Breath Immunity

I get in random Voxtrot moods. They make a great Pandora station. Other great Pandora stations that I use at work: Muse (which plays artists I do not associate with Muse like Coldplay and The Killers), Joshua Radin or Sea Bear (to fade into a state of mellowness), Faded Paper Figures (for more beepy music like The Postal Service) and The Shins (but I hate when songs BY the Shins come on, I just like the related artists).

Earlier this week I finally went to Walgreens and bought a travel-sized bottle of Listerine. It says “TSA compliant” on the label, which made me think “I should take this in my purse everywhere, not just to work!” I wonder if the people at Walgreens thought “she is very hygienic” or “she¬† probably did not brush her teeth in the morning and needed to get that before work.” Or more likely, no one thought anything at all. Actually, that is almost completely unlikely – doesn’t everyone wonder why people buy the things they are buying?

I think my mouth is now pretty immune to these strong “fresh breath” things though. I’m assuming it’s due to my incessant Eclipse gum-chewing. I remember in high school when I first tasted an Eclipse and spent a minute trying not to tear up from the strongness. I think I started getting used to the flavor in college, since I would chew gum through every lecture as a way to stay awake. At the start of my auditing class, the professor gave us a questionnaire, presumably to gauge what percentage of the class was actually interested in auditing. One of the questions was “how do you plan to stay attentive during lecture” and I wrote in “chew gum.” I realized later that he was probably looking for something more academic-based.

Years ago, I bought a pack of Altoids from Costco. I wonder how much damage THAT’S done to my stomach. I feel like I’m pouring acid into my belly whenever I eat one. I’ve had them since high school, they come in a pack of eight I think, but I imagine Altoids and honey are the only two foods in the world that do not expire. I stopped eating them freshman year because I would get mild stomachaches from eating so many, which prompted me to really wonder what went into an Altoid. Rather than finding out what I’d been popping into my system for the past few years, I just stopped eating them. But now I brought a tin to work, and I’ll pop two at a time and it doesn’t even taste like a mint at all, it tastes like candy. Today I ate six within three minutes, two at a time. I seriously experience the same sensations as if I were eating Smarties, which frightens me a little.

I also use Listerine now, ever since Paulo (correctly) informed me that it really helps with canker sores. I currently have the worst case of canker sores that I can remember. Just three days ago, I had two giant ones on my bottom lip that looked like they would fuse together and at the time I thought ARGGHHH this is painful. But now they’re subsiding and I am currently experiencing TRUE PAIN. Basically the entire front tip of my tongue is covered in canker sores. It hurts even when I’m not talking. I didn’t realize my tongue naturally sticks to the roof of my closed mouth, but now I’ve been made aware because I feel like I’m tearing off layers of my tongue whenever it moves. The cause? Josh’s chocolate brownies, which were crazy delicious and I generally hate brownies because they’re too rich, dense and chocolatey, but his were really good (and I had period cravings). But now I am totally swearing off chocolate for the REST OF MY LIFE. After I finish my box of Trader Joe’s Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti. I know I’ve said this before, probably just as often as I’ve said “I’M NEVER EATING ICE CREAM AGAIN” but I really swear it this time. No more chocolate candies, not even small individual little bits, no more chocolate glazed items, no more … what else is chocolatey? In any case, I am now enacting a wide spread ban on ALL CHOCOLATE ITEMS.

What was I getting at? Oh yeah, well now I use Listerine, and when I first did it I was a little terrified because I expected it to be painfully strong AND I had canker sores. But it was surprisingly comforting. It really takes out the canker sore pain, and now all I can taste is the sugariness of it. Sometimes I’m afraid I will be swishing it around in my mouth while walking down the hallway of my office floor, and then someone will talk to me and I will instinctively swallow it. And then spend the next few hours wanting to puke.

I finished a tax return in a single day today! I didn’t feel nearly as victorious as I did when I finished my first audit in a day. Mainly because finishing an audit involves printing out about 15 pages of paper while printing out a tax return involves printing 130 pages minimum. I’ve spent the past few years of college trying to save as much paper as I could, one sheet at a time. Then in a single day I printed more paper than I accumulate in a year of college. It was really depressing. Then I had to reprint the 100 page tax return because FOUR numbers on FOUR pages were typed as 56.3% not 56.3000000000%. THEN I had to COPY it so I could stamp “draft” on it and send it to the client. So that’s about 330 pages right there. Then I had to print out an LP agreement which was 200 pages. Then an appraisal which was 300 pages. That was one freaking day. 830+ pieces of paper.

Crap why am I sleeping so late. Tomorrow is Friday – I should figure out what I’m doing at night time. The weeks pass by amazingly fast.


Why am I up right now?

The three things I know about green tea are: 1) it’s a delicious ice cream flavor, 2) it’s high in anti-oxidants, and 3) it’s high in caffeine. But I thought the caffeine part only applied to GREEN tea and not any other tea flavors.

I got back home around 10pm today after working from 8pm to 9pm. I decided I to sleep super early (11:30) and maybe wake up even earlier than usual and get to work at 7am, so I could leave work an hour earlier and visit Laura earlier.

I ended up laying in bed completely unable to go to sleep. Which was weird because my eyes were SO tired. I was confused. Finally at 1am I got up, decided to watch Up in the Air on Jon’s laptop (I REALLY like that movie – I want to buy it two years after it comes out on DVD when it sells for $9.99) and halfway through I asked Jon if black tea has caffeine in it and he was like “UH DUH. YEAH IT’S TEA.” I didn’t believe him so we wikipediaed it. Green tea and black tea actually have super high level of caffeine in it. UGH!!! STUPIDITY!

Of course I will just end up drinking even more black tea tomorrow to try and stay awake. ūüė¶ I always want to get to work super early on Saturday but my plans are always foiled. Today, by tea!

Well now it’s 3:15am, I should be waking up in three hours. Good night.

An eight hour work day

While preparing an audit today my supervisor said “you’ll be working eight hours today.” I said “eight hours?! I don’t know what to do with my free time!” and then for seriously five minutes I just stood in his cubicle trying to figure out what time that meant I would be leaving. My initial thought was “oh yay I get to leave at 6pm” and then three minutes later I was envisioning a clock in my head and thought “wait … I got in at eight. Eight to noon is four hours. Noon plus another four hours is 4pm. But I’m going home at six? Wait. Eight to noon is four hours…” and just kept repeating that over and over in my head, slowly working it out.

And then a minute after some very slow processing, I very randomly blurted out “WAIT. DOES THAT MEAN I’M GOING HOME AT FOUR?! Before the sun goes down?!”

It was true. PERFECT DAY (for public transportation). I left exactly ten minutes before the FS left. I used that internet time to twitter. Sadly that was the only site I could think of using. Then I went home, changed my ipod music from mellow to pop and techno, and went running. The open rec calendar claims Edwards track is closed after 1:30 but I decided to look and see if the gate was open AND IT WAS!!! MORE perfection.

SO for the first time in five weeks and three days, I went running. FOUR MILES! YES. Two miles straight then two miles separately. I thought my stomach might tear apart at the second but then the cramps subsided.

The most exercise I get in a day is going up four flights of stairs, and I have to concentrate really hard on my breathing so I’m not panting by the time I reach my floor. So I have insane runner’s high right now. AND I ate two oranges for dinner. I feel great. OH no one will care except my apartments who I have already told, but when I left the track I was walking behind a volleyball player. I could NOT remember what her name was though, otherwise I would have said something. I spent the entire walk home trying to run through the roster, which I used to be able to do during volleyball season. Naturally I remembered her name after I got home. “JON! I saw a volleyball player today! But I couldn’t remember her name. She looks a little like a — OHHH it was Kat Brown!”

Tomorrow is supposed to be an eight hour day as well. God it’s so bizarre to work a normal work day. It feels as though I have a half day. The bus actually hit mild traffic. I never hit traffic! I ran, showered, ate dinner, walked to the library with Jon, and it’s STILL ONLY 8:30. Normally I haven’t even left work yet!

So I’m at the library. Weird. Jon and Paulo say it’s midterms time. I have no clue. I’m going to watch Greek, then maybe roadtrip research? I’ve caught up with ONTD. I linked around and somehow ended up at this Tom Brady interview. Clearly there’s a difference between men’s and women’s magazines writing styles because I couldn’t even read past the first paragraph. The writer has such an annoying voice. Why are there. Such short. Sentences.

OMG I totally forgot about shared iTunes libraries. Scratch Greek and roadtrip planning. Time to go through people’s music libraries…

HAHAHA someone has 233 “songs” which are just different bird calls. I am listening to western meadowlark right now. They’re like a minute each … of just bird sounds. I guess that’s what happens when I go to VLSB.

HAAA before I exited the Esquire interview I saw this survey … there’s one good shot in it. I answered Zac Efron for one, Adriana Lima for another, one true and one false. I’m kind of interested in seeing how they use this survey in a future issue.

Well now I’m just staring at my laptop trying to think of what to write. Which is a sign that I should stop wasting time. I’m going to feel a little sad when busy season is over. I enjoy feeling productive. And my shortened workday has decreased my paycheck by $120. That could have been two dine abouts!

This is my google calendar of exercise entries. You might remember August 2009, the heyday of my exercise regimen

Look at all the double entries. *sigh*

November, the final full month I had access to RSF. You never appreciate what you have until you lose it. Look at all those empty weekends! What was I doing? Eating my heart out, probably

December when I so valiantly tried to hold onto my stringent running schedule. Look at that full week! There were a lot of four mile days that break. But there’s also that sad blank finals week.

January! In terms of exercise, not a great way to start off the new year. The first few weeks are totally empty because I was with friends. I don’t regret it. Then work started. The first three days were training days, when I naively thought “I can totally exercise and work! And cook and go online and talk to friends”

And then work really started. This is February. Note my one proud day (today).

Recap of the past three weeks

This song pretty much sums up how I feel about the year 2010 so far

I noticed that most people don’t use their blogs to talk about the good moments in their life. It seems like blogs are mainly for random thoughts that wouldn’t¬†have come up in conversation¬†or for venting. I guess it’s not as natural to encapsulate the best moments in life in such a public way.¬†It seems illogically¬†unbalanced, even though I do it. Wouldn’t we all rather read old posts about the good times than remember when we felt unhappy? It’s strange that it seems more difficult to share good feelings, maybe¬†because we think it may sound like gloating.

Well tonight I’m going to gloat away.

I don’t blog as much anymore, mainly because a post will eat up an hour of my day. But I figure last night I slept at 10:30 and got a full eight hours of sleep, plus I kept napping in the car today so I can afford to use some time to write a post that I will one day read and think “god my twenties were fucking awesome.” 2009 ended with me being pretty annoyed and kind of fed up with home. 2010 has been pretty freaking bomb. I’m looking back at my little date book, and January 1st started with Paseo Colorado shopping with Andria, a quick christmas lights tour with some of TMV, watching videos of the 2006 TMV dinner at Frances’, and ended by watching Lost with Soo Jin until 3am. Then the last two weeks of my last winter break ever was spent trying to see people as often as I could. I learned – don’t burn bridges … but don’t stand around wondering how to repair one when you have another bridge right in front of you.

I’m going to go backwards in time, starting with today…

Sunday 2/7: I achieved my dream of a Superbowl party!!! It wasn’t my first Superbowl party, that was two years ago, Patriots vs. Giants at Caroline’s. But TODAY we did the works, sangria, beer, tacos, cupcakes, ribs, nighttime football,¬†and it was everything I had dreamed of! The one, main thing I had always wanted to do once I became an adult was have traditional Superbowl parties. It did not seem likely until Laura and Li-Ting came into my life, people who LOVE football!!! I was really looking forward to this weekend ever since I found out Superbowl is on 2/7. The game felt so short, and “my team” lost but they were only “my team” because I actually know who Peyton Manning is and what he looks like, so I am not terribly crushed. We felt pretty full but we didn’t even make pizooki or cornbread or a full platter of ribs, as planned. AND today I bought my first case of beer from a grocery store. I have always wanted to bring a six pack of beer to parties. I picked a Mission St Blonde Ale from TJ, primarily because I hoped Mission St is a Bay Area brand (don’t know if that’s true) and because I like blondes. ;D After the game we walked to the park and threw a football around, and then we went back and watched She’s All That. We all made ARRGHHHHH noises when a line in the movie was “and the 1999 prom king is…” God, 1999.

Laura: So Soo Jin, what do you say about the game tomorrow?
Soo Jin: “Did you see what happened? Halftime … interception … Porter”
Laura: You’re just saying words

Saturday 2/6: Usually I plan on replenishing my sleep deficit during the weekend but I end up sleeping even less than I do during the week. Not that I mind, I end up reinvigorating myself in other ways like having fun and eating something besides cucumbers. Yesterday I just caught up on about four hours of TV with Jon, did laundry for the first time in three weeks, and ate sushi with Li-Ting and Lucy. I got a sashimi salad and really enjoyed it. Unless I’m at Ichima, I kind of just want to get sashimi salads from here on out. Then I slept at 10:30, it was amazing.

Friday 2/5: I finally felt the real magic of SF. I got out of work around 8:00 and met up with Soo Jin and Albert who were also just leaving the office. We were thinking of going to happy hour, and I was kind of like OMGGG I am SO in the mood for happy hour because EVERYONE on the streets was clearly just getting off of work and kicking back and I was thinking, “omg I actually belong in this demographic!!!” There are a lot of !!!s in my post. It was¬†a little rainy on Friday, so I¬†pointed and laughed to Soo Jin when we were walking behind three women dressed EXACTLY the same –¬†long black coat, black tights, and almost up to the knee¬†black¬†leather boots.¬†We ended up going back to Soo Jin’s to get her car, and after sitting around a little, we lost the momentum to go drink. BUT we went to eat at Giordano Bros and it was SOOOO good. We found it by searching “french fries” and $ on yelp. Their sandwich bread is SOOOO soft and I got one with coppa which is a mix of bruschetta and pastrami, and in the sandwich they have olive oil and vinegar cole slaw, AND french fries INSIDE. It was in this small bar in North Beach which is like Little Italy. There was a loud, live band that played pretty cool folky music and I am just kind of like *happy sigh* when I think about that place. I got a scrimshaw beer which was light, which I am learning is my favorite type of alcohol. Light beer.¬†Then we walked around a little, got gelato (but not even Italian gelato, we got Tutti Melon gelato), drove down Lombard St and¬†to Twin Peaks, and then I slept at Soo Jin’s around 2am and completely knocked out since I had work the next morning at 8am. It was one of those days where I tried to soak in as much of SF as I could. It made me a little sad that I will be living in SJ, not SF in the future, but maybe five minutes driving in SF will change that for me.

Me: I only have to work five to six hours tomorrow!
Soo Jin: Wow … I’m so jealous … only five to six hours on a Saturday …

Crap, that took thirty minutes and it was only one weekend. Maybe I’ll type up the rest during my morning commutes.

Sunday 1/31: This day was pretty freaking packed. Caroline came to visit and stayed until Tuesday morning. It was pretty cool to have a friend who also woke up at the same 6:30am time that I do. I would wake up and wash up and then she would get ready to go running and walk me to the bus stop. I am jealous that she has the time to go running.¬†So we went to Cafe Intermezzo to eat their breakfast burrito, which I didn’t even know they served. It is an AMAZING deal – it is one of those things that would cost more for me to make than to buy. It’s only $4.50 including tax, and you can choose whatever you want in it. I think I had broccoli, cheese, eggs, potatos, pinto beans, black beans, some other things … it tasted amazing. AND it was large enough that I saved half of it for Monday lunch, so it’s like paying $2.25 per meal! You can’t find a deal like that anywhere else. Then I dragged her to Rasputin where I finally bought Paris Je’taime. Then she went rock climbing and I hung out with Li-Ting. She took me to Safeway where they were having the MOST AMAZING FRUIT AND VEGETABLE SALES I have ever experienced in Nor cal, $3.87 clementines, 98cent grapes, bags of oranges and grapefruit for cheap omg… I’m still finishing them off. Then we walked to Ici and drove to 4th st which Li-Ting had never been to before, and then the Marina which I had never been to before. We walked all the way to the end of the pier and back, so¬†gorgeous. I wanted to run there and back today, but it’s 5.5 mi one¬†way and I haven’t¬†run more than 5mi straight ever, and I¬†ALSO haven’t¬†full out exercised for about three weeks.¬†Then I went back home, ate Brazil Cafe with Jon and Caroline, and then had to go to bed since I had work the next day

Saturday 1/30: I somehow went to work and finished and was still able to catch brunch with Soo Jin, Laura, and Kaitlyn. Actually, not “somehow,” we all know that Soo Jin’s brunch is everyone else’s late lunch. We ate at Dottie’s which was a pretty awesome little cafe place in SF that has been featured in those travelling food shows on Food Network. I got some kind of scramble, they got blueberry cornmeal pancakes. The line was pretty long but well worth it. Then I somehow ended up napping in a curled up ball on Soo Jin’s apt floor and finally after some major delay we drove to Berkeley and went Target shopping! That place is so awesome with friends. I spent so long examinining each type of facial wash and facial lotion. I pointed out some things that I would like to have in my future apt and Soo Jin said it is very NY style. Then we went to Lucy’s and watched Project Runway and ate Cheeseboard pizza which was amazing as always.

Heidi Klum: You are safe and can go back to the house
Laura: WHAT?! She doesn’t give them criticism?! But how will they know what they did well on and how they can improve in the future?

Friday 1/29: Another night in SF after work. Laura was staying overnight but Li-Ting drove me home. Janie ended up making ramen for Laura and me since we hadn’t eaten dinner yet but they had just gone to a Dine About. Soo Jin also cut up a chicken and gave us chicken with spinach, quite tasty. This was the night they started to get to know Kaitlyn, Janie’s subletter/Andria’s friend of a friend. She is sort of amazing. She looks like Hermione in Soo Jin’s eyes, but I wonder if that’s more because we so rarely see red heads. She likes just about everything we like, and then does things we dream of. Like painting and cooking and exercise and television watching and celebrity gossip. We didn’t do anything outside of the apt but spent some time playing with webcams. Janie was leaving for Japan the next morning, SADNESS!!! She is already gone now, but will be back around May once her rotation is done.

Soo Jin (viewing Janie on a rather pixelated screen): This is how I’m going to see Janie for the next few months!

Sunday 1/24: Li-Ting took Lucy and I to 99 Ranch, where I bought a lot of groceries that I have either thrown out or not finished eating. It turns out I don’t need to buy very much food at all since my work kitchen is completely stocked with enough food to last me the entire day. But it’s fun to bring my own fruit and vegetables I guess. Then I went to visit Laura again with Soo Jin and Janie. Helped move the giant TV and realized how I am beginning to become very out of shape. Ate at a ramen place in Mountain View and spent some time in a used bookstore that also had shelves and shelves of video tapes. Apparently Soo Jin has been going there after work since her previous client is in that area. HAHA

Saturday 1/23: This was another fun go out after work day. Those are my FAVORITE times, because it seems so efficient to stay in SF after working and actually experience the fun, non-working side of SF. Right after I finished work I called up Soo Jin to see if she wanted to hang out, and then realized that we had already made plans to go to a Dine About with Li-Ting and Janie. So I sat in the office for another hour, watching Parks and Recreation. Then we ate at One Market St, where I had a delicious sole and amazing bread pudding. Then Li-Ting and I went to visit Laura in SJ around 10pm, after dropping Soo Jin and Janie off for clubbing. It is so bizarre for me to see how the financial district area converts into a nightlife scene. So then we drove to Laura’s and in search of something that was open in Sunnyvale, we ended up at Denny’s. We left around 2am and I got back to Berkeley around 3am and that entire day was just so wonderfully fulfilling

Sunday 1/17: Went to Soo Jin’s place and watched the Golden Globes on tv with Laura and Li-Ting, mainly sat around. But it was my first full day back in Bay Area, and I’m so happy I have friends up here. I can’t imagine working such long hours if I didn’t have a good release during the weekend. We drove back to Berkeley and had some Bongo Burger, then sat at Lucy’s and watched the delayed showing of the Golden Globes. HAHA I love watching awards shows. I was SO SAD on Monday though – usually after an awards show I will spend a good few hours reading through all the post-awards show celebrity gossip. But Monday was my first day of work, and ever since then, I haven’t had the time to keep up with people’s lives who I have never met.

I totally just knocked that out and it’s now 1:30.

On top of that, I love my work and I eat lunch with a coworker and I REALLY WILL TRY to make it to Pilates this week so I can hopefully make MORE friends! I love love love my commutes, which is usually the time I contemplate how much I am enjoying life at the moment and how lucky I am. Maybe in another three weeks I will give another loaded update. I’m really hoping I don’t have to work very long hours this weekend. Three holidays rolled into one weekend! One UNFORTUNATE weekend since a lot of the tax deadlines for our clients is 2/15. Andria and Christina are coming up so I will do everything in my power to have time for fun this weekend!

My fourth week of this internship continues tomorrow. My god, 7.5 weeks left. Crap, once I wrote 7.5 weeks, it seemed a lot longer than it sounded in my head. Well, as long as I’m still enjoying it.

Crap crap it’s 1:40. I’m going to regret this tomorrow morning.

My shortest entry ever

I had a few ideas of what I wanted to blog about today, but when I was typing it out on the bus, it didn’t interest me enough. But then, this conversation happened and it pretty much summed up the next few weeks of my life.

justforkix17 (10:37:41 PM):     hi workaholic!
justforkix17 (10:40:56 PM):     sadness
justforkix17 (10:40:57 PM):     goodbye
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:44:54 PM):     HELLO
justforkix17 is not available. 10:44 pm
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:44:55 PM):     HELLO HAHA
aznwalmartgurl8 (10:44:56 PM):     sorry!
justforkix17 is not available. 10:44 pm
justforkix17 is not available. 10:44 pm

I felt like AIM was scolding me. It just kept popping up “not available not available.” I GET IT.

I’m going to watch Lost now. I did NOT know it was a two part episode. Tomorrow I want to try leaving the office at 6pm. But that will mean … waking up at 5am and getting there at 6am. I think I can do it.¬† In fact, I kind of want to do it, just for kicks.