Friday thoughts

I finally bought a Cal sweatshirt yesterday. I wanted a grey or a gold one, so of course I ended up buying a blue one. HAHA By the end of this year, I hope I will have bought a grey one, a gold one, and a white one.

Other things I want to buy. Ok, honestly, this list is just everything you could possibly buy at a mall, minus leggings, maxi dresses, and turtlenecks.

– Kristen Stewart jacket. HAHA Frances L brought one with her to my bday celebration and I said “OOO A kristen stewart jacket!” and she was like “what?” And when Laura first met her, she said “Oh! You’re wearing a kristen stewart jacket!” and Frances was like “is this what people call it?” No, just me.


A black one. And then a brown one! Like the one Rashida Jones wore in Parks and Recreation:


I’ve already lost interest in this list. I didn’t even get past the first clothing item.

I wish I had paid more attention to the clothes people wear on tv shows. I am the type of person who would think, “I guess I should rewatch everything I’ve ever watched and note the fashions I like.” It’s research.

Jon and Paulo are currently quizzing each other on state capitals. Now they’re moving onto countries. I’m the worst at geography. Typical American.

I talked to someone in my auditing class today and after two minutes she said “I can tell you don’t like very asian things” and I was like “YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT! HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” but then our gsi started talking again.

HAHAH Jon just reminded me of the time when he went down with me to socal and I was telling a story and Alvin said something like “she does this a lot huh?” and he said that all of my stories have the basic structure of “!!! OMG So I was blah blah blah and then blah blah blah! And then blah blah blah!!! But then I decided not to / it wasn’t / we didn’t.”

Example that just came up.

Me: I really want a fruit tart
Paulo: From where?
Me: Andronico’s! They’re so good. OMG Jon, remember we went that one time? The one on Telegraph! It was raining I think. Did we take the bus there? No we walked. But yeah! So we went to get fruit tart! But then I decided not to. So we walked home.

It’s only 3pm. I don’t want to do anything. Well, I do want to do something. I want to eat Yogurtland. We’re waiting for the volleyball game but that’s in four hours. These volleyball games are the highlight of my week. It’s a little sad.

HAHAHAAH omggg so Paulo and I both LOVE Taylor Swift so I saw this and immediately burst out laughing and yelled PAULO PAULO and he came running.


The holidays are coming…

First show to have a holiday episode … Greek


Not the most interesting picture but the scarves say it all – the holidays are upon us!

And I’m not ready for it!

I don’t want it to turn 2010. Even though I believe 2009 is the lowpoint of my life, 2010 is too scary. I remember in high school, filling things out like “graduating from college in 2010” seemed like such a distant future. I vaguely remember when the publication date for the last Harry Potter was set, and I thought it seemed so far away. That was over two years ago.

Last holiday season in college. I wish I could enjoy it more, but it is hard to. I keep writing lists of things to do but I never cross anything off anymore. I can’t believe how much time I waste refreshing ontd everyday, but it somehow passes hours of my life.

Time to study. I don’t understand how I take so long to read a chapter either.

I would really like to go to NYC with friends for one holiday break, but I would like to go when I actually have a job in place. The list of things I’d like to do when I get a job could go on forever. What can I do for now? Hmm … I guess I can go study.

No reason

Edit: I lied. New favorite song: Tiesto ft. CC Sheffield – Escape Me. I’m in the Haas library, attempting to study. The idea is that if I study at school, I won’t waste time at home. But shared itunes libraries distract me way more than things at home do. Every week I think it’ll be the most stressful but it seems to get worse the week after.

I just wanted to say, this is my new favorite song. Weezer ft. Lil Wayne – Can’t Stop Partying. Such a strange pair, but the strangeness of it is probably why it’s so awesome. I hear T-Pain is also doing a song with Miley Cyrus. Can’t wait! (I initially wrote T.I then thought “how is that possible when he is in jail?”)

Really need to study but I’m off to another volleyball game with Jon. I should buy some more Berkeley shirts. Considering I love sweatshirts so much, it’s a surprise that I don’t own a single Berkeley sweatshirt. I just need to go shopping in general. I need to buy everything, even new bras. I haven’t bought clothes in such a long time, and I’m really running out of jeans. Not even in a “this is no longer in fashion” way, but in a “I can wear this pair of jeans … or … nope that’s it. Just that one pair.” I hate wearing flats and flip flops, but skinny jeans + Converses look like clown feet, so when I wear skinny jeans, I always have to wear boots. This wasn’t so much a problem when I had enough flare jeans to wear with my Converses, but now many of them have been washed so many times, they have holes. I only have ONE pair of wearable flare jeans … which is why I wear my black boots so often now. Which is quite annoying when it’s a sunny day in Berkeley. It makes me feel like an LA girl wearing a denim skirt and Uggs on a 90 degree day

Today I Saw

I really like this site. I want to do the same thing, but I have no one I would send my drawings to and my artistic skills are not that great, except for comedic purposes. If I did one for today, it’d be:


It was a bit sad to trot along the track and then see him pass me, with his flailing arms. My excuse is that I ran 3.5 mi yesterday after not running for a full week so my body was not having any of it today.

What else. I ate lunch with Chrystal at Espresso Experience. It was one of the first Berkeley restaurants I yelped and planned on trying out but I never went because I seriously could not find it. It is very easy to walk past. Their Hawaiian bulgolgi sandwich is really delicious. It’s essentially bulgolgi, pineapples, and a stick of melted mozerella cheese on tasty bread. mmm

I always get super annoyed right before I meet up with Chrystal because she is ALWAYS late. Even when I try to plan for her lateness, I still end up being there ten minutes before she gets there. But then I see her and everything is always happy. Whenever we meet up, it’s essentially 90 minutes of us completely bitching about our lives and  gossiping. It’s the best. You may think I complain a lot to you, but Chrystal probably bears the full 100% brunt of my complaints and worries those few times that I ever see her in a year. She said that every time I see her, I say “I love your life” because I love her storytelling and drama and gossip.

What else today. Since I didn’t go home after lunch and went straight to class, I really had to use the bathroom. It was super awkward because the professor for my next class was in line before me and she engaged me in conversation. I do not ever speak in class so I was worried she would take that as an invitation to start calling on me in class. Thank god she did not. The group of “people who like to talk in class” has surfaced and solidified, so my commentary will not be requested.

wedding_cup_cakes_hearts_cake_topperI think I would like to have a wedding cupcake cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. But if I were a wedding guest, I would feel slightly cheated if I only got a cupcake instead of a slice of cake. Why am I thinking of this? I don’t know – I just like to visit wedding blogs because they usually have cute pictures of things.

I am really really unmotivated to do anything anymore. I just sit around and watch Gilmore Girls all the time, now while knitting instead of playing tetris. I actually started blogging because I was too energetic to nap, but instead of putting that energy into reading tax, I decided I would write a blog entry. Good going, self. Life sucks. What’s the point. No friends. No job. No gossip I could share with friends. End rant. Start happiness.

The Little Ones – Morning Tide

Knitting again

Wow, it was only a few months ago when I first started knitting. When I look at the scarf I made, it looks like some fifth grade attempt. Most of my creative projects look like failed elementary school projects. But I clearly remember learning how to knit during spring break, and finishing that yellow, moth-eaten looking scarf in a week. The inspiration for the yellow color was the scarf Freida Pinto wore in Slumdog Millionaire, although that’s a little embarassing for me to admit because the product is so far off its target. The motivation for actually finishing the scarf, which I’m certain I never would have completed otherwise, was my mom saying (and this is verbatim) “I bet you won’t finish it. I remember I wanted to knit before … but I never finished. You’re not going to either.” Well I spent every waking moment of that spring break knitting – knitting in the car and knitting at Danny’s while people watched movies or talked. I finished it, and my mom was very surprised and begged me to make her one too, and I said “No. You didn’t believe in me.”

After that I was full-steam ahead, and wanted to make a multi-colored one. I still had the yellow left, so I bought blue yarn to make a Berkeley scarf. After realizing how obvious a ruined scarf looks, even just one dropped stitch, I swore I would not make a single mistake. So I could concentrate VERY HARD and make sure every single row was very tight. I was doing pretty well, until one night I could not sleep so I tried to knit myself to sleep. BAD IDEA. I ended up dropping a stitch and when I tried to remedy it, the scarf got more messed up. I set it aside, tried to fix the mistake on two separate occasions, but gave up and left it in the Wet Seal bag along with my clean underwear and socks.

But today I did laundry and instead of reading accounting, I decided to reorganize that mesh drawer. I ended up taking the scarf out, and after three failed attempts at  fixing it, FINALLY got to a row where I could properly stick the knitting needle through and pick up again. I think you can tell where I restarted – but I figure if it’s long enough, no one is going to notice.

I guess I’ll try to finish this scarf. It’s a good way to procrastinate. And I can just sit and listen to my itunes library and hear songs that I never knew I had. I don’t even like wearing scarves – I think the reason I was so eager to knit to begin with was because I thought handmade scarves would be a great gift for someone. But now I look at the things I make, and I don’t think anyone would appreciate them, no matter how nice they are. Ideally though, I want to one day make something like this:



You know, for all the children I’m going to have.


My mind is so exhausted right now but I’m going to blog anyway. I kind of hate these posts because I come back from being out and I’m so happy that I’m like “gotta blog about it!” A few days later, I look at the entry and think it’s  too annoyingly xanga-like and no one likes to read those entries. But three years later, these are the entires that are more interesting to me, because then I remember little things that I thought I would never forget, but somehow had. So I guess it’s useful to write these anyway, especially when I’m still in the euphoria of the moment.

My hair still smells like meat – so whoever is ellipticalling next to me tomorrow morning is in for a surprise. Today I met up with Lucy to go to DALY CITYYY. Most of our Bart ride was talking about how we are still friendless in terms of having friends we can walk with at graduation. I am PAVING THE ROAD. Setting the stones. I always say “setting the stones” when that’s not even a phrase. Well, I’m making it a phrase. I’m determined to make a good friend before Thanksgiving weekend, because if you don’t make a friend by then, it’s pretty much over for fall semester.

Got to Daly City around 1. Li-Ting surprised me with A FRUIT TART YUM YUM!!! She’s such a spoiler. As in she spoils people, not that she spoils plotlines. She told everyone that I was so excited over my fruit tart that I didn’t bother unlocking the car door to let Lucy in. That may be true. Well, we drove to her place and watched the Cal vs. UCLA game with Tiffany. I ❤ Tiffany. Tiffany is never going to read this because she is too busy working at Yahoo. And learning everything there is to learn about life.

Soo Jin woke up at 3pm and arrived so we drove to Sunnyvale, home of Laura, and ate at Palace BBQ Buffet. God, meat buffet. I really do not enjoy meat buffets foodwise but they are fun to go to for social reasons. Especially because in all my friend groups, I am not the one who has to handle meat preparation. After an excessive amount of meat, two helpings of Korean potato salad, a taste of some truly horrible red bean soup, and two bowls of delicious sweet rice soup, we drove to a bakery to get shaved ice. It was TERRIBLE. SO MANY THINGS IN IT. Ice cream, shaved ice, red bean, fruity pebbles, bananas, honeydew, strawberries, and strawberry syrup which was the worst. I ate a major portion of it … so to recap I had several plates of meat in my stomach, but it was the few drops of syrup that did me in.

Then back to Li-Ting’s/Tiffany’s for more fruit tart. Also, we got to pick at Tiffany’s brain. She knows everything about everything. Like, EVERYTHING. I said “I want to take you back to Arcadia and have you meet all my friends so we can all realize how dumb we are.” Everytime I get together with Tiffany, Ryan, or Angelica, (and every one of Ryan’s friends) I spend the next 48 hours of my life thinking “MY GOD there are some truly brilliant people out there and I am so unknowledgable about things. And not only are they super geniuses, but they are so sociable too.” And then I think about ways I can better my life, such as reading newspapers and books and paying attention to the world. I never follow through. I am just satisfied knowing that … I’ve met so many crazy awesome people in my few years in college. A lot of people who are really inspirational to me and motivate me to do more so I can feel worthy of being their friend.

Example of Tiffany’s brilliance: At meat buffet, someone was like “hey my mussels aren’t orange” and Tiffany said something like “I think the orange ones have a stronger taste. Probably because they consume more plankton” and all of us laughed. And she said polymer and we looked at each other and grinned. And while explaining mosquito bites she said proboscis and we laughed.

So we sat at their place for about two hours, trying to come up with questions. And then bringing up random things. So fun.

I realize now that except for my aptmates, whenever I get together with my friend groups, it feels like a REUNION. It’s no longer just us hanging out, like when we would just see each other in between classes. Now everything is … a reunion! Like after college started, when I go home for break it’s only for a little bit and I know I’m returning to normal life after. It feels a lot more fleeting, like you really have to take advantage of the moment. And then that happened with RCSA too, like when we went to Vancouver. Meeting up in the airport was a reunion, instead of … I guess a get together. And now when I hang out with all these people who have started work, it’s kind of like a reunion too. I think the difference is that at the end of the night, I go home thinking “gosh that was fun … I wonder when the next time will be” whereas if it were a regular hangout, you wouldn’t even think about the next time, you just know it’s going to happen.

I hope I have more reunions. But I also hope I find a new group to do things with that aren’t reunion-feeling. There are so many movies I want to watch … and a couple restaurants I have yet to try. Need to make new friends! Senior year group – where are you! I’m going to find you … by the end of next week. HAHA.

Top TV Characters

I read an article a few days ago that listed the top 10 tv characters of the decade. It was not a very good list. They had Meredith Grey on it, for one, and they had KATE of Lost on it. Kate is probably one of the worst characters of the decade.

When I think about all of my favorite shows, I think the common link between them is a strong female character and a decent soundtrack. The soundtrack, I can sometimes do without if the show is really good, but if the show is neh and then they play an awesome song, that’s when I get hooked (ex. Spoon’s Don’t Make Me a Target on Chuck, Nada Surf’s Inside of Love on How I Met Your Mother). But the strong female character is crucial, because the alternative is whining women and the douche male characters who cause them to whine. It’s probably the reason why I never finished watching all of Felicity – everyone is just SO ANNOYING.

So my favorite tv character … not my favorite actor because I’ve already done that list before … I bet none of you guys can guess it.

No really, guess.

Ok fine I’ll tell you. Otherwise this entire entry would be pointless.

My FAVORRRITTEEEE tv character of all time is Emily Gilmore. I bet you expected someone super hot with a crazy body. Maybe back in the day she did, I don’t know. I love to replay a lot of Gilmore Girls scenes, and it’s usually because everyone acts so well and on top of well-written dialogue, you can see so many emotions on their faces in a split second. Emily is my favorite because she embodies something that is possibly the #1 thing I respect, which is knowing what to do in social situations … basically being “well-bred.” I disagree with many of her opinions, such as a woman’s job is to help her husband, but as a tv character, she is pretty bomb. And there are those rare moments when her opinions happen to coincide with Lorelai’s, and those are always the most heartwarming scenes.

I can’t find my favorite scenes with her, which are usually the ones where you can see her sum up a situation in a second and disapproval spreads across her face but she still stays proper and polite. OH, OR when she yells at people. This one is ok though.

I feel like Frances L might have guessed the closest if she had said Lucille of Arrested Development. I LOVE outrageously opinionated women who drink too much and say ridiculous things.

They cut it off prematurely and missed the shot of her slumped in the chair. 😦 My favorite scene of her is when Michael tries to check her into rehab and she’s like “THIS ISN’T A SPA!!!” and runs out. LOVEEEEEE

I think … two devestatingly gorgeous people on tv who sometimes distract me from the actual scene because I’m just staring at my computer …

Scott Speedman of Felicity and Yvonne Stahovski of Chuck


No explanation necessary

And I realized this after reading a lot of ONTD posts … I wouldn’t have thought about it otherwise … I think my favorite reality star is actually LAUREN CONRAD. Isn’t that terrible – my favorite reality star is someone from The Hills! No apologies. Watching Laguna Beach in the present is interesting because you know what happens five years later, and each time I rewatch an episode, I like LC more. Even when she’s just sitting quietly on the beach, I’m like “AWWW I LIKE HER!” Her scenes are relatively boring, but it’s because she doesn’t stir up fake drama like Kristin or Heidi. And she stays classy in interviews when people ask her leading questions about her enemies. Finally, she has a dog named Chloe Conrad-Bosworth and I think that is hilarious.


That is all for television.

Now that recruiting season is dying down and the first wave of midterms passed a week ago … I suddenly feel VERY LONELY. The past few days in particular. I noticed that I find a lot more people attractive in one of my classes … I think it is my lonely goggles taking effect (instead of beer goggles). Also, for the third time this semester, someone has addressed me by my first name, and I’m always taken very aback like “who?! Who knows me?! How do people in Haas know me when I don’t say anything to anyone?” I think something more useful than gaydar would be friendar. Something that tells me how much a person wants to befriend me.

Edit: why I need new friends

aznwalmartgurl8: im going to safeway in 09 minutes
aznwalmartgurl8: you odnt have to
aznwalmartgurl8: but it doesnt seem like you’re doing much
nsaynemothballs: i’m tracking the vball game!
nsaynemothballs: we’re losing
aznwalmartgurl8: by tracking
aznwalmartgurl8: do you mean you are able to watch it
aznwalmartgurl8: or you’re watching the score
nsaynemothballs: i’m watching the score
aznwalmartgurl8: so you’re not going to come with me
aznwalmartgurl8: because you’d rather stare at numbers

New leaf

Too many posts in a day, I know. But this requires more characters than Twitter will allow.

I wonder what happened to the days when I would eat a plate of watermelon and call it a huge meal. I look at my food diary and I ate so much healthier in the summer. I had a few good weeks of salad this semester, but the past few weeks have been horrendous. I am really lazy when it comes to preparing food. Now, I’m too lazy to even wash my lettuce and toss it around. That’s why I have about sixteen containers of chocolate pudding in the fridge. Quick and easy.

I make too many excuses for myself. No more! Tomorrow I’m starting anew. I’ve said this so many times. I’m 21 now! Time to get my shit together.

I’ve been seriously slacking in exercise too. Ugh. And now it’s started raining, so I can’t even jog in the morning anymore. At least the rain deters people from going to the gym. The downside is that it deters me too. LOOK AT THIS. The first is my exercise calendar from August.


You don’t have to know the specifics but just compare the number of entries to September:


* This should also serve as proof that I DO NOT exercise twice a day everyday! It happens like 1/3 of the month and for another 1/3 of the month I don’t exercise at ALL so there *

AGHHH. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, hey I don’t think I’ve gained THAT much weight. But now I feel like I can’t really trust what I see because I’ve realized that I can really manipulate my mind. For instance, I didn’t think I had gained that much weight over junior year, but now I really really hate looking at spring 2009 semester pictures because my face is so BLOATED. What a shame, because those were some of my best college days.

My shining moment of accomplishment was one summer day a few years ago when I clearly remember thinking to myself “god I’m so hungry. I could really go for an apple right now.” Isn’t that amazing?! To crave AN APPLE. An apple without any peanut butter. I wish I had taken pictures of myself that summer because I have no idea how thin I really was, I just know that I actually lost a satisfying amount of weight and Connie Y claimed I was thinner than her (impossible but quite the compliment nonetheless).

While I was at VLSB earlier, someone had an album from The Wallflowers and I was like MY GOD how come I never downloaded that?! So I downloaded two albums. You would think after listening to One Headlight or How Good It Can Get, you’d be satisfied with just those two, but it’s quite satisfying to just listen to their entire albums.

I love e-mail now. I hate AIM but it’s engrained in my nature to remain signed on whenever I’m on my computer. One day I’ll wean it from my system.

Surprisingly hilarious day

Oh my god, most hilarious hour of my life ever. Jon, Paulo and I decided to go to Safeway together. We all knew it would be raining today, but for some reason we still decided to wait until today. It is POURING. First hilarious moment, when we were trying to cross the street to Safeway and we were all debating where the heavy stream of rainwater looked the shallowest. I COMPLETELY misjudged and found my entire right foot submerged in water.

Also hilarious, Jon wearing his “waterproof” pants which just look like freaking parachute pants! He belongs in a MC Hammer video right now

Then we came back, everyone carrying groceries, and I first started sorting things … and suddenly we were realizing that basically half of the food in the fridge is either not ours or inedible. omg… HAHAHAH for the past several months, we’ve just kept shifting things over to the side and rearranging things. None of us wanted to ask each other “is that your ____ because I think you should throw it out.” Basically the entire bottom shelf of our fridge was 1/3 Paulo’s vegetables and 2/3 miscellaneous unidentified spoiled vegetables. We uncovered a DISGUSTING, SOLIDIFIED pool of meat juice/rotted salad juice at the bottom. We had to use dishwashing soap, a scrub brush, and water from our hot water heater to clean that off. Paulo washed the bins and the shelves. We figured out that NO ONE owned the bag of salad, the carrots, or the approximately 15 beef patties that had been sitting there.

We went through each shelf and seriously each time we’d be like “THAT’S ____’S” “NO IT’S NOT” “IT IS!” NO I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT THAT IN MY LIFE” “IT’S FUCKING YOURS!” “NO IT’S NOT”

and then from time to time we would find food that actually WAS ours, but we’d be like “OMG I didn’t know that was still there!”

So we cleaned it out quite well. Then I accidentally dropped Jon’s box of eggs! Thank goodness we had used up about five eggs yesterday night eating french toast and omelettes. Paulo came and picked up an egg and it cracked in his hand and I started yelling “JON JON WE HAVE TO MAKE EGGS RIGHT NOW!” and we got a bowl and cracked it in. Then I pulled out an unopened carton of Safeway Lemonade and was like “JON when are you freaking going to drink this” and he was like “THAT IS NOT MINE” and we were all yelling at each other “THAT IS YOURS. I SAW YOU BUY THAT” “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ‘SIMPLY LEMONADE’ IS.” And to end it all, I was washing my hands when I heard Jon go “AHH I’m sorry!” He had dropped a box of takeout onto the ground. All of us stared at each other, and then Paulo was like “is that even ours?” We all went “that’s not mine.” HAHAHA I swear to god, that box had just appeared yesterday. But it belongs to none of us! Our fridge breaks the law of  conservation of energy. Food just APPEARS from our fridge. Often, rotten food.

OOO Jon just called us over to eat the remainder of his eggs. He makes really good omelettes, and I taught him how to make French Toast. The recipe is … you dip toast in eggs. Amazing. HAAH He put whipped cream on it – it’s whipped cream that we found in the fridge. It also belongs to no one, but we figured it can’t spoil. Then he was like “I’m going to put Nutella on it!” and Paulo was like “fatass” and a second later he sprayed whipped cream into his mouth. I laughed and asked if he did that intentionally. He had not.

There is another power outage in Berkeley. Paulo and I are at the VLSB library. I hope our fridge food doesn’t spoil 😦 It’s really eerie when there’s a blackout but the stovetop fire is still working. I’m currently listening to some random person’s shared itunes. People have a lot more old people music (always full Beatles, Duran Duran, Tom Petty, and R.E.M albums) and a lot less indie music than I would expect at Berkeley. It’s a little disappointing.

P.S I got Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. It is really good. I may like it more than mint chocolate cookie.

😦 I posted this entry too soon, I think. My last post has no comments. I had hoped to get a comment on every post. Oh well. Now I’m just being greedy and self-absorbed.

Attempt at procrastination

Things I failed to do today: run, swim, and read chapter 8 of auditing. I DID complete a chapter of tax. Started off strong at 8am, but by 9:30am I was watching last night’s episode of Mad Men and by 7:00pm I had watched three episodes of Gilmore Girls.

It is both a great and terrible idea to watch the last season of Gilmore Girls during my senior year of college. At times, I totally connect with the show – the mix of excitement and uncertainty after college, the stress of looking for jobs. But other times, I totally do NOT want to think about things like that.

It’s hard to tell if I should be checking my e-mail or my phone more intently tomorrow. Last year, I knew to wait by my laptop for the rejection emails. But this year, I’m either more deluded, more hopeful, or I actually have justification for my small glimmer of optimism. Either way, I’m pretty certain my day will end the same way – that is, with ice cream. It’s the amount that will vary. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s for failure, Ici’s for success.

I should be writing my paper right now, but I’m in a “I just wrote the first paragraph in five minutes – this is going to be easier than I thought!” celebratory mood. Check back on me at 1am … I’ll probably be sleeping with only one additional paragraph written. I’m writing a paper on … LADY GAGA. Isn’t that awesome? So glad I figured out a topic to write about – I’m taking a gender and women’s studies class about media and I have zero idea what is going on. I don’t know if Lady Gaga is actually a qualifying topic for the prompt, but if I don’t do well, I’ll just take it P/NP and try less harder next time.

I got a manicure for my first round interviews. I don’t want to have this paint on my nails anymore, but I’m too cheap to buy a $1 bottle of acetone that I will likely never use more than twice. I really enjoy getting manicures, especially the moments when I just sit and stare at them. But I really hate the damage they do to my nails – I really felt like I could feel my nail beds suffocating from lack of oxygen. It’s also annoying how manicures complicate the most mundane things – like washing dishes or peeling labels off of fruit. I peeled off most of the paint except for my thumbs and my right pinkie. Hopefully they’ll come off after a few days – in the meantime I keep looking in the hallway closet for things that could potentially take the gloss off. Windex? Rubbing alcohol? Oven cleaner? So far, I’ve decided not to take any chances.

Jon made me an omelette and french toast for dinner. We were trying to get rid of his 18 eggs that he’s had … since FREAKING SEPTEMBER. How long are eggs supposed to last? I’m feeling fine so far…