TV: Buffy (1997)

I’m going to do a thing where I just write about a TV show I used to watch. I’ve always wanted to do some sort of recurring themed entry, and the only thing I can think of having so much to talk about would be television. The shows I’ll write about aren’t necessarily favorite shows or shows I’d recommend to others … they’re  just shows I used to watch for whatever reason. Some of them may be embarrassing to admit. But in some way, I’m sure every show has shaped my perception of the world and the way I act.

Initially I wanted to do one show per month but that means I can only write 12 entries per year, and I think I had already watched 12 shows by the time I was six. So maybe biweekly entries. Still, I don’t think I’ll ever run out of shows to talk about.

I think this picture is from a TV Guide article. I actually have this article, because I used to take my uncle’s TV guides after the week was over (this was back when they came in a thick book format since the Internet was not widely used then) and I would rip out all the articles and pages I liked. Then every few months I would spend two or three days in my room, just reorganizing them. I would spread out all the articles like a crazy person, then paperclip my more popular shows together, and then organize the articles by how much I enjoyed reading them, and then smaller cutout pictures by size. One day I finally threw all of that away EXCEPT for this ONE article about the first three seasons of Buffy and they ranked every episode on a scale of 1 to 5 stakes.

So the inaugural post – Buffy! The show that influenced my viewing habits from fifth grade on. Of course it has to be first. This may seem arrogant, but I feel like I got my humor from these characters. Sadly, I think I may most closely resemble Xander in style of humor.

I own every season (except the seventh which I don’t have any real desire to rewatch), but I have barely ever rewatched them. There was one winter break in high school when I discovered a site that had every single episode script. This was before the time of surfthechannel and other streaming video sites. So for that winter break, I would sit and just stare at my old desktop monitor, (so old that it had a convex screen and would flicker between yellow, blue, and normal hues), reading these scripts. Sometimes I felt like I was actually watching tv, because I could visualize the scenes so clearly. I think that speaks more to Joss Whedon’s ability to flesh out great characters who have their own quirks, faults, and lovable traits.

There was a very long promo when Angel was just about to spin-off. They showed it after the season 3 finale of Buffy and it was a montage of all these great Buffy and Angel scenes, set to some composed song that’s titled “Angel Love Theme” in my itunes. I desperately wish I could somehow find a youtube video of this but I never have. Did you know this was the first show to ever show a lesbian sex scene on network television? Supposedly after it moved from the WB to UPN, UPN didn’t really care what they did on the show so they had less restrictions. Rewatching this show, I realize that David Boreanaz hasn’t aged very much in ten years. Also, this show led me to watch HIMYM since I was like “hey! Alyson Hannigan! I wonder what she’s up to”

I think this show set my tendency for watching shows with strong female leads, witty dialogue, and low ratings. Usually when asked what my favorite show ever is, I’ll just say Buffy because it captures the main elements of the typical shows I watch. Whereas if I were to truthfully say Friday Night Lights, people may assume I am a huge football fan, which I would like to be but lack the knowledge or enthusiasm. Joss Whedon is awesome – I wish there were more people like him in Hollywood.

Favorite character: Anya just because when I reread the scripts, I could remember her most vividly. She got a lot of awesome lines, probably because she was a unique, non-human character, so she could say more ridiculous shit. I wonder whatever happened to this actress

Random quote:

[Xander and Anya are playing Life with Dawn.]
Anya: Crap! Look at this. I’m burdened with a husband, and several tiny pink children, and more cash than I can reasonably manage…
Xander: That means you’re winning.
Anya: Really?
Xander: Yes. Cash equals good.
Anya: Oh! [claps] I’m so pleased! Can I trade in the children for more cash?

A Buffy-related memory:

I don’t remember how it came up and whether my teacher had been speaking directly to me or to the entire class, but my 5th grade teacher told us not to watch shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer since they had demons and witchcraft. Even then, I remember thinking, why is this Christian lady pushing her beliefs on me? I’m going to watch Buffy because the fighting is cool and it makes me happy. My mom also thought this show was too dark for me to watch, but I ignored her scoldings.


ACTUAL best day ever

Sitting on the F, I have about 5 minutes before this bus pulls away from the stop and I lose access to AirBears. Thank goodness my CalNet id still works. One of the few benefits I retained after graduating.

So my prior post talked about a great work day, which was due to … not working. While understandable, that seems pretty lame. A great work day should consist of actual work things. And YESTERDAY, FRIDAY, I had a GREAT work day!!!

I completed an entire audit in about six hours – from prelim ARPs all the way to printing out the financial statements! Now I know why people sometimes go from big firms to smaller firms. At big firms you usually get stuck doing a single acocunt for a giant company. Whereas at smaller companies you get a larger sense of the audit. I didn’t know I’d actually be doing the notes to financial statements in addition to the actual audit, but I do! I kind of want to print out the first one and keep it in my box of memories

Also, now I feel like I actually know what I’m doing. After two weeks, which is not too bad!

AND I created an AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE!!! This was my greatest accomplishment. I wanted to run around and tell everyone. Using excel and I made it so in the future I just plug in the numbers and WALA. I don’t know how to actually spell that. OH NO the bus is leaving time to go to work

Yay! Only eight hours of work on Saturdays. And lots of great sales at Safeway this week! AHHH THE INTERNET MUST PUBLISH

Totally missed the internet while trying to write about Safeway

Blind Typing

I wrote a blog entry yesterday that I wasn’t planning on publishing, but it still took up about 45 minutes of my time. Which is about A FREAKING THIRD of my free time! I went to sleep at 1am and when I woke up, I immediately knew that was a bad idea. Sleeping so little cost me – I ended up losing my left hard contact, which is like $100 of plastic. I have absolutely no idea when it popped out of my eye, but I imagine it would not have happened if I had slept an hour earlier than I was supposed to.

I was going to exercise but my body may give out, so I will just shower and sleep. Every day I do this (come home, sit at laptop, shower, sleep), I think to myself “and this is the beginning of my inactive and fatty lifestyle…” I am most jealous of people who go running now. I saw a few on my way to and from work. I envy them so much. They have the time to go for a run whenever they want. I hope they’re cherishing it.

I can’t believe it’s Friday. Wait, Thursday. Going to be Friday. This week went by really quickly. Unfortunately, not every week will have an eventful fire. I found out that what caught on fire was someone’s space heater. Something was wrong with the electrical current, and it somehow created the banging sound everyone heard and ignored. It makes no sense to me, but I am amazed no one got hurt after finding out what happened.

I am sort of the type of person who always has to have a goal or something to work towards. “sort of” is my way of making myself seem less like a work-obsessed freak. I had started to wonder what I would aspire to now, but I realized today. I would like to work up to a position where I could just walk into work in sweats and no one would question me. I noticed today that several of my (female) managers were wearing sweats, presumably because they had just gone to the gym. Over team dinner I asked and one of them said she goes to the gym around 4pm or something. (she is really thin – I love when I find out that people who are naturally thin still go to the gym). She’s in the office by 6am. She goes to sleep by 10pm. That is insane. She also blows off all her steam by partying until 3am on the weekends. I kind of want her life. (and her petiteness). I am planning on bringing running shoes and going up and down the building stairs for about ten minutes before I head home. I figure ten minutes of that is worth forty minutes of that workout dvd. Seeing as how going up one flight of stairs leaves me panting.

I have noticed that it seems my best diet was not exercising twice a day, eating oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and watermelon for dinner, (as I did last summer). Yes, that was fantastic and ego-boosting, but it seems my best diet is actually just full-time employment. It turns out that if you just cut up a single cucumber into little bits and eat one piece at a time in between work, you get super duper full.

OMG I did not know that Pandora only lets you listen to 40hours per month. I have never listened to Pandora long enough for this to be an issue. But now I stream Pandora while working to help me stay sane. I wonder how many people have caught me bopping my head to the music without my knowing. My supervisor did for sure. I was mouthing the words to a Taylor Swift song before I realized he was standing over my cubicle, seeing if I had a question for him.

Well, it is actually only 99cents per month to have unlimited music, so I think I am actually going to pay for an online service! I have never done that before. I used to think it was because I was super cheap. Now I realize it’s more because I didn’t have a credit card or an income. Now that I have both, I feel like I’m much more likely to subscribe to nytimes or wsj, etc.

I am listening to Regina Spektor’s new album and it is much much better than her previous one.

And although my current mood is Regina Spektor/Kate Nash/Edith Piaf/Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs, this is actually my favorite song of the moment. Thanks Li-Ting

wtf. I just watched the MV after posting it. It totally ruined what I thought this song was about. It doesn’t look like an official MV at all. The only reason I believe it is is 1) they’re asian and 2) she’s wearing leopard print boots.

Best work day ever

Today was the best day ever. Hold on, I have to stare out the window as the bus goes by the Bay Bridge…

Ok. Why is today awesome? WELL it’s because I’m typing this blog … on a TUESDAY at 6:30PM on the FS!

I would have been in the office for two hours longer, EXCEPT THERE WAS A FIRE! HAHAHA I am somewhat in disbelief that I was really allowed to leave early, but I confirmed with my supervisor twice before I practically sprinted out (as fast as I could with flats)

I was just sitting in my cubicle, slowly eating cucumbers while trying to write some BS for prelim ARPs and I’m listening to Pandora. I kind of hear really loud banging over the Taylor Swift and part of me is like “wtf is that” but I assume it was someone … I don’t know, banging a chair around for fun. I thought some people were having a good laugh, but very silent laughter. I kind of ignore it, as does everyone else in the office

Until suddenly I hear people yelling across the room “OMG FIRE! FIRE! OMG FIRE IN THE KITCHEN!” and the sound of people running towards my side of the room. Suddenly heads are all popping out of cubicles and I just see this small mob of people hurriedly rushing towards us.

Then the smell of burnt plastic starts wafting through the room.

Someone yells out “SAVE ALL YOUR WORK!” and we’re all kind of standing around wondering what was going on. I hear someone use the fire extinguisher. And after a little confusion, someone says someone’s surge protector exploded, and I hear one of the partners say “everyoene just go home” but I thought he was joking

BUT NOPE! I confirmed, yes we can go home, so I just quickly threw my stuff into my backpack, checked whether I should take the F or FS and now I’m on the FS!

AND THE FS buses HAVE FREE WI-FI!!! Which kind of puts it on par with the Apple commuter bus!

Just to recap this glorious day, I nearly finished an audit with minimal questions (yay! I’m getting the hang of things!), they had free wraps for lunch, I’ve been listening to an awesome Epik High song that Li-Ting sent me (I’ve been bobbing my head all day in my cubicle), I got to leave early, I got onto the FS, and I’m going to celebrate by finally doing a Jillian Michaels workout. OR MAYBE GO RUNNING?! omg the freedom of choice

I just realized that I am ecstatic about leaving work at 6pm. After getting there at 8am. HAAAA

I can’t wait to rub this in Laura’s face

Sundays are the new weekend

I woke up at 9:30 today after sleeping at 4:30am. I had woken up for work at 7:15am yesterday so I’m surprised I’m not that tired. I hope my body doesn’t give out in the middle of next week.

Usually the minute I wake up I will immediately start my morning routine. Wake up and get up is the same for me. UNTIL TODAY!!! I went to pee and then came back to bed, turned on my laptop and just watched shows and read gossip. Oh dear, now it’s 11am. I should have gone running …

Well I’m going grocery shopping with Li-Ting soon and then we’ll go to SF and SJ again. I also went to SF and SJ yesterday. I love my friends because watching all my tv shows at once on a Sunday is not as fulfilling as I had envisioned during the week. I’m thankful for having friends who are always up to do things in NorCal. While Apple sends Janie to Japan, maybe I will assume the role of Janie and plan some Dine Abouts. We went to one yesterday and I had an amazing bread pudding at One Market. But negated the fancifulness of it with a Denny’s Oreo Shake.

Basically I got out off work around 5pm, waited for others to get to the Financial District, and then we had a Dine About dinner at One Market. Earlier in the week I was not so keen about blowing $50 on a dinner. But now I’m glad because 1) Janie is leaving for Japan next weekend for a rotation 2) it was fun and 3) that money is a fraction of a work day. So yay! It was admittedly kind of fun to leave work and meet up with a group of friends right after. I appreciate the efficiency of working and playing within blocks of each other. Go SF.

I saw this trailer. I immediately wanted to see the movie only because they play Plushgun – Just Impolite!!! That is my most played song in iTunes, at least for my new computer. I imagine that if I hadn’t switched computers, MGMT – Kids would be my most played song with maybe 350 plays. My play count is no longer accurate because my shuffle is messed up and doesn’t update playcounts. But Just Impolite is not only a running song but a walk around the street song AND a driving song, so I’m sure it rightfully belongs at the top of my music library.

But yeah, this trailer! It gets points for 1) Alexis Bledel 2) Song choice 3) Scott Porter of FNL, but the script seems pretty bland. I think I would have fallen in love with the trailer if they had muted the dialogue but left the soundtrack.

I need to get going. What were the errands I had to do this week? Whatever, I can do them next weekend.

Before, I had all the time in the world so of course I would watch right as soon as it was available online. But now I have a queue and … it’s a little sad to say but it appears that the priority goes something like:

1) JERSEY SHORE (because it’s easily digestable and I HAVE TO KNOW what happens in the season finale! Favorite guy: Ronnie. Favorite girl: J-Woww. This show kind of makes me want to go on Real World or something. Will Asians ever get their own reality show? I don’t think it will ever happen)
2) Modern Family (also easily digestable)
3) Parks and Rec (I was surprised I waited until Saturday to watch because I tell people I like P&R more. I think I watch Modern Family first because it’s more likely people will mention it in the office)
4) 30 Rock
5) Better Off Ted
6) Daily Show
7) FNL (It’s really far down since it’s a drama and I have to commit myself to watching it. You have to appreciate every minute of this show!)
eight) HIMYM (I don’t like this show much anymore. I may stop watching after this season)
9) Chuck (If someone could just compile every scene with Yvonne Strahovski in an episode, Chuck would probably come in right after P&R)

Another list. Yesterday Li-Ting and Laura said I should make a list of my favorite lists. One day, I just might.

My laptop is riddled with viruses. Oftentimes if I search things on Google it will reroute me to some random (at least non-pornographic) site. I may switch to using my work laptop. I love my work laptop. Only because I have to take it home everyday, so I feel like I can go anywhere after work since I have a laptop with me. I should also put a toothbrush into my backpack. And extra underwear… ;D

Just kidding, that would never happen. I’m starting to worry – I didn’t make a group of friends that I could later date within years down the line. How will I meet new people when I’m sitting in bed on my only day off? HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!?!?!?!

First week of work, over! Nine weeks left! Once I get my first paycheck, I’ll have an idea of how much will be taken out from taxes, and then I can start building up a pie chart of how I am going to spend all my money before September.

I’m going to try to stop saying things like “I worked UNTIL THIS TIME” because most people are either working just as much or longer than I am. So I have no right. But isn’t it a nice change from my usual complaints of food?

15 hours

Don’t know why I’m wasting my few precious minutes on this blog.

I realized just now that work takes up fifteen hours of my day. I wake up at 6:30am, commute, work  twelve hours, commute, get back at 9:30 at the earliest. Check email for about twenty minutes and suddenly it’s 10:00. Suddenly 10pm feels very late.

I’m realizing that many of the things I wanted to do over the next few months are not possible. I knew it would not be possible to exercise twice a day – I did not realize how hard it would be to even exercise once a day. If I am incredibly efficient and don’t miss any busses, after exercising it will already be 11:30. Shower, it’s 11:45. Lay out tomorrow’s outfit, it’s midnight. Leaving me with 6.5 hours of sleep. And that’s not counting making dinner, making the next day’s lunch, or watching ANY television.

I wanted to go to Berkeley Bowl on the way home from work … today I looked out the window and realized it closes at 8pm and I get off off work at 8:30…

Found out that we are expected to work Saturdays. I don’t mind that so much. I’m hoping Saturdays are casual days and I can stroll in wearing boots instead of heels.

I wanted to sleep on the bus on the way to and from work. But I can’t fall asleep on the way to SF because I just woke up and ate so my body is ready to actually do things. And for some reason I don’t fall sleep on the way home either. 😦 That could have been +2 hours of sleep.

At least I am an intern and not a full-time employee. Since I don’t have friends in Berkeley and I’m not in a relationship, work really is my life. So I don’t mind working as many hours as they ask because I’m getting paid by the hour. Also, I don’t have to stay past twelve hours, otherwise they have to pay us double. Whereas if I were a full-time employee, I would have to work more hours for probably less pay per hour.

I feel like it would make more sense if I just took all my groceries directly to the office. My cubicle is large enough for me to just lay out a sleeping bag and sleep there. Isn’t that what some ibankers do? I thought that was hilarious once. Now I think it’s not such a terrible idea.

Things I like and things I love

I like the Bay Bridge. It is the best bridge in the bay. Golden Gate has nothing on the Bay Bridge.
I love commuting on the Bay Bridge with the F or FS bus. It’s the closest I’ll ever come to having a chauffeur. I catch the 7:15am bus and it gets me to the Transbay Terminal in less than an hour, heavy traffic or no (thank god for the bus/carpool freeway lane). Just sit down and close my eyes. The stops are one block from my apartment and one block from my office. I took the FS home today and it was one of those nice tour busses. Life doesn’t get better than not having to drive, sitting in your own cushioned bus aisle, listening to music while watching the bridge pass by from a seat several feet higher than normal cars.

I like to work. I like figuring out a daily routine where I accomplish all my goals. Work distracts my mind and I enjoy the eight or so hours where I don’t have the time to consider my life. I especially enjoy my decreased appetite. Suddenly half a sandwich is way too much food. I somewhat enjoy waking up before light breaks. I like how I’m so busy I don’t even want to read ONTD anymore. I like how I feel like anyone in the office could be a good friend, regardless of their age or background (whereas while working as a student, there’s a tendency to believe that anyone above your level is in No Friend Zone)
I love to leave work late. I love feeling incredibly exhausted. Today I could have left around 4:30 but our office has Pilates classes on Wednesday so I thought I’d join. I almost didn’t, but then I couldn’t find my ID card and by the time I remembered where I’d stored it, I had missed the bus so I took that as a sign that I should go to Pilates. It was just me, two other guys, and nine other girls out of a 170 person office. I prefer cardio so I may not go back, even though I think taking Pilates will help me make friends with some ridiculously fit women and two nice looking guys. Anyway, I ended up leaving at 6:30, which is not even that late, but the city looks amazing on a weekday night because so many office lights are still on. Poor overworked workers. A demographic I will join after tomorrow. As the FS pulled out of the bus terminal, I was just staring out my window with this dopey smile on my face

Thoughts about my job:

– Training is painful because it’s like longer class lectures without the luxury of sleeping
– Food is plentiful and healthy. Catered lunches on Friday and there are kitchens on every floor stocked with frozen dinners, cereal, nuts, trail mix, free sodas and juices
– Super green. The new interns spend a lot of time just standing in front of the composting, recycling, and waste bins, figuring out what goes into what. What is styrofoam?!
– People are super fit. You’d think that with 60-80 hour work weeks as an accountant, most people would be fat. But the younger people are SUPER fit. Today I kept myself awake by contemplating my trainer’s well-defined cheekbones. Even the older people are pretty trim for their ages. Especially after taking that Pilates class, I suddenly feel much pudgier than before
– I was debating whether to study for the CPA during my internship. Now I know – hell no. How the heck do people study during busy season, especially if they’ve been promoted beyond staff 1 or 2? That’s insane.

It’s 9:00. I need to shower, figure out what I will pack for lunch (cucumbers and an apple?), sleep ideally at 10pm.

Love is a mix tape

I’m a little scared of going back to Berkeley tomorrow. Not for the reasons you’d think – you’ll probably roll your eyes when you read my reasoning. I’m wondering how dirty my apartment is after a month without cleaning. Will my Saturday be spent simply buying groceries, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the floor, and bleaching the kitchen counter? I wonder what food I left for myself. I wish I had put my blankets away so they wouldn’t accumulate dust, but I was running late for my flight. Oh yeah, I missed that flight.

I read this book and I just finished this book. The former was written by someone who goes to a bunch of foreign countries to learn about the different relationship customs and perceptions of love. I liked it because I love to compare differences between groups of people. Sometimes he explains customs with history – kind of like when cognitive science explains why we feel certain emotions. I like to see how people approach dating, marriage and relationships differently, but I wonder whether his observations are applicable to the majority. One thing I noticed: according to him, a huge percentage of men cheat in every country, although some countries more than others. I think the lowest percentage he noted was 70% but I’m not sure how factual those percentages are. Damn, I’m trying to remember what I read but I can’t remember anything anymore. I liked one quote that was like … Americans care about career first, relationships second, friends third. New Zealanders care about friends first, career second, and relationships third. And Englanders care about relationships first, friends second, career third. I can’t remember if I got the Englanders right, but I memorized the Americans one correctly because I thought “that is true.”

Then I read the second book, which was more depressing than I expected. It’s written by a music critic for Rolling Stone and it’s mainly about how he is a widow. I had this idea before, but the book made me more motivated to actually do it: I want to make one or two mix cds where all song titles are geographic locations in the US for our roadtrip. So far I have the obvious Phantom Planet – California and Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

I remember when I would record songs onto cassette tapes. I had a lot. I know for sure that I had one of the Titanic soundtrack and one of Brandy’s Never Say Never album. I think I threw them all away in one of my cleaning sprees. Frances L gave me her Brandy cd and I thought “omg! Now I can skip from The Boy Is Mine straight to Have You Ever?” I guess there is something more romantic about mix tapes versus mix cds. If you don’t like a song, you can just easily skip it, whether you’re in the car or listening to it on the computer. But mix tapes, you kind of have to stick with it, just to get to the good stuff, because usually it’s not worth skipping the bad stuff since you won’t know where you’ll end up. Looking back at that sentence, it seems like a poor analogy for actual relationships.

Things I wanted to do this break but did not:

1. Learn how to cook (I only want to learn how to make this cucumber dish tomorrow and I’ll be happy)
2. Research roadtrip locations / surfboard / San Jose – but none of these were of immediate importance so I’m ok with this
3. Register for the CPA exam – my lack of a printer has prevented me from accomplishing this. Oh well.
4. Get my bra measurement – at some point during break, I started wondering what my bra size really is. If I suddenly got a boatload of money, the first few things I’d buy (not because I really really want them but because it’d be pretty easy to buy without thinking) would be all the TV box sets I’ve ever wanted, the entire Animorphs and Wizard of Oz series, and about twenty new bras.

I was helpless in trying to return people’s kindness, but also helpless to resist it. Kindness is a scarier force than cruelty, that’s for sure. Cruelty isn’t that hard to understand. I had no trouble comprehending why the phone company wanted to screw me over; they just wanted to steal some money, it was nothing personal. That’s the way of the world. It made me mad, but it didn’t make me feel stupid. If anything, it flattered my intelligence. Accepting all that kindness, though, made me feel stupid.

Human benevolence is totally unfair. We don’t live in a kind or generous world, yet we are kind and generous. We know the universe is out to burn us, and it gets us all the way it got Renee, but we don’t burn each other, not always. We are kind people in an unkind world.

In the book he said that one of his friends would constantly refer to him and his wife as “Rob and Renee,” so often that his friend’s friend thought he was talking about somone named “Robin Renee.” I thought that was funny. I should date someone named Collie or In. We would be Melancholy and Melanin.

Ideally I would crave donuts and In N Out tomorrow so I can have it before I leave. I won’t eat them unless I crave them so much I can’t possibly not eat them. The craving has to outweigh the guilt. But I’ve realized, that required amount of craving happens very, very rarely.

This was actually my favorite picture from winter break. I like how we can see downtown LA so well. Also because Andria’s cool. When my neighbors took me to the Clippers game, we drove through LA and they would point out all these things about the city that I would never notice. When I drive by, I see a bunch of rundown buildings. But they moved here a few decades ago, and they still remember when the now overlooked buildings were once in their prime. They moved here when the tallest building in the skyline was the City Hall, because this was before engineers had figured out how to put buildings on rollers to combat earthquakes. If only they’d figured this out sooner, maybe LA wouldn’t be so sprawling and it would be easier for us to restaurant/bar/club hop.

How to split up an apartment

I am currently in an apartment where all four females are second year med students at UCLA. It is incredibly quiet because all of them are studying. Angelica tells me the three of them just study all day. I said “their doors are closed – they could just be wasting time” but she seemed very certain that they are in fact studying. I feel very wide-eyed whenever I hang out with Angelica or Ryan. I usually find myself very quiet around their friends because opening my mouth would reveal how dumb I am.

But I feel more of an adult with them, just by association. Angelica says when she steps into an elevator, she realizes that essentially half of the females around her are married. Her apartmentmate just got engaged over break. I realized this year (thanks to Mindy Kaling’s twitter post) that a few years from now, it is going to be even more depressing to be single over the holidays, because when you return to work, several of your coworkers may come back engaged.

Angelica is out of the shower and probably needs to study now. Hearing about her med school life exhausts me. Thank you business major.

Oh, the title of this blog. Angelica was telling me how it was really hard to decide who gets the four bedrooms of this apartment. Then Ryan was like “I have an algorithm I made up…” and Angelica made him tell her. After hearing it, I thought it was ingenious. Basically, each person writes down how much they would pay for each room of the apartment. So if there’s 1 big, 2 medium and 1 small room for a total of $3000, you would say like “I would pay this much for the big room, this much for the medium” and so on. Then you compare everyone’s and the person who valued a room the highest gets it. But the amount you pay is the average of what everyone put down, so everyone ends up happy because you will have gotten the room you value the most, at a price lower than what you paid for. omg so smart. I just sighed out loud.

Angelica asked me what my new years resolution was. On New Years Eve I had planned to spend a good amount of time writing down some specific resolutions. I ended up writing a few things down then deciding I was too sleepy to continue. But I think my resolution would be: be more mysterious. I think I talk too much about my life, leaving nothing to be wanted. So I think I will keep my emotions to myself now.

At long last

Today I finally:

– Finished my book. It is 400 pages and took me two weeks. But I read half of it in the past two days. This is the first book I’ve completed since the end of summer. Accomplishment!

– Yelped all the restaurants from the article Andria sent me from months ago. Now I really wish I could drive freeway because my face was like *___* from reading about the Mexican restaurants. Must visit these before I move to San Jose! I have until August.

– Will watch something on an actual tv. Modern Family returns. The first of my shows to return after hiatus. I’ve gotten so used to watching episodes on my laptop screen, my head couldn’t really take in the huge plasma TV and blu-ray player at Owen’s apartment.

– Read an article that did not have anything to do with a celebrity, television, or movies.

Time to go running. My legs are grossly unproportional to my stomach. I wish there were an exercise for my abs that is comparable to running. Like if I could just do the worm around the track sixteen times, and that would tone my stomach, I would.