Time is ticking!

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Today was one of those days where I was so productive that I feel like life is too short. And not productive, like WOW I did so much work and ran so many errands, but productive like I saw a lot of friends and had fun all day long and am rightfully exhausted and living up my youth. How funny that after my test, I spent three days essentially doing nothing in my house and it drove me crazy enough to go running to Seattle. And when I finally decide to go to Seattle, suddenly I have tons of plans and not enough time to accomplish all of them.

I woke up this morning around 8, even though my body would probably have wanted to get up at 9:30. I was up late last night watching It’s Complicated, which was surprisingly good but a bit long. I left the house around 8:45 and rode my bike to Jenny’s and then we went biking along the LA “river” with Steven, Kim, and their friend Gin. We rode for 2.5 hours without stopping and I think it was 33+ miles. Normally I’d googlemap it, but I had no idea where the hell we were. I know we saw Rosemead Blvd and the 605 and the 210 freeways. I only have a cruiser which was brutal on the few uphills that we passed. It was really great cloudy weather and being a weekday, not that many people.

It is very, very rare, in fact I can’t really imagine a time when I ever, had an outing that started early in the morning, was not primarily revolving around a meal, involved strenuous exercise, AND was free. AND everyone arrived on time. What an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, at some point, we must have gone over a bunch of weird spikey plant things and ended up getting three flat tires. Not the best ending to our bike ride.

Then we went to eat at Liang’s which is my new favorite Arcadian restaurant. No more freaking Sinbala, seriously. Why I took all my non-Arcadian guests to a restaurant that I never even ate at when I was in high school, I have no idea. My uncle said that he once walked down Baldwin, and between Huntington and Camino Real there were about 40 restaurants on both sides of the street. Which is kind of ridiculous yet believable when you hear it.

Then I biked back home with Steven and had maybe thirty minutes of rest before I had to get ready to go to Owen’s birthday party. Frances C picked me up and we drove to Connie Y’s and I made her come out with us. HEHEHE. It is so easy to say “but you’ll never see me again! You have to come out!” Headed to Irvine and hung around the Irvine Spectrum. I wore makeup today because the most uncomfortable I ever feel is in Irvine Spectrum. I feel incredibly fat, poor, and fashionably incompetent when I walk around there. Plus, I know that there are never going to be good sales there, which is why I hate shopping there. I feel terrible about myself and I don’t even walk away with anything new.

We ate at Yardhouse and I talked to lots of people! This makes me sound like a loner. omg diary, today I talked to real people and it was so weird to not know how they would respond. Unlike the imaginary people in my head. How fun to catch up with friends. I enjoy being blunt with my questioning. The results delight me.

Things I have to do before Friday:
– Watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars (clearly the most important one)
– Pack
– Make a list of everything I want to do/see in Seattle for the next month
– Hang out with Andria and Leneve on Thursday
– Hang out with people tomorrow night?
– Tell my mom where I am going
– Laundry
– Upload the last album of roadtrip pics to facebook

Things I want to do but there is no time:
– Sleepover with TMV girls before the yardsale
– Yardsale
– Disneyland
– Cinespia
– Play in Camarillo 😦
– Play in SD 😦

I am currently eating a chinese bread I bought from 85 degrees. I am starving but I still think it is kind of gross. Which must mean it is really gross. Not impressed with 85. I like normal chinese breads. I want hot dog buns and pineapple buns 😦 I may need to eat a Drumstick to compensate. NO the last time I ate ice cream late at night I got a sore throat! Well. If I already have the sore throat I guess it couldn’t be worse.

THERE weren’t even freaking Drumsticks in my freezer! Ever since I started writing this “LIFE IS SO GREAT” post, everything has fallen below my expectations.


Art and music – grab some wine and cheese guys

Listening to: The Submarines – Brightest Hour (Morgan Page remix)

The day before my REG exam I thought it would be a great idea to start looking for album artwork on my itunes. I think it took me about five days to finish inputting album covers to all my songs. Here’s a tip that would have saved me hours – if you have the album and artist information, you can just right click “get album artwork” and it finds the cover within seconds and there it is. I was both pissed and relieved to discover this. Also, you only have to apply artwork to one song per album, and it automatically applies it to the rest of the songs.

After doing this for a lot of artists, I realized that there are very particular genres in my library, which you can distinguish not only by sound, but by their album covers. In my library, I have:

1) Albums with trees or birds in them

Your typical indie band covers, usually a drawing with earthier tones and typography you have squint and carefully read to decipher. Whenever I was in Rasputin looking for random used cds to purchase, a cutesy cover would be enough to buy from an artist I’d never even heard of. If I had more time and any ounce of artistic creativity, I would like to create a giant poster montage of indie albums, but lacking the latter, I’ll just keep my eye out for one I can buy. Usually labeled as folk, indie folk, indie pop

2) Albums with serious looking and fairly ugly art

The standard for all male bands that probably look rather grungy in person. Too cool for a cutesy drawn cover, but too ugly to be marketable with their faces on the album cover. So instead, they have a picture of some object that gives their album a secret, double meaning. Usually labeled as rock, alternative, or indie rock

3) White, brunette man, contemplating life

With their marketable faces, their albums sell best if their faces are plastered on the cover. It’s like a giant neon sign saying “buy me! I contain a perfect mix of sweet, strummy songs AND emo, mellow songs, to represent the entirety of your hypothetical/actual relationship. Usually labeled as acoustic, cafe music

4) White female looking content about life, looks like she shops at Anthropologie

Guitar can be replaced with piano. Add in flowers. Soft lighting to convey non-sluttiness and wholesomeness of singer.

5) Incredibly ugly and seemingly meaningless art that can only be explained by lack of expert photoshoppers in the 90s

Basically the rock bands of the 90s/early 2000s. It pained me to have to apply such hideous art into my library, but many of the songs were classics and could not be deleted. Sometimes it would be a picture of the band, which just served as evidence for how far we’ve come in learning how to properly light photoshoots. Usually labeled as rock, alternative rock, 90s

6) Embarassing but awesome teenybopper albums

While I would hate putting in ugly albums for rock bands, I LOVED finding a delightfully ridiculous pop album cover. The typography back in the day was so terrible. Their dress – look at those all white suits! Usually labeled as pop, boybands, 90s

7) Young white (Disney) girl looking “sexy”

It was really weird to have to find artwork for artists like these. I loved looking for indie bands because they often had more covers than I had space to apply. But for pop stars, it was like get in, get out. Grab the first cover I see. Don’t dwell on pictures. All are hideous, all look fairly similar. A good question would be, why am I still listening to teen pop? As I write this, I am listening to to Send It On, which I just dled today. How did a song with such a powerhouse of singers not get radioplay?!

8 ) Black girl(s) in clubbing attire, posing either really sexually or sassily

I sometimes felt like if one of my parents walked in on me looking for artwork from these artists, they would think I was looking at porn or something. I can’t imagine that the artwork is really meant to persuade men to buy the album. Even if the women are scantily clad and looking like they’re posing for Maxim, what guy is going to go out and buy their own PCD/Keri Hilson/Rihanna/Ciara cd?

9) Scary looking large men that look incredibly out of place in my itunes library

It was impossible to find an acceptable looking album, so I just started getting the most gangster looking covers I could find. I kind of like putting these in, because it’s kind of hilarious to cycle between indie albums and then suddenly some hiphop album pops up

10) Asians

Similar to the hip hop albums, I started just looking for the most ridiculous looking cover. It was hard to find any album art though, because it seems that asian album art is not squareish – they’re all rectangular shaped which I did not want.

11) Font and nothing else. Ugly font too.

It was impossible to find any good electronica album art. I would have thought graphic designers are most likely to be listening to electronica – why aren’t they making awesome artwork for it? Instead I had to choose between one album with just font, or one album with an ugly ass sunrise. Seriously, if an electronica album was going to have a picture, the default picture is of a sunset. I guess symbolizing a party till the sun comes up mentality? I don’t know.

It just got worse and worse as you continued huh? There were some really good ones though – some of my favorites:

And Kate Nash had a ridiculous amount of super cute albums. I want them all!!!

So what am I doing now after my test? I’ve been reading a memoir that I probably shouldn’t be reading after just cancelling my Seattle plans. It’s a book about someone who travels the world for a year. He mentioned Seattle once, not even as as a destination but just something like “had as many coffeehouses as Seattle” and I felt a small pang of regret.  The author actually annoys me but I want to finish the book anyway. I read his other book before but I don’t remember what happens in the end at all. The first book is about what he does after his fiancee essentially leaves him at the altar. I couldn’t tell why she left from reading the second, but he elaborates in the first and I can’t help but think “uh … yeah I would have left you too. You kind of wasted four-five years trying to salvage a relationship that clearly wasn’t going to work out.” But I’m just reading from the perspective he hands me, so maybe (hopefully) he realizes that now.

I need to create a list of goals for the rest of my two months and actually act on them. The list will be similar to all the other lists I’ve ever made in my life but hopefully I’ll finally be able to cross things off this time. I decided that the next week will be my relaxation week though. I’ve also decided to rewatch all the episodes of The Vampire Diaries. I’ve already rewatched the first four episodes. Putting album artwork in my itunes and rewatching a teen vampire drama within two weeks time – I am nothing but a mascot for smart decisions.

Perhaps I will use the money I saved from not going to Seattle and purchase every single tv dvd I’ve wanted. I have a list … of fourteen shows.

Random TV Musings

Listening to: The Submarines – Submarine Symphonika

A) The Hills Series Finale: An end of an era

Not really. That’s just what the deluded MTV producers want you to think. Maybe Laguna Beach/The Hills spawned a glut of reality shows – serving the needs of famewhores with a completely new way of becoming famous (simply go on a “reality” show and act really crazy, have a good catchphrase or two, any redeeming qualities or social contribution not necessary, nondrinkers need not apply) – but I don’t think that era’s ending anytime soon. I stopped watching The Hills two seasons ago when LC decided she’d had enough of MTV toying with her life. If there’s no LC on the show, there’s no reason to watch, which seems like a pretty obvious assumption. But I guess MTV producers wanted to test if anyone would watch a show consisting solely of characters people dislike/do not care about.

In a 20 minute episode, there'd always be a 5 second gem

Laguna Beach started in 2004, 3 seasons of that and 6 seasons of The Hills, which makes it sound like forever. Is there anything still on TV that was on since 2004 that I still watch? I can’t think of anything. I started watching in college, I have no idea why. Maybe I saw one too many recaps on TWoP and was intrigued. All I know is I watched about three episodes of Laguna Beach and after each, I would tell Chrystal “wtf is this show, nothing’s happening. These people are REALLY stupid. Why did anyone even watch this?” and then one day I ended up watching an entire season in a day. It happens. Quite frequently, too.

Oh how things change. Heidi's old face. Jen Bunney's old nose. Somewhere out there is Audrina's original boobs

Even though it was a lame show and all the criticisms of it are true (there is a lot of staring, nothing much happens, it is obviously fake, if there is actually any drama, you know about it several months before the episode airs, why are these people on the show?), I still think LC is the best reality show celebrity ever. In the words of Laura, although she was speaking of Betty White at the time, I ADORE Lauren Conrad. In the same way I adore Holly Madison – I feel like they are pretty classy despite the vehicle with which they became famous. If I could meet any celebrity, I’d want to meet LC, maybe because reality stars are more relatable. I mean, what am I going to say to someone like Leonardo Dicaprio or Meryl Streep.

Climax of every episode

B) Pretty Little Liars: What is this?! Whatever

It’s the summer. There’s nothing else on. The only thing I have to do in my life is study. These are the reasons I continue to watch this show. I don’t know where I heard this show was actually pretty good, but whatever website it was, it probably has an article commending Twilight for its cultural significance as well. This show is pretty shitty. I never watched Gossip Girl, which is the show it’s most compared to, so maybe all my criticisms have already been said of Gossip Girl. At the risk of being repetitious…

– There is a 31 year old playing a 17 year old on this show. Oddly, she doesn’t stand out the most as the oldest. The 24 year old playing Spencer looks way past her supposed age, so much so that in her first scene with her sister, I couldn’t tell who was supposed to be the older one. I know this has been a criticism of all teen dramas since even a decade ago, but it’s so much more annoying now that I am older than the characters on the show. I blame teen dramas for my inability to properly guess someone’s age.

Are these highschoolers? I think not.

– They wear way too much makeup. Actors have to wear a crap ton of makeup just so they look normal under the bright lights of a camera. Whenever I see pictures of actors on set, I’m like “oh god… they look terrible here.” So I’m wondering just how clownish these actresses would look on set.

– None of the relationships are shippable. There isn’t a single coupling that seems like they’d have any long-term potential, and even worse, they don’t even hold my short-term interest. The most ANNOYING couple is the one between the main character and her high school teacher. I don’t know why BOTH characters seem to think it is a pursuable relationship. It’s hard to have any interest in their stupid drama when the entire time I’m thinking “OMG he is so going to jail for statutory rape. DOES HE NOT REALIZE THIS.”

– They blow through seasons worth of storyline in a few episodes. There isn’t a redeeming soundtrack in the background. I hate almost every character (Hanna grew on me in the last episode). Chad Lowe is on the show, who is on my “pathetic-looking male actors I hate for no other reason” list. (He is also only 4 years older than Rob Lowe – so Rob must be doing something to preserve his age, good genes is not an acceptable answer). Bryce Johnson is on this show playing an adult, making me feel old because I grew up watching him play a hot high school jock in Popular.

C) The Vampire Diaries: BEST EVER

The amount of time I spend looking for celebrity pictures is appalling

If it weren’t for TVD, I would have thought that I had started to grow out of high school dramas. But this show is REALLY good. It’s I’m-definitely-buying-the-DVD levels of awesome. I spent the last two days downloading every song played on this show. It always worries me when I watch a show and I have no idea who most of the artists are. It is also the most highly rated drama on The CW (a whopping 3.5 million viewers! Which would probably get a show cancelled on any other network) so at least I don’t have to worry about this one getting cancelled.

Unlike Pretty Little Liars, I actually like every character on this show. Has anyone ever rooted for both side of a love triangle? This show somehow manages to do that. Maybe I’m getting rusty on dramas but I haven’t been able to guess most of the plot twists before they happen. It’s filmed in Atlanta, GA which makes me love it even more. The weird thing about CW is that I never really think the actors are that great looking on tv, but you just know they are gorgeous in real life. I think it’s just the power of averages – after seeing scene after scene of only good-looking people, it’s all just kind of meh.

This show makes me want to exercise

Just Dive In!

Listening to: Florence and the Machine – Cosmic Love

SQUEEEEEEE I haven’t had so much excitement in my life in such a long time! Ok, maybe it’s only been two weeks since the roadtrip ended, but the memory of that month is so distant I sometimes have to look through pictures to remind myself that it actually happened. In the ten days since July started, I’ve only gone out once and that was a breakfast right after I returned from Sacramento. Since then, I haven’t gone further than a two block radius from my house (to the track) and I’ve only socialized with my parents and Kim (who thankfully goes to the track around the same time I do – otherwise I would have gone insane from solitude).

The Vampire Diaries and my mom’s constant offerings of food lulled me into a sense of complacency at home. When the roadtrip ended, I was pretty deadset on moving to another city for August. Then I got bored of looking for sublets. Then I felt like it would be ridiculous to give up free food, free rent, and endless pampering – just to go to a city where I have zero connections and no idea what I would be doing.

But now I’m just like … omg I have to DO THINGS. I’m in my last three months of complete freedom and I spend my days STUDYING. I used to be pretty good at mixing fun and work, but today I took a step back and thought about my present lifestyle and am so sad about the days I’ve squandered. It’s like I’ve completely negated those last few months of awesomeness by pissing away the last few weeks.

Thank goodness I have friends who do crazy random spontaneous planning! HAHA I get an email today saying Leneve and Christina decided to go grunion running, and they have two extra seats. I call Leneve at 8:30, assuming that they have already left, but find out they’re not leaving until 9pm. This entire day, I’d only been studying (fairly productively too, I must say) and watching Pretty Little Liars (which is a TERRIBLE show, more on that later). Before calling Leneve, I admit that I half hoped that they were already gone, so I could continue studying. But the second Leneve said I was free to join, I was like OMG I AM SO THERE.

And it was awesome! For most of the car ride I just looked out the window and kept saying stuff like “OMGGG  look what is that!” I felt like LA was a completely foreign city. We drove to Malibu for the grunion run along with two of Leneve’s friends – it’s been so long since I’ve met new people. And it feels like forever since I caught up with Andria/Leneve/Christina. We were all on the roadtrip at some point only a few weeks ago and exchange emails, but still have updates on our crazy lives. ❤ them

We got to the beach around 10:15 and then Christina and her mom and cousin arrived about half an hour later. It was a little slow at first, but around 11:30 it really picked up. Sometimes there would be waves that left the beach covered with fish. Andria and I didn’t really partake, but it was incredibly entertaining just to hear Christina scream “OH MY GODDDD THEY’RE AROUND USSSSS!!!!” and to watch the boys and Christina’s cousin chase after fish. Ridiculously enough, at the LAST minute, right before we were getting ready to leave, we had just taken a group shot and were examining it when a giant wave came and swept away our bucket of fish. It was COMPLETE chaos, which was just so freaking hilarious and wiped me out. Sigh, good times

The night just reminded me how well spontaneous things can turn out. And reminded me of how little I’ve experienced of LA and makes me want to go out and do things. AND it reminded me of how many stars are in the sky – the nightsky was wondrously clear. I’m just inspired – I’m back on board with my moving to another city idea.

Before, I wouldn’t really specify in my blog because I always thought I might not do it, and didn’t want to look back and think “why didn’t I do that.” But maybe if I write out what I want to do, it’ll be motivation to fulfill what I set out to do. Otherwise, I just wimped out which is lame.

Plans for the rest of my free life:

Now through July 21st: Study for REG
July 21- July 28: Have fun in Arcadia and the LA area
July 29 – August 31: Stop in Bay Area on my way to Seattle, maybe couchsurf in Portland, live in (currently unknown) sublet and study and explore
Sept 1 – mid Sept: Slowly make way down the Pacific Coast, fulfilling my other lifetime dream of driving down the PCH
End of September: Find Bay Area apt, move in, acclimate
October 11: Begin new awesome work life

Latest Obsessions

OMG For some reason it never seemed to work when I embedded Youtube videos, but now it works! Which is perfect because this post was going to be youtube heavy anyway

1) Inception trailer
I don’t pay much attention to movies anymore so it took me a while to realize that there’s actually an action movie coming out this summer that isn’t Salt. Even more than watching the trailer, I love thinking about how much money this movie will end up making. Does anyone want to watch this early in the morning with me? It’s cheaper!

2) Youtube search for “sytycd alex twitch
I know the video will just get taken down soon anyway. I saw a mention of it on twop so I youtubed it, was blown away, and then tried to rewatch it, but in the minute after the video ended, it had been removed! Luckily there’s still a few floating out there.

3) Vampire Diaries
OMG So addicting. I think I had planned to watch one episode per day, and I started on Sunday. So it would have lasted me until mid-August, except now I only have eight episodes left and I end up watching three or four episodes a day. It is quality drama, I am not joking. The music is really good, it’s one of the most well-paced shows I’ve ever seen, and there aren’t glaring logical holes which is typical of CW shows. I wonder at what age I will outgrow teen dramas – if they’re made this well, I don’t think I’ll ever stop!

4) iTunes album artwork
I started leaving my itunes in the Cover Flow view mode while I study, which is where it shows the album art as you play music. Now I am obsessed with finding all the album artwork on amazon and dragging the image into my library so I have a complete library. I realize it’s the biggest waste of time ever, as well as a waste of my disk space. But there is a lot of really cute album covers out there and I WANT THEM.


Listening to: Elliott Smith – Say Yes (this came up on my shuffle and I remembered how that girl in Omaha played a cover of this and SIGH I wish I had a better memory because it was of course, amazing, and the memory of it is already fading)

Are anyone else’s parents shrinking? I haven’t been home too often in the past four years, and when I am, I’m usually lying on the floor of my room or I’m out. When I go to eat dinner, my parents are already sitting down, and leading the sedentary American lives that we do, I don’t generally see them not sitting down. Basically the only time I ever stand face to face with my parents is for the few brief seconds when I return home, and they come to make sure someone hasn’t opened their front door to rob them.

Every time I saw my mom or dad, I would think “wow I have grown a lot.” A lot a lot, like I can’t believe how clearly I can see the top of my mom’s head. It wasn’t until today that a totally new thought occurred to me: that my parents are actually shrinking and I have maintained my average 5’5 height. I realized that this is the more likely possibility, considering I never feel like I’ve grown any taller compared to my friends.

Lately, I’ve also started wondering if I have been unintentionally lying to myself and my shoe size is not 6.5 after all. I have two pools of blood underneath each of my big toes, which tell me that I should start sizing up. Or maybe not walk around NYC in brand new Keds. I remember thinking that I would start wearing heels every day, even recreationally, so when the time comes that I have to wear heels every day professionally, my feet would be numb to the pain. What actually happened was a day of shoe pain would be rewarded with months of socks and sneakers.

Another size issue. Avert your eyes, men. I honestly have no idea what bra size I should be wearing. Somewhere in Delaware, we went to an outlet where Aerie was having a sale. I didn’t look at all at first, but Leneve and Kristen spent so long in there that I got bored and started mindlessly going through their stuff. I found a super cute pattern, but thought the size was freaking huge. But I tried it on anyway just to see, and standing in front of the mirror, I was like … well … this surprisingly looks fine … So I bought it. But whenever I look at that bra sitting on my shelf, I always think “whose freaking giant bra is that?” Maybe I need to size that garment up as well.

I will go study now. Just kidding, I’m going to watch an episode of Vampire Diaries, then study.

End Roadtrip

Listening to: Portugal The Man – People Say

End: Meeting new people every day. Exploring new cities and becoming familiar with their streets and neighborhoods. Eating out every day and not caring. Endangering my friends’ lives every time I got behind the wheel. Using other people’s shampoos, body washes, and face washes. Thinking about time zones. Constant friend interaction.

Start: Eating less, running every night and doing my Jillian Michaels workout dvd every day. Studying for REG for the next 21 days. Cleaning out my room. Deciding where I want to live after July 21st. Daydreaming.

Summary of roadtrip:

Miles driven: 8,094
Total gas amount: $663.76
Lowest gas price seen: $2.46 somewhere in like Alabama or Georgia (surprisingly Texas was more expensive than other areas we had driven past)
Unrealized fears: I survived a month of driving an American car, and it didn’t break down once!
Best drive: Utah was gorgeous – snowy mountains and water bodies!
Worst drive: It is kind of a tie between the 10: West Texas through New Mexico and the 5: LA through Norcal. For such a pretty state, the vein of CA is one of the most hideous things I saw on the roadtrip.
Lost items: Towel, loofah, face wash, camera
Favorite activity: Tubing down the Guadalupe River in Austin
Biggest disappointment: Packing a perfectly calculated assortment of pads and tampons and never getting my period. Also, not hearing Empire State of Mind in a NY bar/club.
Most delicious food: Bread pudding from Mother’s in New Orleans
Most comforting sight away from home: The ugly red sign of a BoA
Favorite city: Omaha, Nebraska
Amount of money spent: $1,174.95 including my share of the rental car

To the fraction of my small readership that only followed my blog to make sure Kristen was still alive during the roadtrip – goodbye and glad to have you! I will still continue to blog, but it will revert to its original state of uninteresting posts about my rather unexciting life. For example, see below:

I’m reading a really good book titled Diary of a Very Bad Year: Confessions of an Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager. Knowing next to nothing about the financial meltdown, I’ve been reading this book as if it were Harry Potter, and I can actually understand everything without having to read a sentence multiple times! At one point, I saw an asterisk, and before I even read the note, I knew that it would be about liquidation distributions! Maybe CPA studying is benefiting me more than I thought.