relegated to pajama and rock climbing wear.

Can it be the weekend already?