It is still 2009

I finished marathoning Battlestar Galactica today.

According to some Newsweek article, the top 10 TV dramas of the decade are

10. In Treatment
9. The Shield (I am uninterested in police dramas)
8. Friday Night Lights (Fuck yeah!)
7. Six Feet Under
6. Mad Men
5. Battlestar Galactica
4. Breaking Bad
3. The Sopranos
2. Lost
1. The Wire (another police drama, but it has such critical acclaim)

If only Alias hadn’t tanked so hard at the end, I think it could have made this list. I was surprised to find that I’ve watched so few of these shows. I’ve always wanted to watch Six Feet Under and The Sopranos. I think I may watch Six Feet Under next because I heard their series finale is pretty bomb, so that’s something to look forward to. I kind of half-heartedly watched the final episodes of BSG because I had heard the finale was less than stellar.

Today was the first time in ten days that I didn’t exercise. That is pretty amazing considering it’s winter break.

I really wish that I had ordered my CPA materials though.

I think yesterday’s frozen margaritas set off another canker sore explosion. *cries* I can’t believe I’d never thought of happy hour at restaurants in Arcadia. It is an amazing idea. Johnston suggested Chilis yesterday and I was like FUCK NO I HATE CHILI’S but he was like FOR DRINKING and I was like ohhh … ok. I seriously do hate Chilis though. So Kim and I shared a frozen mango maragarita. Johnston ordered us a second round so we might as well have just had our own. Sorry Kim, now you have mono. Just kidding.

I went through this post ten times before I decided to delete as many negative, emo thoughts as I could. This is what it was left with. HAHA

How is it 1am? I was ready to sleep at 10pm.


A box of memories

Today was the 5th annual TMV dinner. We went home much earlier than usual, which I think is a sign of our aging. This year was the boys’ turn to cook, but since only 2/6 were present, it ended up being Henry cooking an 8 course meal for 9 people. I’m sure he will also list out the dishes on his blog, and I’m sure that I will get all of these names wrong, but for my own recollection…

(In the order we were supposed to eat them)

1. That duck man toe with leek thing, except without the duck. Regina’s dish because she is small.
Connie L: This is good! I don’t think I’ve ever had this before
Frances C: I don’t think you would have, since there’s usually duck

2. Seared tuna, seaweed salad, and … tamagoyaki? (I googled that under “egg sushi”) Frances C’s dish since she is more Japanese than the rest of us. I saved my tuna for last because I knew I would love it the most and no matter how full I would be (which was pretty damn full) I’d still be able to eat it (and I happily did)

3. Honey walnut shrimp – Jackie’s dish since she loves it. I ended up trading my last shrimp for Danny’s untouched seaweed salad.
Me: I’m sorry! I don’t like shrimp! And I don’t like mayonnaise. And … I don’t like walnuts …

4. Stir fried beef dish. My dish because I am a shit load of beef. Connie Y could not finish hers and distributed it to Henry’s plate when he was not looking.

5. Also with fried tofu and rice. Connie L’s dish because her dad taught Henry how to cook it, I think

6. Some sort of stir fry involving tofu and green onions and other things. Frances L’s dish because she apparently makes it 3x a week at SD

7. That cold noodle with shredded chicken and peanuts … liang mien. Connie Y’s dish because it is Taiwanese.

8. Those tan rien … like starchy balls with black sesame or peanut inside. In a very gingery soup. Everyone coughed after sipping it. HAHA

9. Apple cider with champagne and raspberries. Danny’s dish because he declared it so

I think I may have been the only person to finish every single plate. Because I have no self control. This is why running every day does nothing for me. HAHA It was good though. Thanks to Henry for pulling it off! And making everything look so pretty. I wish I had been able to take pictures, but I left my camera in Berkeley (can you believe it?!) so all pictures are on other people’s cameras. We commenced eating only an hour later than the scheduled time!

I just realized we didn’t do a toasting picture!!! Sadness. So we ate. A lot. Afterwards, Danny immediately hit food coma and napped. A minute after he woke up, we looked over and Connie L and taken his place on the couch. Caught up with one another … I noticed that sometimes the conversation would break off into three separate conversations and then slowly merge back into one rather seamlessly. That is pretty cool. Exchanged gifts with the usual difficulty that comes with it. We always want to guess who gave us the gift, but people (including me) will always forget to write who the gift is for. Then we always analyze people’s handwriting, wrapping paper, and wrapping style. I remember once Frances L had her sister write the To and From to trick us and all of us were like “but that’s not her handwriting! Whose handwriting is this!?” So we exchanged gifts, fun fun! Our curse is that no matter what, people always find out who each other’s secret santa is before the exchange date. Then we exchanged some cards. I was reminded of how two years ago, Owen wrote cards for people and all of us were like “OMG. OWEN?!?! OWEN wrote cards?!?!” I am super sad because I came home and tried looking for it and I can’t find it!

And that leads me to the actual purpose of this blog … my memory box! Or more accurately, my black adidas shoebox that stores cards and memorabilia since high school. I’m going to start using a new box starting January 1, 2010. New decade, new box. So it really is just a packrat assortment of stuff … as long as I can vaguely associate something to a memory, I keep it. I had two stacks of movie ticket stubs that I threw away a few months ago because I realized they meant nothing to me. But anyway … here is a look into some things in my box.

Every year my next door neighbor gives us some datebooks and calendars from his towing company. Whenever I go out with friends, I write it in the datebook, like today would be “5th TMV dinner – Henry, Frances L, Danny, Connie Y, Connie L, Jackie, Regina, Frances C.” It’s a really good reminder that even if I’m having a bad day, I have friends. Also, it forces me to socialize and make plans because I refuse to leave an entire week blank. I have no idea where 2007 went, and half of 2006 is essentially blank. My forgotten year.

From my days working at Souplantation. I have two name tags because I forgot to wear one once, and my manager had to make me another one. But her label maker was on some weird setting, which is why my name came out as a candy. The wood reindeer, a completely random customer gave that to me once. He was eating with his wife, and he talked to me a little and then showed me these little wooden figurines that he makes and gave one to me. I kind of want to be able to do random woodworking like this.

hahaha so the Carnival tag is from a cruise I took with Connie Y’s family … wow I don’t even really remember when. I think winter break of freshman year in college, because I remember stressing about Haas. I enjoy spending time with Connie Y and her family, but a cruise is really not a good place for me to be, since I felt so trapped. Just me on a ship with 24 hr buffets. I remember we went to the gym and I would run on the treadmill … very cool to run on a treadmill while looking out at the vast ocean. The Harry Potter glasses were given to us when we went to a midnight showing at the Krikorian, me, Connie Y, Jackie, and Danny. Back in high school when we would hang out all the time and go shopping for hours. There is a cute picture somewhere with us wearing them

To be honest, I have no idea where the heart is from. I think it came with a bouquet of candy roses – another one of those high school fundraisers. And the receipt is from the $420 full-page yearbook ad we took out for ourselves. I remember Henry walking back from school with me and we spent an entire day creating the ad. I think I had picked out pictures from the couple thousand I had taken over the (at the time) months of TMV friendship, and we just hammered out a layout. I have two yearbooks, each with about 400 pages, but that yearbook ad is the only page I turn to.

TMV dinner menus! HAHA The one on the right is from our very first TMV dinner. I will always remember the pizza, because they said their pizza pan couldn’t fit in Danny’s oven, so they had to bake it an angle, which was why it was cooked so unevenly. The left one is from the second TMV dinner, hosted by the girls. I remember the girls cutting out paper snowflakes and during dinner we were like “LOOK AT THESE DECORATIONS. YOU GUYS DON’T DO THIS” and they were like “GUYS DON’T CARE ABOUT DECORATIONS”

From a high school vegas trip, a sober one. It was me, Alvin, Danny, and Connie Y and it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had. (Seattle/Vancouver also tops that list). There’s a pink bus ticket since we took an Asian tourbus to get to Vegas, after which we used Alvin’s minivan (the vegas TMV) and stayed at his Vegas home. I will ALWAYS remember how we woke up freaking early to catch the bus and of course didn’t have time to eat. So Alvin and Danny went off the bus to search for food, Connie Y and I were just talking. And then we look out the window and see them running across the parking lot towards the bus, with a giant cardboard box, inside is a Chinese breakfast with things like yo tiao, soy milk, fan tuan. Connie Y and I could not stop laughing at them. And then there’s our Hairspray ticket and program; we also watched Ka. And for some reason I found it necessary to keep a napkin from the Bellagio gelato store we stopped at.

This looks like complete garbage but it’s … the opposite of that. This is from a completely random gift that TMV bought me, my Canon camera. A couple of them, I think Eric, Henry, and Jackie (anyone else? I’m sorry) came up once. My mom had sent up a package of stuff with them and I glanced at it and saw some random ass paper bag and assumed it was some food. Later when we were all in my dorm room, they were like “did you see anything interesting in your package?” and I was like “… no” and they were like “what’s that?” and handed me the package and I think I was like “oh it’s probably some random thing my mom gave me” and they were like “why don’t you open it!” HAHA So I opened it and was completely surprised and like “WHAT WHY?! WHAT IS THIS FOR?!” And for a very long time, I would just slowly open each individual thing, like “OMGGG A CHARGER!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A CAMERA CHARGER!” and then “OMGGG A WRIST STRAP!  THIS IS SO CUTE!” and “WOWWW look a memory stick!” Henry had taken the time to “age” the bag so I wouldn’t be suspicious. ❤

I hope my next box will have just as much, if not more, meaningful stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings. That is a super corny and cliche line. That’s what happens when I write blogs at 4am.


On my plane ride to Arcadia, there was a girl sitting behind me who was clearly the type who made friends whereever she went. At some point, the guy next to her asked if she was excited to be going home and she said something like “oh well … yeah I guess. It’s just weird because you change so much when you’re at school but when you get back home everyone treats you as if nothing as changed.”

I know I’ve written this but I don’t know if I’ve ever published it. I was never particularly attached to my home in Arcadia, but the first time I ever thought it wasn’t really worth going back was spring break of junior year. I feel like for most people, there’s a point in college when you realize that there are better things to do during a break than going home. Ever since then, every time I’m about to leave for the airport, I play with the idea of missing my flight and waiting for my mom to call and I’ll just say “oops … I missed my flight … guess I’m not going to come home anymore.” Even if I have nothing to do in Berkeley.

Sometimes I really hate how my schedule gets interrupted when I stay in Arcadia. It gets sunnier earlier in socal, so I’d have to wake up at 6am to run in the morning – which, no thank you. No access to a pool. I have to wait to eat dinner with my parents. Or, I go out to eat and I get shit for it from my mom. And I feel very self conscious when I walk around socal. Also, I dislike how I can feel myself interrupting my parents’ schedules. Just as how I’ve adjusted to living without parents, they’ve adjusted to not having to take care of a kid, and as happy as a parent might be to see their kid, I don’t think anyone really loves change.

The one thing I really dislike about home is how nothing ever changes. There are no new friends to make, no new places to see. I guess the new thing is that we’re 21 so we drink. Sit and drink. Sit and drink. I preferred it when we sat and ate.

I don’t enjoy having to put my life on pause, it’s very … inefficient of my time. HAHA It seems impossible to make any significant changes to my life when I’m in Arcadia. I feel very stuck when I’m here. This is my last extended stay here though.  Three more weeks to enjoy. After this, I imagine the longest I would ever be here is four days.

It’s impossible to find a picture of “home” that accurately represents what I want. I guess because other people’s ideas of home mean nothing to me.

Oh it’s Christmas. Let’s brighten this up. Christmas Eve, I walked around the streets for an hour listening to my iPod. I know there is very little crime in this city, but it’s still really creepy how little lighting there is on the streets. I saw four different houses where relatives were leaving after Christmas dinner. And one house where two kids were playing with their new toys. It was cute.

Apparently there was a snowball fight in Times Square a few days ago. The idea of it makes me happy. I watched some youtube videos of it, but I’m sure it’s one of those things where you have to experience it first hand.

Was that a decade?

At first I hated this, then halfway through I liked it a little more. Five views later and I completely love it. A good song easily changes my opinion about something. I still think it’s unfortunate that most of this video is male-dominated. Sadly, I don’t think it’s due to the creator’s preferences, but more from the reality that there are very few serious roles for women in the movie industry so there was next to nothing to choose from. I was about to exit the video, when the twinkling sounds of Phoenix’s 1901 kicked in, and that’s when more clips of women in romantic comedies started showing up.

It never really clicks that a year is ending. I had read several Top of the Decades lists before I realized “OHHHH it’s the end of a decade!” In my mind, it was going to turn 2009. A decade ago, I was eleven, which feels phenomenally young. I could enumerate the many lessons I’ve learned or my favorite memories or some other sort of list, but I have such a poor memory that it would be heavily weighted towards things that occurred to me in the past year.

I’m currently reading this book, which is fairly interesting. It turned out to be somewhat different from what I anticipated it to be about – there’s a lot more about the civil rights movement than I care to know – but she writes well enough, and I need something to pass the 56 minutes in between every 72 minutes of Battlestar Galactica I watch on megavideo. One quote:

There is, perhaps, one invention that historians a thousand years in the future will look back on and say, ‘That defined the twentieth century. That invention is the contraceptive pill.’

And somehow, that made me realize a tenth of the current century is over. And then I realized that it is highly likely that some of us will actually live to the end of this century. Age 112 doesn’t seem so impossible anymore. If that happens to me, it would be the worst thing that could happen – having an over-extended life. But I wonder what it would be like to reflect a hundred years from now and consider my present life.

I only ever read when I’m in Arcadia. I wonder if I will be able to find a similarly well-funded library whereever I next live. On all my lists of ways to improve myself, I always put reading on the list. But once I actually have the time to sit down and crack open a good book, a giant fountain of ideas springs up in my head that is super distracting. I can’t just sit and immerse myself into the book (except Harry Potter). I inevitably start thinking “I want to sew something with buttons” or “I should bake some kind of dessert” or “I want to go to there” or “I wish I were more like this character” or “I hope I can meet someone like that.” And then reading becomes an activity that is taking time away from more important things I should be pursuing. So about ten minutes in, what was initially a relaxing activity becomes this battle in my brain like “omg I can’t just sit here wasting my life reading a book … but I need to read more! But I could be doing this instead! AGH!” My life just feels so unspectacular compared to whatever accomplishments and adventures were worthy of being written about.  That’s a look into my brain, if you cared to know.

I have the strongest desire to buy a carton of Maeda-En green tea ice cream, but I am well aware that it would be my downfall this break. So I will continue eating my radish with honey 😦

Favorites from ONTD

If it’s too slow, just click on them. I swear it’s worth it!

Lauren Conrad ❤

Found under a comment for a post saying that Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving Jason Segel’s (Marshall of HIMYM) house in the morning. I laughed so hard

I only wish Parks and Recreation were more popular so there would more GIFs floating around

So freaking cute. Makes me smile.

I was supposed to go running with Henry today. Instead we went to Jim’s. Besides the coke float and the chili cheese fries, I actually ate pretty healthy today. HAHA Frances C, Henry and I spent most of the time at Jim’s bemoaning the fact that we are much larger after four years of college. I wish I could remember the exercises from Core Blast. Damn my poor memory.

I wish I were in a more holiday spirit. What would I have to do to feel more holidayish?

Isn’t this the most random post ever? Maybe.

At the mall today:

henry: Look that guy is wearing sweatpants!
me: … So? *crinkles face*
henry: Sweatpants! Aren’t you like ooo sweatpants?
me: Oh.


– learn to drive freeway (avoid death)
– park better
– research roadtrip (what’s interesting in middle America? must find out)
– plan cpa study schedule
– learn how to cook delicious things
– eat less
– exercise (Jillian Michaels dvd is killing my butt; running plan has been a complete failure)
– go shopping for businesswear (which I don’t want to do until I lose weight)
– have fun (for my last winter break ever)

Goodbye school, hello world

The last thing I did as a college student was score several points below the mean of my tax final. Considering I never went to class after the second midterm and went through most of the chapters thinking “I highly doubt that’s going to be on a test,” I think that’s fine.

My first moment of “oh my god I’ll never be in school again” was when I was watching my fourth episode of Battlestar Galactica of the day, and I thought “ugh I’ve watched so many episodes – I should be … actually I don’t have any other obligations. WHEEEEEE” BSG is not the amazingly captivating show I had envisioned. I only like watching the scenes with Mary McDonnell. (I wanted to embed a video but I don’t want to be spoiled while browsing youtube. Dilemma!) There are a lot of stupid characters whose actions are inexplicable and they do not have a great soundtrack to win points from what it lacks. But, I will soldier on and continue watching …

I ended up missing my flight today but luckily there were open seats for the one an hour later. By the time I got through security, it was as if I had been scheduled for the 11am flight all along. This is actually the second flight I’ve missed, I would have missed three if one hadn’t been delayed, and I was the last passenger to arrive for another flight. I’m generally a very punctual person, but something about calculating travel time to Oakland airport does not compute in my head. I’m so concerned about arriving way early and wasting time that I end up sitting on the bart/airbart frantically rubbing my thumbs in stress.

I fully intend on enacting a “wake up at 6:30, go running, eat little, work out to my Jillian Michaels dvd at night” plan. I use the bathroom mirror in my home as an indicator of relative weight gain/loss. You might say, aren’t all mirrors the same, and I would say surprisingly, no! Careful study has led me to believe that mirrors and their placement change the reflected image, and I trust the mirror at home the most. And today, that mirror said to me “GOOD GOD YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.”

I went to Costco with my mom with the intention of buying a GPS system. We ended up getting bread, a bag of tangerines, and a box of edamame. I used to love Costco food, but now I realize that I wouldn’t eat most of their food. All the ready-made foods are super unhealthy and their produce is not that cheap. I only buy oatmeal and their Kirkland multigrain bread. My mom had previously bought one of Jillian Michael’s workout dvds, and when we walked by, I realized there were MORE! There are actually a lot. Holy shit, the one I linked got 5 stars, that is incredibly high. My mom was like “I bought a dvd … with Jillian Michaels. Do you know her?” and I thought to myself “do I know her? I PRACTICALLY WORSHIP HER.” Just kidding, I don’t. If I did, I would still be watching The Biggest Loser. I’ve watched so much garbage just because I liked some actress (Life, Cashmere Mafia, all Jennifer Garner movies, etc). I would like to be trained by someone like Jillian Michaels. Someone who won’t give into my “egggghhhhh I don’t really want to do that…” and will respond by cursing at me and upping my reps.

Those were all extra paragraphs that do not pertain to my basic “no more school” thoughts.

Oh god, this blog is so long I feel like I should put off the real purpose of this post until another time. Who wants to read through all this garbage!

I’m sitting in my room and was looking at the collage I made for RCSA and was reminded of when I gave them out to people and I asked Kristen if she had known what I was doing and she responded “UH YEAH I WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. I had to make a lot of noise before I got up so you could minimize it.” ❤

The end of overeating

It is officially my last week of school. In seven days, I will be going on and checking in for my flight back home. Although I wish I had friends to hang out with during study times, I’ve been enjoying time on my own. Plus, TMV is coming this weekend (Kristen says “they’re coming right before finals?! that sounds dangerous) so not too lonely.

I’ve been slowly ticking off classes to study for. I now have one class left – tax. Yesterday I spent 3.5 hours watching Battlestar Galactica at the library. I realized, with more panic than I have yet felt for any of my finals, that my library privileges will be up after this week and I will no longer be able to go to Moffit, request a dvd, and sit in a booth with giant headphones on until I can’t sit any longer. I wish I had had the time to watch The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire and old movies.

I also FINALLY got the book “The End of Overeating” from the library. I have wanted to read this since the summer, and every now and then I would check to see if a copy was available. The last book I read was Unaccountable: How the Accounting Profession Forfeited a Public Trust and that was back in July when I would read while commuting. Surprisingly an interesting read. Every now and then I need something to scare me back into a crazy diet/exercise mode. My motivation has been down – I blame the cold winter that keeps me from leaving this apartment, forcing me to make spaghetti for lunch and quesadillas for dinner. In previous years, I would watch The Biggest Loser and that would motivate me enough. But those episodes are one hour too long, so I stopped watching it. LEAVING ME WITH THE BODY I HAVE NOW.

When people post quotes from books/movies/songs, they usually seem all metaphorical and meaningful and I’m like “wow that’s pretty deep.” But I look at things from a very superficial level. I never notice the deeper meanings behind things – I think that’s the most stereotypical guy trait I have. I can see myself getting in a fight and I’ll be all “but you never said that! How was I supposed to know?!” That’s why I read tv recaps – otherwise I completely miss whatever the heck Mad Men is actually about. So, I don’t really recall ever connecting to a book/movie/song the way I imagine other people do. Maybe I’ll like a quote from a movie, but I don’t think I really thought it was a perfect statement of some emotion I had.

I fear that means a number of things about me: 1) I’m not sophisticated enough to be exposed to material I can connect to 2) I have a pretty meaningless life and that’s why nothing resonates with me 3) I don’t pay attention or understand things in general.

Reading “The End of Overeating” both frightens me and makes me feel normal. In the first few pages, I realized “I think EXACTLY like these people!” Then I wondered why the strongest connection I have ever felt towards a book was for this one.

I was going to post quotes but when I looked them over, they seem far too revealing.

Here’s one to remind me why I hate appetizers:

Countless new foods have been introduced in restaurants, and most of them hit the three points of the compass. Sugar, fat, and salt are either loaded onto a core ingredient (such as meat, vegetable, potato, or bread), layered on top of it, or both. Deep-fried tortilla chips are an example of loading – the fat is contained in the chip itself. When a potato is smothered in cheese, sour cream, and sauce, that’s layering.

I am glad to see that I don’t like any of the restaurants he mentions. Chili’s, Applebee’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Cinnabon. But for a few seconds while reading the Cinnabon chapter, I started getting the craving for something sweet, like a donut or cake. And then my mind went WTF NO! and I tried to apply the disgust I had felt for the Chili’s chapter to the Cinnabon chapter. I wish he hadn’t put such a giant picture of a carrot cake on the cover. If it had been buffalo wings, I’d been like neh. But CARROT CAKE mmm…

I’m only half done. It’s a very fast read and the chapters are super short. I don’t really think the book reveals anything I hadn’t known before, but I like to read these kinds of books, and after a while, how much more can you say about food and nutrition.

I don’t know what it is about carrot cake. I generally don’t love frosting. I hate when food looks artificial, like that unnecessary carrot decoration that seems to adorn every slice of carrot cake. I also don’t like carrots or how you can find slivers of them in each bite. But for some reason, every time I see it, I think and say “CARROT CAKE! I want it…”

Final study days

My finals seem really far away. I have two more classes to study for. One I’m doing ever so slowly. One I don’t want to bother with until after TMV leaves next week, leaving me with two days to study. School is very stress-free once I decided to aim for B’s in my classes. The bar is low. Show up to class, do better than about three people.

Yesterday I watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno. I didn’t finish half of it. Today I watched Harry Potter: HBP. I watched the entire thing, even though the only scenes I really enjoy are with Bellatrix. The whole movie is pretty good, but I think the scene where Bellatrix busts apart the Great Hall is one of my favorite few seconds of CGI. I really want the next movie to come out. Just because I think I will cry at the scene when Harry sees Snape’s memory. Although that scene wouldn’t even be in the Nov 2010 movie – it would be in the last, which would come out, what? 2012? Oh god. In two years … I hope I’m loving my job, have passed the CPA exam, have a much better wardrobe, have a good group of norcal/work friends, and have a balanced life.

Today I studied at Starbucks with Paulo. UGH. For the past two months, I know I’ve been getting fatter, relative to my summer days. But it wasn’t until I showered ten minutes ago that I looked in the mirror and thought “OMFG MY STOMACH.” It’s because I drank a peppermint mocha frappucino, a sample chai mocha, and a chocolate chip cookie. I only got the frappucino because I felt obligated to buy something since I was using one of their tables. Even though I hate absolutely everything on the Starbucks menu.

Starbucks sucks ass. I never understood why people like it. Or why celebrities who have to be thin love to drink their sugary concoctions. I have no idea why I am always compelled to buy something when I go in, either. As you watch them make the drinks, you can clearly see that they kind of do whatever, throw whatever ingredients together. Which is fine, except you can taste the lack of effort. I feel like you can taste each individual ingredient because the fractions are always off and they don’t mix drinks very well. Or at all. It’s just: sugar layer, decent layer, ice layer for cold drinks. Or, steaming hot layer, decent layer, I wish I could stop drinking this but I must finish what I paid for layer, then sugar layer for hot drinks. Their pastries are also crappy. End rant.

Found this on tumblr. I like it. For myself, I think everything is shifted +1 ha. I never say ha, but my “haha” means “omfg shut up” or “you just said something offensive but it’s not worth my time to start an argument.” And anything after hahah for me graduates to caps. Like hahah then HAHAHA for the extra funny.

My scale (for AIM not e-mail) is probably

haha: *see above*
hahaha: that wasn’t not funny, but I didn’t smile
HAHAHA: i’m grinning
HAHAHAHA: it was so funny I exhaled air
HAHAHAHA+ any number of HAs: i made a laughing sound
HAHAHAHA OMFG: i’m saving that in my quotes document

I like how during finals, way less people go to the gym at night, and more people go to the gym in the morning. I also noticed that more people gym right before Thanksgiving. And a ridiculous number of people go to the gym after winter break.

I want to study at the RSF in the morning tomorrow, go home, make a quesadilla, then study at Starbucks. Hopefully not be tempted to buy anything there. But I don’t know …

Foods I always eat when put in front of me:

1. starbucks
2. birthday cake
3. ice cream
4. cupcakes
5. nacho chips
6. white rice
7. grapes

Food I will never eat even if I’m starving:

1. whipped cream
2. bacon
3. scrambled eggs with salt
4. non-nonfat milk
5. artificial candy like twizzlers, jolly ranchers, etc.
6. steak, like a slab of steak, but carne asada is delightful
7. bisque
8. lobster
9. hot cheetos

I haven’t realized that come next Thursday, I’m actually done with school. All I think about nowadays is how cold it is, how I should exercise more, and how much I should study. I will go to 4th St tomorrow and get in the Christmasy mood.

Cross-Country Research

Last night it was freaking cold and there was a party upstairs at 3am, so I couldn’t sleep. I decided to finally get cracking on some cross-country research. I ended up looking for blogs about people’s cross-country adventures and by the time I finished, I was too excited about the idea of my June roadtrip to go to sleep. So I spent another 30 minutes in bed, wide-eyed with images of driving across the South and the mid-west while playing music, and stopping for local eats.


I scribbled notes about car rentals but after coming back from Paulo’s birthday party, I have started a new, super organized and super informative sheet. Things I have learned in the past two hours: 1) there are a lot of variables that affect how much you pay for a rental car 2) hybrid cars save very little money in gas 3) the different types of car insurance you can pay for and 4) I’m an optimist.

1) Things like whether you pick up your car at an airport, how old you are, size of car
2) For some reason, I imagined that annual gas savings were a couple thousand. But that’s only if you were to compare a hybrid to a giant ass vehicle, and how often is someone driving an Escalade/Hummer around? If you compare it to a similarly sized vehicle which is what most of us drive anyway, it’s like a couple hundred. But then again, I have a poor sense of money in that I often think “what’s a couple hundred bucks” and in the same day think “OMG it costs 20 cents more here?! I’m not buying that here.”
3) To summarize, a loss damage waiver covers damages to the car, a supplemental liability covers 3rd party claims (like in a lawsuit I’m guessing), personal protection covers loss of personal property in the car and personal accident insurance covers death or injury
4) While calculating the costs, I assumed that I wouldn’t need any insurance. I mean, when has anything terrible ever happened to me?

I’m super excited but I don’t want to list out all the things I’m excited for yet. HAHA Renting the car is the first step – next is the most daunting task of figuring out the states, cities, and sights we want to visit. Then figure out the best route for that. And this involves figuring out what three-four different people want to see. Ex. I hate stopping to stare at large rock formations or walking through museums that teach me about this nation’s history. I want to visit all the top food places in America. But the idea of driving from one food place to another for a month seems a little unfulfilling.


So today I went to Paulo’s house for his birthday celebration. He has one of those super large families that gets together regularly. He is Filipino, does that explain it? His aunts and uncles each have a long table and chairs and whatever family throws a party is responsible for going to each house and collecting them. I have a pretty decent sized family, I don’t think as large, but we definitely are not that close. I think we may have been when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I haven’t really talked to my cousins since I became older. When I was younger, I could sit quietly and just wait to answer questions. Now I have to actually initiate conversation and sit at the grownup table.

The older generation stayed in the living room and sang karaoke (is this an all-Asian thing?) and would do square dancing. AWESOME. Paulo, Brian and I joined in square dancing for a few minutes. The younger generation (in their mid-20s) were in the living room doing shots with Paulo. HAHA Oftentimes, in one hand someone would be holding their 1 year old baby and in the other hand they were holding their jagerbomb. That’s something I’ve never experienced.

The amount of food Paulo’s mom made was ridiculous. When I first entered, I was like “holy crap that’s a lot of food.” I didn’t realize that she actually had about 3x that amount of food, and she would continuously restock the trays. We got there around 3pm, were full by 4pm, and around 8pm she was still taking food out of the oven and showing us this giant ass turkey that was waiting to be served.

We played Mafia and I was the moderator. I’m surprised that they usually don’t know the games that I’m pretty familiar with, like Mafia, King’s Cup and Flip Cup. I have finally found someone who is just as confused as Frances L generally is. HAHA She is the Frances L of their group. She just did not understand the Mafia roles, and whenever she had a role and there was a long silence in between “cop/doctor/mafia heads up … heads down” people would be like “OK IT’S SARAH. SARAH IS CONFUSED AGAIN.”

Sarah’s 18 month old brother was present. I REALLLLYYYY wanted a picture with me and the baby and Jon but I didn’t get one. Sigh. I need a new facebook profile picture, and I really wanted that one to be it. So people would comment “IS THAT YOUR KID?!” Jon is SUPER CUTE when he holds a kid. Paulo is also really dad-like.

I’m so full. Good god.

The people who keep me from killing myself out of loneliness this semester

(SO MANY ENTRIES! Clearly, it’s finals time)


Ok, after my first weekend of following NCAA women’s volleyball, I completely do not understand how American workplaces remain productive during NCAA men’s basketball. If I’m this interested in volleyball, I’m trying to imagine how interested other people would be in basketball. And then you multiply that interest by however many people are interested in sports, which I suspect is a huge percentage, contrary to my own personal experiences. The interactive bracket on AND the live streaming video on CBS sports is ridiculously addicting to watch. Once I made fun of Jonathan for staying at home just to watch Gametracker … but for the next volleyball game I was doing the same. Just watching numbers tick by. It’s surprisingly entertaining.

NCAA is super time-draining because even if you only have one team to root for, you end up paying attention to every other team, trying to predict who your team will end up playing against. So right now, I’m listening to the UCLA vs. Baylor game in hopes of having Baylor defeat UCLA so that Cal can play Baylor next weekend and have a higher chance of advancing. UPSET WIN PLEASE! This is so stressful.

I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to reasonably make bracket predictions. It seems near impossible to predict the exact bracket. I guess that’s why you can win $10,000 if you  get the bracket right.

I finished my paper but my craving for junk food passed. That’s a nice feeling – to know that I successfully avoided eating something that would have made me unhappy anyway. BUT my dinner was two quesadillas and a pork loin. The pork loin hurt my stomach … it’s way too meaty for me. I have nine more to consume. Maybe Owen will know what to do with them.