An excellent weekend in SD

Listening to: a lot of Wilco songs (particularly I’ll Fight)

Kim and Steven came down to SD and it was the best time ever. It kind of felt like I was on vacation too. I guess I already am, but then it became Vacation Deluxe. A vacation within a vacation! Every day was packed with activity, but I think Monday was the best day. No expectations at all, but it turned out to be just pure, simple fun. We sat in a jacuzzi twice in a day, went rock climbing, ate sushi, then went to Wesley’s where this happened. And this.

I have always really hated sitting in a jacuzzi, because it combines two things I dislike 1) heat and 2) sitting around. Now I kind of enjoy it, but perhaps only in the company of friends. We just sat in it for over an hour at a time, talking, sometimes gossiping, but really just talking. It felt really great to talk to high school friends outside of TMV, just to hear about a different group.

Me: OH MY GOD I can’t move my muscles!
Steven: That’s because they’re relaxed
Me: Oh … is this what ‘relaxed’ feels like?

Could I be doing this if I were working? I think not.

AND on Saturday we ventured into the SD nightlife and Audrey took us around. Audrey knows a lot about where to go in SD. AND! She told me she still reads my blog! Which I found really amazing because I haven’t really spoken to her since high school. HI AUDREY! If you are reading. Thank you for essentially handing us a plan for Sunday 🙂 Sometimes when I’m hungry, I think of Hash House and remember that I should still be full until June.

After this weekend, I decided I’m going to leave SD a little earlier. I had initially planned to leave at the end of April, and I should have stuck with that. I told my aptmates I’d stay until the end of May after two weeks in SD because I was having so much fun, but now I think a month was the perfect amount of time while May is stretching it out. I’d rather leave, wishing I could have spent more time there, rather than feeling like I overstayed. I think I’m going to sell my surfboard and return my unused 2nd wetsuit, because after a week of not surfing, my mind’s cleared and I really don’t think I will ever have the time to do it. Or I’ll just keep my surfboard as a conversational piece in my future apartment.

I like to go through a random photo cd each time I come home, so here are some old pictures I found:

Grads Experience at the beach

Yearbook was one of my favorite times in high school, but I try not to think about it because it reminds me of how little I contributed to the actual yearbook. Every day I would just sit with the grads section and laugh hysterically. I’m certain that the adviser hated me because I didn’t do anything.

One of my favorite non-TMV pictures

I wish I had recorded more of Tara. If anyone deserves a reality show, I think she should have one on E!

Baller Owen

Owen looks like he’s a ten year old driving his mom’s CLK

Henry getting creamed in the face

That’s what she said

We have a lot of cute guys pictures
I think this was after a dinner at Ichima

This was the night before I left for Berkeley, I think. So back in August of 2006!

On the way to Chantry

Looking at these pictures, I’m a little sad that I didn’t have a Me running around taking pictures with me in them. I don’t really care when I take group photos, but when I look through photos, posed group shots don’t mean very much to me if I’m not in them. I also can’t get over how thin I was in high school. I want that jawline back!


Should I stay or should I go

Listening to: Crystal Caves vs. Health – Crimewave

Random edit that I don’t want to bother twittering: this is the tiniest apt I’ve ever seen. I wonder how much rent is. It looks like a terrible place to live. No carpet, bed above the kitchen (which I initially thought would be gross because it’s above the stove, but…), there’s no stove, no oven! Is there even a fridge? Her bathroom is outside the apt. Where is her closet?

Your opinion is requested!

My wetsuit was stolen yesterday night (or possibly today early morning). I woke up around 6:30 today, with the intention of going out to surf before studying. I went out to my balcony, where I hang my wetsuit out to dry, and it was nowhere to be found. I went downstairs to see if it had somehow fallen down from the second floor, but it wasn’t there. I really didn’t think the wetsuit was in reach from the ground, but I don’t really see how it could have fallen off the hanger, or how the hanger could have fallen off the railing. While I am generally very optimistically naive about  the good intentions of mankind, I don’t think there is any logical explanation besides theft.

So now I’m not sure if I really want to buy a new one. Most of my hesitation is from not wanting to spend another $100+ on something I have already bought. It would be a very bitter purchase. And Kim reminded me that I would have at most, maybe four weeks left to surf in SD and I don’t even surf everyday. Considering I’ll be in norcal for my graduation for some of May, and that I have never surfed on the weekends, I would be going out maybe 16-20 times. After that, I really don’t foresee myself coming back to surf during vacation from the Bay Area.

So should I buy a new wetsuit and continue surfing? Each time I consider one alternative, I’m totally for it. Until I think of the other alternative and then I’m totally for that one too.

Why I should buy another one: in the grand scheme of things, $100-$140 is not that much. I never even stood up on my board for an extended period of time yet, so it’s kind of lame if I just stop surfing now. Surfing is really great cardio, and I get a lot of joy just from the exercise it provides, and as Jon said “don’t you kind of need a wetsuit to surf?”

Why I shouldn’t buy another one: because it’s still $100-$140, in the grand scheme of things I am not going to surf very much and I’ve already spent $480 on this hobby.

And if I end up not buying one, it makes my stay in SD sort of unnecessary since I’m no longer surfing. Which means I would save another $400 in rent and about $200 in food. After sitting in my apt today trying to do practice problems, I realized I could easily do this at home, but on a faster computer with free stuff all around me. And I could still see friends on the weekend. So…

A bright light at the end of the day: Jon found my curling iron and my London Fog umbrella! I have been so devastated over the loss of my super sturdy umbrella that I went through two Berkeley rainy seasons without a decent umbrella. So I guess I lost $100 but gained $25. A net loss of $75. If I were a company, I believe that would go to losses in continuing operations.

Back to studying. I really hate doing practice problems because it makes me realize that all those hours I spent reading the textbook didn’t do very much for my understanding of accounting.

Unimaginable wealth

Me: I have a folder in my computer titled “future” and it has pictures of everything I want
Connie Y: ME TOO! Except mine is titled “wants”

I’m in the search for some good fashion blogs but it’s hard to find 1) a decent blog that is regularly updated and 2) a blogger who has the particular fashion I want. I randomly googled “fashion therapy,” and got this site in the results.

Connie and I have basically spent the past hour going through her entries and saying “OMG THIS IS SOOOO CUTE” and “wtf does she do?! How does she have so much money!” and “OMG SHE BOUGHT THIS GUESS HOW MUCH IT COSTS!” Seeing all the pretty, expensive things also encourages Connie to tell me about all the insanely rich people she knows. The person who owns a mountain in Taiwan. The person who is on lists to buy purses that most people can’t get their hands on. The person who bought a $700 keychain.

It turns out this site isn’t even that useful in terms of finding new outfits to wear … but it is REALLY GOOD at showing me all the things I will never be able to afford.

Van Cleef & Arpels - Romance a Paris

There was this, which I thought was gorgeous. The blogger said “it’s a little out of my price range though” and we were like “if it’s out of her price range it must be WAYYY out of OUR price range.” I tried to google it and found a price listed in Hong Kong dollars. Converted, the necklace is … $11,725. But if you want just the pendant, it’s only $2,700. I feel like I should not be saving this image to my “future” folder.

OMG. I HAVE FINALLY DISCOVERED WHAT SHE DOES. I announced her profession to Connie with as much excitement as I would have if I told her I got a job or got engaged (ugh, why did I just equate the two?). She says: “I’m an experience designer at an ad/marketing agency so I spend my days planning and strategizing digital solutions for our clients.” So she’s a consultant? Is she the future Soo Jin?

I want to hate her and judge her but she cooks, she cleans, she takes good pictures, and she writes ok. Can’t really fault someone for spending ridiculous amounts of money.

The things I want in life (wait, I already made this list before, haven’t I?):

– Ray Bans ($110)
– North Face jacket ($80)
– rock climbing shoes ($100)
– garment steamer ($80)
– queen sized bed ($400)
– better, more mature wardrobe ($gazillion)

Unexpected awesomeness

My little stint in SD just got, like, infinitely better. I love my friends. I’m so excited I can’t really sleep.

OMG AND. Grapes are on sale this week for 96 cents/lb. AWESOME! I already know how the rest of this week is going to play out.

6:30 wake up 6:00 wake up
7:00 drive to la jolla shores and surf
9:00 eat grapes on beach and study
1:00 drive home and shower and eat lunch
3:00 study some more in the park
8:00 go running (ideally, unrealistic though)
9:00 play with friends
1:00 shower and sleep

I think from the past hour I can deduce that the four things that make me happiest in life are: 1) friends 2) cheap fruit 3) my ipod and 4) exercise

I hate technology

Why did I reformat my computer again? Ever since I reformatted it in last summer, my laptop has been functioning, but with weird stuff going on. Little things here and there would be off but it didn’t really interfere with my web browsing, itunes playing, and picture uploading, so I just ignored it. Now I’m trying to install my Becker software and I’m 99% certain that it refuses to work because something is fucked up with my laptop. I am really pissed. But more of a subdued pissed because I have been pissed for the past week at my laptop. My studying schedule is getting thrown off and I’m reading pages and pages without doing the problems so I might as well not be reading at all. FUCK YOU DELL. UGH. And next time I need to get an actual computer person to reinstall everything. >:O

Time to go read at the cliffs La Jolla Shores with Rex. Shit, I didn’t eat. Well, good for my diet. He took me to eat sushi and the quality was SOOO good. Poki salad with seared albacore. Rex says he will teach me how to cook and has already given me great advice on what to buy for my future kitchen. I completely forgot that I have to put aside x amount of money to buy kitchenware in the future. Must spend less…

Finding stuff

Several weeks ago, I thought of a picture that made me laugh but I couldn’t find it. Now I’m home and I was like OH! I can look for it. All I could remember was that it was probably taken during winter break of college years. So I have 30 discs filled with pictures from high school through college. Luckily, I was able to find the picture I wanted fairly quickly … and then I had a fun time going through all the rest. Here’s some pictures from a randomly selected disc of 30.

The one that makes me laugh

We were walking around Monrovia old town and I wanted to take a timed group shot, so I set the camera on a newsstand. We were all waiting for the flash to set off when this lady walks past and just stops in front of us, looking at us. We burst out laughing because we all know she is about to block our shot, and when the flash goes off she says “OH! I WAS WONDERING WHY YOU GUYS WERE JUST STANDING THERE! I was trying to figure out where the camera was!”

Before moving out of our dorm room

Oh dear, I can safely say that I’ve at least lost weight since sophomore year. We took this picture the day we moved out and there were many attempts to look like we were truly bursting out of our closet. The first one was the keeper.

Thanksgiving leftovers

This is when we each brought leftovers from our own Thanksgiving dinners and combined them for the TMVers who don’t traditionally have family Thanksgiving dinners. This picture was taken by Connie Y, which I deduced since there is a very similar picture where she is in it and I am missing.

Sasha the Cat

Danny’s cat! The cat that made me like cats.

Danny the Indian god

I should not make such jokes now that I live with three Indian girls

RCSA party at my place!

Judging from my normal skin color, this is the RCSA party that I had at my apartment and was not present for until it was time to cleanup. HAHA And I believe this is the night where Christina wanted to go out to drink more and everyone was like “NO CHRISTINA. It’s closed! Everything’s closed!” and it was like midnight on a Saturday. I like this picture because I think I look thin. Maybe because half my face is covered…

I didn’t have my laptop with me this weekend, so while I was waiting for my mom to finish using the desktop, I was left to look through actual things in my room. I was going through some random papers in my file, and found this sheet of paper I had written, probably in October, where I wrote why I was unhappy with life. I generally just write things and never look at them, but I was curious as to why I was so unhappy a few months ago. The weird thing is that nearly 60% of the things I wanted to change about my life have stayed the same. But I am totally happy with life. I guess I just found more interesting and more fulfilling things to pursue that make me happy. I’m sure one day I will find myself unhappy over the same things I wrote about on that page, but for now, I don’t need to think about them. Which is why I ripped up the paper into teeny tiny pieces. One day I’ll find a reason to write one again, but I don’t think that will be any time soon.

Nothing wrong with materialism

Listening to: The Killers – Sam’s Town (the live version that I heard at a coffeeshop I studied at today)
and Joy Williams – Sunny Day (because I’m so happy I will give TWO songs!)

Tangible things I love… my free ipod shuffle which I have to listen to at any moment that I’m alone, my super cute $45 yellow vacuum cleaner that I lovingly clean with a toothpick after each use, my free GT thermos bottle that makes me feel like a real grownup, a pair of $60 white and orange heels from Max Studio that I never wear because I don’t own any spring dresses, my Brita, and now … MY SURFBOARD! It’s so pretty… I’m just going to use the picture from the craigslist ad

$300 ... was only 12 hours of work

It looks better in person. It is so shiny and new. And it’s really light and I can actually paddle out with it unlike that 9ft log of a surfboard I learned on. It just barely fits in my car so luckily I didn’t need car racks because I wouldn’t have bought a surfboard if I had needed car racks.  I did not know car racks were so effing expensive, it’s like $300 for the basic model!

I really enjoy life, I have for the past few months as I’ve said before. But today, I was not only enjoying life in the present, I was actually really excited for life in the future. The only other time I remember that feeling was after I got my full-time job offer; usually I’m just content with life. Which is already a great feeling, but to actually be impatient for the future is so euphoric. I’m like I want to do THIS and THIS and THIS and I CAN! We went to Sushi Deli 3 for dinner and it was SOOOOO good. Super fresh sushi, really cheap, and a great vibe to the place, lots of young people and loud music and I was kind of quiet for some time because I was thinking “I can’t believe this is my life!” Today I woke up at 8am, drove to Twiggs Coffeeshop and studied for CPA, drove  to La Jolla Shores and surfed, showered, ate sushi with friends, watched Pride and Prejudice with friends and finally headed back to my apt at midnight.

I don’t even do half of the things I had planned to do in a day, because I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how my friends are so eager to do things with me. I’ve reconnected with some old friends, which I would never have been able to do if I hadn’t come to SD. La Jolla Shores is a rather nice place to surf and there’s tons of street parking. I really like walking through the hallways of my apartment complex because I feel like I’m in a hotel. I love when I can find my way through a new place in SD without having to think. And now that I found some cute coffeeshops, I still get some of the same feeling as I once had in Berkeley.

I know I’m very, very fortunate to have had a well paying internship and to have saved my money since middle school because it’s paying off. I can buy stuff and eat at coffeeshops and not feel bad. I have a terrible sense of money. I will dwell over unnecessarily spending $1 or $2 but for some reason I don’t really think much of paying $50 or $100+ for other things. But I need to save my money because I’ve already spent $1,010 this month and it’s FREAKING APRIL EIGHTH. To be fair, $800 of that is rent and surfing equipment, but still. I still have a roadtrip to pay for. And that’s 1/14th of my money, out of a 24 week period. BUT … there are still some things I want … because I am human and humans are always in want

– a pair of nice sunglasses

– a steam cleaner for my business clothes

– black north face jacket for my return to the bay area

– a shelf of lanterns

– print art from

Life in SD

Listening to: Great Northern – Driveway

So this is my life thus far:

Wednesday (3/31): Craigslisted a house to stay in at Ocean Beach, San Diego. Unpacked everything I brought back from Berkeley, packed for San Diego, found two surfing instructors

Thursday (4/1): Drove down to SD, the fourth time I’ve driven freeway, unpacked, walked around OB

Friday (4/2): Found a new place in La Jolla, drove there to eat homemade lunch at Connie Y’s, drove down to OB to move out, ate at Souplantation for the first time in a long time, contemplated how big an inch is, gossiped a lot

Saturday (4/3): Drove to Carlsbad at 7am, had a surfing lesson, bought a wetsuit, went to a bar in Pacific Beach and had late night In N Out, dragged Erica’s mattress into the bedroom to have a “sleepover”

Sunday (4/4): Ate brunch, walked along PB, shot a revolver and a semi, felt an earthquake, consumed 4 boxes of Papa Johns while watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, finally slept in “my own” apartment

Monday (4/5): Went rock climbing, started studying for the CPA at Starbucks with Connie Y, made curry with friends, shared three pints of Ben and Jerrys

Tuesday (4/6): Studied in the park for several hours, did yogurt masks

Wednesday (4/7): Got a tour of a fire station, bought a surfboard from a firefighter

It’s only the 5th day of the month and I’ve already spent $250. I haven’t even bought a surfboard yet. Good god.

But I’ve done something new every day and this past week was pretty awesome. The perfect life would be living here on the weekdays and magically transporting myself to SF on the weekends. But life is good and I can’t complain.

First day impressions

Home vs. San Diego apartment

Free food at home whenever I want vs. eat when I want and what I want. Point: SD

Comfy bed vs. sleeping on hardwood floor. Point: Home

Carpeted floors vs. hardwood floors. Point: Home

Cleanliness without my help vs. Berkeley apartment standard. Point: Home

Mother’s nagging vs. complete independence. Point: SD

Bright lights vs. dimly lit room. Point: Home

Walks around a suburban neighborhood vs. walk across a pier at sunset. Point: SD

Sitting at home vs. possible exploration. Point: SD

Likelihood of studying at home vs. likelihood of studying on the beach or outside. Point: SD

No concern about parking vs. the thrill of parking for as long as I want nearly where ever I want. Point: SD

Seeing friends on weekend vs. possibility of driving to SD people’s apts on weekdays. Point: SD

Making zero new friends vs. possibility of making new, white, stoner friends. Point: SD (by a very slim margin)

SD: 8          Home: 4

Although I feel like sleeping on a hardwood floor outweighs the thrill of parking.

I now live in La Jolla a block away from Connie’s place. I live in an apartment with three very nice Indian girls, who I hope will one day teach me how to make curry. I’m really loving life right now. Today was supposed to be girls’ night out with Connie L and Erica. We were close to going shooting, but Erica found out that we would be shooting REAL guns so she freaked out. We watched An Education and then we decided to go to bars in PB. Our girls night out turned out to be (girls + Danny) but it was fun. A short man said to Erica “HOLY SMOKES YOU’RE 21?!” I suggested In N Out and everyone liked my idea. Tomorrow is another girls’ day/night out!

I need to remember to actually study for my CPA. There is so much I can do in SD!

I had my first surfing lesson today with a SUPER NICE guy. But I was too scared to stand up. I did two good runs where I didn’t stand but just got my body off the board. SO FUN! I bought a wet suit today! Now I need a surfboard. I kind of enjoy just floating around the ocean in a wetsuit. I imagine it’s a similar feeling to stomping through puddles with rainboots. Except puddles wouldn’t drown me.

Me = 🙂


Listening to: Mando Diao – God Knows

I didn’t know fulfilling a dream would create so much panic in me. I feel like everything is too rushed right now, but all yesterday I kept thinking “just pull the trigger.” I waste so many hours of my life debating whether to do something and more often than not I end up not doing it. The back and forth debates in my head don’t accomplish anything, so for once I just kept pushing on and didn’t stop to think. But without that cushion of overthinking I’m kind of left thinking “WTF really? I’m really doing this? No, I’m going to lie on my floor for the next two months. My own floor. In my home where I do nothing but stream tv all day long.”

In a day, I found a place to live, found two instructors, unpacked all my stuff,  then repacked all my stuff

Right before I woke up, I had a dream that I had googlemapped my place incorrectly, and it was actually several blocks away from the beach. So I FREAKED OUT. In real life though. It took me several minutes to realize that it had been a dream, but still, the first thing I did when I got out of bed was check the google map again. I don’t know how to parallel park. I don’t know how much food I need to buy. I didn’t make new mixed cds, what if I hate all fifteen sitting in my car? Do I need to go to Target? I need new books to read, I have to go to the library. I need sunglasses. Which running shoes should I take? I’ve never lived with someone I didn’t know before. What surfboard should I buy? I have four hours.

I feel nauseous. Maybe partly from this sudden stress, but mainly from the “man toe” I just ate. Why is it acceptable for meals to only consist of meat and bread? Most of the reason why I want to live outside of this house is so I’m not forced to eat such large and meat-oriented meals every day.

I need to watch Modern Family. And not freak out. I’m going to watch Modern Family, chew some gum, and settle down.

I also need a plan. This is my plan.

April: surf, study FIN, run, research roadtrip, read, be happy
May: study REG, run, research roadtrip, read, graduation, be moderately happy
June: roadtrip, spend money, be happy
July: roadtrip, spend money, study AUD, clean out room and throw away 80% of what I own
August: study BUS, find future roommate and best friend, spend money