Roadtrip: Day 1

This doesn’t really count as part of the roadtrip because I’m not going anywhere, just sitting around in the Bay Area. But it kind of counts because I am no longer in Arcadia and have moved closer to the starting point of the roadtrip! And I’ve started living out of my duffel bag, which is really depressing to me. Goodbye, bar of soap. Hello body wash. Goodbye, habit of throwing clothes around after a shower. Hello, rearranging my duffel each time I ever reach in for something.

I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve been in the Bay Area since I left. The end of March was not that far away, but it seems like a huge period of my life has passed since then. It’s been so long since I’ve eaten Berkeley food. Or walked more than three blocks. Or seen black people.

Driving on the 280 around South SF just felt like I was home. We arrived around the time people were getting out of work and I thought “mmm yes this is where I belong.” I never understood people’s attachments to particular cities, but now I know. SD is enjoyable, LA is tolerable, but Bay Area is the place I love! And I will be leaving it for a month…

I woke up today really scared and stressed out. I don’t feel like I’ve prepared myself for a month long roadtrip just yet. I am scared to death of driving an American car for such long periods of time in such hot weather and in sometimes desolate areas. I am really afraid of getting a flat tire or getting car trouble. I’m freaked out about not having good cell phone reception or not being able to access the internet. And I am sad that I won’t be able to eat all of CA’s summer fruits, which is what I most appreciate about living in CA.

I’m starting this roadtrip with the mindset of “but I could do all of this in CA…” I’m also expecting to experience intense racism in the deep south. Hopefully at the end of this roadtrip my perspective will be completely swayed and I’ll come to appreciate America as a whole. That sounded really cheesy. Hopefully at the end of this roadtrip I will have eaten tons of delicious, authentic foods that are in fact better than the foods in CA, and I will not have gained that much weight!

What I’ve learned from 18 hours of research yesterday:

– You can only set up to 26 destination points on Google Maps. I had to create two different maps for all the places we’re hitting
– The layout and general character of all the Manhattan neighborhoods
– What’s in between Sacramento and Chicago? Salt Lake City, Denver, and Omaha
– North to south: New York, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
– East to west: Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, CA


She died from overstudying.

Listening to: Moptop – Aonde Quer Chegar (I have absolutely no idea how I found them – it was late at night when I should have been studying but instead found it super crucial to find new music)

So there goes two months of my life. After my super fun four hour exam, I’m left with a huge headache, slight nausea, and definitely worse eyesight.

My life is so boring now that I don’t even know what to say about it. I miss the days when I would drive to Twiggs to study. I would love to live in a new city in July to study for BEC and REG but it’s incredibly impractical to leave free board, free food, free gas, and pampering. Sweet, stifling pampering. When I wake up in the morning, there is warm food waiting for me in a steamer and a bowl of washed fruit on the counter. Then a bowl of cut fruit sitting in the fridge for my afternoon snack!

Arcadia is pretty damn lame though. There are no cafes to study in, besides Bean Town and I don’t really want to study there. When I want to go running, I have to freaking slip through the fences blockading the track. I have to trespass to exercise! What the hell is going on with our school district. Why is every school becoming a construction dump? The good news is that I have now driven almost every day for the past two weeks, no problem. The secret is that I live a block away from where I drive to.

My flashcards on FAR. Two months worth of knowledge

In case you were wondering, the only shows I watch now are Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Glee, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy. Parenthood makes me really miss Berkeley because right now I’d be walking around Berkeley Hills if I could. I’m going to go to Berkeley Hills and take a picture of my favorite house this weekend. I imagine a family that rich is probably on some island for the holiday.

Not sure if I will be blogging much after I begin my roadtrip. I’m excited! It’ll be just Kristen and me for the first half, then we’re picking up Leneve in New York and Andria from Norfolk, Virginia! (I had to look up where we are picking up her up and then I was like oh… no wonder we are going there). I should be researching right now … totally dropped the ball on this. I remember when I was like “I AM GOING TO RESEARCH DURING WINTER BREAK AND IT WILL BE ALL SET.” Oh, self. The car rental turned out to be super cheap because of my dad’s discount. It’s like $900 for a month!

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

In 48 hours I will be leaving for NorCal with Andria and Christina! Then I’m going to see Li-Ting and Laura for Memorial Day! Then I’m going to see Jon! Then he’s going to drive me to Sacramento (bless you Jon I heart you) where I will then be living on the road with MS KRISTEN DOHNT, world traveller, for a month. My god, life.

So by tomorrow, I’m going to have to:

1. Really sit down and research what to do every day for the next thirty days of my life
2. Make enough mixed cds to keep me happy while driving
3. Pack a month’s worth of essentials

What I need is MORE TIME. More time to research, lose weight, get rid of these pimples on my face, and get a new wardrobe. I am embarking on a summer roadtrip owning zero shorts or skirts. I am going to die. You are going to see a ton of pictures of me sporting my bear bottoms and black t-shirt.

I lie. I’m actually listening to Miranda Cosgrove – Kissin’ U. It pains me to write the title of the song. Why is the divide between popular songs so wide now? There’re songs with lyrics like Rude Boy and then there are songs with lyrics like Today was a Fairytale. I’m kind of in a 90s phase, and I really wonder if the current generation of teens is going to look back at their top hits like Sexy Bitch, Shots, and Birthday Sex with the same fondness that I have for I Wanna Love You Forever and The Answer to Our Life.

Onto the next thing…

Listening to: Maps – Everything is Shattering

I just “moved back” to Arcadia after living in San Diego for almost seven weeks. I say “moved back,” because I don’t feel like I ever moved to San Diego, I just happened to be staying there. I can’t believe that in a semester’s time, I worked a 60hr workweek, explored much of the Bay Area by foot, and then lived in SD. Definitely beats sitting in lecture and studying.

SD vs. Berkeley

– In San Diego, people drive if it’s a block away. In Berkeley, people drive if it’s not bus-able

– In San Diego, I would study either at a cafe, the beach, a park, or friends’ houses. In Berkeley, I would study at the RSF

– In San Diego, when I see poo on the ground, I assume it’s dog poo. In Berkeley, when I see poo on the ground, I assume it’s human poo

– In San Diego, exercise can be running on the beach, running around a park, surfing, or rock climbing. In Berkeley, exercise was running on a track or swimming laps

– In San Diego, we eat  brunch around 11am. In San Francisco, we eat brunch around 2pm

My last weekend in SD was AMAZING. I don’t even feel bad for not studying. So worth it. Andria and Christina came up for Sun God. Runthrough of the weekend:

Only a fraction of the awesomeness of Stone Brewery

Thursday: Andria and Christina arrived around midnight! We set up a sleeping area in my living room and just chatted until about 3am. I had not seen them since Valentine’s Day! Around 5am, Andria and I could not get back to sleep, so we watched a 30 Rock episode and then went back to sleep

Friday: Drank mimosas and ate chocolate chip pancakes and oatmeal at Connie L’s. Went to Sun God basically from 2pm-midnight.

Saturday: Went to Broken Yolk cafe and La Jolla Cove with Andria and Christina. Then went to Naomi’s to take a group nap while watching “the most boring movie possible,” Annie Hall. Naomi’s aptmate, David, joined us and we went to Stone Brewery which is THE COOLEST place I have had drinks. Cool, not in a nightlife way, but cool in a OMG Naomi was not kidding, this is totally an oasis, kind of way. Went to Andria’s friend’s place to eat Phil’s BBQ while watching The Proposal. Then went to Moondoggies and got back around 3am

Sunday: Went to The Cottage for brunch, then I went to with Naomi and her friends to North Park for a street fair, bar hopping, and at long last, EL ZARAPE for Mexican food!!!

Monday: Unexpectedly awesome. It is my last day studying in SD. I went with Connie Y to Twiggs around 10:30am but we talked until noon. I read half of what I was supposed to, then made the random, semi-joking suggestion of going to Coronado. She gave me a “what a great idea, why not?” face. SO WE DID. Drove there, got there around 2:30. It was totally empty because it is a WEEKDAY (WOOT for not working and doing whatever I want during the week!), then drove to get El Zarape for dinner (yes, again, I could not leave without another salmon burrito in my belly), then we went back home, I loaded my car, drove down up, and now I’m home!

I spent $77.83 on tea, paninis, and cakes here

I wanted to live in San Diego so I could learn how to surf, which I did. I didn’t surf as much as I wish I had, but I don’t regret it, because if I had continued surfing, I definitely could not have studied as much. My life was pretty good despite not surfing. I unexpectedly got into rock climbing, shot a gun, reconnected with a lot of old friends, familiarized myself with a new part of California, AND was STILL productive and stuck to my study schedule!

Life could have been really different. I started out living in Oceanside (a beachy version of Berkeley) for a single night. A few days before that, I was seriously contemplating taking a flight to Hawaii and learning how to surf there. I am certain La Jolla was the right decision. I will always remember how relieved and appreciative I was to get a phone call from Connie Y my first night in Oceanside. I had just driven down, less than 24 hours after responding “yes! I’m coming down tomorrow!” to a Craigslist ad. I was sitting in a fairly dark room on my sleeping bag since there was no carpet or furniture, kind of thinking “omg what did I get myself into … but I think I can handle it …” A poor night’s sleep later, and after being woken up by military planes flying overhead, I found a place in La Jolla, drove to Connie Y’s where she cooked me a delicious lunch, and started the next seven awesome weeks of 2010.

My study buddy, gossip buddy and fun buddy

The only reason I was as happy as I was in SD is because of the friends who made time to fit me into their lives. Most of them, I probably wasn’t as close to as I had been in high school. I hadn’t expected to get closer to them after college. But I guess sometimes you just have to insert yourself into people’s lives. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make plans with me, said yes to studying at a cafe with me, or let me come over to their house just to hang out.

Now I’m going to study like crazy until my CPA test next Wednesday. Then, possibly, I’m driving up to the Bay Area the following night for Memorial Day weekend and without returning to socal, I will be starting my roadtrip. I feel like I’m getting in the fast lane of my life…

My Craigslist Ad

Hi. I’m looking for an aptmate to live with in San Jose starting end of August or the beginning of September. I don’t have a specific place I want to live – Santa Clara, downtown SJ, SJ north, Mountain View, and Campbell all sound fine to me. The whiter the better.

About me: I am clean, reliable, easygoing, sociable, and considerate. In my free time I like to watch tv, exercise, hang out with friends, and go out to restaurants. My annoying habits include but are not limited to: being really indecisive, saying every thought that goes through my head out loud, experiencing frequent guilt trips over food I just ate, playing music without headphones on, waking up really early, and being uncommunicative when I get really angry.

My definition of clean: wiping down kitchen counters after cooking, wiping the dining table every night, throwing out the trash every two-three days, mopping the floor with a real mop every week, vacuuming every week, and cleaning the bathroom every two weeks.

It will probably not work out if you: have no idea what you want to do in life, do drugs, leave my Brita with very little water, do not squeeze out the sponge after use, expect me to do all the cleaning, try to convert me to your religion, voted yes on prop 8, email me back with tons of typos and hideous font, tend to stare at people excessively, do not share about your personal life, eat a lot and encourage me to eat a lot with you, have a bf/gf that comes over all the time and lounges around but does not cook and/or is not hilarious

Our ideal apt: has granite countertops, is a townhouse/condo in a suburban area, close to grocery stores, easy parking, walking distance to a gym or track, has shower doors instead of shower curtains, located in an area where I can walk around at night without fearing for my life, and has carpeted floors

We will really hit it off if you: like celebrity gossip, like to watch tv, have great work stories, like to cook, want to go rock climbing, have lots of cool friends that I can become friends with too

Unfortunately, I don’t think an ad like that will give me any responses.

And I was like baby, baby, baby

Listening to: Selena Gomez & The Scene – Naturally (oh my god, why do I like this song? She is my new Miley Cyrus)

This post is brought on by a mix of Mother’s Day, too many Grey’s Anatomy episodes, and tiredness. I shouldn’t even be thinking about this since I’m not in that stage of my life, but maybe this will be one of those entries that I look back on and think how naive.

The last few episodes of Grey’s have been about babies – should you have one? When should you have one? Doesn’t everyone want one? Who said one? Why not a whole bunch?

I think anyone who knows me knows that I do not want children at all. I usually hedge this with “well … if whoever I married really wanted kids, I might say yes to one.” I just say that because I don’t want people going “I thought you didn’t want kids!” if I actually ended up with one. But it is my secret dream that I will be dating someone and a few months in they just casually slip “I don’t want kids ever,” and I would go “OH MY GOD ME TOO” and we live happily ever after with excessive combined incomes and a perfectly kept home that didn’t have cheap plastic toys everywhere.

Breaking the text with some pics of random babies

I don’t really have a good reason for not wanting kids, besides the fact that I just don’t want them. When people ask why, I say “I don’t think everyone is really fit to be a mom,” and I think this can easily be agreed upon. But I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be a good mom. I’m awkward around kids, I’m selfish, and I’m very hands-off when people need help. When I was younger, my cousin was like “you think that now, but once you have a kid, you’ll change.” That seems like a dangerous statement with very little supporting evidence. I’m sure every pregnant woman goes through a freakout phase where they think they can’t handle being a mom. But the ones that end up being great moms – are they the ones who had always wanted a kid? Do the ones who never wanted kids magically end up becoming great moms?

In a way, my mom is the reason for my lack of desire for kids. I think of all the ways she is a really, really great mom and I look at myself and think I wouldn’t do the same. And if I can’t do as much as she does, what business do I have having a kid?

I didn’t realize how long I had been saying I didn’t want kids until one day I was talking to my mom and I told her something that made her realize, holy shit I might really not get grandkids, and she totally freaked out. She was like “you always said you didn’t want kids, even when you were in elementary school, but I didn’t think you really meant it.” I was like WOW since elementary school?! If that’s true, not wanting kids is probably the thing I’ve wanted the longest in my life.

We went out to eat dinner at a restaurant today and I was just watching this one table. The mom was feeding her 3-4 year old kid spoonfuls of noodles. He was actually a very well-behaved kid, didn’t make much of a fuss. He would just stand on his chair and open his mouth if he wanted food, or shake his head if he didn’t. Still, I was like … I do NOT want to sit at a table feeding a kid. Even if he shows his appreciation by hugging his mom and playfully batting her ponytail. Yeah, that’s cute, but I don’t get heart pangs of “AWW I WANT THAT!” I think, how nice for her, and then continue on with my life.

Connie Y thought it was hilarious when I once said that my greatest fear is to date someone I really liked, and to end up breaking up because of the kid issue. It’s one of those things you just can’t compromise on – but it would also really suck to end something because of a hypothetical baby. Blegh

Why am I thinking of this? There are bigger things on my plate. LIKE HOW DIFFICULT CASH FLOW STATEMENTS ARE. Sigh I’m so tired. I should gone to bed an hour ago.

Photoblog #3

Listening to: Glee – Total Eclipse of the Heart (possibly my new favorite Glee song! Although you can never really tell until the next week’s episode)

The photo cd I randomly chose was from sophomore year spring

Room art

The most interesting things on this photo cd were random pictures I took of Chrystal in our dorm room. The backgrounds are interesting because I had forgotten the ridiculous things we had pinned to our wall. There were a bunch of drawings I had given to her on her side, my favorite being the Ren and Stimpy one. “It’s like we’re Rex and Stumpy” “… DO YOU MEAN REN AND STIMPY?!” On my side of the room, you can see that at some point in the year, I only had the open rec swimming schedule. Then I added a Lion King poster, then I had pinned these tiny drawings Chrystal drew for me (above). Then an empty box of cookies to remind myself what I should not be eating.

Chrystal's artistic vision

There was one issue of the Daily Cal that came with this Armani Exchange ad. Chrystal and Sam LOVED it so at night time they ran to pick up all the ads left on Sproul, and came back with a backpack filled up with them. We ended up with a pile of ads that was literally three inches high. I eventually threw them all away, but we used a handful to cover our entire door from ceiling to floor. You can see Chrystal holding my ruler up trying to align them, but they still came out crooked. People would come into our room and be like … wtf

This made me think of Eric’s HILARIOUS facebook profile picture. He and other TMVers had come up one winter break after my finals and he posted this picture, not realizing what was in the background.

Eric's facebook profile pic at some point

Facebook comments on his photo:

“somethin funny bout this picture. cant quite put my finger on it though.”

“LOL…nice poster in the backround hahaha. but this pic is tite. i wonder whats in there…candy??”

“HAHAHA. i love this pic. i also like the tons of men in the background.”


“someone likes teh ghey…”

Floormate outing

Floormates from second year! I wonder where Jon is. We went to eat at Venus and then we looked at a house on Craigslist. This was back when we were like “OMG WE SHOULD GET A HOUSE TOGETHER!” I don’t remember what happened to that idea, but everything worked out for the best I think.

Chinese New Years with my future friends

I can now actually name all the people in this photo! I’m not sure if I could have the day this photo was taken. This was the first Chinese New Years dinner I had with my Norcal friends. It is a really cool tradition that I hope we will continue! (says the person who is least likely to cook)

My IEOR171 group

I don’t talk to any of these people now, but when I think about it, I REALLY liked this group. And this project provided so much material for future interviews. Look, we’re in my apartment! But at the time this picture was taken, it wasn’t my apt! It was Amy’s. This was one of the first Berkeley apts I had ever been in, so I did not realize how freaking huge it was. But I remember when we went in for a group meeting, all the guys were like “this place is really huge” and I was like “seems like a normal apt!” Now I know how truly awesome it is. Funny how things turn out.

Roy's Ahi Tartare

My first time at Roy’s, my favorite expensive restaurant ever! This was on an RCSA SoCal trip, I went with Naomi, Andria and Li-Ting. I think the Ahi Tartare is what sealed the deal. mmm I’m thinking of going to Roy’s if I pass the entire CPA exam. I’m trying to think of other rewards for when I pass each part, but my life seems pretty awesome already.

Li-Ting in college

There seems to be a vitality to her in this picture that is no longer there after a few years of employment… JUST KIDDING. HAHA

I came back for Mother’s Day weekend, and it’s the first time I’ve been at home for Mother’s Day since high school (since I am usually mad studying for finals at this time). I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do for my mom. Well, that’s tomorrow so I don’t have to do anything today.

This weekend I am going to: do problems for section 7 (ONLY TWO MOREEE), plan roadtrip destinations, print pictures at Costco (9 cents each!)

“Income tax expense – current” = income tax payable

Listening to: Octoberman – Trapped in a New Scene

I have gone to Twiggs every day for the past six days. I don’t even know how many hours of my life I’ve spent there in total. I got really frustrated today because I was tanking the taxes section, which I usually do very well in.  I bet they put the easiest chapter after bonds/leases because I really wanted to throw my book into a fire after that chapter. I only have three more sections left! But they are sections I hate – things like nonprofits and governmental accounting. Bleh.

I can now recognize the different workers at Twiggs. It seems like they have a different pair of workers for each day of the week. There are three white guys who look very similar to me, but there is definitely one that I like more. I just can’t identify who it is. Whoever I am thinking of made the effort to talk to me when I asked for a box for my cake.  I’m 95% certain that he was working today (but honestly, I could be mistaken). The one working today is just … really sexy. HAHA I don’t think I’ve ever met or even seen a guy on the streets that I would label as “sexy,” because for guys I just say good-looking or gayface cute or DILF (jk about the last one). The guy at Twiggs gives off a really sexy vibe. He reminds me of Guy Pierce, not as grossly thin but fit with proportional muscles, slicked back dirty blonde hair but not in a swarmy way, and he has lots of tattoos, practically sleeves on both his arms. I watched him get off of work, unlock his bike with a cigarette in his mouth and Ray-Ban Wayfarers on his face, and ride off in his classic black t-shirt and jeans and I was like “wow that guy is pretty sexy bad ass.” And then I continued to read about fucking taxes.

The weeks are going by so fast. I can’t believe I’ve been in San Diego for five weeks now! Next week is my last. I’m amazed by how quickly I’ve kind of settled into this life, how I’ve never been bored, how many different things I’ve done, and how I feel like I barely did a fraction of the things I could have done. I only have ONE WEEK left! So between May 14th and May 21st, I will be: having fun with Andria and Christina who are visiting SD, having fun with TMVers in SD, leaving my apt and my awesome SD life, going back to NorCal, graduating, and hanging out with my beloved NorCal friends! Then two weeks after that, I’m leaving for my three week-long roadtrip. Like, wtf? Is this really my life?

Another wtf: I watched Modern Family today in the morning and was kind of like wtf by

Gay people express love differently from straight people. (At least on network television)

Wow, double standard. I know ABC is probably the most gay friendly network but this shot just really bugged me.

Every Friday midnight I debate whether it’s worth staying up until 5am to watch Grey’s Anatomy online the second they upload it. I am just going to go to sleep and hope that relearning about governmental accounting will take far less time than I think.

Running math

Listening to: Britney Spears –  Gimme More (remix) (I kept listening to Britney Spears while studying today. I blame her for scoring a 53% on my hw)

I really hate running outside because I need to know exactly how much I’ve run, otherwise it seems pointless to me. But I studied way too much today so when I got back home, I knew I had to go running or I would go insane. I ran with the running shoes I bought a few months ago! The ones that took me like forty minutes to decide whether or not to buy. After getting my old shoes soaked with ocean water, I’m glad I put down the $60. They are soo comfy. I love wearing new running shoes and feeling the little slopes and curves. They’re orange and shiny and fit well and are generally awesome.

So this is where I go running – thankfully it’s a block from where I live and I can walk to Connie/Erica/Frances’ place after

Running breakdowns

A: Glee – Like a Prayer (5:15)

B: MGMT – Kids (5:00)

C: Part of Dan Black ft. Ratatat – Symphonies (1:50)

D (the cross-hatched part, aka the entire circle): Glee – Like a Prayer, but only until the part when Lea Michelle and Amber Riley belt out some notes simultaneously) (3:40)

The visual of 3min 40 secs into the song

I think this is pretty accurate, because (B+C) should equal 2C, and it’s only about ten seconds off.

So now I can figure out how much I’ve run! I know that I run half a mile within the duration of MGMT – Kids (5:00). So if I say I run ten minute miles (600 seconds), and each circle is 3:40 (220 seconds), and I ran nine circles and two A’s, then I ran about 4.35 miles today!

I really hate learning about bonds and notes payables in the same chapter. AGH! I was supposed to have finished all of Ch 5 by today, but I ended up getting more confused, and will probably have to restudy the entire chapter tomorrow. I am going to go to Twiggs tomorrow super early, like 9am early, and just sit there until I understand everything. Then I’m going to drive back, eat dinner with Connie Y, then go to Starbucks with her and study the next chapter.

This may cause you to deduct cool points from me, but I’ve put aside surfing for now. There is just no time for me to go surfing and study as much as I need to. If I were to go surfing, it’d probably eat up five hrs of my day, including driving, getting ready, cleaning up, actual surfing, and the requisite post-surfing nap. CPA comes first! Sigh. But the good thing is that even though I spend enough of my day studying to call it a full-time job, I’m generally studying with friends so it feels fun. MWF I study with Connie Y. TuTh I study with Erica. Or if I’m not with friends, I’m in the park or at the cafe myself, once on the beach, and maybe one day in the jacuzzi. Compared to studying at home alone, life isn’t that bad at all.

OMG. I am hungry, it is 12:40am, and I just remembered I have leftover burrito from yesterday. I HAVE TO RESIST. NO. SLEEP TIME. NO EATING. I need to go to sleep before the hunger takes control of my body (as it has so many times before).

April Expenses

Listening to: Miike Snow – Black and Blue (his whole album is great for studying)

I was not looking forward to totaling everything, but I had to do it. April 2010: I spent $1,450.08

The breakdown

$563.79 for surfing: surfboard, two wetsuits, lessons and a surfing leash. Surfing has painful startup costs

$245.85 on food: just to compare, in February, the month I primarily ate at work, I spent $84.94. March, the last month I was in the Bay Area, $290.81. In almost every month of 2009, I spent $140-150 per month on food, the highest being $211.11. But in 2010 I’ve been spending an average of $210 per month!!!

$80.57 on travel: so this is what it’s like to pay for my own gas. I hate it.

$39.70 on groceries: all grapes and strawberries. My groceries are so cheap because my mom cooks for me every week. I love it.

I think I am frying my brain by studying so much. I’m at the point where I think to myself “Serial bonds? They’re not going to test that are they? Skip! Convertible bonds? Skip! Warrants? Eff that!” and all of a sudden, I’ve skipped past an entire chapter. I hate bonds.

I can’t stop yawning … but I don’t want to go back to my smelly Indian apartment.

Yesterday Naomi invited me to a party at her friend’s place. It turns out that her friend’s place is literally four houses away from Connie/Erica’s. It felt like a Berkeley party, but in a nice La Jolla home. With far less Asians and way more white people. We played baseball, which is a cooler version of beer pong, and some game that involved me spinning a quarter and blocking my cup. Playing baseball only reaffirmed my belief that I should have spent at least thirty minutes every day practicing how to shoot a ping pong ball into variously aligned red cups. I feel like mastering the art of throwing a little ball into a cup would get me really far in life, if I continue going to parties like this.

I went to the library today with Erica from 10:30 – 7:30. We got really hungry and left to eat. I need to learn how to say “no! I don’t want to try something new and delicious! I want to go home and microwave my mom’s food!” We went to get Mexican food afterward, and I got something that is exactly the same as the quesadilla from Taqueria El Tacontento, at least ingredient wise. Except here, they correctly call it a burrito, instead of a quesadilla. Sad to say, but Taqueria El Tacontento is still #1 in my mind. The fries in my burrito were like actual fries, so it was saltier and more oily tasting. T.e.T’s quesadilla magically lets you taste everything in a single bite, plus their tortillas are flakier. I miss you… come back, quesadilla…

I seriously keep thinking today is a weekday but it’s a Sunday. I need to study. But I would rather put my head down and nap

Thanks college

Listening to: A Fine Frenzy – Happier (which sounds like a total rip-off of MGMT’s Kids in the beginning)

Today I hung out with Naomi, a college friend, and some of her coworkers. It feels really great to live somewhere new, and still be able to hang out with college friends. It makes it seem like all those hours of investing in friendship is paying off. All these friends in new places!

We met up at Naomi’s in Del Mar and then drove to a nearby pizza place. The crowd was much older, but I still liked the atmosphere. Great pizza, AND the pitcher of beer we got was one I had had before! California Honey or something, which is a blonde I had once at Yardhouse. Then we went to a comedy club and I thought they were all pretty funny. Finally, went back to Naomi’s, hung around her apt, then I drove myself home.

Naomi’s apt is probably the cleanest, most furnished apt I’ve ever seen from one of my friends. Wait, besides Caroline’s, but maybe that doesn’t count because her dad did all the initial cleaning. Anyway, Naomi’s is pretty amazing. It is like people actually LIVE there and are settling down! I really want to live with someone who is as clean as Naomi. Please be out there on Craigslist! Her room is super cute and cozy and she even put up the RCSA photo collage I made for everyone on excom! AND she said my collage inspired her to make more, so she has some really cute, blown up collages. It makes me want to do something like that too.

Her coworkers were all super easy to get along with. They asked me what Naomi was like in college, which is SO WEIRD because I’ve never been asked what someone was like before their friends had met them! That must be a sign that I’m getting older. AND I got to hear WORK conversation! It’s been a month since I’ve been privy to work conversation! God I love hearing about people’s work lives. Every weekend I’m always kind of sad because I want to somehow be able to go back to the Bay Area and hang out with my norcal friends. Or be able to bring them to SD. I really miss our conversations because it was a different dynamic from the one I have with high school friends. Sigh.

I drove back around 1am – it feels so great to drive home on the freeway from someone’s house. I think today made me realize that I have 1) led a very, very good, carefree life in San Diego for the past few weeks and 2) my time is running out and there is still so much left to do. If all goes as hoped, and that girl from craigslist takes my room for May 15th onward, I only have TWO weekends left in SD! Not even, because next weekend is Mother’s Day so I will be back home! I feel like there are so many things I haven’t done yet! YET I think I’ve seen at least one friend every day since I’ve been here. We hang out a lot and study a lot, which is good because I really need to be productive. But only sometimes do we go out to new places, and there are so many things I want to see and do and eat! BUT NO TIME! My CPA is on May 26th!

So yay to the day! I also went rock climbing with Rex and I was SOOOO close to finishing a V1 course! SO SAD. Next time! I think I am going to buy rock climbing shoes now.

I want to just drive around San Diego and explore other areas. I want to go to parks and rich white neighborhoods and soak it in. I want to eat a lot of Mexican food. I want to visit lots of beaches and get a feel for their differences. I want to sit in cafes. I want to go barhopping. TOO MUCHHH!!!

Comic: You know what I hate? Sitcoms. Where the wife is perfect and the husband is retarded. Men aren’t that stupid, right guys?
*complete silence in audience except for one guy saying “… no?” *